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Azurblauermond (Quincy)

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Azurblauermond (Quincy)

Post by Azurblauermond on Wed Mar 22, 2017 5:49 am

The Azure Moon

The Basics

Name: Codenamed Azurblauermond, real name is a secret. Often refered to as "The Azure" or simply "Azure," some also refer to her as "Mondritter," meaning "Moonknight." Has also been referred to as Sternritterjäger, "Sternritter Hunter"
English Translation: Azure Moon
Species: Azurblauermond is a Human of Giant ancestry.
Race: Azurblauermond is a Quincy.
Gender: She is female.
Date of Birth: December twentieth, 1992.
Appearance Age: Azurblauermond appears to be in her early to mid twenties, despite her size.
Actual Age: Azurblauermond is twenty five years of age.
Organization and Rank: Azurblauermond is a Quincy, unaffiliated with any organizations.

Height: Azurblauermond stands at seven feet, eight inches tall. That is ninety two inches. Converted to metric, it would be two hundred and thirty three point six eight centimeters, or two and a third meters high.
Weight: Azurblauermond weighs one hundred and seventy four pounds without her armor. In metric, that is seventy eight thousand nine hundred twenty five point one grams, or seventy eight point nine kilograms. While wearing her armor, she weighs two hundred and thirteen pounds. In metric, again, that would be ninety six thousand six hundred fifteen point two grams, or ninety six and two thirds kilograms.
Hair color: Azurblauermond has light pink hair, worn very long in the back in many thick locks.
Eye color: Azurblauermond's eyes are an extremely pale blue, almost white.
General Appearance: The first thing anyone will notice is that Azurblauermond is a absolutely huge woman, which makes sense should you learn that her grandmother had been a Giant. Azurblauermond may be incredibly tall for a Human woman, but she was a slim build atypical of people her size, especially of Giants. She could be referred to as 'graceful' in appearance, even elegant.
The Quincy has incredibly pale blue eyes and very light pink hair, alabaster-pale skin. She has a neck that is slightly long, but not uncomfortably so, with a relatively small face. Though her shoulders are wider than a typical woman's, they're narrower than one would expect given her height, and her arms are thin, with slim fingers on her hands. She has long legs that give her her height, and her feet are reasonably sized for a woman of her stature. Her breast size is actually quite large, much like her height.
Clothing-wise, when not using her Quincy powers, Azure wears very pale blue clothes. Typically, she can be seen, if she's seen at all, wearing tight fitting jeans and a low cut, long sleeved top. The neckline of the shirt is stylized, a crescent moon hanging off the end of a normal neckline. This exposes a slim amount of her chest and upper stomach, typically revealing a black brassiere with lace around the cups, patterned in stylized stars and crosses. Around her neck is a simple silver necklace, hanging a simplified Quincy Cross just above her cleavage. Under her left sleeve, she wears a bracelet set with a unique, ten pointed pendant. This pendant is two Quincy Crosses merged together at the center, but offset directional-ly from one another. Though it's very subtle, each part of her clothing has the Quincy themes to them in some manner, or possess a moon somewhere in their design. She wears heeled boots with this outfit. She is often seen holding a white metal briefcase.
She also possesses the typical garment of the Quincy, but hers is an eggshell blue. While wearing this, she retains her necklace and bracelet, but switches her heeled boots for combat boots.
Lastly, when using her Quincy powers, she gains a blue and gold armor with a massive curved longbow. Her long pink hair flows continuously behind her in this form. The armor is very tight in some areas, but has large pieces around her ankles, wrists, the paulderons, and her helmet that frames her face pulls back sharply in a large 'V' of horns while a similar, inversed V of "fangs" descends past her chin. The paulderons on her shoulders have very large spikes coming off them. The armor has a long skirting of several overlapping plates, but allows free movement of her legs. Her stomach is more lightly armored, covered by a tough black material. Coming from the back of her shoulders are two downward pointing membranous wings incapable of flight. Her bow has a thin central handle, but larger ends shaped like curved wings, or seen together, as a huge crescent moon.

