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Rot Dragon (Finished)

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Rot Dragon (Finished)

Post by Adyna on Mon Sep 25, 2017 9:01 pm

True Form:
Human World Puppet Body (Modern):

The Basics

Name: Despira
Aliases: Despira of the Sands, Zombie Queen of the Fullbringers, The Decaying Queen, most recently she goes by Adyna.
Race: Despira is a Fullbringer.
Gender: Despira is biologically female.
Date of Birth: Despira celebrates her birth on June Sixth.
Appearance Age: Despira's current body has the appearance of a pre-teenager or even a child.
Actual Age: Despira is twenty two years old. Her soul has been around for hundreds of years using various puppet bodies.
Organization and Rank: Once the self-proclaimed "Queen of all Fullbringers," has turned her back on Hueco Mundo, instead serving the Pheonix of Daedalus

Height: In her current vessel, Despira is three feet and two inches tall. In her true form, Despira is four foot, seven inches tall.
Weight: In this lesser body, Despira weighs only thirty four pounds, as her body is purposely made of weaker and lighter material. Naturally, Despira weighs seventy eight pounds.
Hair color: Despira has long black-grey hair.
Eye color: Despira has red eyes.
General Appearance: Over the decades and centuries, Despira's physical appearance has varied greatly. However, some key features were always the same or as close together as possible. The reasoning for the variance is the Hollows' inability to create proper Puppet Bodies, temporary Gigai like devices used to host the soul of Despira, prolonging her life well beyond her mortal years. The key features include that she has a small, nearly child-sized yet nubile, body, long raven hair and stunning red eyes.
Hueco Mundo Body:
Despira's modern day body is remarkably close to her original form. She is four feet and seven inches tall, with thigh length black hair and alabaster skin, with a small but developed figure, including a narrow waist. Her garments include wrist length black gloves and a matching black scarf tied to cover her chest, but be able to hide her face in. She also wears a three piece yellow and black outfit, with a shoulder-less tube top, arm warmers and baggy pants that cover her shoe-less feet.
When she releases her true powers, her long hair mutates into a huge maw that is nearly as big as herself. This second mouth is filled with many huge, sharp teeth and a thick pink tongue. Saliva drips constantly from the maw. Also, Despira loses her gloves and scarf while the outfit becomes tighter and smaller, exposing far more of her skin. When she uses more of her powers, her healing factor fails to keep up with the necrosis of her body, turning her skin pale and rotten.
As prisoner and now servant of Daedalus, Despira appears as a much younger, child-like version of herself. This new body is made of special materials that drastically reduce her powers. She wears black shoes, and her gloves are hidden in a pocket of her yellow dress.

The Psyche

Redeeming Qualities:
I. Despira has a youthful appearance, coupled with a nervous and shy personality. This makes her quite popular among certain groups of people.
II. Normally, Despira cannot stand to see people suffering and does her best to prevent others, enemies included, from going through unnecessary pain.
III. Despira is fiercely loyal to those she pledges herself to, and it takes an extreme event to change her loyalties.
IV. Despira has developed the ability to handle change very well, and is quite use to bloodshed and changes in socio-political and economic power. She is very well adjusted to her position in the social food chain, being the "pet" to numerous Hollow leaders in the past. Recently, she has been prisoner to Daedalus, but changed to be working for them.
Negative Qualities:
I. Despira has an extreme dislike of touching others and, due to her shyness and awkwardness, may come across as very rude.
II. Despira is also extremely fascinated by the morbid, from simple diseases to up to and including starting a Hollow feeding frenzy just to watch.
III. In her quote "True" form, Despira has a complete personality flip, going from the shy, frightened Despira of the Sands to The Zombie Queen of the Fullbringers. She becomes a sado-masochist, feeling nearly orgasmic as decaying Vectors chew their way out of her body to devour her enemies, reveling in the flesh eating viruses devouring her foes.
IV. Despira is also a complete neat freak, not allowing anything to dirty her areas and she despises those with sloppy appearances, poor hygiene and generally anyone who is too "dirty".
V. Despira has a deep seated hatred bordering on racism against all non-Hollow kind. She considers all those with traces of Hollow in them to be part of the Hollow community, placing Fullbringers alongside Arrancar, though she views her Race as slightly superior due to not having been tainted by Shinigami powers. She views Vizards as familial cousins, Shinigami who obtained Hollow powers, like her, a Human who obtained similar powers. All non-Hollow kind persons she hates extremely, especially Quincies, who in the past had tried to end her life due to her Hollow-blood. She views Fullbringers as part of the Hollow-kind, and despite being removed from Hueco Mundo, she can't stop centuries of having these feelings.
II. Despira likes anything even remotely pertaining to Hollows and Hueco Mundo. She is fascinated by the hybrids of Fullbringers, Arrancar and Vaizards. She likes to watch Base Hollows in their natural enviroment.
III. Despira likes bunnies.
IV. Despira is fascinated by disease and injury and has a deep, complex understanding of biology, poisons and medicine. This is due to her ability to absorb them and later inflict them herself.
I. Despira has a deep hatred for Shinigami, blaming them for the deaths of countless Hollows. She blames them entirely for the death of her former lover, Hollow King Lucian Dracconian.
II. Despira dislikes humans, finding most to be cruel, selfish, vile persons. She is angry at the species for the way they abandonned her when she was mortal, but does not blame present day individuals.
III. Despira is fearful of physical contact, as her powers work without her consent and she never knows what she'll take in.
Personal Habits:
When Despira is around others in her non-released form, she is very polite and reserved, almost to the point of shyness. Despira can be confident in her position of authority, considering herself better than the Espada due to how... close she and the Hollow Leaders have been over the centuries. However she is not arrogant. Despira does not like touching or being touched and does her best to avoid contact with all but her lovers.
Despira is an honest person, almost incapable of lying. She can honestly apologize for loss of life even as she is taking it. She finds pleasure in watching Hollows feed and is endlessly marveled by the ferociousness of Hollows. Despira frequently starts feeding frenzies because she enjoys the mindlessness of it all.
Despira in her full release is sadistic and masochistic, finding death, pain and suffering to be orgasmic-ly pleasurable. This twisted personality thrives on blood and carnage first hand in the way that her normal self enjoys watching from afar. She is ruthless and cruel for its own sake, devouring anyone who so much as walks in her way. It is this personality that has taken the title of Queen of Fullbringers for itself.
Short-term Goals: Despira wishes to devour the Fullbringers who betrayed her.
Long-term Goals: In the long term, Despira wishes to give her Fullbringer brethern a rise in power, due to her belief that as their Queen, it is her right to have a Queendom as well. This secret desire of hers is to rise to the rank of Phoenix and become the undisputed ruler of all Fullbringers. Until then, she is content to serve the current Phoenix and maintain order in his stead.
General Personality: It can be hard to understand Despira. She's a very complicated and multifaceted person, with a history fraught with grief and struggle. Combined with her multiple personalities, it's difficult to know how she truly feels.
Despira/Adyna personality: the side of her most people see. Her base form, currently going by the name Adyna, is a quiet and incredibly shy girl. She is easily intimidated, heightened by haphephobia, the fear of being touched. Phobia might not be the correct term, as that implies it is irrational, though to others, thats how it appears. It is not common knowledge that Adyna absorbs all ills of those who touch her, so she goes to great lengths to cover her flesh with baggy clothes and long gloves. While she is shy and easily frightened, opposed to violence, she holds strongly to her convictions. She's a strong advocate for justice and cleanliness. She is a neat-freak who is always trying to get others to clean or make themselves more presentable.
Zombie Queen personality: When Despira releases her full powers, her personality reverses. The so-called Zombie Queen is a sadomasochist who revels in despair and filth. Her cruelty is only matched by her vindictiveness and perversion. Whereas the base form is too shy to talk of such matters, innuendo and filth rolls off the Queen's tongue more easily than the pus from her wounds.
Nemesis personality: the maw that forms from the Queen's hair has a separate personality from the main body, capable of it's own thoughts and opinions. Nemesis is decidedly male, and despite having an incredible ego, is at heart a coward who preys on the weak. His mind is almost entirely devoted to hunger, and his tongue constantly spouts his desire to sunder flesh from bone.
Something Special: Something unique to Despira is that her soul has greatly out-lived her mortal body. The Hollow King had her soul removed from her body and placed into a puppet body, similar to a gigai but of lesser quality. Her new body functions well enough, but her internal structures are less than 100% accurate. Her newest body, made with the assistance of captured Quincy, Shinigami and others is a much greater improvement and rivals those created by Soul Societies R&D Departments. This body jumping means that her soul is long overdue for her natural death.
Despira also wears a ring on her right middle finger. The ring has a shape of a Menos Grande mask on a circlet. This ring is made from the torn mask fragments of various Espada, somehow melded together. It possesses the ability to open a Garganta of large size, activated when she presses the Menos' nose and swipes her hand vertically in the air before herself.
Despira is currently housed in a body designed to make her easier to imprison, made of ultra-lightweight materials that suppress her supernatural abilities to the point where she's even weaker than a Human of her appeared age.

