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Madam Echidna (Fullbringer)

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Madam Echidna (Fullbringer)

Post by Echidna on Mon Sep 11, 2017 9:43 pm


Echidna's Body:

Echidna's Personals

Name: I go by Madam Echidna in all contexts, preferably just Echidna. My birth-name is my own secret. With what I had to go through to learn it, I am entitled to that secret.
Gender: I am clearly one hell of a woman. I am not a girl, or a kid. I am a woman. I dislike people calling me kid as well.
Age: I am currently twenty one years of age. So, internationally considered an adult. Well, at least that's what we think.
Birthday: I celebrate my birth on the first day of the year. So don't forget it. Or I'll be very angry.
Sexuality: I am... Very open sexually. I am considered bisexual by some people. I don't have a gender preference, per se, but I appreciate feminine features on both genders.

Face Claim: Road Kamelot, D. Gray Man (artwork by copdisbong)

Echidna's beauty

Height: I am measured at 35", 27", 30". What? Oh, you meant height. I am a mere four feet, six inches (4' 6") tall.
Weight: I weigh a grand total of eighty four (84) pounds. I'm considered very light weight.
Hair: As you can tell, my hair is naturally blue. Yes, completely natural, no dyes needed. Only thing that goes into my hair is lilac shampoo.
Eyes: I have yellow eyes. Not a bright yellow like a crayon, but more like honey-yellow. They tend to reflect light like a feline's, but bright lights still hurt them.
Others: My skin, when my power is not in use, is the color of fresh snow. When in use, it turns a dark gray color. I have a cross on my forehead that's only slightly darker in my natural state, but I gain 4 more that are black when Lust is active.
General Appearance: I generally wear my natural blue hair down, where it falls untamed to past my shoulders. My hair is rarely put up, but when it is, it goes in a ponytail that is brushed as smooth as it is soft. My yellow eyes can be off-putting to some, but others are fascinated by them. When my power is contained, I have very pale skin and a thin cross on my forehead that is slightly darker than my flesh. When my ability activates, my skin gets darker, and two smaller crosses appear on either side of the original, all five black. My bodily measurements are 35" 27" 30", making me considered an extra-small in clothing. I stand at only 4 1/2 feet, giving me a petite form, aside from my unusually large bust. My figure would best be considered an upsidedown pear, not an hour glass. I have been called Oppai Lolita due to my proportions. My choice in clothing is usually school-girl clothes when I should be formal. This means a white blouse with a dark purple skirt, however mine is torn and only goes to mid-thigh. My socks are purple and black, and go to my knees.  My other outfits include a one-piece bathing suit that is dark blue, a black jacket and purple skirt with gray stockings, a white leotard, and lastly is a lace brassier with tight black short-shorts.

Echidna's Self

Personality: Like my namesake, I am a very lustful creature. I'll admit I have a very, very high libido. When my lusts are contained, I tend to be quieter, but my sexuality still peeps through. My peers have called me everything from attention-whore to slut, however their opinion doesn't matter. After all, the greatest gift the Goddess ever gave us is pleasure. I know that when my lustfulness rises, my personality can vary greatly. Occasionally I could be extremely sadistic, deriving intense pleasure from others' pain. Other times I can be minimalist, knowing that I'm doing something, but not accepting how bad it is. Yet, I can also be subservient, getting pleasure from obeying. This is most dangerous for others because once the pleasure is gone, I have no attachment left. I have been labeled as a narcissist and a hyper-sexualist. However, my sexual pleasure can be appeased through combat as well as physical stimulation. Aside from sexual lust, I also have a lust for good drink and food. I find myself drinking myself to sleep quite often.

Aside from that, when I need to be I can be kind and earnest, however it is extremely rare. Doctors think I act this way because of some trauma I experienced. I don't care what they think. I don't dwell in the past, much.

There is only one reason I'll completely sober and become focused again. If anyone makes mention of him I lose my fun. I revert to the way I had been, before the night of my leaving the Orphanage. I am almost completely silent for days, weeks at a time. After I found out he was still alive, I couldn't sleep soundly at night. I still cannot. Whenever my emotions flare up, especially due to his mentioning, I essentially am locked into Lust, my Fullbring. In this state of mind, Lust's effect is much stronger and more prone to violence. Some people believe that it's a completely different person, one who's cold and dead-set on her revenge.
Sex- Personally, I'm not sure why anybody would not like this. I do realize that my enjoyment goes far beyond that of any normal person. I personally consider it more like something I should do at least once a day, rather than some intimate moment between lovers. I think that at least five eighths of all the calories I eat get burned off this way. Sexual pleasure is one of the most intense forms, as it uses every part of your body and mind. I think broadening ones experience is a must, especially in this area. This is one thing that should never, ever become routine.

Caramel- I think this craving has been present ever since I could recall. Caramel is sweet, thick, creamy and sticky... It's like the golden Nectar of ancient greece. There's simply no words to describe how much I love the taste. Whenever I can get it, I eat caramel with just about everything. It even plays a role in my 'extracurricular' activities at time. Unfortunately, due to my lack of work, the only time I get it is when I convince people to give it to me.

Combat- Though not physically much of a fighter, I do love to watch. The blood, the sweat, the moans of agony... It stirs something primal inside my breast. I love using my powers to incite others to fight my battles for me. There's just something so right about it. I particularly like to watch comrades fighting each other due to being in the presence of my Lust. Sure, not everyone falls for it, but if I can, I try to turn groups upon themselves. It's harder for me in one on one, as I'm not a fighter. When it comes to fighting alone, I'm a lover, not a fighter.

Blood- The sight of blood gets many women sick, however something about the rich red fluid pouring from someone else's body sends chills up my spine; the good kind. I love the smell of blood, and watching it run across skin. I know the ancients revered blood as something holy. I personally believe that's because of how intoxicating it is to watch, to taste. More than once I've found myself slicing my finger just to watch the crimson beads swell up.

Sunsets- The way the sky changes color and the world seems to welcome the darkness is beautiful. It calms my nerves when I am stressed to watch the shadows engulf the city, like a terrible beast. The sky-line of this city has a uniqueness that can't be copied. I like that the sunset is slightly different every time, like the people I see. Slightly different variations, but ultimately it all leads to one thing. A cold darkness.

