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War of the Spirits -A What If Scenario- (OPEN)

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War of the Spirits -A What If Scenario- (OPEN)

Post by Azalea on Tue Jul 11, 2017 12:04 pm

(In this scenario, the Togabito will invade the World of the Living, lead by their Emperor, Nocens, who destroys the boundary between Hell and the World of the Living. How will the other Races react to the Togabito's unprecedented attack?)

Nocens stood at the top of her Palace. Her four Generals, her Horsemen, were arranged around her. Below her, countless Togabito milled. She could feel their eagerness, confusion, fear and hatred radiating off the crowd. She stood in her original form, that of a small girl with ten long tails ending in crimson and yellow eyes. Her body was clad only in liquid Nefarious, her unique bodily fluid that acted as clothing, armor and weapon. It dripped from her pores, running over her slim figure.

Her eleven eyes stared down at Togabito from every age, from the dawn of man-kind to the present day, some having arrived only hours before. Her Generals had emptied every layer of Hell, forcing the Togabito to the Seventh Circle. In the distance, the Kushinada watched, unable to do anything to stop this congregation of Hell's residents. Even the Guards of Hell couldn't stand to the Emperor and her Generals: Famine, Pestilence, War and Death. Together, they were the five strongest recognized Togabito ever. Down below, however, Nocens knew of others whose power could rival her own had they been trained or fully awake.

Nocens had raided the mythical Eighth Circle, awakening the most ancient Togabito from their slumber. She didn't want anyone to miss this, and it took her full might just to move the sleeping ancients. And considering Nocens was over fifteen thousand years old, and they were older than her, she thought it pertinent they experience this.

"Togabito," Nocens called out, silencing the Circle. The only noise was that of the Kushinada who circled the denizens of Hell without attacking. "I have decided the time is right. Today, and every day after, we will no longer be prisoners! My Togabito, we are all going home, right now, back to Earth! Most of you are not aware of this, but the fabric of reality in Hell is thinnest in the lowermost Circle of Hell. As a result, there are nearly invisible free-floating, drifting rifts that, on occasion, have touched Togabito and spat them out into some other world, only for the Togabito to be forced back to Hell by the Kushinada. But, through trial and error, I have learned that we can hide from the Kushinada by either wearing full-body black robes, or by physically altering our appearance. We can exist outside of Hell! Each and every one of you was given these robes, but it is your choice whether to wear them or not.

"Today, I have located one of these rips in Hell's reality. It's the largest tear I've ever found, and it's currently directly above the Eighth Circle, the lowest point in Hell. I will blast this hole with my full strength, blowing a hole straight through the boundary of Hell, freeing us forever! Observe, my Togabito!"

Nocens closed her facial eye as the black fluid coming from her pores burst out, wrapping her in a cocoon of darkness. To Nocens, it felt as if she was experiencing the entirety of time, from the big bang to the heat death of the universe, repeated an infinite number of times. She knew she screamed inside the cocoon, she knew she begged for death. She knew she was alone, for an infinite time, trapped in darkness and silence, unable to move, or see, or hear. Outside of her cocoon, ten minutes passed, during which the Togabito milled about, breaking into fights amongst themselves, forcing the Generals to take care of the trouble makers in the only way Sinners knew how.

At the ten minute mark, the cocoon shattered, releasing an unholy negative spiritual pressure that forced all present to kneel, even at this distance. Before them, Nocens stood in the true form of the Emperor, her Hell Incarnate Form. Her skin was completely black, with golden veins of liquid fire flowing over her skin. She was much older, at least thirty, standing at nearly six feet tall. Her hair pooled at her feet, incredibly long and looking like black silk. She was naked, with a curvaceous figure. But, growing from her back were twenty huge tails, much larger than the ones in her previous form. The whole palace seemed to creak and groan from supporting her weight.

As she stood, Nocens pointed her palm outward, feeling the golden liquid flowing in veins on her body rush forward, forming a small fiery ball in her palm. More and more flowed into the ball until it was nearly as large as Nocens herself before the orb shot off, creating shockwaves that split the palace in half as the orb blasted away. The ball flew far, obliterating a Kushinada who happened to be too close as it passed. There was an explosion in the distance, followed by another wave of air that blew over everyone. When the dust of the explosion settled, it seemed as if the area behind the Togabito had been carved out with a knife, with another image replacing it. Behind the Togabito, a strange scenery could be seen, a huge field of wheat. Unknown to Nocens, they were looking at farmland in the American Midwest, a farm measuring in the hundreds of acres, and they had an aerial view, looking down onto the fields.

Nocens, with her legendary speed, moved to the front of the crowd of Togabito, calling over her shoulder in a voice that to her sounded far too feminine, "Let's go home!" With this declaration, Nocens, and every still living Togabito since the dawn of mankind, rushed forward, emerging into the American Midwest as a horde of negative spiritual energy guaranteed to break any scale.

The Mother of War
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