The Power

Fullbring Name: Nemesis
Fullbring Name English Translation: Nemesis is named after the Greek God of by the same name.

Item of Affinity: Despira's Object of Affinity is the black gloves and scarf that she wears. The gloves and scarf are a set, matching in shade of black. The gloves are tight and cover to her wrist. The scarf is loose and tied behind her neck, with a great triangle of cloth on her chest. She usually pulls it up to cover her face.
Release Phrase: The phrase that Despira uses to move from First to Second release is "Turn on them, Nemesis." There is no release for the first level, as it is her default state of being.

Fullbring Appearance: In her first State, Despira's black hair, scarf and gloves are the same color. The Fullbring has no noticeable visual cues, as she appears much like any normal human girl, albiet one who hides in her scarf constantly.
Fullbring Ability: In the first state, Nemesis allows Despira to absorb the illnesses and pains of others by skin to skin contact. As she takes in the injuries, the sickness leaves the other person before appearing on herself. She absorbs all sickness and injuries, whether physical or mental. After removing the illness, Despira will suffer through it herself. If the disease is of a mental variety, depending on severity, it can last for hours or months before her system cures her. She also has a very rapid healing factor.

Second level Fullbring Appearance: In the second level, Despira's hair morphs into a large set of jaws filled with metal-hard teeth. The jaws are nearly as big as the rest of her body and possess a tongue. This mouth is capable of speech and has its own "personality" that varies greatly from the meek Despira of the first release. It is note-worthy that this second personality is the dominant during the duration of the release, and is prone to insanity, outbursts of laughter and would be best described as "sick and twisted" and "completely unhinged".
Second level Fullbring Ability: The second release of Nemesis allows Despira to generate glass orbs from the jaws on her head, or any exposed skin. These orbs can be thrown or broken by other method to release a potent gas containing either viruses or bacteria that hold the "memory" of an injury, disease or illness that Despira has cured. The Vector Orbs are nearly limitless in her ability to create them, however they only contain illnesses she has been exposed to. Her second jaws has so many viruses and bacteria in it that even a grazing touch is guaranteed to cause severe illness, including fever, inflammation, swelling, inability to form blood clots and, in some cases, hallucinations.
Despira, due to the nature of her body and these Vector Orbs, is immune to the gasses she uses. She's also able to make more concentrated diseases by condensing the gas into either a fluid (sprayed from the huge jaws like a hose), or a solid (Such as a blade made of bacterium, viruses, blood and carrion).
Along with her Vector Orbs, Despira can summon Vector Hosts, such as zombie-like Carrion Crows that emerge from the throat of her second jaw, Plague Rats or Infestation Insects that burst from her skin and swarm upon her enemies. These Vector Hosts are made from spiritual energy given physical form through her own flesh and blood.

The Past

The King's Breeding Plan

Many hundreds of years ago, the Hollow King Crette ruled Hueco Mundo with an iron fist. Hollow King Crette was a Vasto Lorde whose signiture ability was the power to forceably unlock hidden potential in others, forcing them into greater forms by infusing his own Reiryoku into their bodies, mutating and strengthening them.

Hollow King Crette had heard that Humans who survived Hollow attacks would birth children with Hollow-like powers. The King, desiring to revolutionize the Hollows' fight against Soul Society, sought to create the perfect soldier spies. In Crette's visionary plan, these Humans with Hollow Powers could infiltrate Soul Society unnoticed and act as either spies or assassins. And, the King thought, he could kill them and turn them into Hollows if they failed.

So, the Hollow King set about having his most loyal Hollows go to the human world to maim, but not kill, hundreds of Humans world wide. The Hollows then would wait and watch, awaiting for the humans to be impregnated. Then, when the time came, the Hollows would steal away the child. Hollow King Crette would create an army unlike anything the world had ever seen.

Rise and Fall of a Goddess

The year was 845. Unrest stired the Chinese populace. The purging of Buddhism and other foreigners was at its peak. Emperor Wuzong of Tang was on his own crusade.

In a cold, mountain village, a traveler gave birth. Though the baby girl was born healthy, her mother died during childbirth. The villagers did not know who the father was, or even truly who the mother had been. They debated who would care for the infant, for none could let it freeze to death but none wanted another mouth to feed.

In the end, the child was given to a woman on the edge of the village, a woman who was weak with cough and couldn't birth children of her own. The woman took the stranger's child into her arms and brought her home. That is when the miracles began.