Cold air- Temperature play is a turn on for some. I like the way my skin reacts to the cold, cutis anserina. Not many people know this, but the same happens during being aroused. The way my flesh feels is pleasant to me and I love to rub my skin, feeling the tiny bumps on my hair-less body.

The Church of the Goddess- This organization is comprised primarily of spiritually aware humans who took me in when I was a teenager. They taught me the ways of the Goddess, how she used her spirit to give power to some humans, power to fight the monsters that threaten them. I belong to this church and it is considered my residence as well as my religious affiliation.

Togabito- The residents of Hell are mainly a mystery to me, however I like that they are powerful. I like that some are smart enough to escape an 'inescapable prison' with no hope of reincarnation. It is they who inspire me to investigate my pasts.
Being alone- Almost all sentient creatures are social animals. There's something unnatural about not having another nearby, even a stranger. Though, sometimes looking in the mirror helps to relieve that feeling. I think I am most comforted by seeing my own face. Unlike everyone else in my life, I've never failed me.

Pineapple/Spinach/Other strong foods- many types of food alter the taste and smell of bodily fluids. Having grown used to their scents and flavors in a neutral state, anything that changes them seems to be sacrilegious. I also hate the tastes of these foods themselves. I'd never eat anything touched by them. The tastes linger for far too long for my liking.

Body-enhancements- For one, paying to be fake is just wrong. Fake tans, plastic surgery, enhancement tools/pills are just like a smack in the face of genetics and the Goddess herself. Brassier stuffing is just plain false advertisement, however. What you have is what you should flaunt. Unless you're ugly or "below par" below the belt. Then perhaps you can go wallow in self-pity or something.

Needy/Narcissistic people- Desiring pleasure is wonderful. But my needs and my pleasure takes priority. Don't like it? Deal with it or go away. I don't like to share, so I'd rather not have them around. It's psychologically proven that narcissists cannot maintain any relationship. Two needy people can't be happy. It's a fact of life.

Love/Romance- I don't understand it! How does giving up half your life to be with one person make you happy? People have flaws, and they want things and have expectations of you, if you see someone more attractive you're expected to ignore them... Where is the logic here? How does being with such a flawed person make you happy? It's so.... It's damn frustrating that's what it is.

Hollows- A generalization bordering on species-ism, I hate them mainly for who they have among them. He was made into a hollow after his death, and he grows stronger with every passing day. I swear, next time I see him, I'll kill him with my bare hands. I'm not the defenseless little girl I was back then. But until then, I'll rip the mask off every hollow I find until it's him looking back at me.
Pleasure- Pleasure is the greatest gift the Goddess has given us. To fill every moment of my life with satisfaction and pleasure is not only justifiable, but natural. After all, just look at animals. Or Hollows for that matter. They have no heart, but damn do they enjoy themselves. I think that those who live without indulging themselves are not truly living, merely existing. And I intend to live to the fullest.

Doing/Seeing all there is to do/see- I want to experience everything. Not just sexually, though that's very important, but literally everything. I want to visit everywhere, learn everything there is to learn. If knowledge is power, I want to be the Alpha and the Omega. I was the first in my class despite never going to school before that. I have learned that i can commit everything i see to memory as long as I don't use Lust's power, as it drains me to do so.
Chaos- Bringing discord into others lives just be existing gives me a strange satisfaction that not even sex can compare to. Really, all I'm doing is bringing out peoples own desires and doing away completely with inhibitions. I expose them for their true selves. People are never good and charitable by nature. That's what Lust has taught me. Nobody is a good person. And it should be my job to show people that.
Lack of pleasure- Being left without any form of pleasurable stimuli is torturous to me. Imagine being on a diet at a buffet filled with your favorite food. That's how I feel when I can't get off. It's as if everything around me is taunting me, but I just can't get there. It's like I'm dying slowly.

Losing my figure- My body is literally the source of my power. My beauty... The curves... They're perfection. This, here, is true beauty. I'd rather die than lose this body to age or weight. And I am deadly serious on that. Lust's power is derived from my connection to my body, and if that wanes, so will my powers. As such, I do everything possible to keep a very slender figure. I work out for an hour nightly, on top of my over-active sex life.

Clowns- I don't care. There's nothing normal or right about them. All the colors, and clothes, and make-up, and fake smiles, and glitter, and wigs... They're not safe. You can't tell what they're thinking. And they move in packs. They're freaks! There is no possible way to enjoy a clown. There's no reason for it. They're horrifying!

Insects- Bugs, creepy-crawlies, insects, arachnids... They have far too many legs. They live every where are so hard to kill. I cannot stand them. I get chills when they touch me. The only good bug is a dead bug, in my opinion. I wish I'd never have to see another one for the rest of my life. Nasty, poisonous, scary things....

Snakes- They no legs yet still move. And fast, no less. Snakes never stop growing. These things are designed to be a living nightmare. These are another creature my life would be better off without, but I'm sure I'll see them again. I just hope its not for a very, very long time.
Special Characteristics: Perhaps it is genetic, or part of my Lust, but I am also very, very flexible. Also, when Lust is activated without my control, my personality reverts to my childhood personality; cold and single-minded devotion. While in this state, Lust's activation is slightly different from normal. When activated by strong emotional response, the crosses upon my forehead are rotated, with the long parts going horizontal instead of vertical.[/color]

