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Species-specific Bonus

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Species-specific Bonus

Post by Azalea on Sun Oct 01, 2017 10:41 pm

What is a Species Bonus?

To put it simply, every Species is known for certain characteristics. Giants are reknown for their physical might, Humans for their adaptability, Werewolves for their incredible senses, and the Vastine Amorte for their vast spiritual prowess. The Species Bonus is a stat-based representation of this. All characters gain a bonus level to a Stat of their choice from among the options available to their Species, granted after Stats are allocated by the member. This bonus stat bypasses Tier Limits, meaning if your character was allowed one Master Skill, it could potentially become a Grandmaster Skill because your character's Species makes him better at that skill than his peers of other Species with the same training.

Giants can choose to increase Armed Combat or Unarmed Combat by a single level. This represents their inherent physical strength.

Humans can increase any one of Armed Combat, Unarmed Combat, Spiritual Combat, Hoho or Reiatsu Perception by one level. This represents their vast differences and adaptability.

Werewolves can increase Hoho or Reiatsu Perception by one level. This represents their speed and sharp senses.

Vastine Amorte increase Spiritual Combat by one level. This represents their vast spiritual skill, as well as their strict rigid traditionalism.

What about Sub-Species?

Sub-Species also gain a Species Bonus. Unlike their main Species they evolved from, Sub-Species are more specialized and evolved differently from their core Species. Because of the change to their Species over time and being a product of nature or design, not of the Soul Queen, Sub-Species must compensate for the larger boost they get compared to the purer Species.

Oni, having evolved with greater spiritual power than their Giant ancestors, can gain two levels divided as they please among Spiritual Combat and any Racial spell-like skill. These include all Kido, Shunko, Cero and Bala, Spellcraft, and Soul Manipulation. Oni lose one level from either Unarmed or Armed Combat, but must have one level to be reduced from.

Shapeshifters, having taken the human adaptability to an extreme after being mixed with Werewolves, can gain two levels divided how they chose among any Skills, but must lose one level from any Skill they already have levels in.

Dire Werewolves, the pinnacle of the wild, bestial nature of Werewolves, can gain two levels divided as they chose from Unarmed Combat, Hoho and Reiatsu Perception, but lose one level in Spiritual Combat or any one racial spell-like skill they have levels already in.

Angels, created through science and not evolution, were designed to maximize the Vastine Amorte's spiritual capabilities. Angels gain their choice of either two levels in Spiritual Combat, or one level in all Racial spell-like Skills, but must take one level reduction from both Unarmed and Armed combat. As a consequence, at least one level must be devoted to those two Skills during character creation.

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