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Azalea Algaliarept (Empress of Hell and Kenpachi)

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Azalea Algaliarept (Empress of Hell and Kenpachi) Empty Azalea Algaliarept (Empress of Hell and Kenpachi)

Post by Azalea on Mon Dec 26, 2016 7:27 am


   Basic Information

  Name: Her slave name in Hell, which she bore for over ten thousand years was “Nocens,” ‘she who pleasures’. But, after recovering her memories, she loosely translated her old name to mean “The poisoned flower who walks before Death,” but has settled on the name Azalea Algaliarept

 Gender: Azalea is a woman and identifies as such.

  Appearance Age: Having lost her ability to change her age, Azalea now pernamently resembles a woman in her early thirties.

 Actual Age: Azalea was sent to Hell at least 15,000 years ago.

  Birthday: Azalea was born in the beginnings of winter, and approximates her birthday to be November Ninteenth.

 Sexuality: Azalea is bisexual, with no preference one way or another between males or females.

  Face Claim: Azalea is loosely based on the Gazer monster from Monster Girl Encyclopedia.

Monster Girl Encyclopedia was originally created by Kenkou Cross (Kenkou Kurosu)


 Height: Azalea is five feet even, but is just over six feet when measured from tip of tail to head.

 Weight: Azalea is only a hundred and six pounds while in Hell, if one excludes her multitude of tails. However, each of her tails, much longer, thicker and more numberous than in her younger self, weighs five hundred and thirty pounds. This brings her total weight to eight thousand and fifty six, or just over four tons. In metric, the total is 3654.14 kilograms, or 3.6541399998174 metric tons.

 Hair: Azalea’s hair is extremely long, pooling at her feet and dragging on the ground behind her when she wears it down. She sometimes braids the long mass of silky black, tying the end through a large bead of Requiem, this leaving a hefty weight at the end of her hair.

Though her tails are most often absorbed into her body, Azalea’s fifteen tentacle-like tails grow from a much larger, black wolf’s tail that grows from her lower back. She can manifest this tail alone if she wishes.

 Eyes: Azalea’s fifteen tails contain special optic nerve cables that fuse along her spine, and allow her to see through any and all fifteen of the eyes ending her tails. These eyes are yellow scalera with red irises, and give her a complex vision with virtually no blindspots when all in use.

For true eyes, however, she is limited to just her left eye on her face, the right eye socket completely empty and oft hidden by her hair or armor. Her iris is red, but she has normally colored scalera, which stands out more against her discolored skin.

 Others: Azalea has fifteen tails ending in tentacle-surrounded eyes emerging from a wolf’s tail at the base of her spine. Azalea also has a short length of chain coming from the base of her neck, directly over the spinal cord. The rest of the chains are invisible, but they wrap around her upper arms, emerging from just below her breasts, while two more emerge from her thighs, and extend back into Hell. Azalea’s most noticable distiction is her unique skin coloration, black with golden veins, capillaries and arteries along her skin.

 General Appearance: Azalea is a short woman, only five feet tall. She has plump thighs with some muscle definition on her calves and under the thin layer of softeness to her thighs. Her rear is well shaped, slightly more than average for a woman her age, making her look younger with its perkiness. Despite her diminutive size, she has rather large breasts, easily filling out a D-cup brassier if she ever wore one to begin with. Her arms normally rest at her sides, and her fingertips reach the spot just above her knees without stretching or bending.

Azalea has a large, bushy tail emerging from just above the small of her back. The long black hair surrounds a thick, twisting cord which splits apart into another fifteen tails, however these are made of a hard, carapace-like material, each of which end in a large, yellow eye with a small red iris that moves independent of the others. Around the eye are small tendril-like appendages that can be closed around the eye protectively. These tails contain a unique optic nerve that fuses themselves to the spinal cord and then the brain itself, allowing her to see through each eye. The tails are hard enough to withstand most blows, however they can become damaged if repeatedly struck, causing Nocens to lose vision from that eye. These special eyes are extremely heavy, weighing more than the rest of her body by themselves, however they are extensions of her spirit, so similarly to Shinigami Zanpakuto, they require virtually no effort for her to move them. Each tail is extremely flexible as well, able to coil and twist at Azalea’s will. Azalea is also able to absorb these tails inside of herself, done more often than not. While within her body, they slowly heal over time.