Echidna's Lust

Ability Name: Lust
Object Affinity: My Object Affinity would be with my own body. Not just my flesh, but my whole package.
Ability Description: My ability is not combat based, but effects whoever acknowledges my body after I invoke Lust. The more of my bare body is exposed as well as proximity to the viewer effect how strong my influence is. Full strength, where the victim is completely enthralled, would be complete nudity and physical contact. Lust has absolutely no effect outside of a 300 feet radius, no matter how clothed I am. At close proximity, Lust allows me to make servants from my victims, especially the weak willed. Binding someone to my will requires not only for them to have a weaker spirit than myself, but needs to be sealed with a kiss. The binding becomes permanent if there is consummation afterwards, within twenty four hours. Lust also increases my ability to manipulate the souls around myself and the ease that I can trade powers with other Fullbringers.
Ability Drawbacks: The ability usually depends on the opponent looking at some part of my body. Closed eyes can negate the ability until physical contact is established. The radius of effect makes me easy prey for long-range combatants. The binding only takes effect with a kiss, which could be avoided.
Second Level Name and Description: The Stained Succubus is a more advanced form of Lust. The activation of this ability requires me to turn Lust back on itself, drawing out my own inhibitions to achieve a greater form. Stained Succubus darkens my skin from a grey to a nearly purple color, and large leathery wings grow from my back. I gain a long, barbed tail in this form. The stigmata on my forehead disappear, replaced by a single Stain of the Goddess. This form allows me to force Lust's effects on the unwilling through kissing, as well as greatly improving my Soul Transference ability and I gain a slight illusion ability for within three hundred feet of my body. My physical attributes also increase.
Ability Drawbacks: The major drawback of Stained Succubus is that there are no limiters on my inhibitions. As such, the ability won't be turned off by itself unless I am rendered unconscious. The illusions have no physical mass whatsoever, and as such cannot be touched, but do affect sight, smell and hearing. This form is also incredibly taxing on my body. The more prolonged its use, the greater the backlash will be when I am taken back to my base form, represented by weight loss and health degeneration.

The History of Echidna

The first seventeen years of Echidna's life are shrouded in mystery. What is known is that she was raised in an orphanage, though nobody knows what one. Echidna wasn't always a resident of Kagamino City, as she only was enrolled there from the tenth grade on. She was also top of her class, until she decided to drop out two months before her graduation. It is also known among the spiritually aware that she is a Fullbringer, though many have no idea of her capabilities.

That is basically all a standard bio will give you when you research me. I'll admit that my memory before the age of seven is completely gone. But I'll always remember the night my memory was erased.

I was living in an orphanage on the southernmost point of Japan. Adults always said I was the prettiest girl there, but my cold demeanor to others and overall unfriendliness made me one of the 'unloveables', the children who never get chosen, time and time again. There was five of us, these unloveable children.

The other four were Jacob, Stephen, Michale, and the group leader, Bresten. I was the only girl not to be adopted, and the only unloveable not to follow Bresten like he was royalty. Bresten was a self-entitled bully who took whatever he wanted from everyone. He was the oldest, fourteen. Stephen, the youngest, was twelve. They always moved together, and the caregivers didn't bother to discipline them. So they acted like jerks constantly.

I had been at the Orphanage longer than Bresten, but it wasn't until a rather rich British couple came that he started to notice me. I had been sitting on the floor beneath the window when they walked in. Bresten and his minions were dressed up and standing politely. I was dressed in my night gown, drawing circles over and over on a piece of paper. The rich woman walked straight past the boys and to me. I looked up and saw her blonde hair and gaudy lipstick before ignoring her.

"What's your name, beautiful?" The lady asked. I ignored her, like I ignored everyone. I was content here. She stared at me, asking again. She complimented my eyes, my hair, my circles. No reaction. One of the caregivers came over and explained that I don't speak. The lady asked if I was mute. The caregiver must have shook his head, because the lady gave a tisk and turned on her heel.

When the couple was leaving, I looked up, as I always had. They had a young girl, a black haired, black eyed five year old. So Sakura was the one to leave. No surprise. She was a bubbly child.

Later that night, Bresten and Co. came into my room. He was furious, shoving me back and forth. He said it's my fault he wasn't adopted. He was saying that I was being pretty on purpose just to spite him. His hands ripped the sleeves of my nightgown as he said that I was an attention whore. His friends joined in, tauntingly saying they were giving me the attention i needed. The boys tore my clothes and locked the door. One by one, starting with Bresten, they took their own off. Each boy was much taller than me and they were pushing me against the wall. Bresten told Stephen to cover my mouth while Jacob held my arms and Michale restrained my legs. Bresten said if I was going to act like a bitch, I'd better be his.

He forced himself inside of me. I screamed and cried, struggling. My shoulders hurt really bad. When I looked down I could see it as he forced himself in, forcing it despite my youth and extreme size difference. It hurt so bad my eyes swam with spots. After an agonizing hour, he finished within me. When he pulled away I was so relieved. But he was only taking Stephen's place. The youngest boy copied his leader in a mere ten minutes. The other two boys each lasted longer than Bresten, each one ending within me.

When it was finally over, they started to punch and kick me. I remember my stomach was larger than normal. But, they didn't stop there. Bresten got another idea. They restrained me and proceeded on raping my mouth and rear together, each boy taking his turn at both sides. When it was finally over with, for good, they stood over me and I lay shaking on the floor. I was laying in something that I didn't know what it was at the time.

My body felt so hot. My skin felt like it was on fire as I lay, shaking. The boys were gloating over me but started to hush. My skin was getting darker. My Fullbring activated for the first time, and five black crosses appeared across my forehead. I grabbed Stephen's ankle weakly, but he couldn't resist it. He had no idea what was happening.

Stephen started to fight the other boys. As they moved around, each one kicked me in the struggle and they turned on each other. When I was strong enough to stand, the boys had actually killed each other, beating one another to death. I unlocked my door and started down the stairs.

I didn't bother with getting dressed. Or with waking the caregivers. I moved downstairs quietly, in shock. The gray of my skin blended with the dark night. I stumbled down the dirt road.

I don't remember the next few days; they all blurred together. My next memory is almost a week later. I'm stumbling from the shadows of a Gas and Sip. It's late at night and only a handful of street lights are lit in this... hamlet. I cross the street and remove the lid of a silver trash can. I had seen a lady throwing away rags, and my body had spent a week without protection. I had found a hole-riddled pair of lingerie, which i had to tie at the hips to get to fit. I found leggings with a cheetah pattern. With some digging, I found a jacket i wore over my bare shoulders.

