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Shiroki Sakanade [Shinigami] (Finished)

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Shiroki Sakanade [Shinigami] (Finished)

Post by Shiroki on Mon Sep 04, 2017 11:34 pm

Name: Shiroki Sakanade (白黄逆撫)
English Translation: Shiro=white, Ki=yellow, Sakanade=Backward/counter strike
Species: Werewolf
Race: Shinigami
Gender: Male
Date of Birth:  21 July 1552
Appearance Age: 9 (late 8, early 9)
Actual Age: 400s? (exact age unknown)
Organization and Rank: Gotei 13; Seated Officer of 2nd Division’s Retrieval Unit (Lieutenant?)

Height: 3'8" (115cm), give or take ears.
Weight: 35lb (16kg)
Hair color: Rich yellow (on head, back, limbs) and white (throat, underbelly) fur
Eye color: light blue
General Appearance: Similar to Saijin Komamura in canon, Shiroki is a member of the Wolf clan so his appearance is that of an anthropomorphic canine. Rather than wolf, his features are sharper and more resemble that of a fox or jackal’s. That alone should have set him apart from other Shinigami yet ironically he has a tendency to be overlooked, appearing undersized and frail compared to his peers. He does not worry about appearances and comes across as scruffy more often than not. His outward impression blends all archetypical traits of child and puppy alike, making him a frequent target of unsolicited hugs and cheek pinches. He has been described as ‘cute’ by others but takes this in stride, considering it an acceptable price to pay for being able to use his appearance to gain advantage: turning on the puppy charm to sneak an extra dessert in the Officers’ Mess or convincing squad mates to help with his paperwork for example.  Shiroki finds the Shihakusho uniform stifling and useless, often ‘forgetting’ to don his upper jacket if he thinks he can get away with it.

Eyes: Shiroki has blue eyes, which are striking and somewhat unusual among his clan. They give off an impression of wariness at most times, often darting from side to side and scanning their surroundings. Taken together with his outward appearance, Shiroki tends to appear shifty or guilty even when he hasn’t done anything wrong, but he notices most things so is hard to catch off guard. In conversation they can turn distant as Shiro’s attention wanders, trying to track everything at once

Fur: Shiroki’s fur is overall a blend of light orange and yellow, a rich honey shade that lightens gradually to white on his underside (from chin to belly). In lieu of hair, his fur is longer and forms a messy fringe on his head, which he has a habit of brushing out of his eyes. It is soft to the touch, medium length coat gradually shortening to downy white peachfuzz on his front. Takes ages to dry.

Ears: His ears are noticeably large and take up a sizeable portion of his head, resembling that of a fennec fox. They are dexterous, often seen twitching independently of each other as Shiro registers his environment. His hearing is keen and he is able to filter between various sounds or conversations happening at the same time, capable of eavesdropping on targets from a safe distance.

Miscellaneous: Shiroki appears small for his age. He is thinner than average and comes across as a starving stray from the Rukongai, ribs clearly outlined below the skin. His size and stature allow him to fit into and gain entry into areas that most others find impassible. Short, tapered snout and fangs  

Outfit: Shiroki has customized his standard Shinigami Shihakusho by adding a knotted blue bandana around his neck that accentuates his childlike appearance. He prefers to forego the upper portion of his uniform, wearing only the black hakama unless attending meetings or on other official business. Disliking the regulation tabi-waraji footwear, he also prefers going about barefoot and has likely received reprimands for his attire from superiors. A tatty bracelet of string loosely adorns his left wrist and ankle, both old and fraying from the years. He carries his sealed zanpakutou sheathed on his person at all times, but makes no move to draw it unless faced with no other option.

Expression: To strangers who don’t encounter him often, Shiroki comes across as run-of-the-mill gutter trash and might be mistaken as someone who strolled into Sereitei by mistake. His posture is timid and deferential, refusing to make eye contact or speak any louder than a whisper. Unlike most, personal pride has little value to him so he does not mind humbling himself in front of others in the interests of avoiding conflict. His posture is furtive and cautious, always ready to make a retreat.

With people he knows such as fellow division members, he allows himself to drop that exaggerated façade, but still takes pains to remain below notice and rarely speaks unless spoken to. Beyond that he is not known to mingle, and often goes on lonely walks in the Rukon when not on duty. While it is difficult to earn his trust and not many have done so, these lucky few are able to see a different side of him that he does not reveal to others. Close friends know enough to be on guard against sudden unpredictable bouts of mischief and pranks.

Mannerisms: Shiroki subconsciously mirrors the mannerisms of those he interacts with, having few of his own. Doing so appears to give him a slight edge into understanding their thought processes.

On his own, he is prone to be jumpy and restless. Squad members have learnt it is unwise to surprise him; as even a friendly tap on the shoulder can have an extreme and unpredictable effect. Although he tries not to broadcast emotions in expression, he is uncomfortable with remaining still in the open and can be seen tapping toes in impatience when made to stay in one spot. Aside from that he has an unconscious habit of brushing his fringe back from time to time

Shiroki limits his participation in social gatherings, and avoids going near any type of stimulant or alcohol entirely. Those from his Academy days will know him as a complete teetotaler, quite unable to handle his liquor. He was drunk once when fellow classmates spiked his drink at the Academy and did not care for the result, so has taken pains to avoid repeating such an experience.

Large gatherings bother him, mostly because all those conversation at once is hard on his hearing. Thus, he finds it difficult to maintain eye contact or fully engage with those he talks to; being assaulted by so many other distractions. This can give the impression that he has a tendency to daydream and stare into space during conversation when actually he is paying attention to several things at once. It was this trait that allowed him to coast through his time in the Academy, surprising lecturers who assumed he was not paying attention

Voice: Shiroki is soft spoken and is rarely heard shouting. He is aware he sounds young for his age but this does not trouble him as it makes him appear less of a threat.

The Psyche

Redeeming Qualities:
Loyalty – Like other members of his clan, Shiroki is loyal to those he acknowledges as master, willing to go to all lengths to guard them and fulfil their wishes. This loyalty supersedes his own self-preservation, and he will go to his death if need be in such a situation. He is careful about making promises, but once having sworn his service he will continue to serve until his final breath.

Prepared/Cautious – Perhaps as a result of his paranoia, Shiroki makes it a point to prepare for encounters beforehand. If he has to enter a fight, he does so only after analyzing the situation and those involved before stepping in. Even without prior knowledge he does not enter into confrontations blind, always equipped with generic tools or backup plans to apply if need be.

Polite - He minds his Ps and Qs, addressing everyone with deference whether they are allies or enemies.

Negative Qualities:

Cowardice – Shiroki is no hero. He knows that physically he is smaller and weaker than many others. Therefore, when faced with conflict his first instinct is always avoidance. He will try defusing it if possible (surrender to opponent) or run away from combat if it is not. In group fights he is the one who volunteers to go fetch reinforcements, since this takes him away from actual fighting. Though these are lessons learnt from his time in Inuzuri, they give him a bad impression to peers.

Mistrust – Shiroki does not trust anyone completely, not even himself. He separates personal from squad life and guards his secrets fiercely. Even when working as a team, it is clear that he does not believe in his partners’ ability/intention to watch his back. If driven to that option, would save himself at cost of others.

Cruel – While unseen at first glance, Shiroki does possess a savage streak rivaling members from the 11th Division. Unlike the 11th however, his passion is not for the thrill of battle but the damage he might inflict in the process. He does not share their ideal of ‘honorable’ combat and will strike a helpless foe without a second thought, often taking his time prolonging the outcome for longer than necessary. To those he considers enemies he shows no mercy and delights in spilling of blood

Playful - Innocuous on its own, when paired with the above trait this quality takes a less innocent turn. His nature ranges between occasional irresponsibility (procrastinating paperwork for fun) to restless curiosity (what happens if I do this). Being subordinate to Taiyo Pekku has only heightened these tendencies. Members of Division 2 quickly learn to be on the lookout for potential pranks or traps left lying about, not all of them harmless in execution.