Azalea typically wears a hand-crafted costume she made based on her memories of Tanua. The outfit is black and resembles a Shinigami’s Shihakusho combined with the Togabito’s Hell Garments. It consists of multiple parts like the Shinigami’s, but is form-fitting and tight like the Togabito’s. It billows near the end of the sleeves, though is tight down to the elbow. The cuffs of the sleeves, as well as a line down the front going from collar to waist, has rectangular buttons on it holding the clothing closed.

Azalea can summon a golden version of Nefarious from her pores, but is no longer forever covered in it. The substance, which she still calls Nefarious, is constantly in a state of forming and breaking, for as she moves it cracks and flakes off, while being replaced at almost the same speed. Nefarious can be produced through any of her pores at her will, and can even be used to create a defensive full-body shell. Solid Nefarious has the hardness of tempered glass, under normal conditions. Under some conditions, Azalea, while no other Nefarious is formed, can create a two inch wide spot of the golden fluid, drastically raising its defensive and offensive proporties by focusing the combined spiritual pressure of what she’d normally summon into a denser form. This golden Nefarious is actually an extension of her Hell Power, Genocide, and not a mutation caused by living in Hell as she had previously thought.

Her right eye, generally hidden behind her wild, floor-length, jet-black hair is an empty eye socket. Her left eye is white with a red iris. Her hair falls partially over her face and some parts go to her upper chest, while the rest flows backwards to the floor. Azalea is usually politely reserved, with a calm, somewhat bored expression. She usually gives a small smile when it is called for, but it does not reach her eye. The observant will notice an extreme sorrow hidden behind her gaze. Her entire body is covered in golden veins, most noticeably around her eyes.


  Personality: Azalea is a quiet, polite woman. Upon first impression, she can be noted for always using full names and proper titles for everyone, and speaking in a formal way. Even when agitated or excited, she does not raise her voice or lash out, speaking at a respectful volume always.
Due to her acknowledgement that she isn't privy to the comings and goings of Hell, she leaves the running of Hell to her Four Generals, while she herself acts as the threat that keeps everyone in line, for her power exceeds even her Generals, though nobody but herself and a select few know by how much.
Azalea is a calculating woman, whose eyes look towards the long term and are focused on her goals. Though she is much more wise than her previous self, with a deep understanding of power, war and strife, she has trouble recognizing that death matters to the other Races, as she's almost always been immortal. However she is starting to understand and has such has an incredible hatred for the Shinigami, blaming them for her premature death.
Azalea is a natural leader, and her ideas of strategy and creative mind was far beyond her day. It's anyone's guess what the Mother of War will do once she masters modern technology.
However, under this mask of politeness and rules, and buried behind hatred, is an unfathomable sorrow and loneliness. She has begun to understand mortality, and as such realized that everyone she has ever cared for is gone, and in all likelihood, those she loves now will also turn to dust while she alone carries on. Due to this new understanding, she is loathe to form bonds with anyone else, wishing to sever the ties before they can form, dooming herself to an eternity of solitude.


Blood- There's something about the color, scent and feel of blood that pleases and helps calm Azalea. She finds the scent soothing, and views the fluid as proof of mortality. The flowing red ichor proves the person is living, alive, and capable of growth and death. Azalea’s own golden vitae is further proof to her that she’ll live forever.

Exploration- Azalea has spent too long in Hell, and with her memories returned longs for a change of scenary. She misses the frozen world she lived in, and seeks to find a place like that to call her own. She desires to see all there is to see.

Powerful people- People who are strong and powerful are less likely to fade away, to die a true death. These people are surivors, either by cunning and guile, or brute strength, or by manipulation of law. These are the ones who Azalea looks to in hopes of finding someone who’ll endure eternity with.

