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Vastine Amorte: Fact and Fiction

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Vastine Amorte: Fact and Fiction

Post by Human Hollow on Thu Jan 05, 2017 11:58 am

Vastine Amorte
Separating Fact from Fiction

Of the Four Major Species of Soul Society, you have likely come across countless Humans, the most numerous, Giants, and even Werewolves. However, the winged Vastine Amorte are so rarely seen, many believe they are extinct entirely. Many of their abilities and historical achievements have faded into obscurity and legend.

To hear people speak of them, the Vastine Amorte are larger than life figures, proud warriors of the air who live forever. Some would say they were so populous that their wings could block out the sun. Others claim that the unique eyes of the Vastine Amorte can see into the future. Some believe the Species is completely extinct, survived only by the Noble Family of Tsuyosa.

And these people would be wrong.

While the Vastine Amorte are indeed incredibly rare sights in Seireitei, they are by no means extinct. The avian race simply live in mountain villages far from Seireitei and the Rukongai proper, notably at Veratrax Peak, the unofficial Capitol of their kind. The former Grand Kido Chief, Ma'kine, was a Vastine Amorte who rebuilt the village of Veratrax himself after Hollows had wiped out his family; over the millennia, more Vastine Amorte flocked to the village, taking up residences in the rebuilt mountain village.

The reason Vastine Amorte are so rarely seen is due simply to distance and a difference in ideals. While those who had seen Ma'kine remember the Vastech armor he wore, it's important to remember that Vastech are hunting gear, not warrior garments. The Vastine Amorte as a species are peaceful, and do not grasp the ideas of war and armies. The Vastine Amorte of Veratrax Peak do not believe of private ownership either, and all members, male and female, young and old, work in the mines that have long since stretched well beyond their mountain home. If a Vastine Amorte is seen who is not seeking to join the Spiritual Arts Academy, its likely they are in Seireitei seeking trade for their gemstones and raw ores.

But what about their Species' natural gifts?

Vastine Amorte can be easily recognized by their wings. Most Vastine Amorte have two broad wings that arc sharply, and fold in on themselves to fit tightly along the spine. However, Vastine Amorte can be born with wings that fold twice rather than a single time, and the Vastine Amorte view this as more physically attractive. Even more rarely are Vastine Amorte with four wings, some of which may have the double-fold mutation as well. Rarest of all are the six-winged Vastine Amorte, whom are revered culturally. Due to the extreme rarity of the six-winged Vastine Amorte, its unknown if they can have the double-fold mutation, but it's expected to be possible.

Vastine Amorte are also distinguishable by their feathered lower bodies. All Vastine Amorte have feathered legs, though their feet are not covered. These feathers are incredibly soft to the touch and feel similar to downy feathers on birds. Vastine Amorte also have cone-shaped ears ending in long tufts of feathers. The feathers of a Vastine Amorte match the color of the Vastine Amorte's hair, and will whiten and gray with age. Vastine Amorte also have unique irises, with swirls of iridescent color around a black pupil. These eyes are similar in coloration to spilled gasoline on water, however they do not take kindly to this comparison. Oddly, the Vastine Amorte do not find their own eyes beautiful to look at, as every member of their Species possess the exact same eyes; they find the Human and Giant's eyes far more attractive with their singular and solid colors.

Vastine Amorte possess unique gifts as well. Like some species of animal, Vastine Amorte can see beyond the visible light spectrum, allowing them to see in mid-infrared as well as farther into near-ultraviolet. The most well known ability of the Vastine Amorte, besides flight, is their incredibly long lifespans. Vastine Amorte can live for tens of thousands of years while appearing physically young, or at least, not physically old. However, they only live so long and age so slowly due to the way their bodies mature; their physical aging compared to a Human's Soul is roughly the same as a Human Soul compared to a Living Human. Whilst Souls age roughly nineteen times slower than Living Humans, Vastine Amorte age roughly twenty times slower than a Soul. This means that the experience of a "year" to a Vastine Amorte would be equal to twenty years to a Human Soul. This means that from birth to physical adulthood for a Vastine Amorte takes approximately 360 years, and a Vastine Amorte who physically looks to be sixty five years old, will actually be 24,700 years old.

However, Vastine Amorte are riddled with negative qualities as well. Firstly, Vastine Amorte are born with incredibly low sex-drives, and it's not uncommon for them to go hundreds, if not a thousand years, without any intimacy at all. They also have incredibly low birth rates due to the extreme length of their gestation period, a whopping fifteen years. Besides their low-birthing rates, Vastine Amorte as a culture thrive on mining, despite being creatures of the air and physically unfit for underground life. Vastine Amorte are drawn to ores and gemstones, even though they have zero use for these things other than hoarding them and trading them for supplies with the other Species. Mining is so culturally ingrained in them from a young age, that they'll easily be distracted by gemstones and ores even in serious situations unless they've spent long periods of time retraining their minds and instincts. Most dangerous though, is their innately high spiritual pressures. They're ideal prey for Hollows, who will sometimes raid and slaughter their mountain villages, wiping out swaths of their kind, because the Vastine Amorte have no warriors among them, the most combat-like profession they have being hunters.
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