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City of the Dragons (Scholar Solo Thread)

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City of the Dragons (Scholar Solo Thread)

Post by The Wandering Scholar on Thu Dec 21, 2017 10:57 pm

The American Mid-West was known for its large, empty, open spaces of land. Such as the three-hundred plus square miles of land Jordan Stone recently bought from the State. The land was hers in name only; bought using funding from the Daedalus' research department. Using her contacts in the government, she had gotten permission to build the beginnings of a city, where the homeless from various large cities would be moved to to live, for free, provided they take the jobs being offered there.

The jobs in question were simple, mostly labor and construction or factory work. The plans for the city focused heavily on the production of energy and product, with no care for aesthetics. However, closer inspection of the city's layout revealed there was more to it than that. For the streets and buildings, when viewed from above and at a distance, created the Ouroboros seal.

But, regardless of the future plans, the city had to be built first. Which is why the Wandering Scholar, with the assistance of two of the other Dragons, their followers and her own, were standing in the desert surrounded by raw materials, with plans laid out on tables and heavy machinery around.

Scholar had gotten permission for the city for a few reasons. Firstly, it would get the homeless out of the surrounding metropolises and provide jobs. Secondly, it would prevent anyone else from buying the land so near to Daedalus' base. Third, the massive energy collected by the city would be more than enough to power itself, and the extra power could be funneled towards their base. Lastly, anything produced in the city are materials used extensively by Daedalus, ranging from steel to furniture. And, as one of her Harpies had provided that morning, Fullbringers could live in the city so that the underground expansion of Daedalus' base could be stopped, at least for a time.

Now, the Fullbringers would be using the construction of the city as a training exercise. Of course, once the groundwork was done and the materials in place, real construction workers would be hired and get to work. But the changing of the landscape, dredging water upwards and turning what would be the heart of the city into a oasis in this desert, that was the task best left to Fullbringers. And Scholar, at least, looked forward to it.

The Wandering Scholar

Species : Human
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