The Psyche

Redeeming Qualities: Azurblauermond is incredibly stealthy, despite her bulk. She moves silently, even wearing heels or boots. This makes her an expert hunter of Hollows, even though she prefers to pick them off at range, she can get very close without being seen or heard. She uses this skill to spy on Shinigami activities as well.
Azure is a very methodical and practical thinker. Because she can't speak, she has more opportunity to think about what she wants to say before she writes it. She is often quick to notice flaws in any plans, and takes her time thinking of the best and simplest way to remedy them.
Azure has remarkable aim with the bow, easily able to shoot with high accuracy for over two hundred meters. She can take out a single target in a crowd from a rooftop the on the next block.
Negative Qualities: Azure is silent, due to her muteness and natural stealth she obtained from hunting Hollows. Because she rarely makes her presence known, it's jarring to suddenly have a seven and a half foot tall woman seemingly materialize beside oneself. She maintains her quietness even in her everyday life.
Azure is coldly efficient when it comes to exterminating Hollows. She has a knack for determining where they will appear, and occasionally summons them with Hollow Bait simply to lower the number of Hollows that could prey on Humans. When hunting, she does not make any sound, or attempt to communicate at all. Once she dons her Spirit Weapon, she because a glacial killer focused solely on the extermination of her enemies, with minimal casualties.
Azurblauermond is incredibly secretive. She keeps her Quincy and normal lives separate, and refuses to answer questions of her past. Nobody knows what her real name is, as she always goes by some synonym of blue. Her Quincy codename is the only message she sent to Shinigami who've seen her, as it's the name of her weapon.
Likes: Azure loves nothing more than hunting Hollows. Very little gives her the thrill of a bow in her hand, and as such her day job is a professional archer, and she teaches her own class outside of Kagamino City.
Azure also is big on femininity, while under her normal, non-Quincy persona. She can often be seen looking at magazines featuring either make-up or new clothing styles. Despite her supposed femininity, she rarely does anything at all with her hair and wears her make-up simple.
She is a fan of libraries and books, and her apartment has an impressive manga and book collection. She prefers romance and slice-of-life series.
Dislikes: Azurblauermond hates her Vollstandig appearance. She hates having the two swords to use, as her Spirit Weapon had a very long range, even for a Quincy Bow.
She also is not fond of loud, overly talkative people simply because it makes it harder for her to hold up her side of the conversation. As well as this, she dislikes having to talk to multiple people at once, for the same reason.
She cares nothing for Hollows that are an active threat against humans, but does not go after Hollows that have resorted to cannibalism. Her mentality is that these cannibals are doing her job for her.
Likewise, she does not view Shinigami as enemies, but they're not allies. If they can assist her in a hunt, she'll take them so long as they do not slow her down.
Azurblauermond, while not attending to her Quincy duties, dislikes alcoholics, smokers and any forms of recreational drugs. She dislikes laziness as well, despite her laid back nature.
Ironically, she dislikes very religious people, feeling that while some are decent folk, too many are hypocritical.
Personal Habits: Azurblauermond does have a personal habit of not writing out full sentences, instead only using as few words to get the point across. Rather than saying "Can you give me some food, please" she would instead write "You, me, food, please." This tends to get rather confusing at times, but it's partially due to the size of the white board she uses to communicate with. Azure also tends to stare in order to get people's attention, rather than going up to them. This, combined with the fact that she's incredibly silent for someone her size, tends to unnerve people, who are usually already intimated by her height.
Short-term Goals: Azure wishes to have the highest kill count of all Quincy in Asia, and believes she can accomplish this in a year.
Long-term Goals: Azure wishes to rid the world of all dangerous Hollows.
General Personality: Typically, Azure is a gentle woman, polite and culturally sensitive. Due to her lack of being able to speak, she's naturally better at understanding what people mean by studying their visual clues. Azure likes to think things through before writing down what she says, though she writes in as few words as possible to get her points across. The large woman also is well aware that her size can be intimidating, and that she doesn't fit conventional beauty standards, but makes an attempt to stay positive.
Azure, when among other people she is close to, or at least attempting to be, will be very fashion conscious and make a big deal of shopping and clothes and make-up. However, she laments that due to her size, most of her clothing is custom, especially her brassieres due to her very large bosom.
In truth, however, Azure is very secretive. Nobody knows much about her, and she honestly does not care for make-up or clothing. Instead, her true focus lies towards being a Quincy, which is what she will most often be found doing. Her Quincy identity is separate from her day-to-day life, and she is very good about not letting them overlap, remaining undercover despite being quite a sight.
Something Special: Aside from her large build and extra fancy Spirit Weapon, the most important thing to note of Azurblauermond is the fact that she is mute, completely unable to speak. Her voice makes no sound even if she attempted to scream as loudly as possible; she's incapable of even involuntary oral sounds. As a result, she carries a white board and marker in a briefcase she carries everywhere.

The Power

Mekkakyu Name: Azurblauermond
Mekkakyu Name English Translation: Azurblauermond translates to Azure Moon.

Mekkakyu Appearance: Azurblauermond takes the form of a bracelet worn on the left wrist. Two Quincy crosses, merged at their center to create a 10 pointed star, dangles from the bracelet, but can be set into a groove in the metal as well, pulled out by its own short chain.

Spirit Weapon Appearance: Azurblauermond grants both an armor and a bow, and this is what Azure is typically seen in.
Spirit Weapon Ability: The unique power of Azurblauermond, other than granting armor, which is unheard of in most Spirit Weapons, is that the wings on said armor, as well as the entire armor itself, enlarges the area that Reishi is drawn to, then funneling the power into the bow. This allows for a far greater number of arrows to be used simultaneously without a notable drop in strength.

