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Zanpakuto Princesses

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Zanpakuto Princesses

Post by Lanying Baozhai on Tue Dec 27, 2016 8:46 pm

The Princesses
Epitome of Perfection

Thousands of years ago, when the Soul Society and the Seireitei were just small gatherings of Giants, Werewolves, Humans, and Vastine Amorte, and sword smithing was still young, there was a Master Swordsman, who's true name is lost to time itself. This Master Swordsman, as the legend goes, created 6 extremely powerful Zanpakuto, each of them designed and molded around one of the 6 major elements that dominate this world. These Zanpakuto became known as, the Elemental Princesses. Each Princess shares another commonality, in that all of their Spirits take on the appearance of horned individuals.

Chikyu Ojou
The Unchanging Bastion

Chikyu Ojou is the oldest of the Princesses, and tries to be a stalwart defender of the Soul Society and it's ideals. It is said that her perfect master will be just as unchanging and determined as her. It is said that it was she and her first master that built the foundations that the Soul Society stand upon.

Kaze Ojou
The Fire of Passion

Kaze Ojou, as a Zanpakuto, is said to be able to control the very fires of hell. The most rash and tempermental of the Princesses, Kaze Ojou requires a master who is blinded by their passion, just as Kaze Ojou herself is blinded by hers.

Kaen Ojou
The Breeze of Calm

Kaen Ojou is able to control the very air and all that goes on within her domain. She is the calmest and most aloof of the Princesses, Kaen Ojou requires a master willing to remain calm, no matter the situation.

Mizu Ojou
The Fluidity of Change

Mizu Ojou is one of the oddest of the Princesses. One minute she can be happy. The next, angry. Then she's lustful. It is hard to predict just how Mizu Ojou will change, hence why her master needs to be just as unpredictable as she.

Hikari Ojou
The Light Bringer

Hikari Ojou, along with her twin, Inei Ojou, are the youngest of the Princesses. These two were the last to be created and are also considered the most powerful of the 6. Hikari Ojou is said to be the only Zanpakuto capable of restoring perfect health. However, because of her healing potential, Hikari Ojou has almost no combat prowess, and it shows, as she is the only Princess who's sealed form is that of a boken. It is said that the best match for her Master would be someone who despises combat in all forms.

Inei Ojou
The Gloom of Darkness

Inei Ojou, like her twin, Hikari Ojou, is the youngest of the Princesses, with Inei being the youngest in general. While her twin was designed for healing, Inei was designed entirely for combat. But more specifically, Inei Ojou is the only Zanpakuto capable of entirely destroying a persons Zanpakuto, spirit and all. It is said, that the best match for her Master is someone that would do whatever it takes to gain power.
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