Geared with only these clothes and a rusted knife, I started to walk. I wasn't sure where I was going. Just that I needed to never stop, no matter what. If I reached the ocean, I'd have to swim. I just had to leave, I'd keep telling myself. I walked dark roads and ally ways. It took me weeks before I stopped. In that time I was evading police cars, avoiding people and eating food unattended or in the trash. I would drink and bathe in waterways. I only would sleep in the shadows, and never for long.

I hadn't stopped for real until I collapsed. When I did, my skin paled and stopped being so warm. I was suddenly very, very cold. My vision was fading quickly. I could feel a light on me, for it was warmer than the shadows. I could hear hurried footsteps. They'd finally found me, I had thought. They're going to arrest me, or kill me for what happened to those boys. I looked up at the building I'd fallen before. A large X-shaped figure was mounted on the iron doors. The X had three loops and one straight leg. Then the arms picked me up and I blacked out.

I had woken up several days later. I was in fresh, warm clothes. Underwear, shorts, a shirt... All of it was soft shades of pink with white lace trim. Even the bed I lay in was pink with white lace. The room contained only the bed and a chair beside the nightstand. On that was two bottles of water, a salad, a cheeseburger and mac and cheese. A juice-box sat in the corner. I ate the mac and cheese and drank the juice and both water bottles. I was so incredibly thirsty. My mouth felt like I'd been eating nothing but salt before waking up and the fluids were a relief.

I sat in that room for an hour, nibbling at the burger. Then, at the same time a bell started ringing, the door opened. A woman wearing a long black and purple robe entered. She smiled when she saw me. She moved closer and said something. I don't remember what, but i nodded and she took my temperature with a thermometer. The woman said her name was Katherine. She was the Head Priestess at the Church of the Goddess. She had been taking care of me. She said she knew I was special, but she didn't pry into my past. She knew I wouldn't go back, but she didn't press. I spent four days without leaving that room besides to bathe and use the restroom. The washroom was directly across the hall. It contained a wooden washtub and a sink with running water across from the toilet. Katherine bathed me in the morning and before bed, but the water was always cold.

On the fifth day, I was allowed out to walk around the Church. My rooms were actually in the bell-tower, which rose from the center of the building and was large enough to have several rooms on each of the first five floors, with the sixth floor being the bell room. The northern part of the church was for Mass. The church would gather within the dark stone room filled with candles and kneel as Katherine read from her big black book. The book had a large X, with three loops. She said that was the Stain of the Goddess, and a similar one, made of a red metal, was mounted on the wall. The Goddess' blood left a stain in that shape when she cut herself to create the second generation of special humans able to fight what Katherine called Hollows. She said she was one of them, and so was I. But I was a different special than her.

The East side was all kitchens and freezers, where four meals a day were prepared for all members of the Church. Not all of them lived there, but they all lived nearby. And they were all special.

The South and West were girls and boys rooms. Only the most special lived in the Bell-tower, with the most important at the top, downward. My room was on the fourth floor. Katherine lived directly above me. She said she was going to take care of me, because I had no place to go. She said all she needed in return was for me to promise to obey the Script.

The Script was a golden parchment below the Stain in the Mass room. Inscribed upon it were a combination of rules and two corresponding punishments. The first rule stated, "The protection of all unaware humans is our responsibility." By the unaware, Katherine said the Script meant those humans who didn't have powers like us. The first punishment, administered when a member of the Church ignored those in danger, was use of a powerful spell taught to the highest members of the Church that temporaily seals what Katherine called a Soul Sleep, which allowed a person access to their powers. The second punishment was the careful destruction of that Soul Sleep, used when a Member purposefully harms an unaware human.

The second rule, which at this point Katherine told me were called Writs, stated "Personal revenge is the first stepping stone to Madness." I understood that revenge was wrong, but I had to ask what it meant by Madness. Katherine had taken me into her lap as she explained. Her robes were surprisingly soft and smelled like lemons this close. "Madness is what can cause a person to be damned to Hell, a place for bad people. Madness causes us to hurt those around us with our words or actions. When enough people are affected by Madness, it can cause problems for everyone." I asked her if Madness is why there were no more of the first group of special people. "Yes, child. They were driven mad with revenge when Hollows ate their families and ended up killing so many of the monsters that a group called Shinigami had to put an end to the group called Quincies." I asked if that is what I was and she laughed. "No, you are not. But I am, though I'm much older than many of the others here. No, I think you are a Fullbringer, child." I mouthed the names she used. Shinigami, Quincies, Fullbringers... It was all so new. Then Katherine read the punishments for those who seek vengeance. "The first time someone breaks this Writ, they are to be kicked out of the Church. The second time, it is up to us to stop them." By us, she meant her and the other higher ranked people.

The third Writ went as such: "The exposure of the spiritual going-ons to unaware humans is forbidden." The punishment was singular this time: "Death by removal of the Soul Sleep and Chain of Fate." According to Katherine, these things naturally get removed upon death when a person passes on, but it must be done correctly, lest the criminal become a Hollow. For this to succeed, she would personally need to request a Shinigami to administer the punishment.

The final Writ was strange to me. It was longer, and had the punishments for breaking it were scratched off the parchment. "Those who are born gifted are blessed. However, the attempt to gain the power of Shinigami or Hollow is strictly forbidden. Those who acquire these powers will be sent before the Central and should the Central not come to a decision, a hearing before the King will be administered." It sounded like the punishments were stated in the Writ itself. Katherine said that the Writ had been tampered with before she acquired it, and the true punishments erased and written over. She said the Script had come from a place called Soul Society, where Shinigami lived, and as such it was biased towards giving them more power.

Katherine then had me go to my rooms, using a central elevator within the Bell-tower. She gave me paper and asked that I made a list of things I wanted for my room. She told me I had this floor entirely to myself, so I could pick out anything I wanted. My list was like any girl my age, I guess. I wanted posters, big pillows, a television, a dollhouse, crayons and paper, stuffed animals, clothes. I was surprised when later that week, Katherine asked me to go shopping with her.

