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The Shape-Shifter Sub-Species

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The Shape-Shifter Sub-Species

Post by Human Hollow on Tue Dec 27, 2016 1:02 pm


The Inner Animal

While not a Species of their own right, Shape-Shifters are an ancient group of Humans with the power to assume a single animal form, which varies from person to person. Shape-Shifters are a result of a dormant Werewolf gene within Humans that has been mutated by generations of cross-Species breeding. Shape-Shifters most commonly gain their powers after death, especially if they died tragically, as the shock of death awakens the dormant gene. However, Humans have obtained the ability to assume animal form while alive; these people have historically been revered as both gods and witches.

The most common forms a Shape-Shifter could assume are wolves or canind-species. However, as the trait gets further mutated by Human carriers having children with non-carrier Humans, a far wider selection of animals became possible, branching into primates and other mammals. The animal form the Shape-Shifter assumes is a reflection of their truest self. Shape-Shifters with aggressive personalities will almost always assume predatory forms, though there are exceptions. Shape-Shifters are able to keep their human intelligence level while in animal form.

After the first shape-shift, the Human will notice additions to their human self based upon the animal they assumed. Common additions are tails, animal ears, and claws in place of finger nails. It is possible, but uncommon, for the human form to be completely covered in fur, or for their hair to take on the color paternation of their animal form's fur or scales.

Because the Shape-Shifter gene is recessive and is not guaranteed to awaken even after death, Shape-Shifters are not likely to run into many others during their lifetimes, and their children are not guaranteed to be Shape-Shifters either. Due to how the trait has been mutated over the centuries, new forms of Shape-Shifters are still being discovered. As of the year 2016 AD, no insect or arachnid Shape-Shifters have been discovered. Reptilian Shape-Shifters are extremely rare, but possible.

It is unknown if Vastine-Amorte can become Shape-Shifters, due to their incredibly low birth rates. Giants born with this trait become giant-sized versions of their respective animal. It is not believed that Werewolves can be Shape-Shifters because the trait originated with their biological code.
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