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Elizabeth Belanger, the Tres Espada [WIP]

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Elizabeth Belanger, the Tres Espada [WIP]

Post by Elizabeth Belanger on Sat Jan 28, 2017 11:50 am


Name: Elizabeth Bélanger

Alias: Eliza, Béla, Princess Eliza, or Princess Béla

Age: 244

Visual Age: 17/18

Gender: Female

Reiatsu Color: Bright purple

Hollow Hole Location: On her stomach, just to the right of her bellybutton

Affiliation: Espada

Rank: Tres

Aspect of Death: Sadism


Appearance:(What you look like, please give a description on what you look like, you may add a picture as well. Be sure to include your mask fragment location here as well.)

Personality: Elizabeth's personality can be best described in two words. Vain, and sadistic. When first meeting Elizabeth, many Arrancar seem to get the impression that she is full of herself, as she acts

     Likes: Elizabeth has many likes.

She adores beauty and people who she sees as beautiful, though this is a rare occasion as she will generally only see herself beautiful.
Despite the fact she is an arrancar, she has a fascination with the shinigami and would rather study them than kill them. However her form of 'studying' would include seeing how sturdy they are when they are slowly cut to pieces.
Elizabeth loves beautiful women. She is a full on lesbian and is not afraid to show it.
She adores her nickname of Princess. She feels it fits someone as elegant and beautiful as her, especially since the other espada are ugly brutes.

     Dislikes: Elizabeth has a few dislikes.

She despises ugly things. She will usually attempt to kill things that she deems ugly. Only reason she allows the ugly espada to live is because she knows that she needs them, and if she were to attempt to kill them, her death would be guaranteed as all of Hueco Mundo would be after her head.
She hates men. Throughout her entire time as a Hollow and Arrancar, she has been sought after by many men. But all they ever wanted was to get inside her pants. Every male that has ever attempted this has either been eaten, or has met with a painful and slow death.
She hates her ressureccion as it makes her beauty meaningless.

     Motivations: Elizabeth's motivation are somewhat simple, and are very fitting for her vain nature. She wishes to make all of Hueco Mundo come under her control, with her at the throne as their queen. Her second motivation is to make Hueco Mundo beautiful and banish all men from stepping foot into the beauty that she would create.

     Fears: Her fears are simple ones for one such as herself. She fears that one day she will lose her youth along with her beauty. She fears becoming something ugly, something that will be shunned by society. She fears the world becoming an ugly place, filled with war and death.


General information--------------------------------------------------

Name: Renacimiento (Rebirth)

Representation: Phoenix Harpy

Family: Fire/Wind

Sealed State--------------------------------------------------

Appearance: Renacimiento appears to take on the form of an extremely ornate rapier. The blade is about 39 inches long, less then an inch in width, and is sharpened on both sides, as well as the tip. The ornate handle is a bright red in color and the guard is two silver phoenix wings coming down to cover the user's hand. At the bottom of the handle is a bright red jewel held within a bird's talon. The scabbard of the blade is just as ornate, being a bright red in color, to match the handle of the blade, having silver wing designs along the sides, as well as having a silver inlay at the tip of the scabbard with a red jewel in the center.

Type: Rapier


Release Phrase: Resurgir de las cenizas (Rise from the Ashes)

Appearance: To release Renacimiento, not only must Elizabeth speak the release phrease of Resurgir de las cenizas, but she must also stab her blade into her chest, causing the wings on the guard to emit bright red flames and engulf her, melting off her clothes, leaving only the tiara. While most Resurrección's give the Arrancar a bone plating, Renacimiento is unique in that it instead gives Elizabeth feathers. In it's released state, Renacimiento strips Elizabeth of all her clothing, save her Tiara, and covers up her breasts in a thin coating of bright, crimson feathers. From the waist down as well is covered in this coating of bright crimson feathers, and her legs change to become more bird like, her feet becoming talons. From her back, she grows a pair of bright red wings that seem to glow with a fiery aura, allowing her flight that is faster than your average running speed. Finally, her hands also become talons and she gains small tufts of feathers on her shoulders and her elbows. The tiara now comes down the side of her face, curving just before her chin to connect just under her eyes and at the bridge of her nose.

Ability: Renacimiento grants Elizabeth control over fire generated from her own body and reiatsu. As her body is constantly emitting heat comparable to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, it is very hard to stand close to her. However, despite the amount of heat that Elizabeth generates in this form, to her, or anyone she deems an ally, it is cool to the touch. The flames have a unique ability to get hotter, or colder, depending on her mood. When angry, it steadily rises, peaking at 500 degrees. When calmed down from her anger, it reverts the flames back to their original 200 degrees.


History: (Tell us what your character has been through, ups and downs of human life until his untimely death, life as a hollow, evolution events during that time all the way up to arrancar and possible espada recruitment if you go that way.Plot history is required.)
Elizabeth Belanger

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