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Open unfinished threads

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Open unfinished threads

Post by Shiroki on Mon Dec 11, 2017 4:25 am

Disclaimer: Not sure if this is the right place to post; apologies if it isn't

As some might know, I've not been very prompt with posting recently (sorry Emperor) but I'm trying to get back on top of things and into the habit once more.

That said, it's becoming a little hard to tell/remember which threads are pending my posts and which aren't (complete vs. incomplete). If anyone in a thread with me is waiting on my posts, please remind me about it? I'm going to try and get up to date with everything.

So far as I know there's
-Hanzo thread (probably dead)
-Power of a Dragon (unsure if resolved or not)
-Turn back Pendulum arc (unsure if ongoing or who's turn it is)
-What if scenario (same as above)
-Seireitei Idol (same as above)
-It's a Party (I lost track of who's turn it is)
-To Kagamino with Love (please don't turn me into a zombie thrall, Echidna)
-and Azalea's House of Jumpscares (the only one I'm current on)

If there's anything that l missed out, mind letting me know? Thanks for your patience.

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Re: Open unfinished threads

Post by Azalea on Mon Dec 11, 2017 7:08 pm

I believe its your turn in the Dragon, Jumpscare and Kagamino threads, Keichi's turn in the pendulum, Kei is MIA so I think the What If is dead, and much of the members of the Party thread are also MIA, but it IS Lany's turn. The Idol thread is continuing. And the Hanzo thread is dead because i literally can't figure out how to respond.

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