Together we picked out skirts, dresses, flip-flops, sneakers, posters, toys. I can't remember everything we got, but I still have the dollhouse. It was based on a mansion that had been destroyed years ago that had been located in a forest. The dollhouse opened in the front, revealing highly detailed rooms. Each room contained rugs, chairs, lights and a fireplace. In the center on the ground floor was a ballroom with an intricate snake pattern on the marbled floor. The ballroom had doors that opened on the left and right walls, leading to a series of small rooms, and stairs existed on either end. The dollhouse had three floors, and the furniture was movable. We had to buy dolls separately, but I had gotten rid of them before I was eleven. I still have the television, an old box-set with large heavy back and a flat screen.

Katherine unofficially adopted me. She was kind, but followed the Script loyally, and believed in hard work. She had asked me my name, but I didn't know it. I couldn't remember much of anything before my Fullbring had activated. She had chosen to call me Colette and had put me on a strict schedule. Monday through Thursday, my mornings started with a bath, followed by breakfast. I would have to wash my own dishes every day for breakfast to understand what others do for my other meals. Next, at eight fifteen, Katherine would ask me to read a section of her black book. I would not be reading the religious parts, but instead I would read from the back of the book, spending forty-five minutes to learn about the various races that lived alongside humans. For a long time, I would only be reading about ancient history, but eventually I would start on modern day note-worthy people or events. After 9:00, I would begin mathematics.  At 9:30, I would practice Japanese and English, written and oral. At 11:30, I'd start Japanese history, and at 12:30, world history. At 1:30, lunch would be served. After 2:00, I would have two hours to play upstairs. At 4:00, I would start to to learn more about what Katherine called my Fullbring. Mister Filwel would be my teacher, as he had mastered his Fullbring many years ago. Mr. Filwel prefered to teach me the other aspects of being a Fullbringer, such as how our abilities manifested, how we used the Souls in all objects to our benefit. Mister Filwel would teach me until dinner at 7:15. After dinner, I normally would go to my room to draw until the fourth meal, which was always desserts, was served at 10:00. After I finished, I would need to go wash up for bed.

Friday and Saturday, I was allowed to go to the park or the mall. The park did not have a playground, but did have plenty of picnic areas and trees and flowers. The mall really meant going to the movie theater and spending the whole day watching films with either Mr. Filwel, Katherine or the teenager in charge of the kitchens, Mia. I usually only went to the mall on the first Friday of a month. Occasionally I would go to the dress shop to pick up weekly orders with Katherine on our mall trips.

The dress shop, Kirima, has wooden floors and planks over the stone walls. Kirima's always smells of floor polish and vanilla. The store front has glass windows with two manikins inside, showing off the dress of the month, made special by Kirima herself. The store has only two racks inside of dresses, but the walls have over two hundred different fabrics on display. At the back counter is a large, leather bound book filled with different patterns and designs. Kirima makes special hand-made dresses and has a steady supply of regular customers. Katherine was considered her best customer, for she ordered every week for new robes, dresses and other odds and ends from Kirima. The two women were friends long before I had fallen before the Church.

Every Sunday, Mass would be held at 9:00. Mass only lasted forty minutes, but the whole time was almost exclusively upon my knees with my head bent as Katherine read from the black book. At 9:45, Regal, a Quincy, and Dante, a Fullbringer, both of whom were sixteen when I was seven, would take me out of the church and the two of them would walk me down every street in Kagamino City or Karakura Town until we found a spirit. They would teach me about how every spirit was unique and could be classified by the term Whole. The Wholes who stayed too long, however, were called Demi-Hollows and they would eventually become monsters. Whenever we found a Whole, Regal would bring it flowers and Dante would try to talk to it. They wanted me to learn the differences between Wholes and humans, and they would tell me about what comes with being a Whole. Through them, I learned more about the Chain of Fate.

This routine lasted for three and a half years without any breaks. When I was ten and a half, I began puberty and Katherine replaced my 2:00 play time with studies about my body, and others. According to Katherine and Mr. Filwel, my Fullbring would become much more powerful during puberty. Up until this point, my Fullbring had activated only twice while with the Church of the Goddess.

The first time was when I had tried on a dress that Katherine bought me. The dress was ankle length and black, with a single rose on the side. I had been looking in the mirror when suddenly my skin felt hot and started to darken. Frightened, I ran to Mr. Filwel for help and he had to make me calm down and go take a bath until he could figure out a way for him to shut off my Fullbring. After removing the dress, and slipping into the cold water, my skin turned white and I went to Filwel again after getting dressed. He talked to Katherine and they decided to experiment with my Fullbring to see how it worked.

Katherine dressed me up in a white dress and had straightened my long blue hair, braiding it on my left side in a small strand. Then they brought me downstairs and several boys my age, none of whom I knew but all dressed nicely, were waiting. I remember thinking they looked nice before my skin started to get warm. The boys who noticed me were blushing and giggling, seemingly not noticing the change. All the boys approached me and tried to talk to me before Katherine and Filwel shooed them away and out the room. They decided my ability must be activating without my control, and only when myself or someone else thought I was attractive. I was nine when this happened.

My new course taught me that my body would be changing, and that it was unusual for girls to start so early. It was assumed to be connected to my Fullbring. Over time, I learned more of these signs to look for in puberty; I learned to look for breast budding, and that I was supposed to start growing hair. I never did the later. However, by the time I was twelve, I was wearing a C cup brassier. We had learned that my Fullbring effected anyone attracted to me and made them act strangely, though it wasn't until I was thirteen we learned they were acting upon their deepest desires. We also learned the range and specifics of how this ability worked on choosing victims. I could use my ability on anyone within three-hundred feet who looked upon my body and found me attractive. My ability was stronger when more skin was exposed, however nothing could cause an increase in area of effect. With no skin showing, I needed to be within ten feet for my abilities to have a noticeable effect. With only the most essential parts covered, I could cause such a change that people ignore what they should be doing and go directly with single-minded purpose after their desires, with that effect kicking in at one-hundred feet. Physical contact with a weak-willed person could actually end them to my own will, if my Fullbring was active and they wanted me.