Likes: Shiroki enjoys cloudgazing and sneaking into places he is not supposed to be as a challenge

Cloudgazing – On his off days Shiro can be found around the highest point of Seretei watching clouds go by. He likes doing this by day or night, feeling the breath of the wind through his fur. At times he blends this with his other pastime and tries to reach the highest point he can, sneaking through restricted areas in the process. One of the places he frequents most is Sokyoku Hill.

Ear Skritches - Like canine contemporaries Shiroki likes being scratched behind the ears. Being on the receiving end can send him into paroxysms of ecstasy. This is a little known fact however.

Calligraphy – While a novice at the art, Shiroki enjoys watching more experienced masters practice their brushstrokes and techniques. He is particularly impressed by how some of them are able to weave the art into aspects of kido and daily life. On special occasions like New Years’ he can sometimes be persuaded to contribute some of his own couplets to hang in the Squad barracks.

Dislikes: Being caught or surprised; sweets, loud noises (pop songs)

Being Caught – This occupies the top spot in Shiro’s list of dislikes. He hates being caught red handed at anything he shouldn’t be doing, and makes avoiding such an outcome his priority. This has been a defining trait of his since early childhood, and both his knack for as well as determination to avoid trouble has resulted in people calling him the Getaway Kid. The name was not given as a compliment, as there are many who disapprove of his lacking honor in such matters. Shiroki also hates being pinned or restrained in the literal sense; even if it is a friendly hug. He is a firm believer of personal space, and heaven help anyone who tries to lift him by the scruff of his neck.

Sweets – Shiroki dislikes sweet things; chocolate in particular as he has a hazy memory of an older relative telling him that it is poison to their kind. He avoids anything sweet; fruits included. Ironically though, he tends to accumulate sweets as people insist on giving them to him for some reason he cannot understand. But since it would be rude to refuse a gift, he stores them in the squad pantry for others to help themselves, or otherwise gives them away to kids in the Rukongai.

Loud noises – Due to his keen hearing, many sounds are amplified from Shiroki’s perspective and painful on the eardrums. These include, but are not limited to: explosions, celebrations, the Captain-Commander when in a rage, and most fearsome of all—pop songs. He once had the misfortune of hearing one when somebody brought it back from the World of the Living; and its forced rhymes, off-key rhythms and inexplicable melding of Japanese with English into a form unrecognizable as either has mentally scarred him ever since. Simply mentioning ‘J-pop’ in his hearing can make him run for the hills.

Personal Habits:
Fidgeting  - Shiroki fidgets a lot, having a hard time remaining still. During long periods of enforced inactivity such as meetings he can be seen sniffing at the air or fiddling with his wrist bracelet.


Short-term Goals: Survival to attain long-term goals

Long-term Goals: To achieve full mastery of Bankai; repay debts of loyalty; finalize methods to counter those he considers 'potentially-dangerous' in Seireitei (everyone)

General Personality:
In a word, Shiroki is cold. Aloof and practical, he prioritizes survival and does not shy from doing what is needed to get by—at the cost of honor or meaningless ideals. His observation skills are considered second to none, and he relies heavily on them to read situations to avoid trouble. To Shiroki, nobody can be trusted. Having little confidence in the ruling policies of Shinigami governance, he is always on guard against attack and prepares contingency plans for unlikely scenarios. His paranoia borders on near-extreme levels, and it is uncertain if he even trusts himself. He controls his emotions instead of being distracted by them, using them as tools.

Around others Shiroki keeps up a façade, actively trying to appear unimportant and weaker than he really is to put others off guard. This allows him to eavesdrop on conversations and gain insights that he would not have normally. To his few close friends he drops the mask from time to time and relaxes his guard noticeably. Even so he prefers to be alone.

It is no secret that Shiroki favors the Art of War’s 36th stratagem; which is to run. This has earned him a less-than-positive regard for being over-cautious and cowardly; someone who will abandon his team in crisis if given the opportunity. While there is some truth in that, it is more accurate to say he dislikes any kind of conflict and will sensibly back down if that were an option. He has a pessimistic outlook and is of the opinion that anything bad that can happen will usually happen, and tries to take precautions against this. He is not one to show emotion naturally, though he can understand and ‘fake’ such reactions enough to get by in social situations. Socializing does not interest him, as he has a short attention span and gets bored easily by long conversation

At his core Shiroki is an observer who functions best when not being noticed. He purposely cultivates an unthreatening persona so as not to stand out from the group and carry out his plans in secret. Deep down he is curious with a penchant for mischief, so is fond of listening in and gaining information from those silly enough to ignore his presence. He guards such information obtained seriously, saving it for situations where he will have need of it. Over time he has accumulated quite a store of potential blackmail material on his fellow Shinigami but has thus far showed no intention of releasing it. This pastime; coupled with keen interest in analysis earns Shiroki grudging respect from those who know him well, such as squad mates. There are unfounded rumors that Shiro also devotes himself to finding ways of countering those around him as a precaution, allies and enemies alike. Those who know him well will not consider this a totally ridiculous rumor—in fact it is true to some extent; Shiroki does indeed amuse himself finding ways to ‘counter’ his allies in a fight though for now much of these methods are still very theoretical as he does not possess the means/strength to actually carry them out, especially against high level combatants like Captains.

While appearing forgettable and meek, Shiroki does have a limit and when pushed to it is prone to holding a grudge. He is not the sort to forgive and forget, sometimes even nursing such grudges for years without anyone else being aware of it. When angered he is cold, levelheaded and ruthless; willing to postpone vengeance until it can be used with greatest effect. Having no illusion about his physical capabilities, Shiroki is a careful planner who thinks ahead rather than rushing into problems and solving them by brute force. It is not unheard of for him to prepare backup plans for a given situation, should his original plan fail.

Yet for all that Shiroki shows his clan traits by being fiercely loyal to close friends and those he believes in. Other than his Squad Captain, there are few in this category unfortunately. The majority of people he meets he files under ‘acquaintances’; which he takes to mean people-who-haven’t-betrayed-us-YET. He is selective about his friends as he views friendship as a sacred covenant that should not be offered or obtained lightly.

Something Special: Being a member of the wolf Clan has afforded Shiroki a keen sense of hearing and smell, both of which tie in well with his role as a member of the Retrieval Unit. He has built on these strengths by developing his sense of reiatsu, and is able to identify one person from another from differences in spirit energy alone. His time with Retrieval has also taught him how to track others by following reishii trails to their source, and detect his quarry even if they conceal their spiritual pressure. Once he has obtained a sample of his target’s scent and reiatsu, there is nothing Shiroki cannot track.


General Fighting Style:

Shiroki lacks the size and build for most forms of traditional combat, causing him to place reliance on his agility to avoid and overwhelm opponents by landing shallow numerous cuts as opposed to one strong strike. His fighting style borrows heavily from Omnitsukido methods of deception and assassination, favoring planned strikes at vulnerable locations to weaken an opponent over the combat’s duration. Shiroki makes it a point to be familiar with anatomy, using that knowledge to hamstring and target vital areas. Being smaller and faster but lacking in physical power Shiroki prefers slowly wearing down opponents and striking when they present an opportunity. He saves his energy reserves, keeping his sword in sealed form and its release as his trump card.

For one that so actively avoids it however, his combat style is noticeably savage when he finally gets going. Ruthless is perhaps the better term; since he takes no chances—going so far as to incapacitate or slay an already defeated opponent. In his philosophy there is no winner or loser in combat, fighting is perpetual until somebody removes another’s ability to retaliate. Even a surrendering foe might strike if given a chance, and so he does not allow such a chance. Those who watch him in combat though might feel unsettled by the change in his usually blank expressions; he seems to come alive and almost enjoy the act of inflicting pain; if not the combat itself. Although he does not go ‘berserk’ as some of the 11th would, his offensive is at times more terrifying in its cold efficiency, leaving enemies to slowly bleed out from multiple wounds.  He has on occasion been reprimanded by superiors for taking it too far and ‘toying’ with his prey in Hollow encounters.