By the next morning, the woman was free of her cough, and the child was sick. The woman thought little of it, nursing the child to keep her alive. But, when she cut her hand on her knife and watched as the injury healed then appeared on the infant's own palm, she reported it to the village's wise woman, believing the child plagued by spirits.

But the elder claimed that the child, fatherless and motherless, must have been a goddess! She healed everything with just a touch. To prove it, she brought the child to an old man who has a old wound that continued to reopen. When he touched the child, his wound healed and the child's shoulder split and began to bleed as she cried. But, even as it bled, the women and man watched the wound start stitching the flesh together, not terriblyy fast but fast enough to watch.

By the elder woman's say, the child was a living goddess of life who could cure any illness! It wasn't very long until everyone in the village believed her, coming to the child to heal themselves, offer prayer and offerings. Before the child was even three months old, she had a small cult worshipping her.


By the time the child was two years old, her body was lightly crisscrossed with tiny scars from the many injuries she'd healed. Her dark hair was lank from physical stress of constantly recovering from illness after illness. Her popularity had grown, and in secret people from near villages would climb the mountain to touch the supposed goddess. Despite worshiping her, the people seemed to forget she was still a baby, and she was constantly recovering from the many people she healed by taking upon herself their ailments. She cured coughs, cuts, broken bones, and even insanity. When she did, the people did not see a very ill child, but rather they saw a goddess who was purifying them by taking their darkness. If the elder caring for the child didn't realize that the supposed goddess was too small to feed herself, she most likely would have starved.

But, despite the strain on the child's body, her first words, to a woman whose feminine organs had been destroyed by drunks, were "No cry". The toddler had hugged the stranger who was praying before her.

Despira was raised as a goddess, worshiped and praised. But, partway through her second year, the Emperor's men heard of the village with the Goddess child. Late at night, men forced the villagers to give up the child, who they promised would be cared for outside of China, for it was either the child goes, or the village. But, as they marched through the forest with child in tow, the soldiers began to disappear one by one.

The living mortals didn't know it, but they were picked off by Lealtad, the Hollow who was watching over the child. Lealtad was an Adjuchas who had the form of a tiger-sized dog with two heads and three tails. Lealtad ate every soldier, down to the last man. But, he did not take the child to Hueco Mundo, not yet.

The two year old sat alone in the forest. She did not starve; food always came to her somehow when she wasn't looking. Despira, though that was not her name at the time, could crawl and say two words, even eat the random food that always appeared. But, unusual for a child her age, she never once cried.

Animals that approached the child always fled if they were dangerous, scared off by her unseen protector. She would crawl through the forest path, slowly making her way towards some unknown destination. Several times in the weeks since she was abandoned in the forest, humans found her, but just when her child mind thought they would take her home, they would scream and run away, or drop to the dirt and sleep with their eyes open. No matter how she pushed them, they wouldn't wake up and if she slept, they would be gone before she woke. Whenever Despira crawled too close to the edge of the forest or somewhere potentially deadly, she would find herself waking back where she started, lost in the center of the forest trails. She spent a long, terribly alone time there.

The Seeds of Hate

The child was now in early puberty. She lived in the forest, alone but never lonely. She knew that there was an unseen protector. It killed the animals that wanted to hurt her, and kept the people away. She had been young when she decided she was sick of people meeting her and running away. She took what she needed, books and scrolls to read, food, clothes. She grew to hate the people who lived near the village, how they threw stones at her if she left the trees. She didn't need them. She had her guardian and that was enough.

She was approximately twelve years old when she met the woman in white. Tall, with dark skin and a tight, form fitting white gown, the woman carried a bow in hand with no arrows or quiver. The child watched her walk along the dark forest trails. The woman carried herself with confidence of a soldier, but the grace of a hunter. If the child had ever met royalty, she'd say that the woman had a royal air.

Despira watched the woman walk through the forest. She was purposeful in her stride, seemingly looking for something. In the darkness of the trees, the then nameless child watched. The woman stopped after almost an hour before looking up into the trees. The child followed her gaze and saw one of the Creatures of the Forest.

The child had seen the Creatures for as long as she could remember. They never harmed her, despite their sometimes frightening visages. Though they were as varied as all the animals of the Earth, they all had white faces and clear holes in their bodies, usually in the chest or stomach. She considered herself friends with all the Creatures of the Forest.

This creature was known to her. It had a long, bug body with too many legs for its body. Its white face had two large pincers for a mouth. Her unknown guardian kept it away from her and it was the only Creature who outwardly seemed to dislike her.

The creature stared down at the woman, curling among the branches before suddenly lunging at the tall woman. She didn't flinch, and before the Creature could reach her, she drew back the string of her bow and a bright blue arrow appeared annd fired, punching through the Creature's face, bursting through its body after traveling its length as far as the tree. The Creature turned to particles and vanished.

The child who would come to be known as Despira watched the woman with renewed interest. The child moved out from the cover of the forest trees, shoving the woman from behind. The woman was startled enough to turn rapidly and draw another arrow, but upon seeing it was just a little girl, she slowly let it fade away.

The child looked from the woman to where the Creature had been, her eyes full of accusation. The Creature may not have been friendly but it had been hurting nobody and this stranger just... How dare she!

The girl shoved the woman again, her voice, unused to speaking, was dry and very quiet as she yelled at the woman. She wanted to know where the Creature was and what the woman had done to it. The child was prepared to fight the woman, unarmed against her magic bow and arrows.

And unseen by either, her hidden guardian smiled and watched.


The girl who would become Despira didn't worry about hiding the woman. In fact, she dragged the woman, inch by inch, to the forest edge. The woman's face was red with blood from her cracked skull. Her blood was not on the child's hands; she had fallen and hit her head during the fight. The sharp stones of the forest floor were a hazard the child knew well, but that the woman had been unaware of.

But, in time, more like the woman came searching the forest, intent on finding whomever was associated with her death. And, to the girl's fury, they attacked the Creatures. Whether they came alone or in pairs, they attacked and destroyed all the Creatures of the Forest. The child watched, throwing stones, tripping men and women with vines and at one point she even charged and shoved a man over so he'd leave the Creatures alone. She was never caught.

The child had found a camp, of roughly fifteen men and women dressed in tight white uniforms. Some carried bows openly, others did not. The girl had planned to sneak into the camp once everyone was asleep but the guards, but she never got the chance. Something had attacked the camp, as she was moving, unseen, between the tents and wagons. All the child heard was a terrible shrieking cry and the harsh singing of a sword through the air before her world went dark.

The Nights

The girl remembered waking up far from her forest. She woke in a bed, washed and clothed. At only thirteen years old, her small body made the mattress look even larger. She cast about left and right, scared and confused. She did not know where she was, or what had happened. She was sitting upright in the center of the bed, which sat alone in a circular room. Candles burned on the floor to provide light, but the room was empty otherwise.

