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Shinigami Information & Organization

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Shinigami Information & Organization Empty Shinigami Information & Organization

Post by Oshime Baozhai on Fri Dec 30, 2016 4:37 pm

Guardians of the Afterlife

The Shinigami, Japanese for, "Gods of Death," are the literal guardians of both the living and the dead. Clad in telltale black uniforms known as the Shinigami Shihakusho, they combat evil spirits with weapons known as Zanpakutō, Japanese for, "Soul Cutter." With this Zanpakutō, which is unique to each individual, the souls of their foes are purified upon their death and they reenter the Cycle of Souls again. While a Shinigami's main goal is to protect their individual realm, the Soul Society, their secondary duty (and reason for their creation) is to protect the whole of the World of the Living.

Shinigami are organized in a military known as The Thirteen Court Guard Squads, or simply, The Gotei Thirteen. The Gotei is divided into thirteen Divisions, each with their own specialty and tasks. In this military organization, Shinigami are further organized into several Seated Positions which denote their rank in their specific division. The First Seat is the Captain, he who controls and oversees the whole of the Division; usually the most powerful and skilled member in said Division. The Second Seat is the Lieutenant, chosen directly by the Captain to help oversee the duties and function of the Division; it is also their job to take over as an Acting Captain if either no Captain is present or their current Captain is busy or nowhere to be found. Seats Three through Ten also denote positions of power and may be held by more than one individual at the Captain's discretion. There are no Seated Positions beyond the Tenth Seat - members who are not seated are Unseated Officers who carry out and supplement the duties of Seats One through Ten at their command. Each Division has its own unique function which is completely and entirely up to the Captain in charge.

Soul Society is split up into several different sections. First and foremost is Rukongai, Japanese for, "Wandering Soul City." Rukongai is split into four categories, North, South, East and West Rukongai, each split into eighty different Districts, each the size of large cities. The closer to the number one you are in Rukongai, the better the living conditions are. Within Rukongai District One in North, South, East and West are large gates which block the Rukongai off from the Seireitei, the wealthiest sector of the Soul Society. It is in the Seireitei that the noble families live alongside other extremely affluent souls and Shinigami. Also within Seireitei are the Division Barracks where the Shinigami themselves go about their day to day activities, though this exists far, far away from the homes and shops of Seireitei.
Zanpakutō and Kidō

The Arsenal of the Shinigami

The two main forms of unique weaponry the Shinigami possess are the Zanpakutō and Kidō, which comes in three unique disciplines. With these two forms of combat, a Shinigami is capable of becoming a force to be reckoned.

To begin, a Zanpakutō comes in four unique stages known as:

The Asauchi, which is the most basic form a Zanpakutō will ever take. Given upon admission into the Shinigami Academy, these blades are considered to be, "the most powerful Zanpakutō," as they're quite literally limitless in terms of what they will grow in to. For Shinigami to advance to the next stage, they must pour time and energy into their Asauchi, helping it become its own unique being.

Sealed Zanpakutō are Zanpakutō that have advanced beyond their Asauchi stage, gaining a unique denizen within the Inner World of their wielder. Along with a unique outer appearance, they also possess a name wholly unique to them and them alone. With this name comes a special power or ability. Sealed Zanpakuto almost invariably take on the shape or form of some sort of Japanese blade, usually a katana or nodaichi.

The Shikai is the released form of a developed Zanpakutō, signifying that the wielder knows the name of his or her weapon. Upon releasing their Zanpakutō, usually with a short phrase alongside the speaking of the sword's name, the sword takes on a different, more unique appearance as well as gaining access to their unique abilities. Some Zanpakutō have improper Shikai due to either not releasing or holding back their full power for various reasons.

The Bankai is the second and final form of a released Zanpakutō, signifying a near ultimate bond between the wielder and the Zanpakutō. Upon releasing their Zanpakutō further from its Shikai state, the wielder is usually gifted with exceptionally powerful abilities as well as a new form. Only the most powerful and gifted of Shinigami will ever unlock this stage of release.

Alongside the Zanpakutō, Shinigami also have access to three schools of Kidō, magical spells ranked numerically with unique incantations known as:

Hadō, or simply, "The Way of Destruction." These spells focus on how to outright damage your opponent through physically harming them in one way, shape or form.