Shiroki is proficient with using the tonfa as he prefers not resorting to release where possible. In sealed state he adopts a one-handed martial form, blocking strikes with the baton in his dominant hand while pairing his defense with sneakily cast kido from his free hand. After the initial clash he falls into the comfortable pattern of assaulting opponents with kido, while using his weapon only to parry or feint. He is fond of forcing opponents into a sabre-lock, getting them in close before following up with hado cast at point-blank range when they are unable to respond. Against those who favor fighting from distance, Shiroki takes the offensive by trying to pin them down using bakudo before going in for the kill. Overall he is a conservative fighter who likes holding advantages in reserve and stays in close range to maximize the accuracy and power of his kido.

In practice spars or when facing opponents around his level tier or lower, Shiroki waits for them to strike first so he can gauge their styles and abilities. He resorts to shikai release to buy time if outmatched or outnumbered, attacking from a distance at range until reinforcements can arrive. Until then he employs flashy, attention-grabbing tactics; hoping to cause enough collateral damage to draw allies attention while keeping opponents off balance and distracted.

If facing a clearly superior foe Captain tier or greater without time to prepare, Shiroki wastes no time and activates his strongest release straight away, aiming to end the fight before it can begin. If escape is possible he stalls for time, relying on defensive techniques and distractions until there is an opportunity for retreat. Otherwise, he abandons defense and switches entirely to offense when retreat is no longer an option, adopting reckless kamikaze tactics to try and take his enemy down along with him. For him to resort to such lengths the situation must be dire—e.g the collapse of his Division; death of Squad Captain or being trapped in a battle to the death with no escape.

Nonetheless Shiroki prefers to enter combat on his own terms whenever possible so he can set up terrain and opponent to his advantage. In battle he systematically engages weaker combatants first and removes them as distractions before moving onto stronger enemies. In the fight itself, he draws on information obtained via earlier eavesdropping and the various ‘counters’ he has prepared in place against that particular opponent. Should no counter exist, he applies a similar template intended for another target and adjusts it accordingly. While he prefers this fact remain secret, Shiroki has worked out elaborate ways to neutralize most of his Division and even a few of the weaker Captains. Most; if not all, of these methods require considerable resources and a great amount of time to set up, so they aren’t options that he can use immediately without preparation.    

Strengths: Hohō, Sensing, Reiryoku/Reiatsu Control

Hohō Expert – While not officially a member of the punishment force, Shiroki is well versed at most forms of Hohō and Shunpo, having an appreciation for their use in avoiding harm. While he has yet to acquire Mastery and be known as a God of Flash, his application is at a higher level than his peers

Sensing Master (Reikaku) – Shiroki has a natural aptitude for perceiving and identifying others from trace amounts of reiatsu, sounds and scents surrounding him. He has been acknowledged for mastering this field and has never been known to go astray when locked onto his prey. His reputation is such that in some cases refugees have surrendered on learning that the Hellhound of Inuzuri is on their tail.

Reiryoku/Reiatsu Control – Somewhat related to his application of Sensing; although he does not possess high reserves of reiryoku Shiroki has demonstrated competence at controlling and using what he has to work with for maximum effect.

Weaknesses: Strength, Hakuda, Durability

Strength – Having little regard for displays of physical power, this has always been among Shiroki’s main weaknesses. In a pure contest of strength he is very much below average compared to many of his peers, and he is unable to execute Menos or Huge Hollows with a single blow. He makes up for this deficiency by being faster and landing many strikes before opponents can recover.

Hakuda – Simply put, Shiroki is terrible at weaponless hand to hand combat and his punches have about as much stopping power as a wet noodle. If unable to use a weapon for whatever reason, he focuses mainly on dodging opponent strikes while pursuing other avenues of retreat.

Durability – Being limited in size and build; Shiroki is not well suited to taking most forms of damage. Unfortunately, he appears aware of this and expresses little interest in getting beat up to improve durability further. His penchant for retreat means he lacks experience in taking hits.

The Power

Zanpakutō Name: Inukaze (犬風)
Zanpakutō Name Translation: Roughly ‘Hound of Wind’

Sealed Zanpakutō: Inukaze appears as an unthreatening tonfa (wooden T baton designed to guard the lower arm) in its sealed state, about the size of a wakizashi in length. It comprises of two poles attached at a perpendicular angle and can be wielded in a regular or reverse-grip. It has a cylindrical sheath to accommodate it, but no guard. The baton is much worn and nicked along its blocking edge, showing signs of previous use.

Release Phrase: Fetch (phrase accompanied by clacking Inukaze’s baton against its sheath)

Shikai Appearance: Inukaze’s sheath merges with and becomes a matching tonfa baton to be wielded in Shiroki’s off-hand. Both batons gain a metallic bladed edge, their hilts linked by an extendable chain which allows either baton to be hurled at distant enemies before being reeled in as a ranged attack.
except with chain linking both blades

Shikai Ability: Limited control over air and wind, as well as secondary hound-themed kido traits. Inukaze is an air-type kido release, able to create temporary pockets of displaced air and send pressurized bursts of wind at a target. Her range is limited to a hundred dagger lengths in shikai (30m or 32 yards). It is able to transport anything it cuts to its owner's location.  

Bankai Name: Meinu no tate (Shield of the she-wolf/hound)

Bankai Appearance: Inukaze becomes a bone no thicker than a pencil and 13 inches long, wielded as a stick.

Bankai Ability: The true form of Inukaze manifests a spiritual air guardian (similar to Kokujo Tengen Myo) to protect and empower Shiroki’s own attacks in combat. This guardian takes the form of a giant dog, and Shiroki may choose to hide or show its appearance to opponents as he wishes. While in Bankai, the guardian’s presence extends Inukaze’s previous range by 20 feet, allowing its wielder to make melee attacks at range. Standard attacks made appear in the form of claw scratches from a giant paw (one downward slash might result in 3 parallel scratches instead of one). Targeting the guardian spirit itself has no effect as it is only solid when striking, and attacks made against it do not damage Shiroki himself.  

The Spirit
Spirit Appearance: Inukaze manifests as a she-wolf in both shikai (werewolf child) and bankai (giant feral wolf) forms, with white fur and red eyes. Scuffed shackles with short lengths of shattered chains still attached encircle all four of her feet, with another chain functioning as collar around her neck. In both forms she is gaunt and scrawny, with a wild light in crazed eyes: the archetype of an abused prisoner. Arrows, swords and spears are buried in her body and she sports an impressive collection of scars, bleeding from many deep wounds. Shiroki and Inukaze are the same height and build in her Shikai manifestation, but he only reaches up to her ankles at full height when confronting her in Bankai form  

Spirit Personality: Like any mother wolf. Inukaze’s only desire is to see her cubs grow stronger. To this end, she pushes and tests their limits—sometimes in extreme ways. As part of Shiroki, she represents the passion, impulse and instinct he is so careful to keep restrained. Inukaze’s moods are erratic, swinging from overprotectiveness to hostility in an instant; lashing out at the chains of reason that keep her bound. Her fights with Shiroki in their inner world have contributed much to improving his defense and avoidance; which he developed to evade her reach. Ironically, Inukaze is unsatisfied as this was not her intent; her actions meant to push her wielder to fight offensively rather than defensively. Sword and wielder revisit this old argument on many occasions, with Inukaze trying to convince Shiroki that sometimes one must take the initiative instead of waiting for an opening. To drive him towards such a conclusion she is often openly hostile to him; seeking to overwhelm him in a flurry of frenzied attacks to force some manner of retaliation against her. She also guards her techniques fiercely and will only yield them if her wielder proves worthiness by matching her in battle. Here her protective nature is evident as some of those offensive techniques demand a high cost beyond what Shiroki’s childlike body can bear

Inner World: A bleak underground dungeon heavy with the scent of blood. Empty chains lie discarded on the floor and rattle from overhead. The air is stale and oppressive with no visible way out. Fires in coal pits and wall sconces cast an ominous light over instruments of suffering. These represent Shiroki’s inner state and depending on his mood may flare up to illuminate more of the dungeon or dim down to nothingness in the coals. Under normal circumstances the inner dungeon is in use to confine shady manifestations representing Shiroki’s psyche and commitments upon its machines. Each ‘prisoner’ is a fragment of doubt or emotion he keeps locked away in himself, or else the weight of his sworn loyalties given physical form. In times of despair or turmoil however, the dungeon structure is overturned with inmates running amok and stalking throughout its halls to prey on each other as well as Shiroki himself.