She started as a door opened. Though she had never seen the man who entered before, she relaxed. She knew his prescence, his feeling. It was her silent protector, her unseen friend.

The man introduced himself as Lealtad Lobos, bowing at the waist and offering her his hand. Lealtad had mid-back length, messy blue hair, a fair, European complexion and a two scars across his face, a massive 'X' that covered his whole face and back into his hairline. Atop his head sat a white circlet with two canine ears.

The girl took Lealtad's hand, and the man, in his early twenties, helped her to her feet beside the bed. Once on her feet, the girl embraced the man, crying happily to finally meet him after all these years. Wiping her eyes, she asked where she was and what had happened.

"This is the King's Castle, Las Noches. I had rescued you before the Shinigami could finish their attack, and under the King's orders, I brought you here. When you are ready, we'll have an audiance with King Crette." The child nodded, standing back and looking at Lealtad. His white clothes were different from the women and men who attacked the Creatures of the Forest. She also noticed that on his hip, Lealtad wore a tightly curled whip. And his other hand had a hole, clear through, just like the Creatures had on their torsos.

Once she was compossed, the girl and Lealtad left the room, side by side as the man led the way down several corridors and up some stairs hidden from the main passages. They did not speak, not until they were walking towards two huge closed doors. Lealtad told her to be respectful to the King, and not to be alarmed by anyone or anything she sees. With that, they entered the King's Courtroom.


The meeting with King Crette was very, very long. First the large, intimdating man had demanded a show of her powers as proof, forcing her to touch a Creature with a heavily bleeding leg. From that point on, the girl, who King Crette informed would now be called Despira, leaned upon Lealtad, though their skin never touched. King Crette told her she would begin living in Las Noches, as his army's healer, and that his scientists and doctors were creating something entirely for her, but he wouldn't say what that was. King Crette also told Despira that Lealtad would be assisting her whenever she needed it, but not to forget that she was now working for the King. There was far more that Crette told her, but Despira didn't understand most of it and liked even less.

But, regardless, Lealtad and Despira were dismissed much latter and returned to the downstairs, empty room. There, Lealtad told Despira that himself, King Crette and others were Arrancar, Hollows- what she had been calling Creatures- that had removed their masks for more power. Lealtad and Despira spoke for a long time as he informed her of Hollows, Quincy, Shinigami, Hueco Mundo, Soul Society. He told her that he has always been with her, and always would be. He showed her the number, 102, tattooed on his back. He used to be a powerful member of Crette's army before being demoted, but now he had more time with Despira because of it.

Despira was becoming very tired and it wasn't until Lealtad stopped talking that she realized that it was becoming colder very rapidly. Before she could panic, Lealtad put an arm around her, the two laying on the bed at this point as ice began to form on their bodies. Despira distinctly recalled him repeating that he would always be with her, but she just needed to trust him. Swallowing her panic, she told her long-time friend that she trusted him deeply and she buried her head in his shoulder. She couldn't recall what he said next; just the feeling of ice growing excessively fast around them like a crystalis.

Revival- 1263

Despira and her guardian were thawed many years later. The girl who thawed them introduced herself as the current Segunda Espada, and was an Arrancar with a knight theme. Of course, Despira didn't know what a knight was. In fact, Despira was so disoriented upon awakening that she didn't come to her senses for a week. In that time, the current Hollow King ordered the manufacturing of a replacement body, built in a crude imitation of a Shinigami's Gigai.

The King and their Espada explained that shortly after they were frozen, the Hollow King had fallen in battle and his secrets were lost with him. Hundreds of years passed. It was only coincidence that the Segunda Espada had found them. She was prone to wandering, and that is how she found the hidden passages.

This current king allowed the Fullbringer and her Arrancar guardian to reside in Las Noches, so long as they were loyal. And the King would supply Despira with food and puppet bodies as time went on, so long as she healed the Espada and the King. And so, the two agreed, and so began centuries of loyalty and belief in the Hollows.

Despira's First Time

Despira stood in the center of the King's Courtroom. Her current body was smaller than her last, but far better constructed. However, she could feel the strain her Fullbring brought upon the Puppet Body. The skin was ashen with weakness and her healing factor was delayed, leaving her with scars on her arms and breast from the numerous Espada injuries she had healed.

The King sat upon his throne, looking down at his Fullbringer pet. She had just absorbed the sword wound of a prospective Arrancar. The Hollow's mask was healed and now Despira had a large, profusely bleeding slash across her face. The King gestured to her to return to his side, and like any well-behaved pet, she obeyed, taking her seat on the small cushion to the King's left. She did not bother to wipe the blood off her face and was silent despite the intense burning sensation. Her current King was an Arrancar, one who was surprisingly and refreshingly level headed. She felt a particular love for this King.

As she sat, the King asked her, in his unusually curious voice, if she had any powers beyond simply taking in others pain. Despira was confused by this, stating that nobody had ever asked that before. Her current body's healing factor slowly closed the wound on her face, but it continually reopened. Her King looked at her for a while without speaking, then told her to go see the scientists that afternoon and request another new body be constructed soon. Before he dismissed her, the King told her to focus her energies on fully mastering her powers; there was much she had yet to tap into. Despira looked lovingly at the King before rising and leaving, giving the Espada a wide berth as they filed into the King's Court. Her King was incredibly perceptive and could see latent power in all people; it was one of his greatest abilities.

Despira went to the scientists that afternoon after eating her meal in her quarters, a level below the King's own. She would need to request more medicine as well, to prevent her host body from rejecting her Soul. The Espada in charge honestly creeped out the Fullbringer, but more than that she detested his arrogance. She made certain to stay only as near as possible to relay the King's order for a new, better body to be made, and told the Espada to create for her more medicine. Before she left the Espada's "castle", she told him to be more respectful to the King's favorite, chastising the Espada on his repeated asking to experiment on her.

Despira's quarters were large and brightly lit. Piled in the center of the room, in place of a bed, was a mound of cushions waist deep and large enough for several people to lay comfortably together. Despira threw herself upon the cushions, her small body being swallowed by the mass. The soft mound was her sanctuary here, but even she knew this room wasn't for her per se but for the King's pet. That's what she was in the end, she thought, a prized and pampered pet. And she was perfectly happy with that.

So, why, she wondered, did the King desire her to develop her powers further? The ancient Fullbringer pondered this for several hours, until her evening meal was brought to her. The two Arrancar manservants stood, watching her eat her grapes. Annoyed by the way the Arrancar watched her, she flicked her wrist to send them away before standing herself and undressing.

After a short bath using a hidden basin of water, Despira redressed and exited her rooms. The Fullbringer frequently walked between all the 'castles' of the Espada late at night, her presence mainly to remind the former Hollows that their little towers were all part of the King's own palace. Though her path each night was random, in the end she'd wander just about every passageway.

