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Khaos (The Goddess of Nothing, FULLBRINGER)

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Khaos (The Goddess of Nothing, FULLBRINGER)

Post by Khaos, Goddess of Nothing on Tue Dec 27, 2016 9:55 pm


The Basics

Name: Khaos
English Translation: Khaos adopts her name from Khaos, the primordial nothingness that birthed all else in Greek Mythology.
Species: Khaos was originally a Human, however her current incarnation cannot be described as such.
Race: Khaos was originally a Fullbringer, but she now insists that she is a Goddess like the Soul Queen.
Gender: Khaos is female, though her physical self changes very frequently.
Date of Birth: Khaos was born on the winter solstice, so she claims her birthday is December 21.
Appearance Age: When she is able to assume a solid physical form, Khaos appears to be a young woman. Other times, her appearance changes drastically from incredibly young to extremely decrepit.
Actual Age: Khaos was born in 1683, meaning it's been 333 years since her birth. However, due to the difference in the passage of time, she is mentally over 30,000 years old, but is physically 23 years old.
Organization and Rank: While Khaos has no loyalty to anyone other than herself and her dimension, there is a small human organization called The Kult of Khaos that worships her as their deity. Ironically, she is unaware that somebody already thinks of her as a goddess.

Height: When in a solid state, Khaos stands at 5 feet and two inches tall. During her fluid form, Khaos ranges the entire spectrum of size, from the tiniest Hollow to the largest Giant.
Weight: Regardless of form, Khaos weighs one hundred and three pounds.
Hair color: In her fixed form, Khaos has pure white hair.
Eye color: In her fixed state, Khaos has pale pink eyes.
General Appearance: In her "solid," fixed state, Khaos is a somewhat short albino woman. She has long white and dyed green hair and very pale red eyes. She always wears what could be described as a ball-gown dress which has a heart-like spikes coming from the torso in this form, though how she obtained it is uncertain. At 5 feet and two inches tall, and weighing 103 pounds, Khaos is neither fat nor very thin. She does however have rather long legs and arms, giving her torso a rather short appearance. Her lips are painted black, but other than that she wears no make-up. Where her dress does not cover, her extremely pale skin is left plain and unadorned. She has no scars. While she does have a decent sized rear, her most developed feature is her bosom, which is quite large and very full. The self-proclaimed Goddess will frequently start to "glitch," her form stretching, distorting and coming apart like TV static, not unlike bugs in older video-games. She also can glitch so badly that her physical form begins to go through a spectrum of every permutation of life, from the tiniest Hollow to the largest possible Giant, rapidly taking on every possible form. She has no control over this, and it happens extremely fast, but she'll eventually resettle into her "solid" form.

The Psyche

Redeeming Qualities: Khaos is not an actively evil entity. She does not destroy or steal out of malice, but to fill her Plains of Emptiness. As such, she isn't truly anyone's enemy, though it wouldn't be unfair to consider her a force of nature. Khaos also has been known to bestow "gifts" onto others, such as giving a blind man sight she had taken from somebody less deserving, in her opinion.
Khaos is also incredibly powerful, and as such, would make a great ally if anyone was capable of convincing her to join forces.
Negative Qualities: Khaos views herself as a deity on par with the Soul Queen. She looks down upon all others, seeing herself as above the mortal coil, above the heads of the Captain Commander in Soul Society, the Hollow King in Hueco Mundo, and all other rulers. This sense of self-importance lays in the fact that her combined powers truly do make her more than just a Fullbringer, especially since her fusion with the Plains of Emptiness.
Khaos also takes whatever she pleases, from whomever and wherever she pleases. As she considers herself above all else, that means she can do whatever she wishes, from stealing landmarks, to even robbing a man of his emotions, powers or memories.
Likes: Khaos has a singular fondness. She is in love with the Plains of Emptiness, as she is the Plains, and they are her. As such, she desires to fill the Plains to bring about a perfect world.
While not a "like", Khaos desires that others recognize her godhood.
Dislikes: Khaos believes herself above such pettiness as disliking something. However, she is not fond of people who do not respect her, or are greedy. She neither likes, nor dislikes Hollows and Shinigami, but views herself above them, all else. The only thing she truly hates is having anything threaten the Plains of Emptiness.
Personal Habits: Outside of the Plains of Emptiness, Khaos "glitches out" as the dimension she is in cannot physically stand her existence.
Long-term Goals: Khaos seeks to create the Plains of Emptiness into a perfect world, even though she is the only one who can constantly inhabit it.
General Personality: Khaos is a rather simple being. She exists solely to perfect her Plains of Emptiness. She views herself a God, on par with or greater than the Soul Queen. Because of her perceived godhood, she feels it is her right to take whatever she pleases and to do anything. However, though once human, she has lost something crucial to her very being. She is more like a machine or an extension of the Plains than her own being. She experiences no love or hatred, nor fear or sorrow. She merely exists to achieve her goal of creating a perfect world, and to do so she will do anything.
Something Special: Because she's fused to the Plains of Emptiness, all other dimensions reject her existence, causing reality to warp around her as the world tries to forcibly eject her. This is why she does not ever glitch in her dimension, but does in every other dimension. By extension, she is directly connected to the Plains and everything in them, including whatever she moves there. She can be injured by destroying the surroundings.