The Past

Shiroki was born Obata Umezawa during the reign of Takeda Shingen in the Sengoku era of Japan. The Umezawa clan were zealous vassals of Shingen and accompanied their daimyo on many military expeditions against his rivals in Tokugawa. Although loyal to a fault, the Umezawa did not follow the code of the Samurai, usually functioning as diplomats and double-agents to achieve their ends. Obata was born into such a life; raised to profess fealty to Shingen regardless of the cost, and taught to hold a sword as soon as he could walk. His father was a scout for Shingen’s army and his mother was a camp follower, so they were rarely around.

Obata was raised together with the servant children by camp followers in Shingen’s baggage train, meeting his father during the short durations of camp leave after scouting expeditions. His father’s military superior was a friend of the family, and arranged for Obata to have swordplay lessons from a young age in addition to his other schooling. Although not nobility, this arrangement allowed him to mingle with kids from the upper crust from time to time as classmates in fencing lessons. It was here that Obata learnt of the divide separating the lower from higher caste, as well as the experience of betrayal for the first time: when a shameful secret told in confidence to the Katsuyori (little Prince) became camp gossip much to his dismay. From then on he held little delusion about his status, keeping himself aloof from others and not revealing anything more than what was necessary.

This reliance on no one but himself would later prove his undoing, when he gave the Master of Rice the slip and snuck in together with some noble children onto the baggage train just as it was about to leave for the Front. The stowaways were discovered soon enough, sending Takeda Shingen into a rage at how his heir had been placed in jeopardy. When interrogated by the lord’s retainers, none of the noble stowaways dared to speak and Obata was left to shoulder the blame for their ill-advised venture. Here the philosophies drummed into him proved his end, prompting him to lie and accept responsibility for the incident—the last loyal act a retainer would do for his prince. He was executed by Shingen’s order and buried in an unmarked grave along the wayside before the age of ten.

Obata awoke to find himself in the Rukongai, with few memories about his past life and no idea where he was. Furthermore, he had undergone a Change—the mark of his Sin impressed upon him for all to see. By placing his prince above his survival he had scorned the tenets and duties which all children have towards their parents according to the Zazen teachings. This would later be explained to him when he met other such Clan members and learnt their origins. Lacking memory of his past self or name, villagers took to calling him ‘little Shiro’ (白)or ‘Ki’ (黄)after the colours of white and yellow in his fur; both of which he decided to combine into his new name. Shunned by the human inhabitants due to his appearance, Obata was adopted into a Clan pack in the Rukon district of Inuzuri consisting of a few street urchins under the protection of an elder Wolf they called Oji-san. As the smallest of the pack, Shiroki was the runt of the litter, a tagalong trying to catch up to his older and larger ‘siblings’. Together they made a living of sorts as beggars and pickpockets, preying on unlucky villagers.

Needless to say, such a lifestyle was not without risks. Shiroki’s pack was arrested by the local magistrates after a pickpocketing spree went awry, a development he blamed himself for since he was the weakest and slowest. His pack had to slow down to accommodate him; and might have evaded capture otherwise. Gaining awareness of his role as the weakest link in the chain; Shiroki vowed to himself he would become stronger so as not to burden his new family. This resolution would have to wait however, with their being put in the stocks and mistreated as an example to other troublemakers. As reparation, Shiroki was sent into indentured servitude to repay his victim and taken on as an unpaid servant. Like many Inuzuri residents, his new owner was a hard taskmaster; using him as a beast of burden and occasional participant in illegal cockfights between strays. From such encounters Shiroki learnt his limits and how to outlast a much stronger foe.
His rescue came at the hand of a Shinigami who broke up the illegal arena and sent Shiroki’s owner running. His chains were struck off as an afterthought and Shiroki swore a life debt to his rescuer despite not knowing her name. From then on he made it a point to learn everything about the Shinigami, wishing to become one so as to grow stronger and be less of a burden to those around him. Following his salvation, he took to wearing a knotted string around one wrist as a reminder of the shackle he escaped and the debt owed to his rescuer. What he had learnt so far already suggested that he could be a potential candidate for the Academy, since unlike other Rukon residents he needed to sustain himself with food. As a show of support, a couple of his pack siblings made the trip with him to apply but it was evident that the officials did not take a bunch of little kids seriously. Even so, Shiroki was determined not to take ‘no’ for an answer, planting himself before the Seretei gate long after his friends got bored and wandered off. Impressed by the cub’s stubbornness if nothing else, the official eventually let him apply.

Shiroki’s appearance made him an unusual sight in the Academy’s halls. He had to put up with his share of racial slurs about slipping standards and how ‘just anybody’ could become a student these days. He soon found it wiser to ignore the hecklers and let people assume what they wanted, rather than pick a fight. It was during his tenure that fellow students began calling him the Getaway Kid, derived from his near-uncanny tendency to flee at the first sign of trouble. This did not bother Shiroki, who kept to himself and focused on his studies. Due to his size limitations, he gravitated more towards Kido rather than Zanjutsu as most would. Although he showed talent in those areas, he was never known to participate in any sparring matches friendly or otherwise with fellow students and as such would not be considered a candidate for graduation for quite some time.

Quincy War and Aftermath
Skirmish with the Quincy faction did not leave the Academy entirely untouched, and Shiroki got his first impression of the enemy from posters and war materials disseminated by the Seretei public relations sector. Till then, he had never fully grasped that the faction was real; much less an actual threat. Listening to fellow students gossip about them also tinted his bias and made him join the general consensus that they had a snowball's chance in Hell in pulling off any kind of invasion. And so, like most of the community, he was caught by surprise when it actually happened. Who would've thought guys in white capes could be so persistent?
Things came to a boil when Academy instructors were conscripted to stand against the new threat, leaving several teaching posts unoccupied. As one of the senior students during this time (in his 15th year at the Academy), Shiroki stepped in as an interim Kido tutor to fill the role for his teacher until she returned from the Front. All field expeditions were suspended for the duration of the conflict, and a curfew imposed upon students for their safety. No attacks had directly targeted the Seretei as of yet, but they were taking no chances. It was a tense period, but one in which Shiroki found that he could teach or lead if he put his mind to it. The idea would never have occurred to him before if not for the crisis as he is not one to chase recognition, but having an opportunity to be a Senpai for the junior classes wasn't that bad of an experience...if one discounted putting up with shocked stares when first entering a class and overeager girls lurking in ambush for hugs. It would be during this time that he was motivated to work even harder on Shunpo to apply it at a more advanced level--which may or may not be a result of these attentions.
Shiroki breathed a collective sigh of relief along with his upper classmates when the war showed signs of dying down in 1705. It was during this time that the Academy received a surprise visit from the Captain-Commander of that period; the first time Shiro had ever seen that imposing presence in person. The encounter was a relatively short one, involving a speech which started as a general welcome address by the Commander to all Academy students wishing them luck in future careers; before taking a sinister turn. While refraining from 'hate-speech', the Commander then broached the subject of their losses against the Quincy, emphasizing that such an affront could not be tolerated until the Enemy was completely eradicated and no longer a threat. Such views had been aired before by Shiro's classmates and a few of his own instructors, so the message of it was one that stayed with him long after their special guest speaker departed.