It was several hours into her wandering when two large Arrancar, who were probably Gillian based, blocked her path. The King's pet ordered the Arrancar to stand aside but she was met with only leers. From behind the two Arrancar came a familiar face, Marrkus, the Sexta Espada. Relieved, she told the Espada to order his brainless minions to move for her. Marrkus shook his head, telling her that her mouth was going to get her in a lot of trouble.

Before Despira could react, three more Arrancar, similarly lower class, came up behind her, leering at her. She once more warned them that they were dealing with the King's Favorite and if she breathed a word of this, the King would send them all to hell. The Espada shook his head, standing behind his goons as they grabbed her arms, pushing her against a wall. The King's not here, the Espada reasoned. And he'd shut that mouth of hers personally, he added.

Despira cried out and struggled against the Arrancar as the Espada came over, gripping the yellow top she wore, wrenching down and tearing the fabric away. Try as she might, the two Arrancar that held her were far stronger than herself. She couldn't even cover herself as the former Hollows all leered lustfully and angrily at her. Marrkus went on to say how he was done listening to her, a human, order him around. The Espada went on a rant about her supposed superiority complex and how he'll enjoy breaking her and putting her in her place. As he talked he continued ripping apart her clothing, leaving the Fullbringer in her scarf and gloves alone.

Despira's voice quivered as she warned the Espada that he'd never be forgiven. The group of six Arrancar leered at her bare body, pressing themselves around her as they held her pinned to the wall. Marrkus told her that she'd better shut her mouth, because he could think of a much better use for it if she didn't.

Despira felt hands grab at her flesh as she closed her eyes and screamed. Something inside of her lurched. Her cries of fear turned to cries of pain as it felt as if her skull was erupting. The Arrancar around her gave a shout as finally the pain in her skull ended, accompanied by a powerful snapping sound.

Despira opened her eyes to see the Arrancar around her, in various stages of undress. Several were on the ground, and the big one who had held her right arm was bleeding profusely from a gaping hole in his side. Again Despira heard that snapping sound, so loud and close to her. She turned her gaze to her side and there was an enormous black... Maw, with a long, thick tongue rolling over its many jagged, sharp, bloody teeth. Despira could see the flesh in its mouth before it made a gulping sound. Despira shuddered as a deep sense of wrong filled her, something thick and warm sliding down her own throat against her volition.

Her hands, freed now, touched the maw, feeling from its front up and backwards... She shivered uncontrollably as she found with horror that it grew from her very own skull. This... deformity grew from her. It moved on its own. It attacked her would-be rapists.

And said Arrancar were getting back to their feet, drawing their Zanpakutos if they were able. The biggest one lay motionless in his own blood. Despira watched in horror as the Espada and his subordinates released their Zanpakutos, each one's true form more twisted and depraved, featuring long tongues and tentacles liberally.  The Arrancar all closed in on her again, eyes filled with rage and blood-lust. Despira threw her arms up in front of her. Before she could shut her eyes, she noted how gray her skin looked.

The Arrancar howled in agony. Despira opened her eyes again, and saw that a thick red smoke filled the room. Each of the Arrancar now sported large gashes on their bodies, and the more they breathed the more cuts appeared on their bodies. Blood was everywhere Despira could see. All see could see was blood, tentacles, gore and male anatomy of various deformed shapes and sizes.

She was absolutely horrified. Never in her life had she seen so much awfulness, let alone directed at her. Despira jumped in fear as a deep voice spoke directly in her ear. "They're all dying. Isn't it glorious? The pain? Their screams? The... despair?" Despira shook her head, trying to find the source of the voice. Then the large maw moved into her field of view, licking its lips. "They deserve to suffer. As we've suffered. And worse. The deserve to live an eternal torment. They deserve to suffer and beg for death. Do you think they would have let us go without suffering?" Despira was scared. This thing, this growth... It spoke! And it sounded... evil. It relished the Arrancar's pain. And she watched as it lunged out, spraying a noxious black fluid from its jaws onto the Espada, causing him to writhe even more as his skin peeled from his muscles. Following the fluid, Despira began to choke, feeling something moving up her throat. She struggled against it and felt dizzy as it forced its way up, before a large white crow burst from the maw, pecking out the Arrancar's eyes and eating away at their limbs.

In horror, Despira tried to cover her eyes, but saw that her very own skin was rotten, hanging off her bones. Pestilence bubbled in her decayed flesh. She saw insects burrowing through her skin and muscles. She screamed in horror and tried to claw them away, only for chunks of her skin to flay off. This... What was happening to her!?

The personality that was Despira was corrupted at this moment. The quiet, obedient, playful nature that made up her being from the moment she was born until now, became locked inside her mind, unable to process the horror that was her true Fullbring powers. While her initial state could heal any injury or sickness, her true power was to inflict and spread these diseases and horrors. The shock of this split her mind, and the corrupt, sadistic personality that lived within the maw of her Fullbring took over.

This Despira caused the Arrancar to suffer for hours, rotting their flesh and bones, causing hallucinations and terrible visions, spontaneously causing extremely rare cancers to form within their bodies, for their very blood to turn toxic. And, when the Arrancar were so utterly defeated and suffered so much that their minds were destroyed, she ate their bodies, eating the disgusting, rotten and diseased flesh with both mouths.

And then, this new Despira returned to her rooms and took a bath.

The Zombie Queen

This twisted personality stayed even after the utter destruction of the rapist Arrancar. Staying in her full powered form, this Despira could not heal but was an extremely powerful fighter. She disease and injury based power inflicted great suffering on those who betrayed her King. Though her personality was a total flip of the previous Despira, who had grown complacent in her life as various King's pets, this Despira was still loyal and held a deep love for her guardian, Lealtad, who had become the Ninth Espada. With the lead scientist of Hueco Mundo dead, the creation of Despira's next puppet body was delayed. The need for constantly replacing her bodies was intensified now that her powers of rot and ruin were in effect.

This personality proved to relish in all forms of suffering, emotional, mental and physical. She was sadistic, masochistic and prone to violence. Though untrained, her combat prowess using these powers were on par with several Espada, and beyond the Ninth's. Despira made Lealtad her lover, and proved that her interests weren't based on his now-humanoid form, but rather his previously beastly nature.

However, four years after releasing this power, Lealtad went missing. Despira and the other Espada searched desperately for him for two years. During that time, Despira had younger Fullbrings brought to her, and she fueled her powers by absorbing their own, strengthening herself on their lives. The finding of Lealtad's body coincided with the creation of a new puppet body to hold the ever-decomposing soul of Despira.

Despira questioned why Lealtad's body was so cut up when they found him, on the far edges of the White Desert. After several brutal attacks on low-ranking Arrancar, the Fullbringer was finally convinced those cuts came from a Shinigami's Zanpakuto, not an Arrancar's. Despira held a brief funeral for Lealtad, before devouring his body and absorbing his body into her own, to keep him forever to herself.