The Power

Fullbring Name: The Final Miasma

Item of Affinity: The item she uses is a small obsidian ring on her left middle finger.
Release Phrase: To activate her Fullbring, Khaos says "Return unto nothing, The Final Miasma"

Fullbring Appearance: The first form of The Final Miasma is a heavy, black fog. This fog cannot be penetrated by light or burned away. It is controlled via hand gestures.
Fullbring Ability: Anything surrounded by The Final Miasma is "stolen" by Khaos. The Final Miasma can just as easily steal living animals and inanimate objects of great mass as it can metaphysical concepts and ideas, such as time, emotions or laws of nature or society. Should these things be stolen, they cannot exist in that particular instance ever again. Animals will not return to the environment, people will literally be unable to feel the emotions taken, and nature will behave oddly in that area if those things are taken. While buildings can replace the stolen structures, they'll never be exact replicas. Somehow, exact copies will always be flawed or destroyed.
While The Final Miasma is primarily for taking, it can also "return" the stolen items. However, it does not have to return them to their original owners or location.

The Past


In the year 1683, Genevieve Giovanni was born in Massachusetts in America. The quiet, rural town the child was born in was a simple community, led by simple, god-fearing people. Genevieve's mother was leader to a secret society within the town, a group of young women who protected the everyday folk from unseen monsters. These unseen monsters, the Hollows, were kept away from the village by the women, whom were all Fullbringers, people with Hollow-derived powers.
Genevieve grew up in a secret culture of protecting the men and women of her home town, and her mother and her friends taught her to nurture her Fullbring powers. She first unlocked her Fullbring, under the careful eye of her mother, at age six, her foci being the ring her mother had given her at birth, the obsidian ring of their order. Her mother playfully chastised her for having an ability to steal anything at all, saying that it's wrong to take and not give back. This lesson helped the young Genevieve to nurture her Fullbring further, developing the power to "Gift," or return the stolen property or object.

Genevieve was nine years old when her and her childhood friend, Elena, were caught practicing their Fullbrings by the men of their quiet village. Elena's ability to move between dimensions at will, to the men, was a witch using evil magic to disappear. The girls didn't know the men had watched the girls playing, and Genevieve had been practicing her power to steal, gifting herself Elena's Fullbring. However, when Genevieve began to shift to what Elena called Hueco Mundo, she saw the men grab the now powerless Elena. By the time Genevieve returned, the men and her friend were gone.
Genevieve ran home to her mother, crying that the men had taken Elena away. Her mother, gathering the other women, came to the houses of the men to learn that they had gathered before the church, claiming to have captured a witch.

Everything was a blur from that point. The men rationalized that the girl must have learned from her mother. Her mother and the gathered Fullbringers tried to appease the men, but that turned to the men claiming the whole lot were a coven of witches, who probably preyed on the village for years. The men and their families had brought up names of people who died strangely or disappeared, all truly victims of Hollows, and how the women were always near the victims.
One by one the Fullbringers were accused of witchcraft and "tried" and executed by burning. Elena and her mother burned at the stake together first, then Genevieve's mother. The others were similarly burned, but Genevieve herself was among the last to be tied to a cross. She was screaming and crying as the villagers she'd been taught to protect piled wood at her feet. She had been crying ever since they took Elena away, three days before.
The fire hurt when the men lit the wood. It was strange, because Genevieve's ring on her finger was so cold. As the flames spread, in those short moments, the nine year old girl screamed, not an incoherent cry of pain and agony, but sensible words lost to the chanting of the men and villagers. Black mist gathered around Genevieve, but it was obscured by the smoke. The villagers knew nothing was amiss as Genevieve stole the "heat" of the fire. However, with hurt, anger and so much sadness in her eyes, Genevieve gave the men and villagers, the entire Village of Salem, the Gift of heat.
The villagers were immolated from the inside out, all of them, from the head Priest to the youngest infant. Slowly, Genevieve used her departed Elena's power to flee the World of the Living.