Civil War
Perhaps predictably as is often the case with students, the Academy's population became somewhat divided following their guest speaker's speech. Students began to split into camps; those supporting the Commander's call for a decisive end war and those opposing it. Shiroki gravitated towards the former camp, feeling that the points raised by some of his teachers were valid: An enemy was still an enemy, and everyone would be safer on the whole if they were completely eradicated to the last instead of being allowed to lick their wounds after a surrender. He attended rallies of the pro-war faction as students tend to do, but remained little more than a face in the crowd--sometimes contributing to setting up signs and banners but never really participating in the protest marches.
All that changed when the situation erupted into civil war. Once again the stability of things was threatened as instructors and students took sides in the conflict, though it was agreed as a whole that the Academy would remain neutral ground. Alarmed by the spillover effects and camp factions starting to spring up in the Rukon, Shiroki took steps to smuggle his packmates into the Academy in the confusion; where they would be relatively safe. Pressed into teaching once more, he joined the others in setting up barricades around the school in event that they would be needed.
Unfortunately, their presence would indeed be needed as more complications arose. One of the Academy instructors aligning with the pro-war faction returned, ignoring the neutrality agreement by seeking refuge in the school itself. His act in doing so meant the Academy could no longer be considered neutral while sheltering a combatant within its gates, but Shiro was reluctant to give up his teacher nonetheless. He strengthened the barriers and opened up a section of the school as a secret-reserve base after much hesitation, hoping it would not come to actual conflict.
His fears were not unfounded. Eventually, the opposing faction discovered their hideout, issuing an ultimatum for enemy combatants to leave sanctuary. Arguments erupted on school grounds as a result, leading to a desperate standoff. Sensing trouble on the way, Shiroki and his classmates took charge to evacuate the civilians ensuring most got to safety before both factions came to blows. Thanks to their quick response, there were minimal casualties and collateral damage but he had lost his packmates in the confusion. Much later, he would discover that his decision to provide sanctuary to his teacher came at a costly price: some of his pack siblings had been wounded in the mass exodus, and his elder Oji-san was dead.

The guilt of losing his Alpha was a heavy burden to Shiro and a stern wake up call about the true cost of war. When fighting subsided, he willingly gave himself up to the new administration, admitting his role in the Academy standoff. His willingness to cooperate and limited participation in the actual conflict earned him a reduced penalty; his actions to save his fellow students also contributed to that outcome. For his role, he was assigned to join the Seretei cleanup crews and Squad 4 relief teams to assist in picking up the pieces now that things were returning to normal. It was much work, but also fulfilling in its own way as he got to interact with casualties of either war and even come to think of some as friends.

Shiroki uncovered his Shikai and learnt his blade’s name on his first Hollow field mission much later after events returned to their status quo. Separated from his class, he stumbled into an ambush and was quickly overcome. Time seemed to come to a stop as he hovered at the brink of unconsciousness, learning his zanpakuto’s name. His class returned to find him alone after dispatching the Hollows, with only their surroundings showing any trace of the battle. Wanting to keep his achievement a secret, he played down their numbers and claimed to have overcome the opponents using kido before purifying them.

Over time, he became almost like a fixture in the Academy: a quiet student with nose buried in a book who rarely spoke up in class but generally received good marks on assignments. His presence became a small curiosity with regards to his failure to graduate. Although having no reputation for being a prodigy, he was considered a capable enough student and somewhat of a mystery as few were able to witness his fighting style or even the sealed form of his asauchi. He kept a low profile, bothering no one and revealed nothing besides his practice of kido on stationary targets. When sent on expeditions to the world of the Living, he would run interference or act as messenger, excusing himself from hollow hunting or even Konso duties.
All that changed after an episode that everyone tacitly refers to as the Otokoyo Incident. Following a successful Hollow field exercise, the advanced class dragged a protesting Shiroki along with them to celebrate their impending graduation over a few rounds of sake. Unused to alcohol, Shiro passed out after a single glass much to the amusement of his classmates and became the brunt of student pranks as is often the case—waking up to a pounding hangover in only his undergarments and all his possessions stolen. Most alarming of all, the pranksters had even taken his string bracelet—the very same that had never moved from its spot all those years. Whether he was lucid or still addled by alcohol is impossible to say, but it set in motion a Hunt (Otokoyo) the likes of which had never been seen within the Seretei till that day. One by one, Shiroki tracked his possessions down: an activity seen at first by perpetrators as a game but later in deadly earnest as he moved ever closer. It soon escalated into a competition, with students banding together and even seeking the help of Academy instructors to prolong the chase. The instructors agreed, motivated in no small part by honest curiosity at Shiroki’s capabilities. Together they set up a roster of students and kept the bracelet moving constantly from one to the next, under a heavy net of suppressive kido the hide its trace. Not even this would stop Shiroki however, as he methodically tracked his way to the end of the line and retrieved his possession from the Academy dean himself.  

Recruitment (3rd Division; 6th seat)
Word of this feat spread throughout the Academy and even to the Gotei itself. Nor had it been forgotten that he had helped erect a presence dampening barrier during the events of the Civil war to hide his Sensei from enemy eyes. At his instructors’ behest, Shiroki sat for his qualifying exams in Zanjutsu and was permitted to graduate, eventually scoring a position as unseated officer in Squad 3's information gathering department. He was content to spend the next few years in relative obscurity as one of the Record office's fact-finders, playing to his strengths at poking his snout into places it wasn't wanted to learn things he wasn't supposed to know. The years of practical experience in this area allowed him to develop control over his own spiritual signature; able to hide his reiatsu and avoid being detected. Everything he learnt he would dutifully pass on to superiors in notarized reports, but he also took to keeping notes for his own reference. What first began as simple curiosity soon became something more, as he realized he could use this information to his advantage in an emergency. Over time he rose in the ranks and was eventually trusted to conduct solo scouting expeditions in the role of 6th seat.

Over time, Shiroki cultivated a friendly relationship with 2nd Division's 3rd Seat, as their roles often brought him to interact with the Head of the Detention Unit. He was able to witness as the 3rd Seat sparred with inhabitants of the Maggot’s Nest, and given the opportunity to test himself against a few of them on occasion. The experience made him aware of his limitations against opponents, a lesson emphasized when his next fact-finding mission involved ferreting around the barracks of Division 11.
While Shiroki was able to locate his quarry easily enough, overconfidence caught him off guard and left him barely enough time to call in reinforcements. No escape was to be had; the 11th had closed ranks around their Captain, trapping the pair in a makeshift arena. With all avenues of escape cut off, Shiroki was left with no other choice but to draw his weapon and distract his foe long enough for help to arrive. What followed was a harrowing few minutes of cat and mouse as the Kenpachi toyed with her prey, before getting bored of the chase and preparing a final blow. The latent reiatsu she emitted sent Shiroki to his knees and there was nothing to do but await his end--
He was saved from that fate by the timely arrival of Squad 2's Captain; who had intercepted his report. The strike intended for him was intercepted by the Captain instead, who stepped in and took the blow. Delegated to the sidelines, Shiroki had front row seats to watch a contest between Captain level combatants, the power exchanged overwhelming even though he was not the intended target. This experience left him another life debt to repay—this one to the Captain; and a better understanding of how outclassed he was compared to some others in Seretei…something he swore to change. It was clear that as long as he was Shinigami he would be in danger, from opponents and foes too dangerous to overcome through conventional means. Therefore, Shiroki vowed that he would never again be caught off guard; planning to learn everything he could about the people around him in the event that he might have to face them one day as opponents. In secret, he would begin compiling lists of those he encountered, taking note of their combat styles and weaknesses so as to plan countermeasure against them. Somewhere around this time he took on the second name Sakanade; a title earned for his strategizing and counterstrokes.