When I was thirteen, I complained to Katherine and confided my irritation of this ability. I was able to invoke it at will, and had named my power Lust, however the fact was I was concerned that people didn't like me, per se, only my body. She told me that even normal women experience this thought in their lives. She told me that they would just have to accept themselves to be accepted for who they were. I paused by her door before leaving and she asked if there was something else. My face felt hot as I told her that my clothes no longer fitted and that the store I did my shopping in, a place called Hive Five, didn't carry clothing to fit my unusual build. I was very thin at the waist, and had an overly large bust for how small I was. My waist was a measly 27 inches, with my under-bust being 30 inches, and the fullest part of my bust a whopping 35 inches around. I couldn't find stores carrying a 30DD, let alone one with enough support or that didn't look like a nightmare. Katherine laughed and told me we'd need to buy custom bras, then. She'd take me out when she had the chance.

Which was becoming frequently less frequent. There was a rise in spiritual activity, especially in Hollows that year. More and more often, people would be sent from the Church to patrol the cities for unusual activity. The first time Katherine took me shopping was the day of our first casualties.

We awoke early, at 4:00 and had gotten dressed. I had chosen a low cut purple shirt without a bra, for I had none, and a pair of black jeans. My hair was to my shoulders and worn down, like Katherine's white hair. She wore her robes, like always. She looked so much older these days, the wrinkles on her face deeper than in recent years. We got into her minivan, a big blue thing without any personal affects other than the Stain painted black on the side door. I climbed into the front seat that Friday. I remember that the sky was just lightening up, but was full of big heavy clouds to the east.It looked like rain would be upon us this afternoon. We drove in silence, like always, for almost two hours before stopping outside a store I wasn't allowed to go to before now: a Victoria's Secret. This store was not as big as in other countries, however it's reputation proceeded it. I knew this is where the best clothes came from. Katherine smiled at me and told me to pick anything I wanted. Inside, I picked out two black sports bras, a lace purple bra with flowers in it along with matching panties, a long line gray bra and a regular gray bra. At the counter, Katherine was waiting for me. She had asked the lady, a woman in her mid-twenties with a name tag that said Yurippe, to take my measurements and help us select a custom fit bra. We decided to buy five, similar black and purple bras, two stripped, one lace, one sheer, and the last was solid colors. We paid for all nine and climbed back into the minivan. I even remember that on the way home, Katherine had told me the rain would be good today, for it had been dry the last two weeks.

There was an ambulance outside the Church and a large crowd had gathered. We pushed our way to the front to see what happened. Mister Filwel, Regal and Dante were laying on the ground in stretchers. There was pools of blood surrounding each of them, and Regal was missing both arms. I remember shouting to them, struggling against the police officers who were holding back the crowd, Katherine was crying and had fallen to her knees in distress. I remember screaming until I couldn't make a sound anymore as the body bags were brought into view of two more people. I cried so much as the rain poured from the sky.

The official police report was that Mr. Filwel, Dante, Regal, Mia and a boy named Hinata were caught in a gas explosion of some kind. They had made it back to the Church before Mia and Hinata died of their injuries. Regal died of blood-loss that on the ride to the hospital. Mister Filwel and Dante likewise died over night from internal bleeding. A funeral for them was held the following weekend, and until that day, the Church was essentially shut down. No classes. No lessons. Those who didn't live in the building didn't visit that week. The Church was mourning our friends.

The unofficial truth was they were ambushed by a very powerful Hollow. Regal's arrows were useless, and Mia couldn't use her bow to defend herself before she was slain. They had barely escaped from it, but they weren't able to slay it.

I felt responsible for their deaths. If I hadn't had Katherine take me shopping, she would have been there to fight. She was the strongest Quincy the Church had. But because of me, she hadn't been there. Instead she could only go to their funerals, silent aside from her goodbyes. The main funeral buried all their caskets together, and the whole Church attended that one, every man, woman and child dressed in black. I remember cursing the clear, sunny skies. It should have rained that day. And it had for each and every member. The rain came from our eyes and soaked the sacred soil below us. I prayed that they went swiftly to the next life.

Over the next few years, Katherine and I stayed at the Church at all times. By the time I was sixteen, I had attended over thirty separate funerals. There were others I had not attended. Every day, the danger increased. The Church, though we were united, we were all nervous. Who'd be the next to die? Everyone was afraid to leave the Church's protective walls, and those who could moved into the building. With Katherine there, the Church was safe from Hollows. Every night, I could hear the hum of Quincy Arrows as they defended the Church from Hollows. They couldn't kill them, only keep them at bay. But, Katherine was old, and she wasn't in good health.

She told me I would be attending High School, publicly, entering the tenth grade. It was halfway through the school year already, but I did as she told me. With years of strict education, I quickly rose to the top of my classes, and I was admired for my beauty by many, many boys. Girls as well displayed a fascination with me. I had come from nowhere, made no friends, only advanced to the top of my classes. I didn't join any clubs, either. I was just like how I was as a little girl; surrounded by strangers, but doing whatever I was told. I was first in my grade by the end of the tenth grade, and maintained my rank. I'd go to the library to eat, never sitting with others. I had learned that those who associated with the Church members also died. They were eaten by Hollows.

It was winter of my final year of High School when Katherine brought me to the Bell Room. She was wearing her robes, but they failed to hide her thinness and how sick she was. She told me that she had gone to a doctor. She had a tumor on her ovaries. They believed it was cancerous, but couldn't tell how bad. She had refused treatment so she could protect the Church. Then she told me that, when I graduate, I'd be the next Head Priestess. I remember I got angry. Katherine couldn't die! We all needed her, and I wasn't strong enough to protect them the way she did! But, she told me it was already decided. The day of my graduation, she would resign, both from her position, and to her fate.

Unfortunately, that day never came. For three days after her confession, a Friday, I had gone to the mall to see the newest anime movie. I stayed until late, and walked back to the Church. I was getting nervous, for it was much later than I thought. When I arrived, the Church was silent. There was no hum of arrows. No lights were on. Then, through the darkness, I heard a scream. I slammed open the iron doors of the Church and ran towards the sound. It came from the girls dormitory. Loud crashes drowned out the sound of women screaming. As I reached the hallway, I paused, frightened by what I may see. As the next scream came, I rounded the corner.