Genevieve fled to the only world she had known so far, Hueco Mundo. She didn't know at the time that Elena's Fullbring actually saved her life during the transition, turning her physical body into spirit, and would turn her back upon her return to the World of the Living. Likewise, she hadn't known at first that Hueco Mundo was home to the monsters her mother had sworn to fight.

It took two days, or at least she thought they were days, the moon never setting here, before the first Hollow found the nine year old girl. It was a creature with the body of a boar but had a too human-looking face, though it's tusks were still very prominent. Genevieve heard it's howl before she saw it charging at her, and barely managed to move out of the way. As she had been taught by her mother, Genevieve activated her Fullbring, feeling rather than seeing the mist around her.

With black mist rolling around her, Genevieve turned to face the Hollow again. She was scared, having never been in a fight before. When her mother had fought Hollows, it had seemed so easy. The Hollow rushed Genevieve again, and she moved away, kicking it with her booted foot. She gasped in pain as the Hollow rushed past her.

Twice more the Hollow charged her. On the second charge, however, Genevieve flung her arm at its side, and the cloud of darkness struck it, pushing it over. The Hollow, stupid creature it was, didn't realize it had been Stolen from. But Genevieve was already Gifting herself while it stood back up.

Genevieve tried to continue dodging the creature's charges, but eventually it knocked her to the ground and began to trample her. However, it howled in pain as it stomped on the small girl. She had Gifted herself the Adjuchas' Heirro, making her skin harder than steel. And with its own flesh reduced it being simple fat and tissues, it couldn't even bruise her.

But it continued to pound and whack her body as she curled on the ground, trying to protect her head. It continued with rage and frustration fueling its attacks. Genevieve cried out as it hammered her ribs with its tusks, driving her down into the sand. On and on it pounded her, her screaming filling the air.

The attacks continued for over an hour, Genevieve screaming until her voice no longer made sound. But, then the assault stopped, a blow was prepared but never delivered. Slowly, Genevieve looked out from under her arm, hoping the Hollow had just left.

Instead, she saw it's body suspended in the air above her, a long, curved black blade emerging through its face. She saw the face crack and bleed before the beast was flung sideways, far out of Genevieve's sight.

The blade belonged to a creature twice young Genevieve's height, almost her mother's size. Instead of feet, it had two curved blades, which met up to the the in the middle. The knees were bent, making the creature stoop. It's arms were stuck straight out the sides of its shoulders, and the elbow transformed to huge black swords, from which three more blades grew, curving backwards on the outter edge. Around the creature's neck was a cape, like the kind explorers wore over their shoulders. The thing's neck was abnormally long, and instead of hair, more blades grew from its head. Two grew on both sides of her, the creature was female, face, framing it. More grew horizontally out, up and back from the head, creating almost a crown of blades. Genevieve knew she was female from the breasts the creature possessed on a humanoid torso.

The creature was entirely black save for the blue-green cape and her face. The creature's face wasn't ugly at all, and seemed almost serene, in contrast to her very dangerous looking body. The creature was looking at the Hollow she had thrown away. She didn't move, nor did Genevieve.

After a moment, Genevieve let out a breath she hadn't known she was holding. Then the creature looked at her and Genevieve noticed that what she had thought were pale eyes were actually solid white; the thing was completely blind. With terror inspiring speed, the creature was above her, its blind face inches from her own. The creature's many blades cut into the sand around her body.

"You're a Hollow... But not a Hollow. You're not an Arrancar, either... There's not the taint about you. What are you, small one?" It's voice was definitely a woman's, but sounded like it came from very far away down a narrow passage.

Genevieve whimpered a little. "I... I'm a girl... I, I'm Genevieve..."

The creature stared down at her with unblinking, unseeing eyes. "I am Oscuaada. You are strong."

"I-I don't..."

It was not a question. You're alive, despite being so near me. You are strong, but not fully grown. You'll grow stronger, if you survive. Do you want to survive?


"Then you shall come with me," Oscuaada pulled away, standing upright. "I'll teach you to be strong."

Genevieve stayed with Oscuaada in the Black Lands of Hueco Mundo until her eighteenth birthday. Over the years, she was taught how to hunt Hollows, to sense even the slightest changes in the air to detect whenever danger was present, and most of all, she was taught that above all, Shinigami were a threat best killed before they could be a challenge. On her eighteenth birthday, Genevieve talked to Oscuaada and the two concocted an idea. Using Genevieve's power to move between dimensions, she would move into Soul Society, locate the Captain Commander, and assassinate them. Once that was finished, she would return to Oscuaada's cave and the two would invade Soul Society together, establishing themselves as leaders. They would ally themselves to Soul Society in order to defeat the Hollow King.

