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Attack on Seireimon (OPEN)

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Attack on Seireimon (OPEN)

Post by Khaos, Goddess of Nothing on Fri Mar 03, 2017 10:21 am

Soul Society, an life for the dead. Where the mortals went after leaving their old lives. Where Khaos now stood, far above what those departed souls called Rukongai, a collection of homes and stores cluttered together. The Goddess of Nothing looked down on these homes, without pity or anything else human in her expression. These poor souls were no aid to Khaos, there was nothing she saw that she needed.

But, still, she twisted the ring on her finger. Black mist, a miasma, poured from her mouth, nose, eyes and ears. It covered the woman, looking like a storm cloud that had appeared from nowhere in the sky, but one that grew and grew rapidly. Those who could sense Spiritual Activity could feel the power of the Fullbringer. Her simple action would have colossal consequences, as she Gifted the sky below her with stone.

Huge boulders, each one several feet across, fell hundred of feet to the ground. The disruption was instantaneous, houses and shops exploding under the barrage of stones falling like rain. Khaos did not know how many Souls died or were dying below her; it was none of her concern. She had Given, and, as she descended to the ground, amid total destruction, she would Take.
Khaos, Goddess of Nothing

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Re: Attack on Seireimon (OPEN)

Post by Khaos, Goddess of Nothing on Wed Mar 08, 2017 12:23 pm

The destruction spanned several blocks, homes, shops and people squashed under stone. The Fullbringer who believed herself a god thought nothing of that, though. Instead, the black miasma that clung to her spread outwards, crawling along the ground around her as those who survived cowered. Her energy, her reiatsu, soared upwards, signalling to all to challenge her if they dared.

Khaos, Goddess of Nothing, stood before them, slowly walking down the center of the street. The black mist ahead of her somehow cleared her path; anything in front of her that touched the miasma simply vanished, leaving a clear path behind Khaos. As she walked, her body glitched and spasmed like a corrupted computer image. Her white dress billowed behind her.

She was walking straight towards a massive gate, though she saw no guards on this side. Yes, she thought. I want this. This wall, this gate. I want it to be mine, to be part of me.

Behind her, a man began to rise from the rubble and destruction. He started to charge her, but the mist reared up in front of him, swallowing him whole. When the mist lowered back down, the man was gone completely. The Fullbringer hadn't even acknowledged him.
Khaos, Goddess of Nothing

Race : Fullbringer
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