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List of important Terms and their definitions

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List of important Terms and their definitions

Post by Nocens on Mon Oct 09, 2017 3:31 pm

Adjuchas- A type of Menos, the third evolutionary level of Hollows.
Arrancar- A Hollow that has obtained Shinigami-like powers by partially removing their mask.
Bakudo- The Binding Way, the defensive branch of Kido.
Demi-Hollow- A Soul that is falling to despair and slowly losing their heart. Will become a Hollow if not given Konso.
Court Guard Squads, The Thirteen- The original name for Gotei Thirteen.
Gotei Thirteen- The Shinigami Organization, ruled by Thirteen Captains presiding over thirteen divisions.
Hado- The Destruction Way, the offensive branch of Kido.
Hollow- A type of Soul that has lost its heart to despair and now feeds on other Souls to survive and grow stronger.
Hollow King, The- The title given to the current leader of Hueco Mundo, regardless of gender. Presides over Las Noches.
Hueco Mundo- One of the four main dimensions. This is the world of the Hollows.
Kaido- The Healing Way, a branch of Kido.
Kido- A type of magic used by Shinigami. There are many spells, divided among Hado, Bakudo and Kaido.
Konso- Soul Purification, performed on Souls by Shinigami so they may enter Soul Society and leave the World of the Living.
Las Noches- The castle of the Hollow King, located in the center of Hueco Mundo.
Menos- The classification of Hollows of the second to fourth evolutionary levels.
Menos Grande- A type of Menos, the second evolutionary level of Hollows. Only Menos Grande that retain their individuality upon evolution can continue to advance.
Oscuro Ilimitado- The ultimate form of Hollows. Also called ‘Black Lands Hollow’. These Hollows close their Hollow holes by sacrificing their individuality and no longer need to feed on Souls to survive.
Reiatsu- Spiritual Pressure, the amount of spiritual force a spirit can exert. Can never exceed reiatsu. Varies in color and shape when manifested.
Reiryoku- Spiritual Energy, the total amount of energy that a Spirit has.
Reishi- Spirit Particles.
Shinigami- A Race of Souls that protect the balance of Souls.
Soul- The spiritual aspect of a living creature. Souls vary in appearance.
Soul Queen- The deity that created all dimensions and the original Species and Races.
Soul Reaper- A slang term for a Shinigami.
Soul Society- One of the multiple Dimensions, this is where Souls go if they are purified by a Shinigami or can pass on of their own accord after death.
Vaizard- A Shinigami who has obtained Hollow-like powers.
Vasto Lorde- A type of Menos, and the fourth level of Hollow evolution. These extremely rare Hollows are as strong or stronger than most Captains of the Gotei.
World of the Living- One of the four main dimensions. This is where Humans live and comprises the universe that Earth exists in.

The Mother of War
Lurks within the depths of Hell
Atoning forever

Custom Skill:
Hell Aura: Advanced (Higher levels of this Skill cause the area around the Togabito to become tainted by their negative energy. Prolonged time in the area slowly transforms it into a miniature Hell. At lower levels, this is illusionary, but at the highest levels, the location becomes a portal to Hell. This is however, temporary and will slowly fade when the Togabito leaves)

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