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The Ties That Bind

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Re: The Ties That Bind

Post by Azalea on Wed Mar 28, 2018 6:42 pm

Azalea smiled at the young Togabito. "We can start immediately, if you desire. After all, better to get these things out of the way when we can." The mother of war stood with her hand on her hip, her golden armor radiant. She held her other hand to her side and a sword floated into her grip. "I'll go to the Second Circle now, under the story that I'm meeting Famine. When you are ready, head there yourself and cause some havoc. Feel free to kill anyone you please; just don't get killed yourself. I'll come to 'stop' you, and that's when I need you to proclaim your loyalty to Tan-... the Left Hand. We'll fight and kill each other then, but don't assume you'll be able to give me a true death; my will is much stronger than most others."

Azalea waited for the confirmation from the younger Togabito before she took off in a golden shimmer, a series of craters appearing on the ground every few feet for a hundred meters to the right before all trace of her vanished entirely.

As Azalea ran at her top speed, her armor flaked off, the golden semi-liquid dissolving to nothing in the air until she was reduced to her plain self, moving at her mythical speed to the Second Circle. If all goes well, my power will be set in stone when I return....

The Mother of War
Lurks within the depths of Hell
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Re: The Ties That Bind

Post by Cat on Fri May 25, 2018 6:51 am

Havoc: Check. Sure, she could do havoc.

Knowing that said havoc was actually a staged performance took out a lot of the fun from it, though. Having awareness that the entire setup was possible only at the Emperor's sufferance made whatever mayhem resulted much less satisfying.

Neither did she miss that last bit of commentary; about not having what it takes to snuff out the Warmother for real. That was just plain rude--

And; as a certain commoner boy had learnt to his disadvantage five centuries ago, telling Cat she couldn't do something only made her want to do it all the more.

It also annoyed her more than a little that it had taken more spirit energy than expected to stay unaffected by the aftereffects of Azalea's departure. A frivolous waste of energy reserves, perhaps--but damned if she was going to appear weak before a rival. She settled for poking one of the residual foot-shaped craters with a toe and affecting a very princess-like sniff of disdain.


Sauntering through the sands at a leisurely pace--it wouldn't do to act like somebody who jumped at every order after all--she set off on a course to the Second Circle, formulating the concept of a plan in mind on the way. Its working title currently was: Kick-a-Kushinada-in-the-nuts-and-make-it-smash-stuff-up.

A bit on the long side, as plan-names go. But she never was any good at coming up with names anyway.
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