Letzt Stil Name: Sternfällt (Star Fall)
Letzt Stil Appearance: In this form, she is nearly identical to her previous armor, however the blue is now purest white and her wings have been transformed into pure Reishi. Her bow is also significantly larger, nearly twice it's original size.

Vollstandig Name: Jōkaeil (Purification of God)
Vollstandig Appearance: This form slims Azure's armor, removing the paulderons, heavy wrist and ankle protections. The wings on her armor are replaced completely with six Reishi wings growing from her back that are capable of flight. In this form, her bow breaks in half, forming two curved swords, which glow with reishi.
Vollstandig Ability: Jōkaeil grants Azurblauermond the ability "Sanctify." Sanctify is the ability to forbid any 'Vices' that Azurblauermond thinks of, however for Sanctify to take effect, the target must be cut by the swords Azure wields, or struck by an arrow fired from the blades. Every injury inflicted by Jōkaeil forbids one 'Vice,' an single action, emotion, word or other such thing that can be defined in a single word, however no trace of said injury exists. Should a Vice be Sanctified, the firs time the victim tries to perform the Vice, victim is literally unable to do that Vice. The second time the victim attempts to use the Vice, the injury inflicted upon them appears, and this in unavoidable. Each subsequent use of the Vice will compound the injury, repeating it in the same location every time. As the number of Vices increases, eventually, the victim will be left completely unable to do, say or feel anything until they wither away.
However, as Azure is mute, the victim has no way of knowing what her powers are, or what is forbidden, until they attempt to do so and find themselves completely unable to.

The Past
History: In a small German hamlet, surrounded by forest, a woman gave birth to a healthy baby girl. It was an at home birth, no doctors or hospitals involved. The woman lived in a house set farther into the forest than the hamlet proper. Theirs was a lumber community, and it wasn't unusual for some members to spend long periods of time secluded in the forest.
The woman was an oddity in the quiet hamlet. She had been an exceptionally large woman who did quite a bit of lumber herself, and was a quiet person who built the house herself, and paid her own way. The huge woman had appeared one day, pregnant, and set to work building a life in the hamlet.
Nobody in the village knew that the woman was from Soul Society, a half-Giant half-Human woman woman born from an affair between people of different classes. The woman herself didn't care for the Giant mother, and had lived with her lower-grade Human father until the incident that lead to her seeking refuge in the Human World using a gigai. She had come to this quiet, no-name hamlet to escape her daughter's father before he learned of her pregnancy.

The large woman and her young daughter lived just over two years before the rumors started. The mother had first heard them by mutterings between grizzled lumberjacks. Apparently, a group of religious zealots was making their way through villages throughout this part of Germany. Without asking for permission, the huge woman ran home to her house, relieving the babysitter of her daughter once she was sure the young girl was safe.
It wasn't until August that the religious group arrived, and by then, the woman had the money she needed to escape Germany. She didn't care where she went, so long as it was far from the group of religious men with their white robes and five-point crosses.
The half-Giant was gathering her things when the knock came. She froze in her bedroom, holding her daughter close to her chest, cradling her in one arm. She prayed the men would simply leave, but then there was another knock, then a series of knocks as many projectiles thudded against the heavy wooden door, which broke quickly under the rain of arrows.
By now, the woman was running out the back door, carrying her child in one arm, and a heavy pack on her back. She looked back only long enough to see her daughter's father standing in the doorway, causally holding a bow upwards, though the bow was held sideways rather than vertically. Behind him were four more men in white robes, holding bows of raw reishi. She ran through the forest desperately to escape the men.
She had almost made it through to the road on the far side when the first arrow tore through her left calf. Another arrow crashed into her back and she staggered. As she came under fire, she saw headlights in the distance and moved for the road again.
The woman collapsed several feet from the road, just as the distant car turned off the road. She still held her baby, who was crying loudly. By now, the other Quincy had backed off and left, leaving only the child's father behind to finish cleaning up his mess of tainting their pure blood.
The half-Giantess slowly started to rise when another arrow pierced her chest and she dropped the child the couple feet to the ground, who rolled a short distance away, wailing more. The man walked to the child, who looked at him with big, watery eyes as he leaned down, pressing the front of his bow against the child's neck. She wailed as the pure reishi burned her, though it took only a moment before the sound stopped, her voice burned away by reishi as he drew his arrow back to full draw, forming a heavy shafted arrow directly against the child's neck. Before he could fire, though, bright lights blinded him as a car began to approach, and he relaxed his grip on the arrow. At that moment he was tackled from the side by the previously downed woman. He fired a fully drawn arrow directly into her face, and it struck with such force that it bore a hole clean through, killing her instantly. The man fled just as the car came to a screeching halt beside the dead woman, and the crawling infant, who though she cried, could no longer make a sound. All the driver found of the man he had spotted was a very old bracelet with a strange dangling charm attached.