Genevieve asked why do these things. Oscuaada explained that the Hollow King was weak, and flawed. Hollows shouldn't have some figurehead who believed themselves a god ruling over them. So, Genevieve asked why they didn't just ally with Soul Society now.

But, long ago, the Commander of the Gotei wronged Oscuaada, attempting to kill her when she was a mere Gillian, simply for being there. And Oscuaada never forgave the Commander, and her scars stayed with her.

Genevieve stood outside the cave, hugging her friend, mentor and protector. Then, Genevieve began to fade away.

When Genevieve moved between worlds, she had to literally move. She needed to be fast, and direct. The space between worlds was dangerous, for smaller worlds formed randomly, or decayed without warning. To her, they appeared like globes of light suspended in an infinite darkness. She had to be sure to never touch any of these, lest she be sucked in to that world. The biggest three were Hueco Mundo, which was a black ball of light, Soul Society, a calming yellow, and the World of the Living, a pure white.

Genevieve just had to walk between the black and yellow lights to go anywhere she wanted. But, as she was walking between them, there was a chiming noise heard not with her ears. The sound of a world being born. Genevieve ran. The chimes grew louder. She jumped, reaching out for the yellow orb before her. And then there was just silence.


Grey. That's all she knew. The grey air. The grey rock. Grey sky, grey clouds. Four grey suns, seven grey moons. She could see them all. She was all of them. She was the rock, the sand. Her breath was the stagnant air. Her blinks, the passing days. Time stretched on here. Day, after day; week, after week; century, after century. How many, she lost count. But she knew, too, that it had been 30,000 times her body had revolved around the suns, her heart. She knew these things, but knew nothing. She was everything, but did not exist.

Why was she a she, she asked herself. I am everything, the whole world is me. But, what was I before the world. What was I before the Plains of Emptiness was born. She tried to remember.

She had two long sections that had supported a thicker middle section. From there, two more smaller parts grew, with a fifth, rounder part on top. She made this thing from her body, the rock. No, she tried to remind herself. Her body was in the rock, not of it. That was her body, these connected shapes. She merely had to bring it all together again.

She didn't know how long it took, but slowly her body returned. She stood in a world of grey, seeing the world now, not the world seeing her. She wore a dress, that much she knew. She had green hair, yes, she knew those words. And breasts, yes! Fingers, toes, these words she knew. She knew of her ring, her powers, the powers she had stolen over the years. But she knew not how she had Stolen them. She knew not whom she was, only that she was. She knew this place, these empty plains. The fact that they were empty made her sad. She wanted to fill herself, her Plains of Emptiness, with life. So, she went where she knew of life in excess.

2013- Present Day

She spent the next several years Stealing plants, animals, people, things, and Gifting them all to the Plains. She stole air, and bits and pieces of atmosphere to hold the air that she hoped would support the grass and trees and birds and other things. But nothing lived long in the Plains of Emptiness. Eventually, everything turned grey and stopped moving forever. So she sought more things. She was spotted several times around the World of the Living.

She had been surprised that her body didn't hold its shape here. She would distort and change, becoming all manner of living creatures in rapid succession, until settling on an imperfect copy of her true self. Some who saw her called her chaotic, with her black mist and transforming body. That recalled a memory for her, of the goddess Khaos. Perhaps that was who she used to be. Yes, she was the Goddess of Nothing. She was Khaos.

Major Events Timeline:
1683- Genevieve Giovanni was born in Massachusetts in America
1689- Genevieve unlocks her Fullbring using the ring of her coven as a foci.
1692- Genevieve Steals the power to move between dimension from her friend. Men of the village witness this and claim they are witches. In the following days, Genevieve's friends and mother are burned at the stake. When she should be burned, she Gifts the fire's heat to the villagers, then flees to Hueco Mundo. There, she meets Oscuaada and joins her.
Unknown years between 1701 and 2013- Genevieve becomes fuses with the birth of the Plains of Emptiness. She eventually regains her sense of self, and a body, and returns to the World of the Living.

Roleplaying Sample: Khaos slowly materialized above the Empire State Building. Nobody could see her, but she saw everything. Nobody saw her twist the ring on her middle finger, but she did. The ring twisted three-quarters of the way right, then back to the correct position. The clear air was violated by the black mist that poured from her nose and mouth.

