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From Kagamino with Love (Open)

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From Kagamino with Love (Open)

Post by Echidna on Sat Sep 16, 2017 11:22 pm

Echidna sat on the train, watching out the window as the long vehicle brought her farther from her church and closer to Tokyo. She was coming to meet a doctor, one who she'd been told was looking for candidates for a new drug trial. Shed found out the drug was a form of very potent birth control. The drug wasn't exactly approved for trials yet, but she didn't care. She needed something that lasted longer than her other medicines.

The Fullbringer closed her eyes. She only had a simple outfit on, and it was all lavender, pinks and purple from her shoes to her blouse. She had her Spiritual energy suppressed, but there was an unusual almost itchy sensation on her forehead, right where the stigmata was. She knew that trying to live a normal life these past two years was probably the reason her body kept reacting in stranger ways to the various stimuli of life.

"A Fullbringer can't live a normal Human life," she thought out loud, softly. Though the seats around her were empty, she never knew if someone could be nearby, unseen.

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Re: From Kagamino with Love (Open)

Post by Shiroki Yesterday at 6:43 am

And a good thing too--in the next tram compartment over lurked one Shiroki Sakanade, Lieutenant of the 2nd; unseen.

Tokyo was not his usual jurisdiction; but he was on roster to chaperone the usual World-of-Living Academy field trips to demonstrate konso on departed souls. The excursion had gone off without a hitch, and since he had time to spare after seeing off the students it seemed like a good idea to wander around the city for a bit. Karakura town had been very fun to explore after all, and Tokyo was supposed to be even bigger. It made sense to go and see for himself.

So far it was proving to be everything he had heard and more. This train for example--he would not have believed it had he not seen with his own eyes. Already he was on his 3rd circuit of the train's route, settling for standing in an out-of-the-way position by the windows to see the world zoom by. He hadn't bothered to fill any of the unoccupied seats. Best to avoid being sat on by some human who couldn't see him in spirit form anyway.

He did notice the human close by however, particularly the presence of some power trace that set her apart from most other mortals. That was mildly interesting, there weren't many who were spiritually aware. But it was the countryside outside the windows that commanded his attention for the moment.

One more loop of the train circuit before going home; just one more. His paperwork wasn't going anywhere. It could wait.

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Re: From Kagamino with Love (Open)

Post by Echidna Yesterday at 8:21 am

Echidna had some time before she'd arrive in Tokyo. Long enough to get up and walk through the train. She needed a drink and figured the snack car would have a bar. Hopefully they'd have diet soda or juice.

The lady fullbringer got up and set her bag in her seat. There weren't any valuables in it, but it would save her seat for her until she returned. Echidna's heeled boots made a dull noise as she walked down the aisle and into the next car. Once again her forehead started to itch and she furrowed her brow, resisting the urge to scratch the stigmata on her forehead, only a shade darker than her pale skin. Even years of living in Japan hadn't tanned her alabaster skin yet.

As she entered the next car, she continued her train of thought. "Just a normal, every day life. I deserve that, after what happened. He's dead now, twice. There's no way he's coming back, so I can just live a nice, quiet life and try to forget any of this ever happened."

As she continued through the near empty car she laughed to herself. "Right, cuz it's totally normal to live in the church all your friends died in."

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Re: From Kagamino with Love (Open)

Post by Sponsored content

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