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Attention to all Accepted Members

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Attention to all Accepted Members

Post by Azalea on Sun Oct 01, 2017 10:54 pm

With Species Bonuses finally being finished (Read Here for more information), we ask that every accepted and approved member go to their character sheets and make a separate post listing their choices for their Bonus. These bonuses will be applied as soon as possible.

For all members who are going to be approved or are currently in the process of approval, there has been a change to how your application will be set up. Now, after approval, you will allocate your levels to your Skills, and below those skills, list which Skills your Species bonus will apply to. Do not apply the bonus yourself! Leave your Skills alone once you finish the traditional allocation of Skill levels. A staff member will add those skill to your profile, and then and only then will your skill bonus be applied.

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