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Changing Race on Damnation

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Changing Race on Damnation

Post by Azalea on Thu Oct 26, 2017 2:51 pm

How to change your character's Race?

Just because your character started as one Race, does not mean they are going to always be that Race.

On Damnation, the most common Race change would be into a Hollow. Any Shinigami, Fullbringer, Human or Togabito without a previous Race or with one of those aforementioned Races, can become a Base Hollow regardless of how powerful they were to begin with. The character can become a Hollow by being injected with enough Hollow Reiryoku, either by scientific experiment or Hollow venom, losing their hearts to despair, or by a mass cannibalization by Hollows. Shinigami who fail to overcome this incident become Hollows, while those who retain their minds and fight off the Reiryoku become Vaizards instead. Humans will become Fullbringers if they survive the infection. Fullbringers and Togabito without any previous Race abilities will always become Hollows through these methods.

The second most common change is Humans, Fullbringers or Togabito without a previous race power becoming Shinigami. This is done by joining the Shinigami Academy and completing the curriculum, though this can be circumvented by an extremely powerful character awakening an Asauchi on their own through pouring enormous amounts of power into the blade at once. Fullbringers and Togabito who become Shinigami this way will have a Shikai and potential Bankai that reflect their previous abilities.

The next most common method of Race change is a Hollow becoming an Arrancar. This is done through removing part of the Hollow mask. The further a Hollow is in the Hollow evolution, the more human they'll appear. Vasto Lordes always have a hundred percent human figure, but retain their mask fragment and Hollow Holes. Oscuro Ilimitado are entirely human and may or may not retain a mask fragment, but never a Hollow Hole. Gillians and Base Hollows will never appear human as Arrancar.

The fourth most common method is a character of any Race becoming a Togabito. Any person who lived in sin or committed an unforgivable act, such as killing others without just cause such as self-defense, will be sent to Hell if killed by a Shinigami's Zanpakuto. Anyone who dies while on Hell's domain will likewise be turned into a Togabito, regardless of whether they committed any sins.

The least common form of Race change would be the Quincy's method of impression of power. Quincy powers can be forced on any non-Quincy through use of a Schrift, erasing all previous powers and granting a single Epithet of Quincy power in the form of a letter that sums up their new Quincy power. Those given Quincy powers this way will often have a Schrift that resembles their previous powers.

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