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Dragon Plot (Open)

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Dragon Plot (Open)

Post by The Wandering Scholar on Sat Mar 03, 2018 3:40 pm

"So, remind me why we're here, my liege?"

The speaker was the Scholar's First Fury, her direct subordinate. A man a few years older than herself, he was more comfortable in a laboratory running theorems than doing field work, but Scholar made it clear he was to come to her for this meeting.

Jordan Stone, the Ourorobos of Daedalus, more commonly known as the Wandering Scholar, and even more recently as 'Mayor Stone,' was sitting in her new home, in her office. The house was sparsely furnished. A couch and chair in the living room; table, refrigerator and sink in the kitchen; bed and large wardrobe in the bedroom; and lastly a large ornate, mahogany desk in the office with two chairs on one side and one for herself on the other. A laptop sat on the desk, as well as a lamp, and Scholar looked at her Fury, Nikolai, from over them.

"You're here because this is my office, obviously. Where else would a meeting between Lindwyrm's mayor and an investor take place? Anyways, tell me how things are going, back home," Scholar asked. The mayor of the newly formed city was wearing her usual attire, a multi-piece black suit.

"The experiments are going well. We believe the girl's unique ability to heal others shall be of the biggest discovery in hundreds of years. We've placed her Soul within a man-made body, using the techniques you pioneered. With this girl under our control, Daedalus will be more powerful than ever before; we can cure cancer overnight, even eradicate STIs and possibly reverse aging all together once we discover how she does this. We still don't understand the full scope of the subject's Fullbring.

"But you didn't answer me, my liege. Why are we here, in this city? Why are you bringing so many Fullbringers here in the first place from all over the world? Wouldn't we be making ourselves a target?"

Scholar sighed, standing up and pulling from the desk drawer her notebook. It was an old, leather bound book with a skull clasp on one side. "The reasoning is simple. We have noticed that the concentration of spiritual energy is not distributed evenly around the world. Cities with high levels of spiritual activity attract more Hollows, which draws more Shinigami and results in more Fullbringers being born in those cities. But these Fullbringers are oft alone, isolated since nobody can explain their powers to them. However, there is an exception. In the area with the highest concentration of spirit energy in the entire world, it becomes so densely populated that it generates self-sustaining populations of the spiritually aware. This location is currently a small city in Japan. Its not about the exact number of spiritually aware persons that makes this city the most dense, but rather that the few who exist there are incredibly powerful, so Spirits gather and are drawn there, which in turn increases the density of that city. My theory is that we can shift the focus of spiritual energy to the United States by have many weaker Fullbringers and Spiritually Aware humans in one larger city. If I'm correct, Lindwyrm will become a focus point of energy, resulting in more powerful Humans and Fullbringers being born here. In a city owned and controlled by Daedalus, we can let nature take its course and reap the benefits, and if I'm correct, the Hollows and Shinigami won't even notice since that's how the world naturally works, with this focus point suddenly shifting as people move around the world."

The two then left the office, going outside and Scholar smiled. Lindwyrm was her miracle city. It had a negative carbon footprint and generated more than enough energy to power itself, Daedalus and sell the excess for profit. The outside world's money had little use here in the city, though, as the denizens were all given homes and food. And jobs, and access to education if they desired it. The police in the city were hired from surrounding cities until Lindwyrm could have its own force. They were paid money, but for interpersonal transactions in the city, it functioned primarily on bartering the goods or services one had. Jordan herself even got her desk for designing an indoor pool for Mister Johann over on North Eleventh Street. While the US Dollar could be used, and was, as well as any other currencies, the peaceful city preferred this method.

The streets were lined with large fruit trees that anyone was allowed to snack from. Every so often, in place of lamps, there were large tanks filled with biolumescent algae that cast a gorgeous blue, or green, or even red light on the night streets. In fact, these lamps served an additional function besides being huge producers of oxygen. Every green light marked the border between the Fullbringer sectors of the city and the general population. Past those points, the use of one's fullbring was permitted, so long as the spiritually unaware weren't made aware of it. Jordan's house, a two story brick home, was placed firmly within one of these 'green' districts. The red lamps, naturally, illuminated the red light district of Lindwyrm. Though not strictly legal, Jordan knew human nature wouldn't be stopped, even in her own city.

Scholar bid her Fury goodbye and watched the man leave, climbing into his car and taking off. Shaking her head, Scholar started to go for a walk, using a little bit of power to make the sidewalk softer on her heels before giving up and walking in the grass the trees grew from. The soil was damp under her toes, having left home shoe-less with just her notebook and clothes on her back. She reached up above her, plucking a golden delicious out of an overhanging branch and taking a bite as she walked. The fruit was considered 'all natural,' but every fullbringer took the time to tend to the city's trees. As a result, the fruit bore was much larger and healthier than most other places, and Lindwyrm grew fruits that shouldn't be able to grow in this desert the city had sprung from. It's why the unofficial title of the city was 'the Bountiful Oasis' despite having appeared seemingly out of nowhere only months before.

The Wandering Scholar

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