War- Not the General, but the idea itself. She loves to fight and prove herself and her group's superiority over others. While in Hell, war is a game, as death has no impact on Togabito whatsoever other than a minor annoyance.

The Generals of Hell- Famine, Pestilence, War and Death are Azalea's four closest friends and her four most powerful companions. They've spent centuries fighting and surviving together. The Empress has grown to love them each in turn.


Groups of three- For some reason, the number three really, really infuriates Azalea. Azalea will do her best to ignore it, but will be visibly bothered. If possible, she will split the group or add to it in some manner to change it so there are no longer three. This dislike only applies to three similar things, such as three yellow pills, not a green, red and yellow pill.

Famine- It's not that she dislikes Famine, honestly. But, out of the Four Horsemen and herself, Famine is the weakest in terms of power, raw or even willpower. Though there's nobody she trusts and likes more than her Generals, Famine is the "buttmonkey" of the group, the one they pick on mercilessly and tease constantly. Though their jibes can be harsh, Azalea has made it clear in the past that only they can pick on Famine. Not that Famine needs to be protected; Famine is a General, after all. She's even made it up to Famine on at least one occasion when she had taken a joke too far. She doubted Famine would ever forget that afternoon. But, to any outsider, her everyday interactions and casual dismissal of the General seems as if she dislikes or outright hates him. With the return of her memory and change in disposition, her jibes have only gotten more cleverly worded, which the General is thankful to an extent for it at least sounds nicer.

Shinigami- Azalea’s memory revealed to her that it was a Shinigami who led to the events that killed her so long ago. It was a Shinigami who freed the slaves one night and watched as they had turned on her hunters and warriors, slaying her men, her lions, and finally herself. The Emperor holds the entirety of the Gotei responsible for the man’s actions.

Tànúa- This man who isn't a man has been the source of such drama in Azalea’s afterlife, despite their relatively short time together. Nocens admits that he is the one creature she could love full heartedly, however her love is overshadowed by overwhelming hatred. This man gave her her name, however he held her prisoner and forced her to service him in any way he pleased, with no rest, for two centuries. To the Empress, she reasons that in some way, all problems, including her current status as a Togabito, can be traced to Tanua’s influence.


Second chance at Life- Having recovered her memories, Azalea longs to be reborn, to live the life she had stolen from her. She knows now that she wasn’t meant to come to Hell the way she had, and that her death was wrong. She doesn’t care what it takes; she wants to live again.

To love a powerful person- Azalea only respects the powerful. Those she thinks can stand beside her, fight beside her. To fill her eternal existance with a soul other than her own. She longs to find the person powerful enough to live with her forever.

To destroy Tànúa- Azalea’s hate for the not-man runs so violently deep that she wishes there was no possible way for the God of Togabito to ever be revived, even if it meant the end of her kind.

To destroy Soul Society- Azalea recalls it was a Shinigami that led to her death, who shoved her through the Gates of Hell, where she would dwell without her memory for eons. Without the white haired man to punish, Azalea desires to tear the entire system the Shinigami have in place apart from the inside.


Rejection- Azalea cannot comprehend rejection. She knows not why anyone would not desire her strength, her will that hasn’t faded after so many thousands of years. To be find the one person whose will matches her own, only to be rejected by them, is Azalea’s greatest fear.

The White-Haired Man- Azalea recalls the Shinigami in her mind, his clothes, his white hair. But, the part her young mind had focused on when he had shoved her into Hell was his eyes behind the shock of white hair. Those eyes that radiated with such an intense hatred that to this day she cannot comprehend it. She’d never seen hate concentrated so intensely before, not even in Tanua himself.

 Special Characteristics:

Tails- Azalea has fifteen tails ending in large ocular orbs, giving her sixteen points of view. These tails are in fact protective carapaces around specialized optic nerves, her own Hell mutation.

Her body- Azalea’s flesh is the color of coal, and wherever a blood vessel in a typical body exists, a flowing golden replica is visible on her skin. Though these flowing, volcanic-like canals are easy, glowing targets, Azalea will not bleed out even if her arteries are severed. The reason for this is because it is not blood, but golden Nefarious flowing through her veins.