The mist pooled around her feet, forming a pool in the air. It spread outwards and down, growing into thick tendrils that groped downward at the Empire State Building. Nobody but her saw the black threads of mist wrap around one of the gargoyles. Everything the mist touched vanished completely. The entire section of the roof vanished completely, leaving a smooth hole in the roof building.

Khaos closed her eyes, swinging her hand left, to the sun. The mist swerved at her direction. It moved out over the street, a mass of black in the evening sky. When it reach where she desired, the mist opened, and she Gifted the air the section of building. Khaos watched passively as the concrete structure fell hundreds of feet downward, smashing through cars, people and street. She felt all those lives get snuffed out, and she descended to the street.

Forty recently killed souls. They wandered, staring at the wreckage. "Come with me... All of you, gather around. I'll bring you to the next world. Come, join your Goddess in the afterlife."

Khaos, Goddess of Nothing
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Re: Khaos (The Goddess of Nothing, FULLBRINGER)

Post by Khaos, Goddess of Nothing on Tue Jan 17, 2017 10:02 pm

"Your new God is ready to be graded."
Khaos, Goddess of Nothing
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Re: Khaos (The Goddess of Nothing, FULLBRINGER)

Post by Oshime Baozhai on Wed Jan 18, 2017 12:59 pm

Too ugly, start over

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Re: Khaos (The Goddess of Nothing, FULLBRINGER)

Post by Khaos, Goddess of Nothing on Wed Jan 18, 2017 1:17 pm

Tier- Captain
Allocated Skills- Seven
Base Skill Rank- Advanced
Max Skill Rank- Master

Armed Combat- Intermediate
Unarmed Combat- Intermediate
Spiritual Combat- Master
Hoho- Intermediate
Reiatsu Perception- Advanced

Soul Manipulation- Master
Power Transference- Beginner
Khaos, Goddess of Nothing
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Re: Khaos (The Goddess of Nothing, FULLBRINGER)

Post by Khaos, Goddess of Nothing on Wed Jan 18, 2017 2:05 pm

Natural Fullbring
The Final Miasma- Khaos' Fullbring. By twisting the obsidian ring on her left middle finger, a black mist pours from her mouth and nose, pooling at her feet. She can direct the mist with hand gestures.
Steal- One half of The Final Miasma, Steal allows Khaos to literally steal anything within the body of her black mist. She has no limit to what can be stolen, even able to steal things without physical form, such as concepts or even emotions. If she were to Steal something of great mass, she frequently breaks it up into horizontal layers. Anything Stolen vanishes and can never be 100% accurately replaced unless she uses Gift to replace it.
Gift- The second half of The Final Misma. Gift allows her to give anything she has ever stolen to what her mist covers.

Stolen abilities
Transdimension Travel- The first ability ever Stolen by Khaos. Her body will fade out, and she enters a Zero Space of sorts between all Dimensions. She can literally move between any Dimension using this so long as she's familiar with it. These worlds are represented by spheres of light. Due to her literally being the Plains of Emptiness, when she travels to any other Dimension, she appears to glitch out, literally being rejected by the other worlds.
Partial Hierro- While not a true Hierro, Khaos' skin is slightly harder than normal. While she cannot withstand a sword strike unphased, she is harder to bruise than normal.

Other Techniques
White Darkness- This Technique surrounds the enemy within a thick Miasma, and then Steals all the oxygen within.
Blackest Light- The technique surrounds the enemy within a thick Miasma, and the Gift's all the stolen oxygen she had Stolen into her enemy's lungs at once, hoping to explode them.
Softest Strike- This technique allows Khaos' to wrap her Final Miasma around her fist or foot, allowing an even more refined focusing on with her Steal and Gift abilities.
Solid Air- Khaos Gifts solid objects into the enemy's body by striking them in the chest, causing the object to appear instantly within them.
Broken Field- Khaos allows her mist to fan out over a large area, before Gifting hundreds of large rocks and Hueco Mundo quartz trees, causing them to suddenly appear jutting out of the ground.
Tallest Pit- The miasma spreads out in a thirty feet diameter around Khaos. She then Steals the very ground and everything on and under it for sixty feet.
Falling Sky- Used in conjunction with Tallest Pit, this technique Gifts the stole area several hundred feet directly upwards, allowing gravity to pull it straight down, crushing anything in the pit and destroying the surrounding area.
Khaos, Goddess of Nothing
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Re: Khaos (The Goddess of Nothing, FULLBRINGER)

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