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On the Subject of Chaos and Order [Open]

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On the Subject of Chaos and Order [Open]

Post by Kei Kusanagi on Fri Mar 31, 2017 4:31 am

Sitting alone in the middle of a small plateau, surrounded by dust and not much else, Kei rest with his blade across his lap. In each hand he held a fairly large bag of sand with bells lining the bottom of it. The sand poured slowly through the bottom into two small piles. As he meditated, Kei would keep his reiatsu as low as possible, as if flexing a muscle for a long duration. He didn't seem to move more than his breaths, hands out-stretched and rigid despite the lingering weight of the bags. Even for a shinigami, this type of training worked well for stamina and patience, something Kei felt should be considered highly useful in battle. As he meditated though, his reiatsu did shift some, as there was more than what met the eyes.

In Kei's mind, he sat silently on the ground, to his left a young child sleeping, feet bare and a thick metal collar around her neck. Sitting behind Kei with her back to him, a young woman, holding the leash. "There is unrest, Kei, and you know that well. You can tell, because she is sleeping. She isn't angry with you, Kei, she's worried about you. She is afraid you won't always be able to commit to your goals, or to carry them through." The woman lifted an empty sheath into the air and looked at it. "You think of us as two people, right?" Kei silently nodded, though this seemed to be conveyed well. "We're not, Kei. She and I are one. I know her thoughts and she mine. Further, we know yours, and we know what you fear."

Sliding his hand along the cold solid ground, Kei grabbed the handle of his blade and lifted it. "You once taught me not to fight with this sword, but to fight with my being and let the sword extend that", Kei said holding the sword out and dragging his thumb along the flat side. "Though as a Shinigami, is not the sword part of my being? I am the youngest of the Captains as far as I know, and that means I'm restricted by lack of trust, which goes both ways. The Shinigami code has watered down since I came from academy, there is complacency, comfort. The order that existed seems to be fading, falling toward chaos."

"It will do that, it will always do that. You must find order in the chaos."

Jingle, the faintest sound of the ball in the bell rolling, not even hard enough to ring the bell. Lowering his hands to the ground, Kei let the bags open, and began scooping sand back into them. Quietly he muttered to himself, "Order in chaos." His hands moved to wrap around the necks of the bags, lifting them once more. The sand began pouring from the bottom, though now with the added focus, Kei seemed much more rigid than before. Overcoming the natural movement of the body was a heavy challenge, especially with the special bells that were specifically chosen by how noisy they truly were. A novice to this type of training might find the bells ringing without even feeling like they've moved. "Does chaos harbor order?"

Kei Kusanagi

Species : Human
Race : Shinigami
Age : 32
Location : Florida
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Re: On the Subject of Chaos and Order [Open]

Post by Kei Kusanagi on Sat Apr 01, 2017 4:02 am

What seemed like an hour passed, and if the sand was any good indicator that was about right. As the last bit felt from both bags, first the right then finishing the left, Kei let go of the two bags. Landing with a rattle and jingle, he lowered his arms. Resting them across his lap he curled his middle fingers so that the knuckles came together, tips resting under thumbs. His index fingers outstretched, touching at the tips of each index finger. His ring and pinkie fingers interlaced with each hand, to give him a solemn pose like that of a monk. In silent meditation, he let his muscles rest while his reiatsu training began. This type of multi-tier training allowed him to work one part of his body, then while that one rested, he could train another. Alternating allowed him to preserve his health while pushing himself at the same time.

Kei's reiatsu would become extremely intense, but the radius of the intensity would be very small. Most Shinigami might not even notice, though seated members might feel the sudden burst, but note that it wasn't one of someone in combat. Training as a Captain was difficult, one did not want the Seireitei freaking out about a lone reiatsu suddenly exploding into frightening levels that only high ranking Shinigami could even stand to be near. About one minute of excessive yet controlled force, Kei's reiatsu would taper off slowly to a calmer more average level, one that people would expect from a resting Captain. At this resting strength it was so mellow that even a regular plus would feel no discomfort, and a student at the academy might even be surprised this was the reiatsu of a Captain.

Lifting his blade with his right hand, Kei slowly rose to his feet. Now into the physical portion of his training, Kei would begin doing drills. What might be considered reserved for newer Shinigami, Kei saw drills as a way to expand physical strength through muscle tension. Working muscles based on actual combat maneuvers, this allowed Kei to build his strength in multiple ways. Additionally, as a master with a sword, he understood the importance of flexing muscles needed to fight on occasion, allowing himself to stay fit for times of surprise encounters. This also gave him a chance to practice with new moves, and update older drills to keep lessons fresh for newer Shinigami in his division. Kei's strikes were intense if seen, the sheer speed of his swings and dead stops as crisp as could be. Occasionally though he would have to stop, only another zanjutsu master would even be able to notice the slight malformations in his strikes that he deemed errors, the work of a perfectionist.

Kei Kusanagi

Species : Human
Race : Shinigami
Age : 32
Location : Florida
Posts : 89

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