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Immovable force, unstoppable object (Open)

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Immovable force, unstoppable object (Open)

Post by Khaos, Goddess of Nothing on Sat Sep 30, 2017 1:09 pm

It was bright here, the clouds dark overhead. Khaos liked this twilight. It reminded her of herself, back home. At the Plains. So much grey. Grey everywhere. Above her, below her now. The Fullbringer stood in the sky, just below the clouds. The black smoke drifting around her blended in with the clouds as she walked down to the ground, descending from the sky as the ground rose up to meet her.

Stairs, she thought. The air was like stairs as platforms of black smoke carried her. Her long, white body moved faster than expected, glitching briefly every so often and dropping her lower and lower until she was only a few hundred feet over the center of the city within a city. The city below her was wide, so thin and fragile, she thought. I need this. I want this. All of it. Just a part. No, just this part.

Khaos lightly placed her feet on the top of the tall white tower. She knew not its name. She knew not its purpose. But she needed this. Just this. She needed this now. Wanted it now, she had to have this thing. The Final Miasma swirled around her legs, ready to be directed as she wished. But first, she had to take care of some final things.

With a swing of her arm, the Miasma moved downward towards a wooden and rope bridge, black mist reeking of Fullbringer might and clinging cold engulfing the bridge foot by foot.
Khaos, Goddess of Nothing

Race : Fullbringer
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