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The Angel Sub-Species

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The Angel Sub-Species

Post by Azalea on Sun Oct 01, 2017 1:52 am

The Deadly Elite

Angels are the Vastine Amorte's answer to the Dire Werewolves. The Angels were specifically bred by the Vastine Amorte in recent years using the technology gained from the Seireitei. Angels are a mixture of Vastine Amorte and Shapeshifter blood, hoping to create a Vastine Amorte with the strength to overcome the savage Dire Werewolves, and the means to replenish their own ranks.

The end result was a Vastine Amorte bred for fighting. Angels can be identified by height, standing roughly ten feet tall but incredibly thin. Unlike the Vastine Amorte, Angels have no feathers anywhere on their bodies, looking nearly entirely human and with the power to chose where hair grows on their body and how quickly. If their description stopped there, one would even go so far as to say they were all incredibly beautiful. However, Angels possess sharp, jagged teeth, long triangular nails and possess insect wings rather than avian. Their wings can be as varied as their Vastine Amorte cousins, ranging from butterfly wings, to dragonfly, or even carapaced like a beetle. While their bodies make a marked difference from their Vastine creators, the biggest change was their even more powerful spiritual pressures and innate ability for all types of spellwork. However, due to their more fragile wings, Angels are even more sensitive to their weight and must remain physically weaker than the Vastine Amorte.

Among other changes, Angels are not plagued by infertility like the Vastine. However, the Angels consider themselves the beautiful elite, and rarely leave their close-knit communities. Those that do have proven to be incredibly selfish, and hyper-aggressive. Angels were bred for the purpose of creating something greater than the Dire Werewolves, but quickly came to think themselves superior to Vastine Amorte as well. They aged faster, could breed quite often and in far greater numbers, and were spiritually superior. More than one mountain village of Vastine Amorte found themselves homeless when their Angels turned on them and claimed the village as their own.

The Angels have another distinction that separate them from the Vastine Amorte. The Ritual of Wings allows an Angel to activate a piece of forgotten genetic code in every Angel. By removing their wings, an Angel loses all Spiritual ability, but converts it into raw power and strength. But Angels be warned, for the power is temporary, the genetic code never fully programmed into the Angel genome. After a day, the power is lost forever, as well as their wings. The incredibly vain and prideful Angels would never allow a wingless kin to live, believing it a mercy to end their lives rather than let the wingless Angel live with their shame.

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