Fighting style- Azalea uses a unique multi-weapon fighting style. She rarely uses less than two weapons, either carrying a blade in her left hand and right, or weilding a vast number of arrows, bolts and other ranged weaponry. She also can close her multitude of eyes and don a golden Genocide, turning her entire body into both weapon and shield.

Togabito Information

Ability Name: Genocide

Ability Appearance: Despite appearances, the tails and coloration are not the ability Azalea gained in Hell, and are merely a result of her prolonged exposure to Negative Spiritual Energy. Genocide is actually an extension of these pre-existing traits, where Genocide transforms Azalea by encasing her body, tails and all, with Nefarious. Upon the shell breaking apart, Azalea's face is the only part revealed, though the black armor covers her right eye-socket, while the fifteen tails turn into deadly spear-like limbs by closing the tendrils over the eyes. Genocide's hardness is much stronger than normally used Nefarious, but in her awakened form, it retains the golden coloration.

Ability Effects: Genocide takes advantage of the substance secreted by her body, and enhances it to be on par with the strength of spiritual weapons, giving it greater defensive power, as well as offensive capabilities by turning her tails into weapons that can be controlled by her will. Genocide is flexible, not breaking as she moves, but retains impeccable hardness and endurance. Genocide greatly increases her physical strength, and can be used to create a vast multitude of weapons and supplies the Empress with a huge supply of techniques based upon its usage.

Shinigami Powers and Abilities

Zanpakutō Name: Not yet learned.
The Zanpakutō’s name is “Saishū-tekina puraido”
Zanpakutō Name Translation: Not yet learned.
The Zanpakutō’s name translates to “Final Pride”

Sealed Zanpakutō: Azalea only has access to a unreleased Asauchi, taking the form of a standard katana. The weapon has not yet been imprinted with enough of her reiryoku or reiatsu to change in form. At its most basic, the Asauchi is a standard katana with a rectangular guard and a black handle wrapped in golden-colored cloth.
When Azalea unlocks her Zanpakuto’s name, her sealed appearance differs greatly. After discovering its name, the sealed appearance becomes that of a black-bladed bastard sword at first glance. However, the blade has a serrated edge in place of the traditional, and the blade is double-edged. The serrating goes all the way around the blade, meaning that one side serrates forward and the other backwards.
The guard is likewise heavily altered, and takes the appearance of an white skinned and blonde angel facing perpendicular the blade’s forward edge, wings extended to catch any blade coming down that side. The backward edge has a winged, black-skinned, skeletal-looking demon on it, wings up to catch incoming blades from slicing Azalea’s hands. Both angel and demon miniature statues are in a position as if they are praying, hands together over their breast, heads bowed. Magnification or careful inspection reveals the demon and angel have the same face, with only coloration differing. Angel and demon’s bodies are set into the handle of the sword well above where the hands are placed.
The handle itself seems to be made of a smooth, dark colored material such as ebony. Set into the surface are wires for grip. Azalea can wield the blade one or two handed despite it being so large.

Shikai Appearance:
Not yet achieved:
In Shikai,
the sword transforms into gauntlets that cover up to her elbows. Each guantlet is solid black, and each finger is actually clawed and can easily fight on par with a Zanpakuto. The back of each gauntlet has a incal etched in gold that resembles a lion.
Shikai Ability:
Not Yet Achieved:
The power of Saishū-tekina puraido is double-edged. It's ability makes Azalea's own power grow stronger, increasing her weakest traits for every ten enemies she is fighting. However, in the event that she is fighting with an ally or friend, her strongest traits decrease by two levels. This enforces her to work alone and emphasizes her need to fight many opponents at once.

Bankai Name: What is the name of your Bankai? Filling out this area does not guarentee the ability to use Bankai.
Bankai Appearance: What does your Bankai look like?
Bankai Ability: What ability or boost does Bankai give you?