The first thing I noticed was the smell. It was so sweet, yet not familiar. Then I noticed the walls. Streaked and running down them were great swaths of blood, and the rug was over-saturated with it. When I stepped on the rug, I felt the red stuff gush up between my toes. Parts of limbs lay strewn around, some intact, others so mangled I couldn't identify them. But, there were only parts, no whole bodies. At the end of the hallway crouched a huge beast.

It had the lower half of a snake of giant proportions, coiled round itself. The scales were dark green on the upper side and pale blue on the lower. Each scale was roughly the length of a human leg. The upper body resembled a toad, with two enormous arms with webbed fingers. Under each hand, three women, what was left of them, were being crushed. I then noticed the screams had stopped. The head was a large white mask. There were four eyes, diagonal slits pointing towards the center of the grotesquely open mouth. The mouth was a ragged crack, opening to incredible width. A long, black, beaded tongue curled out of the beasts mouth, and trapped in the tongue's coil was yet another woman. I couldn't tell who she was.

"What... what is that thing...?" I whispered out loud to myself. The Hollow before me drew it's sick tongue into its mouth and swallowed the woman whole. It's four eyes stared me down. I was paralyzed with shock and horror. This thing must have killed everyone, on it's own no less. There was no way the men wouldn't have fought or abandoned the Church. So everyone was dead and I was next. I watched, terrified as it's tail coiled and it's arms braced themselves. With a great heave that destroyed the wall behind it, it lunged down the hallway at me.

I was shoved aside at the last instant. I heard a scream and felt blood gush over me. I turned to look at my savior. Katherine stood in my place, holding the Hollow's mask. The entire right side of her body was in the beast's mouth. Her left hand materialized a bow, but it quickly disappeared as the Hollow bit through her body completely. She died instantly, blood pouring out so fast. Then the Hollow turned to me, it's mouth stained red, dripping blood.

"I found you... You little whore..." The voice was incredibly deep. It was warped, and reminded me of the sound air makes when it bubbles up from under thick mud. But I knew that voice. I looked in awe as it towered over me, filling the hallway. I mouthed it's name as it stared me down.


Before I could react, a series of black kimonos jumped over me. I recognized them from drawings. Shinigami, five of them, attacked the Hollow. It a howl, it moved backwards and disappeared, melding back into Hueco Mundo. The Shinigami talked to me, asking me about the attack, but I had no answers. Everyone of the Church of the Goddess was either dead, or ran away. Even Katherine...

I stopped going to school. I didn't graduate. Instead, I stayed there, at the Church, for weeks. I had started to get into drinking, finding bottles of rice-wine and sake. I never the same after that night. I would find men or women and use my power to seduce them. I drank myself to sleep for months. Bresten never reappeared. But I was ruined. I decided that from then on, I would live alone. I would care only for myself. I would love only myself. I was prone to activating Lust whenever I went out. Day after day, new people came and went from my rooms, but nobody stayed. Once it was over, I'd kick them out and release them from Lust's influence. I started to notice how cruel people were.

The Shinigami were crueler than humans. It had been their job to save people. But they hadn't saved anyone that night. That night, Colette died, devoured by the Hollow Bresten. I changed my name frequently, but finally, after five months, I decided I was now Echidna. I was the Mother of Monsters, for it was because of me that Bresten died. And he became a Hollow and slaughtered the entire Church. Their blood is on my hands, and every night I relive Colette's last day alive.

It was the week after my eighteenth birthday that I decided to find out who Colette had been. I took a ride, from some guy in a big truck, down to the southernmost tip of Japan. I found an orphanage, and met with the caretakers there. I asked them about the accident that happened so long ago. Four boys died and a young girl went missing. I asked them what her name had been. They told me the little girl's name, and when I went home, I looked it up. Her name had meant "God's Treasure".

I returned to my church regularly for the next few years. I won't talk about how I got it, but I managed to scrape up enough cash to buy the church outright and fix it back up. Little by little the church was restored, though it was never reopened. I alone live there, walking through the halls that my family had died in. I paid for a large light, not unlike those in front of stores, to be built outside the church, one shaped like the Stain that shines its blue light over the churchyard every night.

It had taken quite a while, but I finally was able to convince myself that the world was safer now, that it was okay to sleep alone. He was gone, and the church belonged to me. But, as I looked through some of Katherine's old books, mildewy and damaged from water and age, I learned that for the most evil creatures, sometimes dying twice wasn't enough. And while he would surely be tortured there forever, the book informed me that sometimes, one of the Sinners can escape, briefly. Since then, I hadn't slept alone. Even after dying a second death, I knew he wouldn't leave me alone.

RP Sample:
Echidna stood from the bed, looking down at the youthful redhead sleeping on the mattress. The redhead had a tattoo under her eye of a flower on her cheek. Without the blanket on the woman, Echidna noticed the other tattoos. A skull on the upper part of the girl's large breasts, and a name across the small of her back. Steven, it read. The ring on the redhead's hand probably meant Steven was her husband. The blonde who the redhead was holding had no tattoos or rings, but did have a lip ring. These two had been quite energetic an hour ago, Echidna thought. It was a shame she couldn't stay longer with the well endowed women. But, as she sought out her white underwear and the mini-skirt, she shook her head. A foolish thought. She buttoned the blouse around her breasts, leaving the top three buttons open, revealing her chest. Her arms were exposed, the blouse's sleeves rolled up. She wore heeled boots as she opened the motel room doors.

The motel was a dive at best, and was known for being the place to go for one-night stands. Echidna was a familiar face around it. The Shack, as the motel was called, was a brick, one story building that was shaped like a large L. This room was at the far end, away from the main office. Echidna looked down at her skin as it paled from gray to white. Lust deactivated slowly, and she felt the coldness of the air. It was quite a nipping wind.

Echidna moved towards the road and waited. She never had to wait long; someone was always ready to pick up a lonesome woman in the middle of the night. The driver this time was an older gentleman, with no motives other than it was too cold for her to wait all night. He drove a red truck, an old American thing. It was probably a major gas chugger. The interior had food wrappers on the floor, evidence of his long drive. There was pipes in the tail-bed, so perhaps he was working. Echidna told him she was going to Kagamino City, and he drove her there. The old man listen to classical cassette tapes and made conversation about the recent cold snap.

