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Back to Basics (Open)

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Back to Basics (Open)

Post by Shiroki on Fri Feb 09, 2018 7:57 am

Bearing witness while a gang of enthusiastic battle-junkies whaled on a single Arrancar-Togabito was not the only reason Captain Sakanade had stopped by the 11th that day.

He had been uncharacteristically surprised to see what the new Kenpachi considered a training session, and grudgingly approved of the message she was trying to pound into thick Shinigami skulls. Constant vigilance was indeed something that the Gotei could use more of, if half of the rumors reaching his ears were true. Togabito invasions under his very nose? Vasto Lorde sightings in squad 4? Strange invaders capable of magicking away objects?

Okay, scratch that last one. A Hollow had taken care of the problem most conveniently. But that was not the point. What concerned him was that the problem existed in the first place. Shiroki's confidence in the four Gatekeepers had been steadily plummeting since he took on the role as Captain, and with the appearance of this Togabito he had half a mind to recommend the Commander just sack the lot of them. A team of Onmitsukido lookouts would be far more use than those lumbering boulders. It was good to know that someone besides him got the message; even if that someone was one of the people he held suspicions of in the first place.

But while he approved of his colleague's no-nonsense approach, the 11th squad grunts were a different matter altogether. He had known that the encounter would not end well even before he cast a bakudo barrier around Arrancar and opponents that would protect those outside from being hit by stray attacks. Never before had Shiro been more grateful for Ma'kine's tutelage in kido. Had it not been for all those hours of practice and disapproving frowns so long ago, he wasn't sure if any of them would have survived the encounter alive. While he hadn't expected much, the entire thing was almost a disaster: drunk Shinigami waving swords and tripping over their own feet, getting hit by friendly fire from recklessly swung blades and miscast hado alike. It would almost have been funny, had not the audience been in more danger than the Arrancar-Togabito herself

--which was related to the second reason he was here that day: to assist the Kenpachi in a refresher course on zanpakuto handling and maintenance, as demonstrator and co-lecturer. This was his half in a trade that he had negotiated with Kenpachi Azalea so that she would agree to coach Hanzo while not killing the guy in the process. He was sure that she could do more for unlocking the masked warrior's potential than he ever could.

Gliding smoothly to join his colleague, Shiroki cast an eye over those remaining in the crowd looking for Hanzo and the newcomer he'd noticed during graduation some days prior. He'd heard from the grapevine that 11th had managed to get its hands on the new talent, and while disappointed at not having first crack was keen to see how he would continue to do. As for Hanzo...he hoped Hanzo would attend, since the course was open to all and he suspected the officer would benefit more than most. Especially the part of the lesson that dealt with carrying-your-zanpakuto-at-all-times-and-not-letting-it-out-of-your-sight. Which included not locking it away in vaults.

Having decided ahead of time to come as 'Alfred', Shiroki had made preparations for the situation. He'd readied his trademark bakudo Tenteikura ahead of time; waiting for the last few stragglers to show up before finishing the casting. This ensured that when he 'spoke', the words themselves came not from his gigai but the listeners' own heads. It was what he resorted to whenever he made appearances as the hooded captain as opposed to his actual self.

"Welcome to zanpakuto 101," the 'voice' that his audience would hear was largely dependent on the listener's subconscious expectation, meaning most would hear what they expected to hear: a dry, raspy tone that suited a mummified corpse trying to speak. "Or, as I like to call it--how not to die."

A few chuckles from the crowd, as well as some uneasy sidelong glances. Nothing unusual there. "Those of you who were here just now have seen the dangers you pose to each other by not taking things seriously. Our Kenpachi," he nodded to Azalea. "Has already demonstrated this so you don't need a reminder. I'm not here to show you HOW serious things can be. If you haven't already learned that from the Cap'n there's no way you'll learn it from me. What I AM here for is to show you what you CAN do about it,"

Fixing his gaze on the crowd, he considered each of them in turn. "Most of you already know who l am. For those who don't--I'm Cap'n Sakanade of Squad 2; leader of the Minazuki and commander of the Stealth Corps. I know most of the 11th," he studied their faces carefully. "Don't think highly of me and 'my kind'. We aren't fighters or warriors. We don't meet you face to face an' sword to sword. But I can still kill more than half of you in the next five seconds and you'll be dead before you even realize it. The other half--" here his Tenteikura transmission injected a lighter tone as he nodded towards Kenpachi Azalea and a few others' whose reiatsu suggested they possessed Shikai. "Might take a while longer,"

More chuckles from the audience. Shiro pressed on. "I'm not here to teach you to kill. Kenpachi Azalea here is perfectly capable of doing that if you want to stay after class. I'm here to show you how you can be killed, and steps you can take to prevent it. First: your zanpakuto. I'd like to borrow one for this demonstration. Do we have any...volunteers?"

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Re: Back to Basics (Open)

Post by Hanzō Judai on Fri Feb 09, 2018 8:56 am

Hanzo was late, again. As he had been every day since Kenpachi Azalea so graciously agreed to teach him. Therefore, he'd missed the entire explanation of Togabito, and was left wondering why Captain Sakanade and Kenpachi Azalea were watching a bunch of 11th members get stomped by an Arrancar.

Hanzo had the same excuse he used every time; he'd been taking care of his asauchi. Already, great progress had been made under the shapeshifter's tender care, bending and straightening the end cap so it'd stay in place, replacing the decayed wooden handle with one he spent a good portion of his savings on so it'd look as close to what the decayed piece must have looked like. It was a pale wooden handle with golden samegawa, ray skin, around it, over which sky-blue silk was wrapped. The menuki of the handle were gorgous looking stylized suns, all black, that provided grip. The endcap had been worked extensively, until it glimmered and the intricate details of a black stylized sun were revealed.

The scabbard had been replaced with as close a replica as Hanzo could craft, spending tens of hours examining the old scabbard to make sure the details were perfect. This scabbard was made of wood with very dark lacquer applied. Of course, fixing the scabbard involved straightening the blade itself, now rust-free and polished until it was reflective. Overall, it was a far cry from the junk-heap he'd claimed as his own, and he took great pains in making sure nothing ever damaged it, holding it closely at all times, the scabbard hanging from his left hip by a golden silk cord, and his wooden sword on his right.

He was surprised to hear his Captain speak, however. However, when the call for volunteers came, Hanzo pressed his hand to the beautiful scabbard he'd made, pressing it reassuring to his side. The muscular Shapeshifter would never let anyone hold his Asauchi, never again.
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