When she returned to Las Noches, the wicked personality announced to the King that if he was King of Hueco Mundo, she was the Zombie Queen of the Fullbringers, and in his service to destroy the evil Shinigami who took her Lealtad. Then, the Queen lowered herself into her new, improved body, and sealed her personality back, allowing the original to regain control. And she grieved in her own way for a long time.


For a hundred years, Despira practiced with her Fullbring while the King, though not always the same one, trained and gathered his forces. By the year 2000, Despira and her evil, twisted personality could work in tandem to release her true powers at will, and to revert. They would have revenge for Lealtad.

And in the year 2017, Despira got the opportunity. She assembled a team of Hollows and Fullbringer subordinates, seeking to attack and capture a group of powerful beings in the World of the Living. In Japan, she felt the powers of a Shinigami and a Fullbringer. Arriving in that world, she found the duo appeared to be in battle, and so she dismissed her subordinates back to Hueco Mundo. She would not need them, not with such a powerful Fullbringer already fighting the small Werewolf. Despira waited outside the range of battle, preparing herself for combat when the ground suddenly rose in two enormous sheathes, and she backpedaled, struggling to find footing as the battle became more heated. Releasing Nemesis, Despira dug her fingers into the stone, holding on with her full might as the huge shelf of rock began to move.

That was when she felt the other presence, decidedly Human, walking towards her. But when she looked at the man, he appeared to be walking completely perpendicular to the stone wall, a strange device on his back, metal coiling around his limbs and steam blowing from his shoulders. The man tilted his head to the side, calling to her over the sound of the wind and grinding stone.

Despira attempted to exert her will out, to take control of the stone and metals, but was met by stunning resistance. Resistance that turned to overwhelming power as the man reversed her efforts, sending the stone at her and bound her in a stone vise as he walked to her, talking to himself. Despite her efforts, Despira could not free herself from the stone using her ability to manipulate souls. She made to activate Nemesis, but the strange man pulled a device out of his sleeve, injecting a needle into her neck. Despira barely had time to register her vision fading before blacking out completely.


Despira awoke in a strange room. Three of the walls were metal while the fourth was glass. She lay, naked, on a spartan bed. A folded garmet had been used as a pillow under her head and she slipped it on, finding it to be tailored to her size.

Which, she found, was drastically less than it should have been. She screamed as she found her curves gone, replaced by a child's body, her long hair only half it's normal length. What had possibly happened!?

She spent hours in that room, and found nothing but a collar around her neck, and an inability to activate Nemesis' true release. The bed was built into and from the wall, with a simple, spring-less mattress on it. There was not even a zipper, the thin mattress sewn completely shut.

Eventually, she saw men and women, human, walking around outside her room. She knew by their posture and clothing that they were scientists. They talked on the other side of the glass, gestured at her and to other rooms she couldn't see. She couldn't hear them. Eventually, after screaming, threatening and cursing them, Despira turned her back on them.

It was hours more before Despira heard anything. By now, she was ravenous and had completely given up on communication. But there was a faint hum in the room, so Despira turned on the bed to find a scientist outside the glass holding a tray ladden with covered dishes and a tall glass. There was another hum before the glass seemed to waver, then it split vertically, peeling away from the man as sound rushed into the room.

Despira had to cover her ears, the sounds of conversations and machinery deafening after hours of silence. She tried to lunge at the man, force him to answer her questions, but when she got close she found herself unable to breathe. She fell to her knees, clawing at her throat. But, once the man was away from her, air rushed back into her lungs.

"You won't want to do that. The collars prevent the subjects from touching the staff. They also nullify your Fullbring, as best as we can at least. It seems you're unable to fully seal it's power, however. There's much we can learn from you. The Oruroboros will be pleased with our results so far, I'm sure."

Despira cursed him, before asking him where she was, what they wanted. But the man ignored her, walking past her- depriving her of air until she scurried to the bed- and sealing the glass again. She hadn't even tried to escape out the hole he'd made. She'd lived long enough to know it'd have been futile without knowing her location.

Once she had calmed herself, she fell upon the food ravenously. She hated to admit that it was actually quite good.

The Experiments

The daily routine was basic. Three square meals, some time to work out (which she refused to do while being observed), a doctor would come before lights out to take her vitals. She found out the first day to comply, for they were quite willing to paralyze her with gas.

They never answered her questions. Never stated what they wanted with her. Just medical test after medical test, blood work and physicals. But, one day, the doctor didn't arrive before lights out.

Instead, a woman appeared. She wore a suit, with messy white hair. Despira recognized her. The one she'd seen fighting. Normally, Despira would have demanded answers. But now, she merely cowered on the bed. Her arms and legs bore the marks of previous outbursts in front of people who must have been important in this strange place.

"Aren't you the curious one. From what we can tell, you're hundreds of years old. But still very much a living person. A body jumper, sure, but you have yet to actually die. And your fullbring is so powerful. We have yet to determine its limits based on what we have learned so far," the woman said, addressing Despira directly. The once proud Queen simply looked down between her knees, hugging her legs to her diminutive chest. She had a feeling she knew what came next. "Therefore, we need a more hands-on approach."

There it was. Every scientist in Hueco Mundo had felt the same. Can't leave things alone, they must dig out every last mystery to it. Despira glanced up at the woman, noticing movement behind her.

Twelve humans and Werewolves stood behind the speaker. Each was very ill, bearing the signs of years-long struggles with illness. One Werewolf girl was in a wheelchair, both her legs and arms wrapped in bandages. A human boy had an oxygen tank with him. Another moved incredibly slowly, neck and shoulders rigid, with a swollen right hand that was eternally clutched in a fist.

Despira eyes widened. She might not have known the exact diseases in front of her, but she could smell and taste death clinging to these young adults. She tried to move back away, but the wall prevented her. The woman began to talk.

"I'm going to partially release your collar. This will allow a small amount of your powers to return. Not enough to make you dangerous, but it'll show us what you can do. Don't think about fighting; I designed your body to make you physically weaker than a toddler. Though these people are all terminally ill, they're powerful Fullbringers themselves. And unlike you, they don't have restraining collars on them. Now play nicely."

The glass wall closed. The collar around her throat beeped. She cried, and begged. The children approached her. Despira screamed as they each touched her arms and legs.

The scientist subjected her to one battery of diseases and injuries after another. Despira spent hours at a time alternating between crying and puking, bleeding from every orifice. Her bones were broken, one by one, then her recovery speed was timed. They tested to see how her body recovered from diseases that no longer existed. How poisons they just brewed caused her to be ill. The worst was when they finally removed the collar for good.

Despira was so battered, her mental health so devastated, that resistance didn't even register. She didn't need to be dragged from her cell. She walked obediently to the operation room. When they ordered her to release her Fullbring, she did so without complaint. Nemesis, normally so violent, was subdued by her shattered psyche. They ordered her to undress and get on the table.

