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What is a Species?

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What is a Species?

Post by Lanying Baozhai on Thu Dec 29, 2016 5:44 am

Hello everyone, Lany here. I'm happy to announce another new feature to Damnation: Species!

As of right now, there will be FOUR species, as well as two sub-species, available to all new members! Your Species is separate from your Race, meaning if you want to be a Werewolf Quincy, you can! Keep in mind that your species directly relates to your origins. Werewolves don't live in London after all.

The four Species currently available are Humans, Werewolves, like Captain Komamura; Giants, such as the Gate Keepers; or the nearly extinct Vastine Amorte, winged humanoids known for their vast lifespans. The two sub-species are the more feral Dire-Werewolves, distant cousins to our average, every day Werewolf; and Shape-shifters, humans who have a recessive Werewolf gene in their DNA that allows them to change into ONE type of animal. Each Species has traits that make them unique, such as the Humans power to evolve and adapt, Werewolves with their sacred rituals ability to change their form, Giants being the physically most powerful, and Vastine Amorte with their ability to fly, live the longest of all Species and their naturally high spiritual pressures.

While the Species are able to interbreed, though not all can breed together, as Giants and Vastine Amorte cannot mix, their offspring will always be one or the other. Werewolves will always produce offspring the same Species as the father. Humans are just as likely to birth either Species. Vastine Amorte have naturally poor birth rates in either case, which has not helped them repopulate after near extinction.

There will be more sub-species to come down the line, and if you the members have any ideas as to what we should or shouldn't incorporate, feel free to send us a message, or leave a comment below.
Lanying Baozhai

Species : Oni
Race : Shinigami
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