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Whispered Winds (Azure, Solo thread)

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Whispered Winds (Azure, Solo thread)

Post by Azurblauermond on Wed Mar 29, 2017 4:18 pm

Several days after Azure had been attacked by the Shinigami Captain, she was back in Karakura. She didn't want to leave her father for too long, and she had canceled the archery lessons until her new bow was completed. Azure was sitting in the park, whittling with a small pocketknife, making many long tubes of wood that would later become arrows for her students. She had bought a new cellphone, but she had none of the wiring and chips she needed to make it detect spiritual beings. Only spirits had those, and she hadn't run into any Quincy or Shinigami since the rooftop fight.

Beside her, on the ground, where parts she'd need to begin assembling a new bow. They were spread out on the blanket she was sitting on, with a bento box on her other side. So soon after the battle, she was picnicking. Of course, the parts she was assembling wouldn't look like a bow. They'd resemble long curved pieces of lightweight metal, primarily aluminum. This bow she was building was black, however. The parts she was assembling, three in all, would fit together to create the bow proper, but for now they merely looked like random pieces of metal.

Besides building herself a new bow, this one an improvement on her previous with a higher draw weight and hopefully better accuracy, her old bow had been slightly worn and she needed to compensate for that, Azure had another reason to be in Karakura. She was going to be keeping an eye on the Shinigami stationed here. She doubted the so-called Captain would take her advice and look into him. But Azure felt for sure that the Shinigami was either lazy, corrupt, or both. Just out of sight, she knew there were plenty of Pluses just in need of Konso, but nobody had done so. She had no power to let the spirits move on. She wished she did, but not if it meant working for an organization that allowed laziness like Karakura's Shinigami exist, let alone the jerk who stole her bow and attacked her made rank in that organization.

No better than the Sternritter, Azure thought as she moved her hand to the Hollow-Killer in her pocket. She made these arrowheads from melted down buttons and other small metal pieces she stole from dead Quincy. As a consequence, she only had two. But with them, her normal bow would be just as effective against Hollows and spiritual beings as her Azurblauermond, although it wouldn't have any special abilities. She hoped that a Hollow would appear today, any Hollow. She needed a new weapon in her arsenal, something the Captain hadn't stolen. She needed something completely new, she thought.

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