The girl was seven years old when she was adopted. She had been bounced from home to home, inside and outside of Germany before a Japanese couple on vacation in Germany adopted her. Her belongings were few as she traveled to Japan with her new parents, who she decided seemed friendly enough, and they even spoke pretty good German as well, though their primary languages were Japanese and English, and older couple  often slipped back into one of the two languages as they spoke to her and each other. The young girl however, was content with sorting through her bags, carrying a small whiteboard on her lap like a tray, the dangle star of her bracelet clacking on its surface as she wrote short replies back to them in German. At her feet was a bag of clothes, and one or two small stuffed animals, but this was all the girl owned except for the two books in the seat beside her, one a book of fairy tales, the other a book on Japanese culture. Though she was young, she decided she already liked the couple, in their late forties, but obviously very much in love. She wondered what Japan would be like.

When the girl was nine years old, going on ten, she was celebrating Halloween with her new family, who she's grown to love. Her mother had sown her a costume to wear, based on a character from a series of manga the young girl liked. The only odd part of the costume was the bracelet, which the girl had rarely taken off since coming to Japan. It was all she ha left of her birth mother, and the German police had returned it to the toddler when the case went cold. They and the girl believed it was an heirloom of her mother's.
The young girl was walking through the park in her costume, a light blue colored magical-girl deal, when she heard the most terrifying howling. Her adoptive parents were away, on the far side of the park while the girl was meeting up with her classmates to play a quick game of soccer. But, the howling stopped her cold.
She cast her head about, pink hair flying in the breeze. There, she saw a most peculiar crack in the air. Then, slowly, a hand reached through and a monster stepped through. It looked like a spider and a human combined, with the body of a man on top of its beastly body. The girl felt panic rise as the creature turned towards her classmates, reaching for them.
The girl tried to warn the kids, but she had no voice. As she ran, waving her arms, she felt the strangest sensation and looked at her left hand. It was glowing!
As she took a better look at it, it seemed to stretch and in her hand was a bow made of light, and it came from the double-cross on her bracelet. Going based on what she knew from stories of heroes in manga and tv, she pulled on the string, aiming for the monster, watching in amazement as an arrow grew on the bow. She aimed for the monster's head and fired her bow. She watched as the arrow fell pitifully short.
As it did, the monster reeled backwards, missing a hand. Behind the monster was a man in black holding a sword, and he cut the monster's face, and the monster vanished. The man then held something to her friends, and a puff of smoke came out. The young girl was just staring now at the strange man, her bow gone. He was only just noticing her, and now he came and made the smoke again in her face this time.
The next day, nobody remembered the monster but the young girl. And she felt so bad that she wasn't a hero like in her stories; a hero doesn't get rescued, even by an adult. In her room, she learned she could summon the bow again if she concentrated. She was determined to be able to protect her friends. Leaving a note to her parents, she told them she was going to the woods with her friends as she ran out the door, her backpack full of snacks and her white board. She had to practice to become a hero.

When she was almost fourteen, her parents allowed her to join a formal Kyūdō dojo, to practice archery. She had told them, not long after the monster attack four years prior, that she wanted to learn to use a bow. Now that she was older, they kept the promise to let her join.
Unknown to her parents or her instructors, she had almost four years of practice already, and was holding herself back to prevent her true skill from showing, but she was still good enough to quickly excel at the marksmanship-focused Kyūdō dojo.

