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Creating a Thread

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Creating a Thread

Post by Azalea on Mon Sep 11, 2017 12:14 pm

What's a Thread?

A thread is any topic where roleplaying will be taking place. There are some rules about what is permitted and what is not when creating a Thread. Firstly, you must be aware that all new threads are taking place at the current time as real life, at the time of the thread's creation unless that thread takes place in the Turn Back the Pendulum section.

Secondly, there is a specific way to title your thread. Firstly, the name of your thread comes first, such as "Title", followed by parenthesis. However, in a Turn Back the Pendulum thread, before the name, you must place the year the thread takes place followed by a comma and then title, such as "1703, Title" Inside the parenthesis, you must state what type of thread this is.

There are several types of threads. An Open thread allows any member to join. A Closed thread is limited to the members whose names are listed in the parenthesis after Closed. The names are written with a slash dividing them, separated by a comma from Closed, such as "(Closed, Nocens/Ma'kine)". A Solo thread is any thread where only the creator of the thread may post in.

There are also subtypes of threads. These are usually why the thread was created. Training threads, written as "Title (Solo, Training)", are threads designed to increase a Skill or to learn a new technique. Plot threads, written as "Title (PLOT, Open)", are threads designed to move the actual story of Damnation forward as a whole, rather than small inter-character interactions. Thirdly, War threads, a type of Plot thread where WAR replaces PLOT, are threads where anyone can die.

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