The metal was cold on her back. Despira watched with dull eyes as a surgeon and nurse arranged a variety of tools on a table. In total, thirteen people were present, six of which were surgeons. Despira's flat eyes watched as lines were marked on her rotted stomach and chest. The people wore thick hazmat suits, but seemed quite precise as they mapped where the incisions would be. She numbly felt the vectors within her body moving, maggots and biting insects crawling through her muscles. Nemesis tried to speak, but Despira noticed they had strapped his maw to another table, and two of the surgeons had begun to talk about what samples to take.

The first incision didn't hurt that bad. The scalpel sliced through decayed flesh easily. Despira was mildly intrigued as clamps were used to pull back the skin on her breasts, a nurse picking bugs out of her exposed pectoralis major. A blade sliced through her transversus thoracis muscles, and Despira's mind burned. A saw came into her field of vision. She looked away as they began to saw and break through her ribcage to get at the organs within. Looking away showed her Nemesis, maw opened as they ripped teeth out, collected saliva and took sections of the tongue. Despira gagged as somebody reached into the back of Nemesis' mouth, and she felt their fingers in her throat.

The surgeons harvested her vectors, digging rodents and crows out of her stomach, took black blood samples directly from her heart. Despira watched them remove an organ she hadn't known existed, one that produced her ultra-deadly mist. Anything they could think to take, they did. Despira heard one man complain that the organs were healing faster than he could harvest them, heard another tell him to just take a bigger sample then.

It felt like days they had her in that room. Over, and over, they opened her up. Cut her organs and watched them heal. The agony was so great, the horror so intense, that Despira retreated within herself. Let them use her body. Let them break her. They could never kill her. They would never kill her. She was too valuable a subject.

The offer

Despira didn't know how long it had been since the operation room. But, eventually, something roused her, an irregularity. A change.

Words. Somebody speaking to her. Yelling. Somebody angry. A hand touching her face. Gently. Arms around her. More yelling.

Despira tried to focus, to come back to reality. It was like drowning in a mental fog. Her senses came back to her slowly.

"-on't care if this is your Department. You're in charge of research, not torture! Look at this poor thing, not even her hyper-regeneration can keep up with the damage you done. No, don't even speak, Ouroboros!" the man said. His arms were around her shoulders, hands messing with her clothing. She realized they didn't fit her, falling off her shoulders. Despira blinked at how frail she was; she could see every bone and atrophied muscle in her arms. She blinked, realizing she was so gaunt that she could watch her pulse.

The man was very old. He was redfaced with anger, but it was directed at the white-haired woman. She stood alone in the hallway, the man kneeling in Despira's cell. "That you even thought this was okay speaks volumes about you, girl. If it wasn't for that brain of yours, I'd lock you up in this cell in her place, and make a whelp out of you. For God's sakes, she won't stop shaking an' crying. Ouroboros, you're confined to quarters until further notice!"


"You do not speak!" the man roared at her. Despira blinked as two large Werewolves gripped the white haired woman's arms, leading her away. The man turned to her, and Despira focused on his wrinkled face. He was quite old, and his face bore scars of battle, but also the creases of many decades smiling. Despite his age, the man was not frail, with wide shoulders and a thick neck. "There there, child. Hush now. These doctors will be punished for this, mark my words. I know its no excuse, but I had no idea what was going on here. I'll make sure you get the best treatment; you'll never have to come to this level again, I swear it."

The old man led Despira out of the cell by her hand. He led her down twisting halls to an elevator. Despira's eyes widened slightly at all the buttons. They were quite deep underground. The man took her up to the first floor. He told her that his name was Phoenix, and that he was the leader of a Fullbringer organization. The woman, Ouroboros, was his chief scientist. She'd reported that Despira had died months ago, in order to experiment on her freely. He mentioned aloud to himself that he should have known something was up when she had stayed on the base.

The man brought her to a suit of rooms, telling her to rest, that all would be explained in time. And it was, over the next few days. She was fed, bathed, and taught the history of this Daedalus. And the Phoenix asked her, over breakfast, if she would assist him. "I want your help, child. I need someone to help me watch this place, to make sure everyone is following the rules. As you know, there is unfortunately too much my people aren't telling me. Nidhogg had conspired with Ouroboros, and I had to strip him of his rank. Would you please help me; I can't help but wonder what else I'm not being told."

Despira nodded her head, agreeing to join him. She desired to be among her own kind. After all, this man, a stranger, had saved her. And those in Hueco Mundo had not even attempted to rescue her, as far as she could tell. The man smiled, asking what she was named. Despira thought about this. Despira was the name the Hollows had given her. Her birth name was long since forgotten. "I... am Adyna."

Roleplaying Sample:
Despira rose from her chambers well before her morning meal. Her two Arrancar ladies, Paluma Mudo and Cuchicheo Cala, Numeros 69 and 70, respectfully, helped her dress, bathe and all around took care of her, as they did every morning despite what time she chose to get out of her large pile of pillows, cushions and blankets that serviced as a bed. She told them she wanted them to accompany her today, as she would not be dining with the Espada today.

After a quick meal of dried fruits, Despira had the two Arrancar help her into the puppet body she used for visiting the Human World. As usual, she complained it was 'too big' and stiff. Also per usual, both Arrancar rolled their eyes. With a flick of the ring Despira wore, she tore open a Garganta large enough for the three of them to walk through.

The mission was simple. The two ladies, who were simultaneously her maids, guards and if she desired, lovers, were to protect her from any... Unwanted attention, as humans could not see Arrancar. Despira on the other hand... She would be enjoying the sun at the beach. She even had bullied the two Arrancar women into wearing swim-suits, though she knew better than to force them to leave behind their Zanpakuto. As the trio emerged behind a rock outcrop by the beach, Despira took off into the water.

She ignored her maids' cries to wait.

845- Born
857- Meet her First Quincy and begin to drive them from the Forest
858- Soul removed from body; moves into Las Noches and adopts the name Despira of the Sands; age 13
1263- Found by the Segunda Espada and unfrozen; placed inside her first Puppet Body
1894- Despira unlocks her full powers.
1900- Despira's sadistic personality proclaims herself Zombie Queen of the Fullbringers.
2018- Despira witnesses a battle between a Shinigami and Fullbringer. She is captured, tortured for months. Upon being freed by the Phoenix of Daedalus, she is offered a positon as his eyes and ears.