Six years later, at nineteen years old, almost to her twentieth birthday, she was working at night and was coming home to her parents' house late. She was tired after working a double shift at her part-time job in town, and almost didn't notice that all the lights were off inside. Her parents always left the light on for her.
She opened the door, surprised it was unlocked. They never left the door unlocked, even when tending to the garden. Slowly walking in, her eyes adjusting to the dark, she felt nervous. All the lights were off and she couldn't hear her father's television either. He should have been watching the news upstairs.
She heard a crash in the living room, followed by muffled swearing. Not her parents voices.
Light on her feet, despite being more than seven and a half feet tall, she crept through to get on the far side of the living room, cutting through the kitchen as she peered inside. There were several young men, wearing white robes, flipping furniture and searching through the desks and tables, looking for something. She heard a muffled voice, and in the corner, tied to a chair, was her mother.
Deciding she had to do something, she hid behind the kitchen door and released Azurblauermond, the fully formed weapon of her bracelet. Since the first time she used it, it had evolved into a non-glowing bow, and came with heavy armor as well. Taking a deep breath, she turned the corner, already drawing the bowstring back and fired off three arrows in quick succession at the the two closest thieves. She heard them go down as she was training her sight on the next target. But, the other two had much better reaction speeds than their friends. They had glowing bows in their hands and fired at her, forcing her to duck behind the door again. She heard a muffled scream still, from her mother. Then it stopped.
Turning the corner, bow drawn full, she fired where she could hear the thieves moving. She got one in the heart, where she had wanted, but the other took the arrow to through the shoulder, falling backwards. As she moved into the room, he was shouting in German, scrambling to get out of the living room. She was going to follow, but then she saw the arrow sticking out of her mother.
It wasn't an arrow like hers, not made of Reishi. It was a long, heavy shafted bolt, like a crossbow would fire. None of the thieves in the living room had a crossbow.
She turned around, furious, as she saw a group of thieves running down the stairs and out the front door, all wearing white robes. She assumed they must all be in the same gang or something. She ran to the door, firing arrows after the thieves as they ran, taking down two more. Now though, lights were coming on in the neighbors houses, and she saw the gentleman across the street staring at the armored person firing arrows out the front door. She withdrew back into the house.
She knew that she wouldn't be recognized by her neighbor, he was going blind, but he did see someone kill two of the thieves. She ran up the stairs, searching for anyone still inside.
In her parents bedroom, she found her father, laying facedown on the floor, but breathing. She couldn't find his injury, but she couldn't wake him. She heard sirens outside, and sealed her Azurblauermond back into the double-cross. She picked her father up in her arms; he was old and small, while she was young and more than two feet taller than him. She carried him downstairs as the police arrived. She was crying while holding her parents, knowing her adoptive mother was dead, and that her father wouldn't wake.
The police investigation declared that the attack was gang related, connected to a religious gang from overseas. She was told the gang had some ties to various countries, but the attacks seemed to have no connections to each other whenever the gang became violent. Her father was hospitalized, and was in a coma due to a head injury. Doctors didn't know if he'd wake up or not.
She told the police that she couldn't live in the house where her parents were attacked. With their permission, she moved, leaving a mailing address should they need to contact her again. But, she didn't tell anyone where she was moving to.
She sat in her new apartment in Kagamino City, twenty kilometers from Karakura Town. Far enough away not to see the place, but close enough to hear news of any gang. As she got organized, she searched the name of the gang on her computer.

Knowing she would need to become even more powerful with her Azurblauermond, she decided to open her own archery class, and went through the process of getting the permits and papers in order. She had taken a loan out to buy an abandoned range outside the city, a quarter of the way to Karakura. While she had a real class that she trained, despite her muteness, the real purpose was to hone her own skills with the bow. So, on top of becoming an archery teacher, she would practice hunting these Hollows that seemed to plague Kagamino, only picking off one or two, avoiding the black robed Shinigami whose job was to hunt these things. She had learned a lot over the years, and she was determined to learn more.

Through her sheer dedication and desire, she managed to evolve her Azurblauermond into a higher form, which she dubbed Jōkaeil, the Purification of God. She thought it was rather clever, knowing that this higher form was sacred to these Sternritter, who often named their powers after God. She'd fit in with them based on the name, however Jōkaeil could be read two ways; first, as in the act of purification in God's name, or as in purifying their so called God, as she intended to do by eliminating these Sternritter.
She had a major breakthrough the year previous, where she had just happened to find a man in those white robes, walking through the forest near her range at night. He had been hunting the Hollow she was, and while he fought it, she captured him. She was able to learn everything she needed to know about the Quincy, Hollows and Shinigami, though she knew this man, who wasn't a Sternritter, but rather a Quincy who worked for them, he was biased and she had to take that into account. But, she had killed him when he tried to fight her, and she stole his uniform, which was supposedly standard for Quincy, which is what she was. She had buried him in the forest, and when she went home, she went to work creating a uniform to fit herself, though hers was eggshell blue to mark herself as different. Though she may have been a Quincy, she would never be one of them.

