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The Emperor's Training (Open)

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Re: The Emperor's Training (Open)

Post by Shiroki on Tue Apr 24, 2018 5:43 am

It had taken awhile for the dust to settle around the location where they impacted the ground.

Not long enough, in one ninja's opinion. The collision had knocked the air from him and caused a momentary blackout. His return to consciousness was met by a ring of curious and interested faces peering over the rim of the small Shiro-shaped hole in an otherwise mostly-undamaged pavement. Mostly-undamaged-except-for-the-other-cracks-left-by-their-spar, of course.

Oh great. More paperwork.

A further cursory scan of the faces peering down from overhead suggested that there were expressions other than curious interest among them. Some looked intrigued. Some looked thoughtful. And more than a few wore the characteristic 11th Squad expression of delirious happiness at having discovered what they referred to as 'a worthy opponent'

Because CLEARLY somebody strong enough to make a damn hole in the floor without being splattered all over the cobbles was a person worth challenging, obviously.

Well crap. From the looks of things, it would be too late to beat a hasty exit. The momentary loss of consciousness had seen to that. Which meant that they were now surrounded by a gang of murder hobos eagerly getting in line for round 2.

This situation definitely called for a facepalm. Maybe two. No other option remaining, unless...

"Balthorn-san," he turned to face the other prone figure nearby. Without a closer look it was uncertain if Grym was conscious or not, but he seemed to be breathing at least. In any case, he wasn't doing anything to interrupt or contradict, which was definitely a good thing. "You win. I give up, please don't kill me,"

In retrospect, such a statement would be a LOT more convincing if the other party were conscious enough to give a reply. He really, really hoped that this were the case--going so far as to nudge the human in the flank to prompt a response. "You win, ok?"

The question was: would the 11th squad jocks buy it? Some of them might, the ones with more muscle than sense. The one to be wary of was always the Kenpachi; SHE at least seemed like someone with more than two functional brain cells in her skull. With her out of the picture, there might yet be a chance to convince this violence-happy crew otherwise.

He hoped so, anyway.

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Re: The Emperor's Training (Open)

Post by Grym Balthorn on Tue Apr 24, 2018 12:44 pm

Grym groans as he slowly wakes up, his eyes open as he soon sits up, popping his neck and feeling a little light headed due to being choked out.

"ow.... That hurt.... Wait, I won?"

Grym would look at shiro, then realized that there are others from 11th squad, he soon gets up and stretches.

"what are you all looking at, don't you all have duties to attend to, I doubt the Captain would be happy to see unseated members, even seated members gawking at a spar that has occurred."

He was trying to get the crowd that has gathered to disperse so that he doesn't feel like he won't find himself in a Battle Royale with his own squad.
Grym Balthorn
Grym Balthorn
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