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Current state of 2nd for Reference [To be updated]

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Current state of 2nd for Reference [To be updated]

Post by Shiroki on Fri Dec 22, 2017 1:08 am

Base Details
Captain: [Redacted] till further notice
Lieutenant: Hanzo Judai
Seated Officers: Hanzo; Shiori
Symbol: Butterfly/Domino mask
Signature Color: Orange

Location: Path
The 2nd Division grounds are located atop a hilly plateau overlooking the rest of Seireitei; upon the outer borders of the city. It lies on a natural chokepoint bordered by rock formations, with the only access route being a flight of narrow stairs leading up through the outer gates. Visitors navigating the hundred steps are led on a winding path around the hill through a series of meditation gardens set at regular intervals, where they might rest before continuing on. The view is captivating and the atmosphere placid; nor is there any opposition to be seen--which some find ironic considering where the path leads.

In reality, all this contributes towards the locale's intended design--serving to delay and lull unwanted intruders into a false sense of security. From atop the hill itself, sentries posted have clear sight of the upwards route and are able to line up accurate kido shots from range if the situation requires it. Furthermore, the meditation 'gardens' scattered at intervals present its defenders with convenient choke-points to block off frontal assault. These architectural features together deny entrance to all save those they permit, and makes it all but impossible to assault while Seireitei still stands.

Atop the steps, one encounters an open courtyard where office buildings, lockups and living quarters await behind a high wall. This area functioned as a parade square and drilling grounds once--a large open space where past Captains could rally their troops into position in event of frontal attack.

More recently, this area was remodeled during Captain Taiyo's tenure into an outdoor dojo and practice ground. Sand gardens and rock formations littered with hidden traps make it unwise to deviate from the path. A full scale model of outer Rukon looms adjacent to those sandpits; a new addition for recruits to practice formations in an urban environment. The courtyard is usually occupied by trainees, so visitors have no shortage of guides to see them safely to the main building if need be.

Main Station:
The main office is situated in pride of place just behind the inner wall, nestled in the hollow of the horseshoe-shaped barracks behind it. A reception area greets those entering through the front doors, with a rotational shift of squad members on duty managing visitors and arranging appointments. Interview rooms where suspects and witnesses are questioned or mugshot lineups taken occupy the left wing of the building, with storage and evidence lockers occupying the right. The Captain and seated officers share an office behind the reception area, but it is usually empty unless an appointment is scheduled in advance.

Temporary Cell:
The 2nd maintains up to ten temporary cells below its main office, where suspects are detained before being formally transferred to long-term accommodations or released. As per usual, they cancel out all reiatsu being used from inside, and are mainly used to house individuals on drunk and disorderly charges or other minor infractions.

Archives/Trophy Museum:
Once housing Captain Taiyo's collection of personal trophies from dubious origin; this area has since been expanded and equipped to store much more. Old habits die hard, with joint efforts from Captain and Lieutenant both turning this space into a vaguely unsettling museum of horrors where the odd memento or souvenir can be found alongside grisly relics and hollow remains. While the upper libraries and museums remain open to all; the lower levels contain Shiroki's private archives and are off-limits to everyone besides the captain himself. These consist of all the information he has collected to date since his appointment to the 3rd; from the noteworthy to the mundane: sword abilities, habits, and quirks of his fellow colleagues, as well as traces of their person (threads from clothing, blood samples, stray hairs) which would allow him to track them down should the need arise. Currently its existence is an unfounded urban legend among members of the 2nd, with none knowing for sure if this legendary library exists.

The 2nd Division is unique in that while officially having a Captain being in charge of the main body, it is really more of a loosely knit coalition of various self-managed organizations instead of a single unit. Each seated officer above 7th heads a certain 'branch' of the division and has authority over their own field while still answering to the Captain. Seated 'heads' do not interfere with each others' jurisdiction, and disputes are brought to the Captain for settlement. The branches are as follows

Patrol/Retrieval Unit: Traditionally overseen by the Lieutenant, this unit concerns itself with tracking down refugees or escapees should such incidents occur, as well as arresting suspects. They work closely with both the information gatherers at Squad 3 and Squad 6's elite unit in this role.

Detention Unit: This branch oversees the general day-to-day operations of prison facilities including the Maggots' Nest, and is overseen by the 3rd Seat. Members perform the duties of wardens, responding to situations of unrest within the prison and preventing breakouts before they occur.

Termination Unit: The Termination Unit are little more than glorified executioners. The smallest among the division branches; they are the ones who actually carry out death sentences formally sanctioned by the higher-ups--staining their hands so their superiors don't have to. Less frequently, they also serve as professional hari-kiri executors to the nobility on request. It is headed by the division 6th Seat.

Courier Unit: Couriers specialize in flash step and are responsible for swift transfer of reports and information across units and Divisions. They are identified by their unique uniform, and overseen by the division's 5th Seat

Executive Militia/Punishment Force: Although once a role occupied by the Captain themselves, this tradition is adapting in recent years as later generations tend towards giving each a separate identity apart from each other. Such was seen as a practical solution for situations where the Captain could not also be Force Commander, or vice versa--given that these roles required specific; sometimes mutually exclusive skills. Among others, Force Commanders are required to be well versed in disciplines such as Hakuda; narrowing the available pool of applicants significantly. This was also done to separate the Onmitsukido from being exclusively associated with the Executive Militia, instead having them branch into the other organizations. In its new incarnation, the Executive Militia specializes in scouting, shunko and unarmed combat, maintaining close relations with the 3rd Division information gatherers and serving as bodyguards or escorts. It is headed by the 4th Seat.

Minazuki: These comprise the remainder of the Onmitsukido that splintered from the Punishment Force in recent years. Unlike their former comrades in the militia, they are shifting emphasis from unarmed to armed combat while maintaining existing expertise at moving undetected--killing with hidden blades and leaving no trace of their passing. Ever since the division of the Militia into unarmed and armed specialists, the newly minted Minazuki have fallen under the charge of the Captain personally--who may call upon their private hit squads of trained assassins.

Shinigami Children's Association (SCA): A non-military, extra-curricular group first started by a certain Lieutenant for budgeting purposes. Its membership is deliberately vague; supposedly open to all 'underage' individuals in Seireitei (of which admittedly few are actual Shinigami). Budgets allocated to the SCA were normally funneled into private projects, but for appearances' sake meetings are held and social events like cartoon screenings are scheduled for anyone interested to attend.

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Re: Current state of 2nd for Reference [To be updated]

Post by Shiroki on Fri Dec 22, 2017 1:42 am


Departmental heads from 2nd through 6th seat are issued their own haori with its associating symbol since they are leaders of their respective branches. These are shorter than Captain-issue and color coded for identification

Minazuki: Rank and file members wear a gray variant of the Onmitsukido attire.

Retrieval/Patrol: Blue overcoat; rarely worn except for formal occasions

Detention Unit: Gray sleeveless haori

Executive Militia: Black haori with white symbol on the back; standard Onmitsukido attire for rank and file.

Termination Unit: Dark red haori; no symbol. Members don red raincoat-like uniforms and wooden clogs with face concealing hoods over the Shinigami attire when on execution duty. They lower the hoods when performing hari-kiri per noble's request.

Courier Unit: Yellow haori. Standard courier uniform for members.

Species : Werewolf
Race : Shinigami
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