It took until January before the main group of Quincy arrived. The man had been an advanced scout, and now that he was dead, they came to investigate if the rapidly growing number of Hollows in the area was responsible for his death. Azure, as she had come to be known, was waiting at her range, her senses stretched out in search for the advancing Quincy. She felt that they would be coming from Karakura, where the last groups of Quincy had come from. If the Quincy wanted to fight the number of Hollows in Kagamino, which Azure estimated was somewhere between seventy five and a hundred, they'd have to go straight past her archery range to get to the city.
Azure had baited the Quincy using their own tools. Over the last few months, she had been scattering Hollow Bait that she had stolen from the dead Quincy around Kagamino, slowly drawing more Hollows to the city. Once she knew that the Quincy group were in the area, she had scattered the entire block to the wind, and watched the Hollows come.
She was worried by the numbers of Hollows, but felt confident that the Shinigami stationed in Kagamino would kill them. If not, the Quincy group she was stalking now would kill the Hollows.
Azure was using her custom compound bow with a draw weight of a hundred and twenty pounds. An arrow fired at a full draw could go straight through most dangerous game had she been a big game hunter. Instead, she was hunting the Quincy as they hunted the Hollows.
She knew the leader of this group was the man police believed was responsible for her biological mother's murder, and he was in charge of the group responsible for her adoptive parents attack. She wanted to get revenge on this man more than she ever wanted anything.
She wore two quivers, a bow quiver of twenty arrows, ten on each limb of her bow, and a box-shaped ebira on her hip holding another thirty arrows. She carried the lives of fifty men in her hands, and she only had twenty Quincy to deal with. She wouldn't need the ebira, she thought.
The Quincy had moved as a unit until they came to the outer edge of Kagamino, then they split up, moving in four man teams. The Quincy would send a team down each street that came off the main street, and Azure followed the first group to split. She held a few hundred meters back, staying out of sight of the Quincy as the roved down the street, their spiritual bows all drawn as they picked Hollows out of the sky.
Azure waited until they were all engaged with various Hollows on the ground before she moved from behind the car she was crouching behind, bow drawn. Her arrows sailed clean through the chests of the four Quincy in rapid succession while their own arrows were still in the air. She noted that their arrows struck perfect kills. Without looking at the four Quincy she just murdered, she moved back to the main road, the pale blue Quincy uniform she wore flapping quietly as she moved.
Three more times she had killed groups of four Quincy and retreated to the main road. Only the last four, who were currently calmly walking main street, killing Hollows by the droves, were alive. She drew her bow back, intent on the white robes in front of her when something black obscured her view.
She eased the pressure off her bow, looking up at the Shinigami in front of her. He was shouting at her, telling her to leave this to him and take her Quincy friends with her. This was Shinigami business, he told her. Azure shook her head, and suddenly sidestepped the Shinigami, pulling back her bowstring in one fluid motion and released another arrow, which struck straight through the front neck of one Quincy, slicing the arteries, and embedded itself in the ribs of another. A happy accident, Azure thought.
The Shinigami stared at her, trying to swat the bow out of her hand. But she was more than two feet taller than him, and she brushed him aside as the Quincy turned to see who had killed their partners. Even from a hundred and fifty meters away, her aim as incredibly deadly as she proved by dropping one more Quincy, until all that was left was the man in charge, who leveled his bow at her, sideways.
The Shinigami and Azure both had to dodge out of the way. Before the Shinigami could join the Quincy on Quincy battle, he was engaged by Hollows. Azure dropped her compound bow and ebira, flinging her left hand out. With practiced ease, she released her Vollstandig, Jōkaeil. Now donning armor and two swords, she stepped out. Unknown to Azure, the Quincy traditionally had a weapon similar to her swords called a Seele Schneider, though her swords were larger and shaped like scimitars. Like the weapon, her swords loosened spirit particles and made it easier for her to gather Reishi, though her entire armor served that purpose. Her six wings extended behind her, and she heard the Shinigami gasp as she advanced on the Sternritter.
For his part, the Sternritter was brave. He continued to fire at her, but Azure used her swords to snap the arrows out of the air, absorbing the Reishi they were made from, then firing a return volley. As an arrow sunk into the man's leg, she strongly thought the term "run" and as another hit his side, she thought "crawl." She knew he was surprised to be uninjured, the arrows seemingly vanishing on contact. But, as she fired another arrow at him, thinking the term "pull" the man tried to move. She could see his body shake as it resisted the urge to move. The third arrow sank into his kneecap. As it did, the man started to move, then cried out as an arrow suddenly appeared in his leg, deep in his thigh. The men fell.
She saw his bow come up as she was only twenty meters away. She saw his arm jerk as he found himself unable to pull the string back. He made another attempt and screamed as an arrow appeared through his knee. She fired more arrows in the man, thinking terms like "fear," "anger," "scream," "help," "please," and "mercy." She didn't want to hear him begging for his worthless life. As she stood over the man, her held her swords above his body from only a few feet away. She continued hammering arrows into the killer.
She watched with cold, hard eyes as the arrows started sprouting all over his body. More and more they would appear as he began crying out in agony. Finally, she slammed her sword through his neck, where it passed through harmlessly. The word she thought was "Beg."
The man's mouth tried to open. The next time it did, his head fell off.
Azure turned away from the man she murdered, looking for the Shinigami. He was fighting still, no longer using a traditional sword like before, but now he seemed to be holding a whip of fire. But he was surrounded.
Silent as ever, Azure depowered her Vollstandig and went to gather her bow and ebira. Using the compound bow, she assisted the Shinigami in ridding the city of Hollows. Though he said she wouldn't get away with killing so many Hollows, she knew he was better off with help until more Shinigami appeared. While her and the group of Shinigami were engaged in the fight against Hollows, she silently slipped away, and the Shinigami had no idea where the blue robed Quincy went. The Shinigami had to finish off the rest of the Hollows themselves, before they reported back to Soul Society about the Quincy who hunts other Quincy.

