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Breakout! A Prisoner Escaped!? (Minor Plot Thread)

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Breakout! A Prisoner Escaped!? (Minor Plot Thread)

Post by Non-Player Character on Sun Jan 07, 2018 10:32 am

The Maggot's Nest housed those deemed 'too dangerous' to live among the general population. Most people were those who committed multitudes of minor crimes, or possessed incredible abilities or personalities too volatile to be allowed freedom. Most prisoners were allowed freedom of movement within the nest, allowed to roam as they pleased, however there were strict rules in place about behavior, and no weapons were allowed within, not even by the guards or visitors. Every guard in the nest was required to be able to put down any prisoners using only their Hakuda, their hand-to-hand fighting skills.

The majority of prisoners were erased from history, known only by the guards now. However, one prisoner was known by nobody. No guard could seem to recall his name, or when he was imprisoned. It had been so long ago nobody alive knew the reasoning for this prisoner's place here. He never spoke, and never fought, not with prisoners or guards. He actually shied away from others, though his body showed signs of thousands of years of abuse from other prisoners.

The Convict was a Vastine Amorte, his body feathers and hair white with age. He wore only simple slacks, and was shirtless. Like all prisoners, Convict wore no jewelry or weapons, but he had an intricate, swirling series of tattoos on his body, which wrapped around his arms and shoulders and originated from his chest, where a single rune was written. A different rune was written on the man's palms. It was odd, for the oldest guards could have sworn the tattoo had been a paler color when they first met the man, the tattoos incredibly slowly growing darker over centuries.

Convict, as he was known, never made trouble, though often found himself in it as he was an easy target for younger prisoners to bully and abuse. This was why it was rather odd to see the old man walking up towards the 'front' of the Nest, his eyes darting back and forth between the Shinigami guards. They didn't seem concerned at first, having never once seen him do anything dangerous. But then the old man grinned, his wings suddenly snapping outwards as his fist was brought back.

"Die like the dogs you are," Convict yelled, his fist slamming into the wall in front of him as he looked at the Werewolf Shinigami guards.

There was an earthquake then, a massive explosion that shook the entire mountain and surrounding area. The damage was massive, the front of the mountain blown out completely. It was very likely the lower sections of the Nest collapsed, and those who were in the first room lay scattered among the debris as the old man stood back up, his tattoos now gone. In the old Vastine Amorte's hand was a short sword, more like a gladius than anything else. With several flaps of his huge wings, Convict flew into the dawn sky, muttering to himself.

"Those traitors will all get whats coming to them... Ma'kine, I'll tear everything you cared about apart." The old Vastine laughed gloatingly as he flew off towards the heart of Seireitei.
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Re: Breakout! A Prisoner Escaped!? (Minor Plot Thread)

Post by Shiroki on Tue Jan 09, 2018 2:27 am

If it were up to him, he would long have torched the Maggots' Nest--along with all its inmates--to the ground, leaving not even ash to mark its passing. That executive decision belonged to someone higher than Captain on the authority ladder, however. Unfortunately.

It was precisely the matter of the Nest's continued existence which had commanded Shiroki's attentions and interrupted what would've been a promising afterparty following his Captain examination. And while he'd considered himself 'saved-by-the-bell' at the time, able to excuse himself from a lineup of curious captains...this situation was turning into anything but. Because apparently someone, had just done what nobody could accomplish in centuries of Seireitei history. The Nest had been breached for the first time anyone could recall, and somehow there had been an escape.

Mere moments after his formal posting to Captain, no less. His new haori wasn't even warm.

It hung about his shoulders now, sized to fit and bringing with it the added weight of responsibility. Shiroki had ditched Taiyo's haori and tall-suit back at the barracks--no need for such deception on home turf after all--in favor of the smaller official version the Commander had thoughtfully provided: a standard variant to be worn over the shihakusho, but without the any annoying sleeves that would get in the way. Nonetheless, it would still be some time before he got used to the feel of its fabric, not to mention the constant awareness that he wore what was essentially a target on his back.

I mean...seriously! Having the rectangular diamond symbol plastered there was no different from asking to be shot in the back. It was a wonder most Captains didn't end up assassinated; the way those colors contrasted to present such tempting targets for enemy snipers.

Total design flaw, really. Just as the Maggots' Nest itself was turning out to be. Nor could the breakout have happened at a more inconvenient time; with most of Seireitei's Captains all gathered in one place; AWAY from the location in question, and therefore unable to respond in advance. One might even think somebody was up to something...

Judging from the way a fair number of Captains had given their newest comrade meaningful looks when the explosion occurred suggested that they suspected something was up as well. Not surprisingly, most of those suspicions had been directed at 'Captain Sakanade': who; as far as most of the others knew, was a stranger with advance notice of when the Captain's Exam would be scheduled and--as his performance in the exam itself seemed to suggest--the means to pull off something of this magnitude.

The fact that Shiro had taken pains to make 'Sakanade' as creepy and ominous as possible surely did not help his case at the moment. Quite a number hadn't even bothered refraining from making cryptic comments, with someone--probably Cap'n Seven--noting how 'convenient' it was that such an incident would happen during the ceremony.

Still...not entirely impossible. Though he knew for a fact that it definitely wasn't him, Shiroki couldn't say the same for any of his new colleagues. Perhaps someone among the Thirteen wanted him gone; or the position of 2nd Squad Captain vacant, for some reason. It would take a great deal of planning, but he shouldn't ignore the possibility just yet. Aside from the Commander herself, any of the remaining Twelve remained a potential suspect. Perhaps Oshime? The 12th Squad Captain would likely be an expert in explosives after all; likely able to rig up one with a delayed fuse ready to blow while they were all in Council. Or the famous Captain Kibo himself--freshly returned from a trip to Hueco Mundo with a presumed-deceased war hero in tow. How had Cap'n Seven managed such a feat, really? Could it have been staged, the hero's return a cover up for something else?

He would have to watch every one of them closely. Captain Kibo in particular. Dude was too...casually perfect. Had to be hiding something.

All that would have to wait, though. What with the more pressing concern of the Nest's wreckage still demanding attention. Shiroki let himself be lured by the still billowing column of smoke threading its way into the horizon to where voices arose in a jumbled mess all trying to be heard at once.

A cordon had been set up around the prison's destroyed entrance, with a brace of Shinigami and Onmitsukido standing guard. Nearby, others wearing attire marking them as members of the Retrieval Unit scurried about searching for traces that would suggest some sort of clue as to what direction the escapee had taken following the breakout. In addition to these, the Detention Unit busied themselves at the scene clearing rubble and arranging for emergency first aid to be given to those affected by the blast. Hopefully the casualty rate would be well within something they could manage. The last thing Shiroki wanted was to involve the 4th squad in this catastrophe, especially since the Maggot's Nest itself was supposed to be a secret known only to certain individuals.

First things first:

The new Captain strolled casually through that ongoing chaos, taking in everything at once. No point in hurrying, by this point any sane escapee would be long gone. It was either that or stay to be fenced in by the wards his first-response team had erected at the scene...and if that was the case, they might even be done with this business in time for tea.

He seriously doubted that, though.

The air had a burnt smell to it, and a heavy presence that one normally associated with the presence of destructive Hado or else spiritual energy. Could people use Kido in the Maggots' Nest? If so, he'd have to have a serious talk with their Third Seat about this. Had to have a serious talk with everyone, in fact. No better time than the present. Already he was smiling again, an expression most in Squad 2 would interpret as the cue to run for the hills.

"Hey guys--who'd I hafta kill to get some answers around here?"

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