The Spirit

Spirit Appearance: Describe the physical appearance of your Spirit.
Spirit Personality: To any degree of detail, describe the Spirit's personality using a similar format as used for your character.
Inner World: Describe the landscape of your Inner World.



The First Empire

Fifteen-thousand years ago, Earth was wild and untamed. The Humans had just began establishing their settlements, but the vast majority of Humans were hunters and gatherers, nomads who roamed across all the continents. With the invention of the spear, they became better suited for hunting. And, around this time, realized the potential for harm they possessed.

Warfare did not exist aside from brief struggles as tribes of nomads crossed each others’ paths or encroached on overly protective settlements. But, this all changed approximately fifteen thousand years ago with the birth of a girl, who would become known by a tribal name meaning ‘She who walks before death’. The girl was born as the daughter of a nomadic tribe’s leader, and when her father died while hunting, it fell to the eight year old child to lead her tribe.

For two years, the child moved her people steadily across the land bridge, and she was a natural leader. The child armed her hunters with stone spears, and crude axes that could be thrown at a distance or used up close as a bludgeoning weapon. When the tribe arrived in what came to be North America, specifically the far North-Western coast of Canada, the tribe had grown in numbers due to many successful hunts and good weather.

At age ten, the child led her hunters out on another hunt, typical for her as the tribe’s many mouths needed to be fed constantly. The child and her men moved through the forest, hunting large deer and other herbivores. As the group was returning to the tribe’s camp, the child-leader fell through a sheet of ice into a ravine. At the ravine’s end, two American Lions were awaken by her fall. The hunters could not reach the leader, nor see the lions, but could hear their mighty roars. The tribe thought for sure their leader, who had been far better than her father, was going to be killed, and as such when they returned, told their families of her passing. The tribe all mourned for her death.

The tribe mourned for two days before continuing east, as had been their leader’s plan. However, four days after they left, the tribe heard the dreadful roaring of two mighty American Lions. The hunters formed a protective circle around the gatherers and children, as the child had taught them, readying their spears and axes.

Though they were prepared for the lions, they weren’t for the sight that came before them. As the female lion pounced into the tribe’s camp, on her back sat their leader, smiling at the hunters. The child’s grin extended all the way to her only remaining eye; the other was gouged clean out. Beside the child riding the female, the male lion sat upon his haunches, as if waiting for her orders. The tribe welcomed  their leader back, awed by her even further.

The tribe and their leader continued east, with the child riding the female lion that had taken her eye. The male came with them, and the child and her lions led every hunt. The big felines took down much larger prey than the hunters could, and so the tribe prospered. And by the time the child was eleven, she knew that her tribe had grown too large to continue this lifestyle without wiping out all the animals in their path, for food and clothing.

So, the child and her hunters resorted to something never done before. The hunters approached the nearest settlement, one by a river that was not heavily guarded and thrived on farming and fishing. While the men spoke with the elders of the settlement to negotiate a trade, two large lions attacked from the river. With them was a child with long black hair held back by a bone headpiece. The village was not prepared at all for the men to turn on them as well.

The child’s tribe only killed enough of the settlers to guarantee compliance. There would be no negotiations, the village would hand over whatever clothes, food or materials the hunters demanded. And all through the northern coast of  what would eventually be Canada or under the ocean, the nomadic tribe attacked and turned on village after village, settlement after settlement. Not even other nomads were safe from the girl leader, who became known by a name that meant She Who Walked Before Death.

For years the girl and her tribe grew, recruiting others into the tribe to grow in strength and numbers, reigning terror across the north. But, when the girl was fourteen, just shy of her fifteenth year, those she had subjugated had outnumbered the original tribe, and turned on them. Trained by the mother of war herself, the subjugated nomads and villagers attacked her hunters, avenging their fallen families and friends. The traitors saved the child leader for last.

The child tried to make them see that what she did was for the best, for her people and theirs to survive they had to come together. But, the villagers and nomads she had forced into her tribe told her that she was a wicked spirit, who would pay for all eternity for her sins. The girl leader, now without a people and only her female lion mount left at her side, tried to stand firm in her beliefs. But, the many she had wronged in her life attacked her, killing her lioness and forcing her to watch as they destroyed it, and her precious hunters.