Major Events Timeline:

  • December 20th, 1992- Azure was born in Germany to her half-Giant non-Quincy mother. Her Quincy father, a pure-blood, is unaware of her birth.
  • August 12th, 1995- Azure and her mother are attacked by Azure's father and his family. Her mother dies of her injuries after fleeing with Azure, who is later found by normal Humans and placed in the adoption system. The young child was rendered mute from her injuries.
  • May 2nd, 2000- Azure, after being bounced from home to home in Germany and other countries, is eventually adopted permanently by a Japanese couple in Karakura Town.
  • October 30th, 2002- Azure awakens her Spirit Weapon's initial insubstantial form using an antique bracelet prop that was part of her Halloween costume. From then on, she begins to practice in secret.
  • March 17th, 2006- Azure joins a Kyūdō dojo, to learn formal archery. From the beginning, she excels due to secret years of practice.
  • November 1st, 2012- Azure, fully grown, and living with her adoptive parents still, is attacked in their home at night by gang members. Though she escapes and kills the gang members, her adoptive father is put in a coma, and her mother does not survive. Once her father is hospitalized, she moves to Kagamino City, where she abandons the name given to her by them.
  • May 5th, 2014- Azure opens an archery range, giving lessons in different styles of bowmanship.
  • January 13th, 2016- Azure unlocks her Vollstandig.
  • July 21st, 2016- Azure learns that a group of Quincy are moving through Japan, wiping out hordes of Hollows. She learns their leader matches the description of the man still wanted for her biological mother's murder, and has connections with a gang who terrorized Karakura before. She goes, armed with her Quincy powers and a high powered bow, and scares a Shinigami off the Quincy's trail while wearing her armor, killing most of the Quincy with her compound bow, then slowly murders their leader using her Vollstandig to rob him of his ability to retreat or fight back, letting him suffer before destroying him with a massive amount of arrows.

Roleplaying Sample: Azure stood outside of her range, which was more a home to her than her apartment in Kagamino. She even had a bed in her office, for when she was too tired to ride her bicycle home after teaching.
Class was over for the day, and she sat outside on a bench, watching the setting sun. She marveled at the colors. The loved watching the sky at night, but this twilight was good as well. Her compound bow and ebira were on the bench beside her. She had built them both herself, and she cared deeply for the equipment. Her first battle against the Quincy had been done using that bow, which she could use just as easily for killing Hollows due to the specialized arrowheads in the ebira's secret compartment. She could switch the heads of her arrows for special arrowheads that were just as effective on Hollows as her own Reishi arrows.
She wondered if she should thank the Shinigami of Kagamino for wiping the minds of the citizens so many months ago. It would have been awkward explaining to police that she had murdered twenty Quincy using the custom bow and arrow that most people knew only she had. But, the Shinigami had cleaned up the evidence, taking the Quincies' bodies when they had left, but they also took the arrows she had used.
No, she thought, it'd be best not to remind him that she had turned Kagamino into a warzone for a few hours, and it took several hours more for the Shinigami to kill the last Hollows. She smiled, taking a drink of her tea as she watched the sunset. No, she definitely shouldn't remind him.
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Re: Azurblauermond (Quincy)

Post by Ukhel Poe on Fri Mar 24, 2017 4:40 pm

Approved for Captain rank!!!! Please list your skills below.
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Re: Azurblauermond (Quincy)

Post by Azurblauermond on Fri Mar 24, 2017 7:07 pm

Tier: Captain
Allocated Skills: Seven
Base Level: Advanced

Armed Combat: Master
Unarmed Combat: Beginner
Spiritual Combat: Master
Hoho: Intermediate
Reiatsu Perception: Expert

Blut Vene: Intermediate
Blut Arterie:Intermediate
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Re: Azurblauermond (Quincy)

Post by Azurblauermond on Fri Mar 24, 2017 7:49 pm

Non-Quincy Techniques

Unsichtbarer Spaziergang: (Invisible walk) This technique allows Azure to completely mask her presence spiritually, while stealth allows her to blend into the background and remain unseen.
Stummer Pfeil: (Silent arrow) A technique used by Azure with her longbow or compound bow. She uses specialized arrows that are virtually silent for a stealth kill.
Pfeife Pfeil: (Whistle arrow) Using a specialized arrowhead, the arrow creates a high pitched scream when shot.
Hohljäger: (Hollow Hunter)Unique arrowheads that allow even her normal bows to kill Hollows.