Transfer (2nd Division)
Seeking to repay his debt, Shiroki went to his contact in the Detention Unit for help with his transfer application. With its 3rd Seat's personal endorsement, he was allowed to join the 2nd Division’s Retrieval unit. Here he found himself in his element tracking down criminals and fugitives from justice, living up to the name the Academy had given him after that famous Hunt: the Hellhound of Inuzuri. During his tenure, no quarry escaped his reach; and over time the mention of his name could convince a few to surrender without need for a chase. He much preferred this new position over the old as he would no longer be flying solo, being supported by backup from arresting officers should he require it.

Following a fairly successful career, Shiroki rose quickly in the ranks and became one of the possible candidates for Squad Lieutenant. The nomination from their Detention Unit's head made obtaining that role a cinch, placing him in charge over the Retrieval unit as a whole. While able to delegate, he still likes to go on hunts himself; especially those needing a personal touch.

Bankai (very unpolished; far from final incarnation)
Ever since unlocking his Shikai in the 1800s, Shiroki never stopped pushing for personal advancement and was able to attain a VERY rudimentary form of Bankai after his transfer to the 2nd Division. His still-recent experiences of how utterly unmatched he was compared to the Captains might have lent just enough motivation to make the first breakthrough of manifesting the zanpakuto spirit and a rough Bankai release much later. Other than his captain; whom he keeps no secrets from, no one in his squad knows about this achievement. At the moment, it is more of a liability than actual asset, as its practical usage is limited and exhausts him greatly. But he is always up for any tips or pointers from the Captain on how to improve it further.

Major Events Timeline:
21/7/1552 – Birth as a human
21/7/1672 – Academy student
13/5/1687 - Quincy War; logistician
12/3/1705 - Captain Commander's speech; rallies
5/6/1709 - Mini revolt on Academy grounds
30/10/1712 - Loss; relegated to cleanup crew
16/1/1800 - Shikai mastery
10/3/1996 – Graduation; scout in Squad 3's Records Office
23/3/2005 – Kenpachi encounter
1/1/2006 - Formal transfer request approved; reassignment to Squad 2
4/4/2008 - Unpolished Bankai (not full manifestation)

Roleplaying Sample:
"Again,” the old man folded his arms in a posture of supreme indifference, plain asauchi hanging at rest from his obi to the side. His every attitude spoke of calm; of boundless serenity, the living embodiment of a placid lake lapping idly on the shore.

That was; of course, if one was willing to overlook the wide swath of devastation that characterized his surroundings: tatami mats scattered this way and that over charred and splintered floorboards; paper screens ripped from their door moorings and calligraphy scrolls that once bore maxims from Sun-Tzi’s Art of War little more than tattered banners flapping in the breeze. Valuable scrolls expounding the styles and forms of combat lay piled in a sorry heap near the shattered remains of the shelf they once lay, half hiding the battered figure underneath. It was small, not very much larger than the scroll pile; but otherwise looked none worse for the wear in spite of its unceremonious passage. A furry yellow arm impatiently shoved tattered papers to one side as its owner gained his feet, awkwardly stepping out from the wreckage to regard the other with tired incredulity on his vulpine features. “You destroyed the whole dojo,”

“I believe that was you,” replied the elder, not missing a beat. “Launching Sōkatsui was your idea, was it not? An impressive display; if rather limited. You demonstrate a grasp of the fundamentals but not the limitations of the form, Shiro-kun,”

“And I assume you will enlighten me, Katsuma-sensei?” Even standing at his full height, the student Shiroki came no higher than his teacher’s waist. He was dressed in what amounted to half an Academy uniform, retaining only the red hakama that marked him as a member of the advanced class.

“The backlash impact of your kido would have been lessened had you worn the upper kosobe,” Katsuma observed wryly, casting an eye over dark patches of scorch marks marring the yellow and white fur on Shiro’s chest. “Our uniforms are there for a reason, you know,”

“Fur doesn’t mix with flame. Had I done so, the hado would have set my sleeves on fire, followed by the rest of me. As sensei is surely aware,” The pup swept back his fringe as he huffed out a sigh. “Alright, out with it. Where did I go wrong? I know you’re dying to tell me,”

“If you haven’t figured it out already, telling you would be pointless Shiro-kun,” Katsuma subtly shifted his weight from one foot to the other. He had not gone so far as to draw his asauchi, but even that small movement spoke volumes; prompting Shiroki to anxiously adopt a generic defensive stance—one hand tightening in a reverse grip on his reliable tonfa baton; its blocking edge facing Katsuma to deflect any potential strike. “A little jumpy, are we? Again,”

“To Mugen with that, Sensei,” Shiroki replied, trying hard to regulate his breathing to its normal level; one that wouldn’t cause his heart to burst in his skinny chest. “I am NOT attacking you again. Not after last time, and the time before that,”

Katsuma spread both arms wide, adopting a manner of sincere surprise. “Then how do you expect to learn, Shiro-kun?”

“Learning is one thing. Getting myself killed because I don’t know my limits is another. It is one of the first lessons the Academy teaches: to know oneself. And I know I cannot hope to lay a claw on you at my current level, sensei,” he kept a wary eye on his teacher, ready to move as soon as that deceptively harmless asauchi twitched in its sheath.

“You parrot the teachings, but you do not understand,” Katsuma shook his head with the weary air of one revisiting a frequent argument. “In other context you would be correct, Shiro-kun. But this is a school. It is a place to learn. If you cannot be safe here, where else will you be?” The elderly instructor sighed. “I assure you, killing one’s students is neither part of class curriculum nor encouraged by the Academy directors,”

“I have not seen enough of people to be entirely certain of that,” something flickered in the cub’s eyes before they returned to their normal impassive blue. “Sensei,”

“Such wariness in one so young… What then? Are you going to spend this session waiting until I attack you? How will that benefit you?”

“It will allow me to counter your strike if I can, to dodge if I cannot. It will place my sensei at a temporary disadvantage, as you cannot easily change the direction of your charge and attack once you gain momentum. And—“

“…and it will make it appear to any watching observer that I am the aggressor, yourself the victim; and therefore in need of aid while I am to be the target of censure,” Katsuma observed idly.

“That…that was never my intent,”

“You may lie to me, boy; but never to yourself. Your arguments make sense to you, which is why you find refuge in them. But what will you do when you find a situation beyond control. What if you can’t afford to let an enemy make the first move? What then?” The growing spiritual pressure was sufficient indication that his instructor was losing patience. “We are not here to train your defense, Shiro-kun. There would be little point in it, as we already know its worth. We are here,” in a motion almost too fast to see, Katsuma drew his blade—not the training asauchi; but his actual zanpakuto from its cane sheath. “…to develop your attack. Banka—“

“Fetch, Inukaze!”

Spiritual pressure levels skyrocketed as debris exploded around the pair, enveloping both in a temporary fog. When it lifted, Shiroki held the off-hand tonfa of his shikai release in his left hand and its linking chain in his right. Both batons had developed nasty bladed edges; one of which hooked around Katsuma’s own zanpakuto, interrupting its release.

“Better,” acknowledged his teacher, a shadow of a smile settling on his features. “The puppy has claws. I wondered what I had to do to drag that out of you,”

Shiroki made no reply, concentrating only on the instructor’s hands and their relation to either of his swords. They stood frozen in that manner for several moments, neither side making any movement to engage.

“This is not our first encounter, Shiro-kun. We clashed just now, and also before that. What have you learned?”
“The first time? Not to let you get a word in, sensei. You used a Bakudo #61 and then hit me in the head,” Shiroki avoided the urge to rub that spot in particular. He had been struck with the hilt, not the blade—but it still made his ears ring.

“And what if I had skipped the incantation? What then?”

“I thought of that. So the second time I fired first, before you could,”

“Sōkatsui, yes. And what did you learn?”

