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The Emperor and the Bet (OPEN TO ANYONE

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The Emperor and the Bet (OPEN TO ANYONE

Post by Nocens on Sat Jul 15, 2017 11:14 pm

Eleven hours before

"I'm bored," Nocens declared loudly, crossing her arms below her chest. She had reverted to her original form, though her tails were retracted into her body. Her single eye, the left, looked out across her throne room. Her four Generals were assembled before her, each one in a different posture that spoke volumes about their character.

"You called us all down here for that?" War asked. Beside War, Famine nodded their head. Famine added, "Nocens, you have a whole dimension you're supposed to be running; we've had to stop that just to attend this meeting!"

Nocens shrugged her narrow shoulders. "I can't help it. There's only so much I can do here. It's not like I can just stroll through Hell's circles without getting into fights, which ends up being a one-sided slaughter. Humans, Hollows, Arrancar... They're all so weak! I want something new to fight, guys," she whined.

Pestilence shook their head. "Only those who lived in sin can come to Hell, Nocens. You know this. The only ones who can't do that are those who aren't 'alive' in the first place. Those in Soul Society will never enter Hell, as you're well aware. There's nothing you can do about that."

Nocens cocked her head to the side before waving her hand to dismiss the four Horsemen. "Soul Society...
What is that like, I wonder...


Nocens stared upwards. Her single eye took in the sight of the Shinigami Academy. She wore poor-fitting clothes that were very baggy, a pair of silky pants and a equally fine shirt that hung to her knees. The pants were rolled as much as possible, but she still was stepping on the fabric. The man from who she had liberated the clothes from had been very tall, and very overweight. Nocens, her body only the size of a thirteen year old girl, was practically swimming in his clothes.

The Emperor had her spiritual power completely suppressed. None of her hellish qualities were exposed currently, other than her red and yellow left eye and completely empty right eye socket. Her gray skin stood out, but she could just claim to have been poor and dirty.

Hours before, she had told Death her plan to go into Soul Society looking for a fight. Death, of course, thought it was impossible for her to even get close to the Shinigami who lived there. Nocens was confident though; she was the Emperor of Hell, there was nothing she couldn't do! And so, she had sought out the invisible holes in Hell and used trial and error until one spat her out into Soul Society. She knew her spiritual pressure would give her away as a Togabito, so she had to suppress it. And, with a little bit of asking around after stealing clothes, she found out the Shinigami could be found by completing the Shinigami Academy's curriculum.

"It can't be that hard... An academy is just a school, and I taught at one... On occasion," she thought out loud. She wasn't really sure what exactly to do, however. The Emperor in disguise stood outside the school, a look of confusion in her singular eye.

The Mother of War
Lurks within the depths of Hell
Atoning forever

Custom Skill:
Hell Aura: Advanced (Higher levels of this Skill cause the area around the Togabito to become tainted by their negative energy. Prolonged time in the area slowly transforms it into a miniature Hell. At lower levels, this is illusionary, but at the highest levels, the location becomes a portal to Hell. This is however, temporary and will slowly fade when the Togabito leaves)

Race : Togabito
Location : Hell
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Re: The Emperor and the Bet (OPEN TO ANYONE

Post by Hanzō Judai on Tue Jul 18, 2017 10:36 am

Hanzō arched his back, sitting behind a long reception desk. He wore his normal uniform, the standard Shihakushō in addition to his unique mask and helmet. Under the outermost layer of his Shihakushō, metal bands wrapped around his ribs and shoulders. Beside him, several other unseated Shinigami sat at intervals, while potential applicants stood across from them on the other side of the desk. Hanzō'd spent all morning sitting here, testing the spiritual level of applicants. Once or twice, he'd felt latent powers that surpassed himself in strength, and more than once had to turn people away because they didn't have enough spiritual energy.

After waving through the last person in his line, Hanzō stretched and stood up. "I'm going out for a smoke," he said to nobody in particular. Hanzō circled around the table, going out through the main entrance. It was rather empty on the street, save for one kid who seemed to just be taking in the sights.

Hanzō leaned against the front wall of the Academy, not actually smoking. Even if it was just a kid, he didn't want to take his mask off. He'd just wait to see if she went away.
Hanzō Judai

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