Azurblauermond Techniques
Vollständige Seelenherrschaft: (Complete Soul Control) The ability of Azurblauermond to absorb Reishi from any portion of it's armor and condense them into arrows for the bow.
Mondschacht Regen: (Moonlight Rain) Azure fires five arrows of similar strength in rapid succession.
Mondscheinsturm: (Moonlight Storm) Azure charges up a single, very powerful arrow. It's force is equal to five arrows, condensed into a single shot.
Mondschein platzte: (Moonlight burst) Azure releases a hundred arrows at once.
___: (___)

Sternfällt Techniques
Letzte Anblick: Abstieg des Mondes: (Last Sight: Descent of the Moon) The Ultimate Arrow achieved by Sternfällt. Azure jumps high into the sky above the enemy, firing a massive arrow. It has the power to obliterate entire buildings as it passes.

Jōkaeil Techniques
Mondgesungenes Schwert: (Moonsung Sword) By dropping one sword, Azure focuses her power into a single blade, doubling it's length, power, and rotational speed. The Mondgesungenes Schwert can now tear apart the reishi structures near it, similar to a Letz Stil.
Letzte Prophezeiung: Mondpriesterlied: (Last Prophecy: Moon priestess song) Azure fires a series of arrows directly upwards. The arrows spread outwards in an arc, creating a circular field as they land. The arrows are connected by a reishi ring that forms upon the circle's completion. After the ring is complete, all sound is completely neutralized within the field. However, outside of the ring of arrows, a constant, low pitched humming can be heard.
Letzte Prophezeiung: Blutmond: (Last Prophecy: Blood Moon) This technique causes Azure's Blut Arterie to extend into her sword by slicing her own palms. The swords turn crimson red and are riddled with vein-like Reishi. Upon using this technique, her sword swings deal damage instantly, no longer connected to the ability of her Jōkaeil.
Pakt mit der Mondpriesterin: Vergessene Unschuld: (Pact with the Moon Priestess: Forgotten Innocence)  A transformation technique. If Azure is struck in the heart by a Quincy arrow while Letzte Prophezeiung: Mondpriesterlied is active, she becomes Mondpriesterin: Vergesseneil (Moon Priestess: Forgotten by God). In this form, her armor returns to it's bulkier form, and she regains her bow, however the colors are inversed to reds and blacks. This form unlocks two extra techniques.
Pakt mit dem Mondpriesterin: Aufopferungs Märtyrer: (Pact with the Moon Priestess: Sacrificial Martyr)  A technique that only activates should Azure's neck by cut by a bladed weapon while using Letzte Prophezeiung: Mondpriesterlied. This transforms her into Mondpriesterin: Gereinigte Ritter-Priesterin (Moon Priestess: Purified Knight-Priestess). This form gives her incredibly thick and bulky armor, transforming her bow into a tower shield and long-sword. This form unlocks multiple new techniques.

Mondpriesterin: Vergesseneil Techniques
Göttliche Seelenbeherrschung: (Divine Mastery of Souls) This technique works as an even more powerful Letz Stil reishi absorption, completely and utterly absorbing reishi, including drawing it out of enemies wounds to constantly sap their spiritual pressure while adding to Azure's own.
Mondabstieg: Ekstase: (Moon Descent: Ecstasy) Azure creates an extremely large bow and arrow, measured in the tens of feet. The arrow is absolutely devastating in power, fueled by her entire spiritual pressure in a single shot. The burst of energy radiates extremely high into the air after contact, and after it is used, Azure loses her Quincy powers for a period of two lunar cycles.

Mondpriesterin: Gereinigte Ritter-Priesterin Techniques
Mondritter Spiegelschild: (Moon Knight Mirror Shield) Azure's massive shield can bounce any debilitating attacks back on the attacker, so long as the attack hits head-on the front of the shield. Any attack that strikes it's surface is teleported directly at the attacker, like a mirror.
Der Segen des Mondes: (The Blessing of the Moon) This passive technique steadily raises Azure's spiritual pressure the longer she remains in combat by absorbing ambient Reishi and converting it to power rather than into arrows.
Mondklauenwelle: (Moon claw wave) Azure swing her sword, creating a bulb of light wherever it connects. Touching the light causes it to drain Reiatsu and saps physical strength.
Mond verdeckt: (Moon obscured) Azure raises her sword upwards and the blade emits an extremely harsh light, blinding anyone who moves while the blade is raised. The light does not blind those who remain in place.
___: (___)
___: (___)
___: (___)
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Re: Azurblauermond (Quincy)

Post by Azurblauermond on Mon Oct 02, 2017 3:09 pm

Azure's human blood raises her perception to Master.
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Re: Azurblauermond (Quincy)

Post by Azalea on Mon Oct 02, 2017 3:11 pm

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Re: Azurblauermond (Quincy)

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