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Urufu Seishin [Wolf Spirit] (Open)

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Urufu Seishin [Wolf Spirit] (Open)

Post by Kei Kusanagi on Wed Mar 08, 2017 12:11 am

Bleak blackness, voices, darkness, nothingness of the void. Fluctuations in Kei's reiatsu before finally suddenly become smooth as silk. Kei stood, and turned to walk toward the academy. He hadn't taught a class before, but fortunately he only offered to help with one specific lesson. Sensing reiatsu was something all new shinigami had to do, but as it was Kei's expertise, he was willing to step in and give his take on it. Not only did he rely on it for sight, but he also used it to supplement his hearing. He maneuvered from it, and had an excellent lesson plan drawn up. He would be blindfolded, stumble around like he was unable to get his baring, then block incoming strikes from an advanced student. He would then reveal his blindness to the students, and explain how he fought people his own strength without ever knowing what they even looked like, and walked away alive. This kind of realization of sensing was enough to make attentive students take notice. What Kei didn't expect was that other experienced shinigami were curious to see Kei's teaching method. A Captain teaching at an academy wasn't an every day occurrence as usually it fell on specific shinigami who excelled at education specifically.

Kei could feel he was being watched, he could count the number of people who's eyes were on him in fact, he could tell their posture and even if they had their sword with them or not. There was much Kei could feel, and he hoped the students would be driven to learn that from his demonstration. Kei put a blindfold on, commenting to the teacher before the students came, "It seems rather odd to wear a blindfold, all things considered." While Kei wasn't known for his comedy wit, there was a nervous laugh, did Kei really just make a joke about his lack of sight? As the students trickled in, one by one they grew quiet. Many students had seen Captains from a distant, but this particular class had never encountered one in their classroom. They were silent, nervous, unsure what to expect. Kei rose to his feet and acted unbalanced, hamming it up maybe too much. The teacher explained that sometimes, fighting meant relying on more than sight, which nearly made Kei snicker. MORE than sight? Not MORE than sight, he thought to himself. The sudden twinge in his reiatsu, undetected by the students, caught the teacher's attention. The teacher threw a peach at Kei, who without seeming to move at first, lifted a wooden sword which was in his belt before, but now in his hand. He raised it toward his face and took a bite, a peach impaled on the tip. Suddenly he spit it out and said, "I was expecting an apple from a teacher, probably." This demonstrated not only could he react instantly, but also know who did it in a crowded room.

As murmurs filled the room, students were amazed by what any experienced shinigami might just call a parlor trick with a bit of flair, nothing special. It didn't need to be  special though, it needed to make a point. Kei removed his blindfold, eyes closed as he turned his attention to the students. The teacher added that Kei had the most experience with using his sense of reiatsu though, and as he explained this, Kei opened his eyes. An exceedingly rare thing to see, Kei's actual eyes. They were milky white, with little to no shine to them. They appeared like marbles almost, though had the glassy look of organic eyes. They twitched around a lot, natural movements that meant nothing to Kei, he didn't even know it happened. He slowly slid his eyes shut, and placed the blindfold on the desk. "I use this sense more than anyone, because it acts as my sight. I assure you though, there is nothing you see in this room that I don't see from every angle, save for color." He pointed to a girl in the class with long hair adding, "From her long hair", then to a young man with brand on his neck, "To his branding, it is my sight." Some of the students were audibly impressed with his ability to point out small details without any ability to see them, Kei knew this was the drive they needed. Knowing what it could do meant knowing what to strive for. While even high ranking officers couldn't point out a branding blindfolded, Kei could. He could sense the scar tissue with how reiatsu responded to it, which was exceptionally subtle

After answering a few more questions from the students, the teacher guided them outside to begin their first practice, which was sensing small objects designed to be easy to detect for newer students. This was considered a feat that any shinigami should be able to accomplish, but newer students sometimes struggled with. Kei sat in the empty room, wondering silently to himself if what he did was good, or just him being used. He knew his intentions were met with perfect results, students did take well to it. How did the teacher look at him though? Did he give Kei an expression of acceptance, or annoyance? While Kei could sense such minute details most could not, sensing facial expressions was different. As a normal human, Kei didn't know much about the look of expressions. He could tell if someone was smiling by their voice, or frowning, but not much else. He knew expressions could be read, but didn't know what that meant really. He sighed softly as he slid his hand along the desk that was once his, sitting down on the side of it as he had done so many times before during his meals. "The future of the Gotei 13", Kei softly said to himself, realizing one day in the past, he was in that class room, and he too had a moment that drove him to succeed, the very reason he volunteered to help in the academy at all.

Kei Kusanagi

Species : Human
Race : Shinigami
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