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[OOC] Current Standings

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[OOC] Current Standings

Post by Kei Kusanagi on Tue Mar 21, 2017 11:53 pm

This is an OOC post to assist people with common knowledge about the sixth division. It will be updated when information is relevant enough to change.

Base Details
Captain: Kei Kusanagi
Lieutenant: Vacant
Seated Officers: Vacant
Flower: Camellia (Though Kei is pushing to have it changed to the Lilac).
Signature Color: Cobalt Blue

Barracks Addons:
Holding Cell: Prevents all reiatsu from being used from inside, meaning anyone inside of it is treated as having no abilities and human strength. It can contain up to three members short term, and is designed to be a place of hand-off between the sixth division and the Onmitsukido or Kido Corps respectively. The only people with a key to access the door are the Captain of the sixth division, second division, and anyone in the Onmitsukido who has been approved by both the sixth division Captain and the second division Captain (which is most if not all at this point).

Dojo: Like most barracks, the sixth division has a barracks big enough to train large numbers of members at one time. Hosting weight lifting, track, martial arts, and even yoga, the dojo doubles as a meeting room with a folding U-shaped table to allow presentations to be performed. The sixth division dojo has a flower garden outside to the left, created and cared for by Kei Kusanagi, current Captain. Currently the garden only holds lilacs.

Office: Like most barracks (but probably not all), the sixth division has a space dedicated to the officers. This space hosts 17 desks, one for each seated member beneath the Lieutenant, and each contains a small filing cabinet. Basic office supplies are available on request. Each desk has either a name standard on the front or simply a standard that says "Vacant". The desks are organized in four groups of four and a single small corner office for the third seat. When entering the office, one might compare it to a small company setup, where the 3rd seat is a manager, the Lieutenant is a district manager, and the Captain is a CEO. Kei organized it this way to train the division to be both diligent and precise in all things.

Head Office: Unlike the "office", this room hosts only two desks, the Captain's and the Lieutenant's. These desks sit at the far end each on a fourty five degree angle, meaning they see each other from a ninety degree angle, but anyone entering the room faces both the Captain and the Lieutenant head on. This design was done by Kei Kusanagi to promote the value that the Lieutenant was training to be a Captain eventually, and should see how it feels to act as one. This also allows the Captain and Lieutenant to communicate privately, and have performance reviews with one another, and with active members. The Head office has all the major controls of the sixth division barracks, as well as an 'all hands on deck' alarm that alerts all people in the barracks to be ready and armed. While primitive, the alarm is a bamboo pole with holes drilled in and a hammer, when struck three times the sound resonates carrying a loud and distinct sound through the halls.

Main Unit: The main unit is comprised of all sixth division members. This is the starting place of all who join the sixth division regardless of seat. It is managed by the Captain and usually the Lieutenant is treated as an extension of that leadership.

Elite Seven: A unit specifically created by Kei, the elite seven are the hunters of the sixth division. Usually reserved for the seven most skilled in Bakudo and Hoho, this group is usually the first and last group called to capture seated officers or above who go rogue or to assist in capturing a Captain or Lieutenant. This group is self-contained within the Sixth Division, and reports to the Lieutenant who then reports to the Captain. Technically speaking, the group is run by the Lieutenant unless the Captain needs to step in. This group can be identified by a special modification to the uniform, an haori similar to a Captain, however it only hangs waist length. Additionally, members have an additional slot on their belt for a second sword, this belt loop bears the sixth division logo, and is usually reserved for holding an opponent's zanpakuto during an arrest. These members also have access to reiatsu reducing equipment, including cuffs and collars, to keep captured members under control.

Officer's Club: While technically open to all officers of the sixth division, Kei created the Officer's Club to be managed by the third seat. This group is overseen by the Captain and Lieutenant, but unless there is a major issue, the third seat is expected to run it. This organization makes decisions for the sixth division, then has the Captain sign off on them for approval, and is expected to maintain the troop's training and drills. The purpose of this non-official organization is to train the highest seated officer below the Lieutenant how to be a leader. The original design allows for the group to pass their changes to the Lieutenant, who puts his stamp of approval or denial, then passes it off to the Captain, so the Captain can evaluate his/her Lieutenant's decision making skills and reasoning. This allows for the Captain to better train their higher ranking members to fit their personal styles. This club has no true authority outside of being comprised of all sixth division seated officers below the Lieutenant, and has no special uniform modifications. Currently they do use the barracks' dojo as a meeting room and have reserved times to do so.

Kei Kusanagi

Species : Human
Race : Shinigami
Age : 32
Location : Florida
Posts : 89

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