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General Site Rules

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General Site Rules

Post by Sabiruchi Tsuyosa on Tue Dec 27, 2016 12:57 pm

Though Damnation believes in a hands-off approach to staff intervening and regulating our members creativity, there are some rules, though they are all very simple, common-sense type of rules. As such, this section is mostly to review things you may have forgotten, or not known due to cultural differences, if that is the case.

Firstly, please respect the staff members. This includes Administrators, such as myself, Oshime Enshoku, or Lanying Baozhai, as well as any Moderators. You can recognize most staff due to the '@' before their names in the chatbox located on the home page. This does not mean any staff member can berate you without cause and get away with it. Please report any abuse of power, or conflicts with staff members, to an Administrator such as myself, Lady Despira formerly known as Rose, or Lanying Baozhai. The staff members are here to help you and abuses will not be tolerated.

Secondly, member to member disputes should be handled maturely. If for any reason two members are unable to settle their differences, the issue should either be dropped, or a third party, preferably a staff member, should be asked for their opinion. Along with this, outright harassment with harmful intent, should not be found on the site at all. If you feel victimized Out Of Character by another member, please bring this to a staff member's attention.

Thirdly, due to how characters must be approved to allocate their Tier and subsequent Skill levels, we ask that you do not begin roleplaying in the forums before you are officially approved. You can however act In Character while using the chatbox located on the main page, as most members do, to an extent.

Lastly, all of Forumotion's rules apply to the whole of Damnation. Every member needed to read these rules before creating their account, and as such it is assumed you know them. Key points to know are that racism and discrimination of any kind is not tolerated, though we do understand the difference between IC and OOC, as well as Forumotion's stance on sexually explicit material. We staff members understand that as time progresses and characters interact, relationships will form. We encourage it, as it breeds inter-character bonds and brings the community closer together. However, 'cybering' is not the purpose of Damnation. If you do desire to include light ERP, please leave the offending content within spoilers that are clearly labeled.
Sabiruchi Tsuyosa

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