Echidna was dropped off near the bank, and waited for the truck to get out of sight before she turned and wound her way down the streets. She was heading for the hospital. The walk was long, and despite the late hour, the streets and sidewalks were packed. More than once, she felt her ass get grabbed by passer-by. She looked down ally ways whenever she passed them, and several times saw muggers working, and more often than not, homeless huddled in their boxes or by a fire.

At the hospital, she went through the emergency entrance. She moved with routine practice past the elevators and doors to the interior of the hospital. She kept walking straight until she came to a storage room. She knocked on the door and waited for it to open.

A nurse wearing a green smock opened the door. Sasuke had sand-brown hair and black eyes. He was Mexican-Japanese, and he was very familiar with her. She came to him quite often for her prescriptions. He looked at Echidna, a bit shocked to see her.

"I'm out." Echidna told him. He shook his head and sighed. "You used all those birth-control pills already?"Echidna nodded and Sasuke let her into the storage room while he filled her a new prescription. The storage room was dimly lit, and contained many metal carts and shelves filled with spare medical equipment. Echidna looked at some IV drips and bags as Sasuke filled out the form.

After getting what she needed from him, she went to the pharmacy and left with two pill bottles. She didn't trust generic store birth control, and would only use prescription medication. Leaving the hospital, she walked out into the street and looked up at the sky. Dark shapes moved about, probably Hollows and Shinigami having some fight in the sky. She hated them both. If Shinigami had done their job, her friends would still be alive. But they hadn't, and they weren't. Echidna looked down the street at the incoming cars far away. If she wanted to, she didn't have to move. But she sighed and crossed the street.

She was heading to the Church, where she lived. She lived in her old rooms. There was power, but she couldn't afford the heat this month. Keeping the lights on, so that the Stain sign illuminated the church all night took everything she could earn in a month.

Inside, she laid down on her king sized mattress, which laid on the floor. The walls were covered with page after page of pictures she had drawn. Her favorite was a very detailed drawing of the night she had invited the bartender from Root Down, a thin redheaded woman and two twin sisters back to The Shack. The scene was drawn with absolute detail, right down to the ruler tattoo on the bartender's... Well, it was one of her better nights. The twins had green eyes and black hair, with very small figures. The redheaded woman was a bit over weight, chubby but no fat. The bartender himself was a lean built guy, but he had more than just the motion of the ocean going for him. The drawing had Echidna holding the twins, a hand on each of their breasts as they sat with her, and the redhead's head was between Echidna's own bust. The bartender was facing them and had just started his grand finally on the four of them. That had been one of Echidna's better nights; she had been sober enough to remember it.

Echidna held her head as she laid down in her bed. Bottles littered her floor, some so old the label couldn't be read clearly. One of these days, I'll fix this, Echidna thought as she yawned. She closed her eyes slowly, looking out the window at the Kagamino skyline. She slowly un-buttoned her blouse all the way. Then, laying with her front exposed to the cold, damp air, she fell asleep.
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Re: Madam Echidna (Fullbringer)

Post by Lanying Baozhai on Fri Sep 15, 2017 1:00 am

Approved for Advanced Lieutenant Tier.

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Re: Madam Echidna (Fullbringer)

Post by Echidna on Fri Sep 15, 2017 1:19 am

Unarmed Combat- Beginner
Spiritual Combat- Advanced
Hoho- Beginner
Reiatsu Perception- Advanced
Power Transference- Expert
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Re: Madam Echidna (Fullbringer)

Post by Echidna on Fri Sep 15, 2017 1:34 pm

Thundersnap- This technique combines Echidna's high-speed movement with an open palm strike.

Dark Lashing- A strange technique that forces Echidna's Reiatsu onto another person as a physical attack. The reiatsu manifests as a long tendrils from her hand.

Soul Siphoning- Echidna can drain energy from those she kisses, either actual spiritual energy or draining one spell-like Stat by a level per person per thread. She gains this drained stat for one day. This becomes a constantly active ability in her Fullbring forms, and grows more powerful.


Arousal- A passive ability of Lust. Arousal causes those who witness Echidna's body either by sight, touch or smell. The closer the target is to Echidna, the stronger Arousal effects them. Echidna can increase the power of Arousal by exposing more of her flesh.

Enthrall- By kissing someone affected by Arousal, Echidna can bind them temporarily to her will. While under her control, a cross-shaped Stigmata appears on the target's forehead.

Enhanced Soul Siphoning kiss- In Lust, this skill drains a significant amount of energy from anyone kissed by her. Even in lust, she cannot drain stats of anyone equal or higher than her Tier. Those who she kisses lose a slight amount of body fat as well.

Soulbound- This ability is passive and works off Arousal and Enthrall. Soulbound causes Enthrall to become permanent if she consulates with the target. While in Lust, Echidna gains a bonus to Soul Manipulation.

Thousand yards Palm- Echidna Soul Pulls the air to allow the force of her palm strikes to hit targets at a distance.

Stained Succubus

Succubus State- Echidna's body becomes physically altered, growing wings and a tail, while exaggerating her bust, hips and rear.

Heart Desires- This ability causes the victim to conjure illusions only they can see. This illusions are only as real as the target believes them to be. This technique runs off the target's Spiritual Combat stats. Once they move 300 feet away from Echidna, the illusions vanished.

Enslave- An enhanced form of Enthrall that forces Enthralled's ability on the unwilling through a kiss that injects her Spiritual energy into the victim.

Succubi Will- A passive ability that increases her Soul Power Transference by removing her ability to manipulate souls and to move at high speed.

Greater Enhanced Soul Siphoning Kiss- In this form, Echidna's kiss extends to her Thralls, anyone they kiss or cling to have their energy drained and added to Echidna.

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Re: Madam Echidna (Fullbringer)

Post by Echidna on Mon Oct 02, 2017 3:28 pm

I'd like my Spiritual Combat stat to be increased with my bonus.
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Re: Madam Echidna (Fullbringer)

Post by Azalea on Mon Oct 02, 2017 8:40 pm

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Re: Madam Echidna (Fullbringer)

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