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The Six Princes

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The Six Princes

Post by Human Hollow on Tue Dec 27, 2016 12:28 am

The Six Princes
The Unseemly Host

As long as Hollows can remember, there has been a large, multi-faceted quartz stone in the center of Las Noches. Some claim the castle was built around the stone; others claim the quartz is the true center of Hueco Mundo. The quartz stone stands nine feet high and is over twice as wide. Set into the stone are six sword handles, the blades buried and sealed within the stone.
An Arrancar who breaks their Zanpakuto upon the stone, sacrificing their Hollow form, will be bathed in a black light from the stone. When the light fades, the Arrancar will either be destroyed, or accepted by one of the swords. These swords are the only surviving blades from an ancient attempt at Hollows to create Shinigami Zanpakuto, and all six are named. Lógico, Emoción; Vido, Muerte; Seriedad, and finally, Vez.
The swords, dubbed The Six Princes, are antithetical to the Shinigami's Elemental Princesses. The Princes rule over concepts that rule all living and non-living things. Each pair of the Princes work both together and against their partner. But, most unique is their construction.
While Zanpakuto were originally forged from multitudes of Shinigami souls, the Princes were forged from Hollows melded together in a lost ritual, with a sole Vasto Lorde becoming the "Spirit" of each blade. Those accepted by the Prince have unique Zanpakuto, that vary from user to user, even for the same Prince. Even their releases are not consistent in appearance, though they are always a blend of their wielder and the Prince residing in the sword.
The risk of permanently losing their powers even if they manage to survive the destructive light of the stone keeps most Arrancar from attempting the ritual. The Arrancar's own strength or Number plays no part in whether they'll be accepted; Fraccion are just as likely, or unlikely, as Espada to be accepted.


Lógico, Prince of Logic. Lógico's domain is cause-and-effect. Lógico rearranges cause-and-effect to his desire. Should Lógico or his wielder decide, things as basic and common-sense as cold makes ice can be changed to now freezing makes steam, or boiling water creates hot ice. Lógico toys with the very principles of physics on a whim.


Emoción controls all Emotion. Though his wielder will become an emotionless shell, they can incite any emotion they desire in those around them, such as preventing harm to them-self by quelling the hatred their enemies feel.


Vido, the Prince of Life. Vido rejects life itself, causing anything to wither and die. Besides this, Vido absorbs the life of anything he kills, strengthening itself and his wielder off their life forces.


Muerte is the Prince of Death. His unique ability is to reject Death itself, allowing the sadistic Prince to continually fight his enemies well beyond the point they would have died, while also making the wielder effectively immortal.


Seriedad is the Prince of Gravity, who can determine precisely who or what is effected by gravity, and by how much. This Prince's most powerful ability is to create such dense pockets of gravity that they form blackholes, which the wielder is actually immune to.


Sometimes referred to as the most powerful of the Princes, Vez rules over Time itself. Vez can speed up or slow down time. Vez is the most troublesome of the Princes for his wielder, who becomes immune to time itself. They'll never age, sleep, grow hungry, fatigue or be affected by poisons because all their internal processes stop. They still think and move, but their hearts no longer beat, they give off no body heat or electrical pulses. But, they'll completely lose the ability to heal any injury, eventually succumbing to their wounds, unable to get their body to function to their will.
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