The cub hung his head, both ears drooping. “It never reached you. I couldn’t get through,”

“It is not your technique,” Katsuma admitted at last. “That was adequate. What you forgot was simple physics. For a force to act in one direction, there must be a power behind to lend it momentum and focus. Your hado was complete; but you did not have the strength to thrust it outward, so its recoil sent you flying instead of your opponent.”

“Like a…firework cannon,” understanding dawned on fox features

“Exactly so,” Katsuma accepted the analogy, declining to ask where his student had been acquainted with a rocket launcher in the first place. Years of teaching had taught him that much tact, at least. “There are few of your classmates who have your…stature; so this is a difficulty that will trouble them little, if at all. But where they can fire off hado incantations with little regard for their own location and stance, you cannot. You must be aware of your surroundings before you cast, and only do so if you are certain of having firm footing to avoid being thrown back. That is one lesson. But what is the other?”


“In the first match, you waited for my attack and gave me the opportunity. In the second, you attempted hado but were unsuccessful. Did you expect to succeed?”

“…no. I knew you would use a barrier. Maybe even Dankū. But the explosion and smoke produced would hide me, give me an opening to—“

“By which time you might be dead, were this a real battle,” Katsuma pointed out. “You speak of the smoke lending you an opening. But not only does it hide you from me, it also hides me from you. I could have been doing anything during those seconds of cover; none of which helping your advantage,” the aura of his teacher’s spiritual pressure shifted into a flavor Shiroki recognized as exasperation. “In the first bout, you waited while I struck. In the second, you struck first, a little harder but still not hard enough. Not because you were unable to, but because you chose not to. And in the third, the only way I could force a shikai from you is by threatening to blow up this Academy itself. Do you not notice the pattern here? In every encounter it is clear that you hold something back, allowing yourself to escalate from defense to first strike to shikai. You keep something in reserve for ‘next time’. Even now I don’t think what you showed me in shikai was your true potential. You still have techniques you’re keeping to yourself. Am I wrong?”

Shiroki weighed his options, deciding it would be wiser to keep his mouth shut.

“This is not a game, nor one of those world-of-the-living Anime things that you youngsters like so much. If you lose, you will not always find a wise old teacher or enter some secret-training-phase that will prepare you for Round Two. Sometimes there is no Round Two. Sometimes the hero dies in the end. It is useless to save some ‘ultimate attack’ for next time, and get killed in the process,”

Even if Shiroki wanted to say something in his defense, he could not. It would be impossible to stop Katsuma-sensei once he had built up this much steam. He settled for looking appropriately contrite, head downcast at his paws.

“Your problem,” noted Katsuma. “Is that you assume there WILL be a next time, and that you will need to save power for then. What if you are wrong? What if there is no ‘next time’? However good you are at Shunpo, there are some battles that won’t allow you to run away. No. When facing an opponent who is beyond you, nothing short of full force will suffice. Do not aim to distract them, or run away from them. Aim to obliterate them, and that might catch them off guard, if you’re lucky. Then you can run away,” The old teacher tilted his head to appraise his student quizzically. “I admit that in all my years I have rarely encountered a student like you. Most of your classmates are hotheads who will happily run headlong at a Menos and proudly use their shikai release at every small opportunity. It is; regrettably, a habit few people grow out of. I know Captains who go into Bankai to move furniture or settle petty disputes, for example. This might actually be the first time I have had to counsel someone to be less cautious; that it is not defense that is lacking,”

“Well, some defense is lacking—or my own hado wouldn’t have sent me flying to the other end of the room,”

Katsuma raised an eyebrow in amusement but declined to comment. “Hopefully you managed to learn something today,”

“Would you like to see for yourself?” one casual tug had the bladed baton unhook its target and return to an awaiting hand. He could see the expressions changing on his tutor’s face: surprise, approval, honest curiosity and then sudden savage glee. If he had ever doubted it, he did so no longer—there was indeed a reason why Katsuma was dreaded amongst his classes as the Demon Lecturer.

“Thought you’d never ask, Shiro-kun,” this time he did not need supernatural reflexes to see his instructor’s hand move lazily for his sword hilt. Not the hilt of his training asauchi of course; because that would be too easy—but the bloodthirsty hilt of his actual zanpakuto itself.

What had he got himself into?

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Re: Shiroki Sakanade [Shinigami] (Finished)

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OK, normally, an app of this quality would attain Captain Tier, both due to it's length, sentence structure, and over-all quality. However, as we try not to hand this rank out to people under a certain age, for realism's sake (can't be handing out Captain Tier to some 120 year old who just graduated after-all, regardless of their quality), I'm gonna have to have another staffer come in and give the second approval for Captain Tier.

1/2 for Captain Tier.

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Re: Shiroki Sakanade [Shinigami] (Finished)

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Re: Shiroki Sakanade [Shinigami] (Finished)

Post by Shiroki on Thu Sep 07, 2017 2:19 am

Armed Combat: Advanced
Bakudo: Advanced
Hado: Intermediate
Hoho: Expert
Kaido: Untrained
Reiatsu Perception: Master
Spiritual Combat: Advanced
Shunko: Beginner
Unarmed Combat: Untrained

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Re: Shiroki Sakanade [Shinigami] (Finished)

Post by Shiroki on Thu Sep 07, 2017 2:59 am

Combat Techniques

Sakanade (Counterstrike) - Shiroki's favorite tactic, and the one that he incorporated into his name: Deceptively simple, he locks down an enemy's weapon by parrying it with his own and enters a sabre-lock trying to gain force each other back. This allows him to get in close and personal to launch Shakkaho or Byakurai.

Alarm - Even before obtaining proficiency at many of the advanced skills; Shiroki has made it a priority to FAKE competency at as much of them as possible--just in case he has to deter an opponent by pretending to be a bigger threat than he he actually is. This tactic utilizes his control of reiatsu in a manner similar to that taught to Academy students for the standard alarm signal, only on a grander scale. For a very brief moment Shiroki can regulate his spiritual pressure to resemble that of an advanced Bankai release. When paired with yelling out 'Bankai' it is sometimes enough to trick others to flee. Furthermore, this tactic also functions as a beacon when he concentrates all his spiritual pressure to reveal his position and signal for assistance; sometimes creating collateral damage to draw attention of nearby allies.

'Shunko' - Similar to the above, Shiroki has no real mastery of Shunko but doesn't let a small detail like this bother him. His beginner level allows him enough control to discharge a dramatic, showy burst of power--enough to destroy his uniform and manifest as reiatsu trails around his body...but do little else besides that. Real masters of Shunko will recognize the bluff for what it is, since experienced users are able to concentrate their focus to minimize such 'showy effects' in discharge. But to someone with no Shunko training it is very impressive


Shiroki can perform all Hado up to #63 and Bakudo up to #79, but makes use of the following more frequently in his repertoire.

Hado #1: Sho
Hado #4: Byakurai
Hado #31: Shakkaho

Bakudo #1: Sai
Bakudo #77: Tenteikūra
Bakudo #58: Kakushitsuijaku


Specific Abilities
Breath of the Gods (神の息吹; Kami no ibuki): Shiroki spins one baton in a circle, generating momentum and creating a vortex which draws out air within a 30m cone in the direction it is facing. The displaced air is redirected through the linked chain into his other baton, and may be released as a pressurized gust upon a different target. The strength of the blast is determined by how much air is displaced by the vortex; ranging from a mild breeze to a strong gale-force push that can knock an opponent off their feet. Shiroki has the option to choose how much of the stored force is released, and can either do so all at once or fire off small consecutive bursts in rapid succession. [Cooldown: 3 posts for full blast, 1 post for half-powered bursts. Even smaller bursts have no cooldown, but likely lack stopping power]

Fetch (取り戻す; Torimodosu): In shikai, Inukaze ‘marks’ everything that it touches for 5 posts; including other zanpakuto. While within range, Shiroki maintains a ‘hold’ on such targets by extension, and may draw opponents or their zanpakuto to his current location. He is limited to drawing in two targets at once.
Sample scenario: If during combat Inukaze’s shikai directly touches the opposing zanpakuto; that sword becomes a target and can be ‘recalled’ to Shiroki’s location as a standard action. The target’s wielder (if not a target themselves) may either release their hold on the item or allow themselves to be reeled in along with the marked zanpakuto. As it is not dependent on strength, the ability is not restricted by opposing size or strength. However, the durability of the target is another matter so sufficient force exerted by an opponent trying to hold onto their marked zanpakuto might cause the sword to shatter altogether, leaving them holding onto the hilt. Whether item breaks depends on opponent’s intentions and strength values. This ability may be used once in 3 posts.