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Re: Rot Dragon (Finished)

Post by Adyna on Mon Sep 17, 2018 11:46 am

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Re: Rot Dragon (Finished)

Post by Adyna on Wed Sep 19, 2018 2:24 pm

Actually finished
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Re: Rot Dragon (Finished)

Post by Shiroki on Thu Sep 20, 2018 8:49 pm

Am still seeing a couple contradictions that were mentioned beforehand to be honest

Under Likes section, it says Despira/Adyna likes whoever the current hollow leader is. And also likes everything about hollows or hueco mundo. Seems strange for a person who has turned their back on Hueco Mundo
(I would understand if she liked a SPECIFIC person such as King Lucien her ex lover. Instead its implied that merely being leader will cause her to like someone no matter who it is. continuing to hold such general likes for everything seems unlikely for someone who has left the group)

Similarly under negative qualities (5) hatred to non hollow kind bordering on racism is mentioned. Am not certain if this is intentional or not, usually a person who has left their organization (hollow) would not continue to hold these opinions... Then again could be explained as fullbringers are semi related to hollow, so it makes sense to continue disliking non hollow? Seems like a strange cognition though so l dont know if this is intended or not. May be more accurate if she hates Quincies (since they did try to destroy her) and other such antagonists but not specifically ALL non hollows especially since she left organization.
If intentional, some justification as to why might be helpful (e.g stockholm syndrome? Conditioning brainwashing etc)

Goals section of app still reads the same way, possible contradiction with short term goal being freedom from Daedalus...which contradicts history section of app where its mentioned Phoenix already liberated her.
Same issue with Long Term Goal of wanting to further Hollow rule. Someone no longer having ties to hueco mundo should no longer have this intention, does she not want to promote fullbringers instead especially as shes their self proclaimed Queen?

Personal habits section is on the whole ok...just that many of the habits listed seem to be recycled from the redeeming/negative and likes/dislike section above. While nothing wrong with this per se, mentioning unique traits (e.g fidgeting, foot tapping etc) would go a long way to improving one's score.
E.g instead of repeating that Despira dislikes physical contact and comes off as rude (which was already mentioned in Negative Qualities) you might want to explore what she DOES to avoid contact...or her Reactions to being touched (which is more relevant as a descriptive habit)
The same thing applies to honesty trait that was mentioned above. Its one thing to say a person is honest and can apologise (though strictly its not technically a show of honesty to apologise to someone for killing them...more of empathy maybe?) Might want to consider exactly How this honesty seeps out in day to day life. E.g is she overly brutally honest in her opinions and comments towards others, making her disliked? Does her honesty ever get her in trouble, etc.

Some concepts were raised without being fully addressed. E.g Goal: to take revenge on the fullbringers who betrayed her (does that refer to time spent in captivity or some other event? Technically a betrayal requires a prior bond to exist between betrayer and betrayed, so actions performed by Scholar and her team dont qualify as betrayal since they are unrelated to each other. Not as if the research team pretended to win her trust before imprisoning her) Aside from this l didnt find other instances of betrayal.

On the whole a solid app, l like how it ties in with certain other threads involving PCs. I feel it has potential to be captain tier standard or higher, if not for the contradictions and confusion in earlier sections above. Due to that, they bring the grade down to adv Lt tier at best. But if the issues mentioned are addressed would gladly revise this opinion.

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Re: Rot Dragon (Finished)

Post by Adyna on Tue Sep 25, 2018 1:45 pm

Now finished? Question mark?
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Re: Rot Dragon (Finished)

Post by Shiroki on Tue Sep 25, 2018 10:46 pm

I feel this app merits Captain Tier. You can post your chosen Skills, found here, and they'll be added to your profile.

As Captain, your base Skill level is Advanced and no skill may exceed Master. To increase a skill, you must lower one or more by an equal total amount.

Once your skills are done, you may post all the techniques your character knows here as well.

You may also learn the Fullbringer technique Impose Rule twice should you choose-- details of which can be found here


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Re: Rot Dragon (Finished)

Post by Adyna on Wed Sep 26, 2018 8:41 am

Tier: Captain
Number of Skills: 6
Base Skill Level: Advanced
Maximum Skill Level: Master

Armed Combat: Intermediate (Beginner while in Adyna personality)
Unarmed Combat:Advanced (Beginner while in Adyna personality)
Spiritual Combat: Master (Beginner while in Adyna personality)
Hoho: Beginner
Reiatsu Perception: Intermediate
Fullbring Transference: Master

In addition, I would like to use the Human Racial Bonus to increase Spiritual Combat to Grandmaster.
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Re: Rot Dragon (Finished)

Post by Adyna on Wed Sep 26, 2018 11:06 am

Adyna personality Techniques

Passive Techniques

Daedalus-built Body: This gigai-like body is designed to house her soul to prevent her from dying of her incredible age. Unlike the Las Noches adult-shaped body, this child-like body does not decay over time, and severely limits her physical and combat capabilities.
Bodies: Adyna has the ability to put her own soul in temporary bodies such as gigai.
Ultra-high speed regeneration: Adyna is capable of healing any disease or injury in 1/10 it's usual time, except in the cases of missing limbs, organs or otherwise fatal or mental ills, in which case it can take months to fully heal. However, this regeneration only affects the ills she gains from her healing touch.
Healing Touch: Adyna possesses the ability to absorb any and all injuries or diseases a person possesses, regardless of their type. She does this by transferring them to herself, leaving the other person in perfect health, curing mental and genetic diseases as easily as a paper-cut. However, this ability is an involuntary one, and she does must endure the ills of those she healed until her Regeneration ability recovers her.
First Law: Adyna can impose laws on those she uses Fullbring Transference with. Doing so always imposes these two edicts on her partners. The First Law is that she gains the ability to touch that person without healing them. This Law restricts her own Fullbring.

Activated Techniques

Diagnosis: Due to centuries of living, studying biology and her own powers, Adyna differentiate any illnesses in a patient by scent and a simple observation. She knows how far along their illnesses are, and can recommend treatments.
Masterful Transference: Adyna can use her Fullbring Transference to 'take' powers from others. She does not gain their ability, but instead blocks them from using their abilities. This is similar to cutting a Soul Sleep, in that they are still a Shinigami or Arrancar, but lose their powers. Likewise, she can unlock their powers at will. She was taught this method of transference by Daedalus.

Despira, the Undead Nidhogg techniques

Passive Techniques

The Zombie: Despira's hyper-speed regeneration fails to match the rate of decay her Fullbring causes. This allows her to appear as a member of the undead, as her flesh and organs rot while somehow maintaining shape and function. She is granted immunity to poisons in this form, as her metabolism is extraordinarily high.

Activated Techniques

Second Law- Absolution: the second restriction placed on those Adyna commits a transference with. Absolution is a restricted ability that only triggers while in her Despira personality. Those she has transferred or taken power from are rendered incapable of using their powers aggressively against her, but it only triggers for those bearing a mark on their bodies inflicted by one of Despira's vectors.
Vectors: Despira has the ability to inflict any disease, virus or injury she has ever healed on others.

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Re: Rot Dragon (Finished)

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Re: Rot Dragon (Finished)

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