Bakudō, or simply, "The Way of Binding." These spells focus on restricting the movement of your opponents or supplementing you through some sort of utility effect. They may also create barriers or containers for various purposes.

Kaidō, or simply, "The Way of Healing." These spells focus on regenerating individuals tissue or removing harmful effects of some kind.
Shinigami Nobility

The Wealthy and Honorable Members of Shinigami Society

Shinigami Society is further specialized in that there exist four Major Noble Families as well as four Minor Noble Families. These families usually supplement the Soul Society - and Gotei, for that matter - exclusively in one way or another. All Noble Families, both Major and Minor (Major are more closely related than are Minor) have a lineage that can be traced in some way, shape or form to the Soul Queen herself.

Of the four Major Noble Families, we have:

The Baozhai Family, which while not the most prestigious or humble of the noble families, exists to serve the extended arm of Soul Society and its military force. Those in the Baozhai Family are raised and encouraged to put their strategic minds and powerful, nimble bodies to service in Divisions that focus, in one way or another, on bringing Soul Society's enemies to their knees. The Baozhai Family are firm believers in the survival of the fittest. The Baozhai have close ties to the Second, Eighth, Tenth and Eleventh Divisions. Giants make up the majority of the Baozhai Noble Family. They used their strength to defend the Seireitei when it was first founded, and continue to do so to this day, by having four of their own guard the Gates personally from the outside. The Baozhai Giants rarely acknowledge humans as their equals in terms of combat prowess, but there are exceptions. However, they are willing to welcome Humans into their family.

The Tsuyosa Family, which whose name suggests, see themselves as the, "strength," of the Soul Society. They see strength as something within more than something on the outside and encourage their family members to enter divisions of political power, such as the First Division. Their specialization, for lack of a better word, would be elegance, for sure. Of the four Major Noble Families, the Tsuyosa are definitely the most affluent. The Tsuyosa Family has close ties with Squads One, Six and Thirteen. The Tsuyosa Family is believed to be descended from a female Vastine Amorte and a Human lover. This occurred before the founding of the Seireitei, before the Vastine Amorte had settled Veratrax Peak. Her children were human, but the blood of the Vastine Amorte flows through all her descendants, giving the Tsuyosa their rigid beliefs and vast spiritual prowess.

The Koga Family, the family who tries desperately to imitate the Tsuyosa Family; they make no attempts to hide this fact, either. It is their belief that through knowledge, one gains power and through power, peace may be achieved. They are generally seen as pacifists and encourage their family members to join Divisions where combat isn't as likely and where they may supplement Soul Society through exploration of knowledge, information or the arts. The Koga Family has close ties with the Kidō Corps and the Fourth Division.

The Shimazu Family, perhaps the second most affluent and prestigious nobly family - after the Tsuyosa - who tries to combine the ideals of the Baozhai and Tsuyosa families. They believe law and order can only exist when a strong, iron fist looms overhead. Therefore, they seek positions of great power in which through utilizing their blades or other combat capabilities, Soul Society and the world at large may become a greater, safer and more organized place. They're generally seen as execution-crazed law-fanatics, though they've made several positive contributions to Soul Society thus far. The Shimazu has close ties with the Onmitsukidō. The Noble Family of Shimazu is an ancient Werewolf clan that helped found Seireitei long ago. This family is almost always seen in their bipedal form, with only a select few remaining as actual wolves. The Noble Family of Shimazu are well respected and vastly different from their wild cousins.

The four Minor Noble Families are families that have come into existence when a prestigious member of one of the four Major Families broke off and began their own branch. Each Minor Family is seen as a vassal of the clan they broke off from and are also seen as, generally, less prestigious and important than their Major Family counterpart, though far more important than an ordinary Shinigami.

The Qin Family are vassals of the Baozhai.

The Mogami Family are vassals of the Tsuyosa.

The Hayashi Family are vassals of the Koga.

