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Kagamino Revival (Open)

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Kagamino Revival (Open)

Post by Echidna on Mon Jan 01, 2018 2:04 pm

The Church of the Goddess was thoroughly cleaned and organized. In the main hall of the hexagonal building were rows of tables, laden with baked goods and other foodstuffs. The heavy iron doors were propped open and warm air burst out of the building as cold swarmed inside.

The Church was holding a sale, the two members smiling and greeting people as they came in, talking about the church and its history. Heavily altered, of course. The Fullbringer mistress of the Church wouldn't be telling anyone how the church was originally made of Quincy and Fullbringers who defended Kagamino City from evil spirits before all but her were murdered. No, she painted a cleaner picture, one where a mad man had attacked the church at night and she took over ownership after the former mistress could no longer.

Echidna's hair bobbed and blew behind her as she walked around, doing her best to convince people to buy or return to the church the upcoming weekend. Already she had her EUR on several men and women interested in the church, a couple of whom she would eventually enthrall.

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