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Captain Ceremony: The Shadow (Shiro/Captains)

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Captain Ceremony: The Shadow (Shiro/Captains)

Post by Shiroki on Sun Jan 07, 2018 11:12 am

The difficulty about preparation; really, is that one never knows exactly when to stop.

Ink slabs and discarded drafts littered the Lieutenant's tabletop like the discarded carcasses of lesser animals. They made a satisfying rustling sound as Shiroki laid a final sheet upon the blotter, reached out to dip a paw onto a nearby inkstone and made his mark upon awaiting parchment. Duty discharged, he kicked back in the office chair to cast a critical eye upon what had been accomplished thus far:

Three documents lay spread out upon the desk, ready to be sent along with the morning courier's rounds. The first was a formal recommendation addressed to Squad One; nominating one 'Officer Sakanade' as a potential candidate to fill the existing vacuum of 2nd Squad Captain, signed and approved by the Lieutenant and Acting Captain of Squad 2 himself. The second message was very much the same, except addressed personally to the Captain Commander and informing her of his attention to apply as 'Sakanade' as well as his reasons for doing so. The third; written in a shakier style of hand, was a self-approved request to resign from the duties of Lieutenant in favour of adopting a less-noticeable role as 10th seat. He set the latest letter (a heartfelt thank you note to 12th Squad's Captain for goods delivered) to join the others, gaze drawn to a cloth-covered shape set up in a corner of the room.

Captain Baozhai had been as reliable as always in completing her latest commission. The gigai; and ambulatory frame he had ordered in advance would feature prominently in what he intended next. They would allow the creation of a new persona; enabling one to both be Captain as well as continue to keep the low profile which was the bread-and-butter of Onmitsukido success. If all went well, he would be able to separate the formidable 'Captain Sakanade' persona from plain 'Shiro', instead of having the prestige and notoriety of that new position interfere with other assorted...projects.

Given the right context, Shiroki was almost certain he could pull it off. The gray reputation of 2nd Squad already did wonders in establishing an atmosphere where a silent, mysterious Captain who relied upon his personal aide Shiro to speak for him in public wouldn't be something too far out of the norm. Mystery and Menace were both kinda prerequisites for the role anyway, the way he saw it--and convenient stereotypes such as these certainly came in handy.

He appraised the adult-sized framework in satisfaction. Oshime had certainly outdone herself this time, her creation vastly exceeding expectations: a wire-based harness frame designed to accomodate a single wearer close (but not exactly) at its center; one that would look properly realistic if he dressed it in the appropriate attire. It had even come with features he neglected to specify--such as a supporting frame to lend an otherwise-empty head region the illusion of mass and presence. When taken out on a test drive, the suit proved itself a snug fit and better yet--was built in such a way that the wearer's actual body wasn't anywhere near its apparent pressure-points. Enemies wishing to target the usual vulnerable areas on an adult's anatomy would instead find themselves striking useless at empty air...a most useful bonus feature.

Next to the wearable frame slumped an inactive gigai dummy along with its Soul Candy dispensor. He doubted he would need the latter, but the dummy itself would look convincingly menacing once propped up at the Captain's desk with a spare haori draped over its shoulders. So long as he sat at a desk in the office nearby and 'spoke' for the gigai to communicate 'its' wishes, nobody would suspect a thing.

Everything was in readiness. The only question being: should he go through with it?

He had considered the pros and cons for quite awhile now; of how he would handle things if he actually made it to the coveted rank of Captain one day. But unlike many other Shinigami who never quite got past the daydream stage, he had gone on to the actual planning and possibilities that would arrive as a result. He had taken pains to always be one step ahead, laying the groundwork in preparation for events years later. But now that the decision was directly before him, he found he remained conflicted still.

Do you really want to be Captain? Or just think you 'should' be?

He wanted to of course. Every Shinigami aspired to. Earning that white coat would mean something; represent a personal milestone. Had they still been alive to see it, his old teachers at the Academy--maybe even Ma'kine himself--might have been proud. Obviously all those new responsibilities would cut into his spare time, never mind keeping up the public illusion...yet a small price to pay nonetheless.

Not that last minute change of minds would have been any good at this point. He'd simply come too far to turn back now.

And if the faint change in the winds were any indication, dawn was quickly arising. It wouldn't be long before the courier arrived to collect the day's mail for delivery. Only then did the restless energy contributing to keep him awake begin to ebb. He had stayed up all through the night thinking, composing his letters and making final touches to a web of intrigue that had been carefully woven over centuries. Shaking the dust from Taiyo's spare haori, the cub wrapped himself in its familiar folds. In times like this it still felt as though she was nearby, large as life. What would she think of all this? Would she be annoyed at losing her post? Amused? Or simply not care at all?

If he concentrated really hard, he could almost feel her nearby; ignoring personal space like she always did. Those had been the days: numerous ambush hugs, unsolicited tickles, and waking up from sleep to find fur braided in...interesting...patterns. The lingering scent brought those days back in a rush, and he suddenly found he had no interest in anything other than making a cozy nest of paper in the space below his desk and taking a brief nap. It would take some time before the Captain Commander and everyone else received their mail. He wouldn't be needed at the exam venue yet anyway, at least not for a few hours.

Plenty of time for a nap

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