Void claws (真空爪; Shinku Tsume): Every swipe of Inukaze’s blades creates a temporary vacuum when it displaces air from one location to another. When this happens, surrounding air in the nearby vicinity rushes in to fill the void created from all sides, resulting in a compressing effect at target location. By controlling direction and intensity of his strikes, Shiroki can direct this compression-force at a target to temporarily immobilize and throw opponents off-balance. [Duration: 1 post. Cooldown: 1 post]


Bankai Name: Meinu no tate (Shield of the she-wolf/hound)

Bankai Appearance: Inukaze becomes a stick no thicker than a pencil, 13 inches long.

Bankai Ability: The true form of Inukaze manifests a spiritual air guardian (similar to Kokujo Tengen Myo) to protect and empower Shiroki’s own attacks in combat. This guardian takes the form of a giant dog, and Shiroki may choose to hide or show its appearance to opponents as he wishes. While in Bankai, the guardian’s presence extends Inukaze’s previous range by 20 feet, allowing its wielder to make melee attacks at range. Standard attacks made appear in the form of claw scratches from a giant paw (one downward slash might result in 3 parallel scratches instead of one). Targeting the guardian spirit itself has no effect as it is only solid when striking, and attacks made against it do not damage Shiroki himself.  

Specific abilities:
Mother’s Embrace (母親の抱擁; Hahaoya no hōyō): Inukaze may solidify the air around a target to make a protective barrier that deflects attacks. Doing so requires much effort and concentration so he cannot maintain the shield often and for long. While sustaining a shield, Shiroki is unable to attack. However, depending on his needs he can specify the shape of the shield; anything from a single sheet barrier to an all-encompassing bubble that wraps around its target. When manifested as a bubble; there is a downside of the shield preventing outside air from getting in, making it dangerous to use as a defense tactic. [Duration(bubble): 1 post due to lack of air, 3 posts otherwise][Cooldown: 4 posts]

Fetch (取り戻す; Torimodosu): In Bankai form, Inukaze possesses a magnetic effect that draws itself towards other incoming zanpakuto within melee range. This allows Shiroki to automatically parry any sword-based attack directed at him, and his Bankai to do all the fighting for him. However, he remains limited by physical capacity and can only block one attack at a time, making this ability less useful when facing multiple opponents. When facing more than one sword attack, Inukaze’s Bankai automatically moves to block the closest threat first, leaving its wielder defenceless against subsequent ones. Furthermore, it may guard only against weapon strikes and cannot defend against kicks or kido

Wolf of Colours (色狼; Iro-Okami): Inukaze’s secondary Bankai ability is to manipulate perception of all within its range of effect, including its wielder. When using this ability, Shiroki can specify a color to render all things of that color unnoticeable to everyone within Inukaze’s range. Only one color effect may be active at a time. The effect is more than mere invisibility; those under its influence will find that they literally CANNOT look at objects of the labelled color--if needing to aim for such an object, they will be forced to estimate its location by focusing on surrounding objects instead. When dressed appropriately in single-shade colors Shiroki can rely on this to turn himself or his blade 'untargetable' for an extra edge versus a confused opponent. [Duration: 2 post, Cooldown: 4 posts]

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Re: Shiroki Sakanade [Shinigami] (Finished)

Post by Shiroki on Thu Sep 07, 2017 3:00 am

Tracking Techniques

Ability Name: Otokoyo (Man Hunt)

Ability Description: Shiroki senses Reiatsu at a much higher level than average Shinigami, and can distinguish differences in energy trace left behind by others. Coupled with keen hearing and sense of smell, these traits enable him to track down targets once honing onto their lingering reiatsu trace. The nature of his role in the retrieval unit has expanded on these traits, and he is known to be rather good at his duty of tracking down and pursuing those who escape incarceration or the Detention unit. The ease and effectiveness of execution depends on the level/experience of his quarry. The stronger and more experienced his target, the more time and effort is expended. Once locked onto a trace, Shiroki is able to follow indefinitely until quarry is apprehended or himself incapacitated by ambush. While he will catch up with his target eventually if not obstructed, skilled opponents may sense when being tracked in such a way and lead him on a wild goose chase or into a trap.

Ability Name: Kakurenbo (Hide and Seek)

Ability Description: Through long practice Shiroki is able to suppress his reiatsu trace to prevent himself from being found. He maintains a much-simplified version of this aura in normal day-to-day activities as an automatic habit, dampening his spirit signature to inconsequential levels. Actively lowering his reiatsu to the point where he is unnoticeable requires more effort and isn’t something he can sustain indefinitely. While hiding in such a manner, he has less energy to spare on other areas and his stats are reduced by half.   [Duration: 9 posts, Cooldown: X+1 where X=posts active]

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Re: Shiroki Sakanade [Shinigami] (Finished)

Post by Shiroki on Mon Oct 02, 2017 4:10 am

I'd like my racial bonus applied to Reiatsu Perception to raise it from Master to Grandmaster; pending staff approval


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Re: Shiroki Sakanade [Shinigami] (Finished)

Post by Azalea on Mon Oct 02, 2017 9:04 am

Bonus approved.

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Re: Shiroki Sakanade [Shinigami] (Finished)

Post by Shiroki on Thu Jan 11, 2018 3:50 am

Character Bracket: Advanced Captain (Current)
Free floating points: 4
Current Stat Points: 7 (captain tier) + 1 (species)
-Armed Combat: Advanced (base)
-Spirit Combat: Advanced (base)
-Hoho: Expert (+1)
-Shunko: Beginner (-2)
-Hado: Intermediate (-1)
-Bakudo: Advanced (base)
-Perception: Grandmaster (+3)
-Kaido: Untrained (base)
-Unarmed Combat: Untrained (base)

Factoring in point gain from Training Thread approval
-Hoho +1
-Spirit Combat +1
-Hado +1
-Bakudo +1

Points After Training (Ref)
-Armed Combat: Advanced (base)
-Spirit Combat: Expert (+1)
-Hoho: Master (+1)
-Shunko: Beginner (base)
-Hado: Advanced (+1)
-Bakudo: Expert (+1)
-Perception: Grandmaster (base)
-Kaido: Untrained (base)
-Unarmed Combat: Untrained (base)

Tier allocation request:
Am intending to spend 2 points on Spirit Combat to increase it from Expert to Grandmaster. And 1 point on Shunko to increase it from Beginner to intermediate. And keeping last point in reserve.

Final proposed allocation
-Armed Combat: Advanced (base)
-Spirit Combat: Grandmaster (+1 training) (+2 Tier)
-Hoho: Master (+1 training)
-Shunko: Intermediate (+1 Tier)
-Hado: Advanced (+1 training)
-Bakudo: Expert (+1 training)
-Perception: Grandmaster (base)
-Kaido: Untrained (base)
-Unarmed Combat: Untrained (base)

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Re: Shiroki Sakanade [Shinigami] (Finished)

Post by Shiroki on Thu Jan 11, 2018 3:52 am

Also to note the additional Technique (Preyscape) added to Bankai repertoire


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Re: Shiroki Sakanade [Shinigami] (Finished)

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