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The Emperor's Last Stand (OPEN)

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Re: The Emperor's Last Stand (OPEN)

Post by Ukhel Poe on Thu Mar 23, 2017 9:52 pm

Tasha followed Nocens back and watched her actions intently, she felt a sinking feeling in her chest as she watched her lover. something was up, she was trying to hide it but Tasha knew and she was scared for the life of her lover. She grabbed Polly and they both fluttered up into the sky and watched everyone below them.

She watched her stransformation, wincing as she saw the golden blood flow out of her body as tails sprouted out of her, she felt her mind grow worried but then she sighed and just relaxed, watching as Togabito were destroyed by the sheer power of the form. She wasn't surprised that no one would try and approach at first, but like anyone willing to get a prize, all of them yelled and then pounced onto Nocens as a horde.
Ukhel Poe

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Re: The Emperor's Last Stand (OPEN)

Post by Nocens on Thu Mar 23, 2017 10:07 pm

For her part, Nocens was putting up an excellent fight. She used speed and raw spiritual pressure to lash out at enemies without stopping, her golden weapons practically invisible.

But, those standing farther back would notice that she wasn't budging. She remained in the same few feet of space. And every so often she would be just a touch too slow to evade an attack. Her injuries, while small, were starting to pile up as more and more Togabito joined the battle.

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