The Fijuwara Family are vassals of the Shimazu.
The Gotei Thirteen

The Thirteen Court Guard Squads and their Duties

The Zero Division, also known as the, "Royal Guard," are actually not part of the Gotei Thirteen at all. Instead, they exist independently of the Gotei command. Their sole duty is to protect the Soul Queen at all costs. To be eligible for a position in the Royal Guard, the Soul Queen looks for individuals who have left an undeniable and notable impression on the history of Soul Society; after selection, newly inducted members of the Royal Guard undergo rigorous training to bring them to their peak! Such examples include the creator of the Shinigami's trademark weapon, the Zanpakutō; the creator of the Shinigami's magic, Kidō, the creator of the Soul Society's powerful barrier, the Shakonmaku to name a few. All members of the Royal Guard have Captain-level status outside the Royal Realm (the realm of the Soul Queen) though do not answer to the Captain-Commander.

The First Division is seen, without a single doubt, as the, "command," division. The Captain of this Division is the General of the entire Gotei Military and his or her word, is law. He or she has the final say on any and all military disputes, even between members of different divisions. The duty of the First Division is to oversee the functions of the Gotei as a whole and manage the Gotei Military during combat situations, barking orders left and right.

The Second Division is seen as the covert military force of the Gotei Thirteen. To put it in perspective, the Second Division should be viewed as the CIA or some other secret police organization. Unlike normal police, while they enforce the law, they do so only in the most extreme cases where secrecy and discretion are required. They operate in the shadows and either kill their targets or indefinitely detain them in secret in the top secret prison known to factually exist by only a handful of members in the Gotei Military. Is a member of the Second Division is sent after you, it's generally not the best. They specialize in detainment and murder and are the parent-division of the Onmitsukidō.

The Third Division works hand-in-hand with the Second Division. Before the Second Division can operate effectively, they need top-secret information. Instead of wasting time and resources and collecting it themselves, they rely on the Third Division to do so for them. Therefore, much like the Second Division, the Third Division specializes in top secret covert actions, though avoid combat to the best of their ability.

The Fourth Division works day and night as the janitors and doctors of Soul Society. They specialize in Kaidō so any and all injured members of the Gotei may return to their duties as soon as possible. It is the fault of the Fourth Division that the Seireitei is so clean and presentable.

The Fifth Division works tirelessly archiving and creating new Kidō, both Bakudō and Hadō. They are seen as experts in Kidō in general and for that reason work hand-in-hand with the Kidō Corps and, as a secondary duty, monitor all incoming and outgoing Senkaimon.

The Sixth Division can be seen as the general police force of the Gotei Military. They administer the law as quickly and unbiased as possible, making sure each and every Shinigami falls in line with the rules and guidelines set out by Central Forty-Six. It is within their jurisdiction to sentence someone to death by execution which will be handled by Squads Two, the Onmitsukidō and the Kidō Corps together as a team.

The Seventh Division has no specific set of duties.

The Eighth Division has no specific set of duties.

The Ninth Division has no specific set of duties.

The Tenth Division is viewed as Soul Society's strategists. They work hands-on with Squads Five and Eleven during combat situations to evaluate threat and respond in a timely manner. While they might not, generally, be as powerful as someone from Squad Eleven, they are just as deadly with their sharp, combat oriented minds.

The Eleventh Division are the melee specialists of Soul Society. They rely on brute force and sword technique to vanquish their foes. They are generally seen as unintelligent brutes - a stereotype which isn't necessarily true - and strike fear into the Soul Society's enemies. The Captain of Squad Eleven is given the title, "Kenpachi," and is viewed as the most skilled swordsman in Soul Society. The only way to become a Kenpachi is to kill the previous Kenpachi and take their position as Captain.

The Twelfth Division are the eggheads of the Soul Society. They work on various forms of Research and Development, pushing Soul Society's technology to new heights and limits. They are extremely efficient and intelligent individuals.

The Thirteenth Division are the members of Soul Society who have jurisdiction over the World of the Living. Any Shinigami from any other Division stationed in the World of the Living for patrol or otherwise has a member of the Thirteenth that they check in with regularly to report progress and disturbances to. Unless otherwise noted, when it comes to the World of the Living, what the Thirteenth Division says, goes.

The Onmitsukidō is directly tied to the Second Division through several edicts issued by previous Captains. They are the main Stealth Force of the Soul Society and work quietly, efficiently and dangerously.

The Kidō Corps is a group of Kidō Specialists whose sole duty is tied directly to that of the Fifth Division. They create new Kidō spells, monitor the Senkaimon and carry out executions with pomp and ceremony.

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