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Where Reapers Fear to Tread (Shiroki; Solo Training Thread)

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Where Reapers Fear to Tread (Shiroki; Solo Training Thread)

Post by Shiroki on Thu Sep 14, 2017 1:48 am


He heard everything. Saw everything. Smelt everything: The look of suspicion on the prisoner's face; note of disbelief and hope in its voice, and the tang of acrid sweat.

"You heard me," now the familiar tones of the head warden; someone he had the opportunity to work with in many occasions. "Free to go -- On one condition,"

"Knew it," the man in white snorted, hacked up a glob of phlegm and spat in contempt. "What's the catch?"

Here was his cue. "Just a footrace, Nii-san. Make it to the gate before I catch you and you're clear," The cub grinned at his acquaintance's reaction and bowed. "Ohayo, Nii-san. I am Corps Commander Sakanade of the Retrieval Unit. A hell butterfly told us you weren't happy with your stay in the Maggot's Nest, and I'm sorry you feel that way," Shiro exchanged a look with the head warden; who rolled his eyes at his colleague's theatrics and waved a hand in the impatient gesture to hurry them along. "Well, you should've thought about that before you made those boasts about infiltrating Command from within and bringing it down from the inside, hmm?"

"Well, today's your lucky day Nii-san. Warden Asotis says you're really fast, so maybe we can play a game? If you get out before I catch you, I'll sign your release papers. Otherwise, you'll just hafta stay,"

"Just you and me, Nii-san. No tricks or weapons. Nothing but your Shunpo against mine," As was custom, Shiro had left behind his zanpakuto before entering the Maggot's Nest and wore only the badge marking his position on one arm. His grin showed an unusual amount of fangs and failed to reach his eyes. "Would you like a head-start?"

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