When the angry mob struck her down at sunset, she welcomed death and cursed those who betrayed her. She was not killed quickly. As she lay dying, behind the crowd she saw a creature with white hair that looked like a man, aside from its strange black body. The white-haired creature was laughing as she died.

Some time after she died, the girl they had called ‘She who walked before death,’ or more kindly, ‘The poison flower,’ awoke to see her body before her. Her hunters, like her, were spirits now. And as she watched, the white haired creature cut away strange bonds that had appeared on each of them. The white-haired one then placed the weapon, a long, thin stick that cut better than any stone, against the head of one of her hunters. And that, precisely, was when the evil was unleashed.

The girl cried out in fear as huge ghastly things appeared in the air. She knew not, then, that these were doors, or more precisely, a gate. She knew not that the strange thing across them was a chain meant to hold them closed. But as they opened, a huge arm from an evil spirit reached out, a massive cutting stick in its grip that pierced through her hunter’s body. She heard his choking screams as he drowned in his own blood as the arm slowly pulled him into the thing she would eventually call a gate. Though she feared the evil spirits, she ran towards her hunter.

Before she reached him, however, the white-haired creature was in front of her. It was grabbing her with hands much like her own, shoving her towards the spectral gateway. She struggled as best she could, but this black beast, which she realized somehow as she choked and clawed at the hand on her throat, was a man wearing unusual furs, he was much larger and more powerful. He forced her towards the gateway, and then his cutting stick, what she would one day call a sword, severed the strange binding coming from her breast, and buried itself in her head, forcing her body through the portal to a world that shouldn’t have ever existed.

Azalea’s time in Hell

I am not the Sinner, they are True Evil. I am the sinner, they are evil. I am sinner; they evil. I am evil. I... Evil. Evil.

These words were the girl’s earliest memories. She had recited them immediately after waking in Hell to find chains encasing her body. The girl couldn't remember how she got there, or why she was, or even why she said those words. The chains encased her completely, from head to toes. They were tight, as if they sought to crush her into a pulp. But, then she noticed it was the reverse. The chains were tight not because they sought to crush her, but because she was expanding. Or... reforming would be more accurate. Her body felt like a vicarious fluid taking the form of a girl. The first part to fully form was her head, particularly her eye.

At first she didn't know what she was seeing. A vast wasteland stretched before her, dotted with small mounds in the distance. The ground appeared to be some type of ash or sand, which formed occasional dunes. The area behind her was mainly a shrine, as it had a huge pit of red-hot lava, guarded by an enormous skeleton. Her body was a red slime crawling away from the pit, a slime pierced by thick chains. The youth noted she could only see from one eye.

The next part to form was a slender, small arm reaching through the chains, revealing light gray flesh. The fingers were small, but proportionate to the arm and hand. As she watched, a thick, cold blackness welled from her fingers, dripping to the ground. The fluid hardened in the air, then shattered on the sand, dripping continuously into the sands.

Following her arm, a leg started to take shape. It wasn't particularly long, but the thigh was thick, more fatty flesh than muscle. Her foot was small, with tiny toes. She looked through the chains binding her to see more black drip from her toes, making a hard puddle at her foot. Following her leg was the attached hip, then her body started to form across, from hip to groin to hip, down to leg and foot. It was slow and the liquid of her body repeatedly collapsed on itself, before swelling into a solid body part. She could feel her rear form, feel the slime turn into large muscles and bodily fat.

Her stomach, chest and left arm were still slime, but slowly they took shape, and as they did the chains started to disappear. She watched as slime gathered at her chest and formed two squishy mounds before they started to ooze out the black fluid. She could feel she wasn't done, as she still lay in the slime. Some moved up and started to thin, turning into long, black hair. This hair fell over her body, shrouding her. But a great deal was remaining, spread out in an area around her. As her single eye watched, this slime started to swell, forming long tubes. As these tubes took a more defined shape, becoming long, black tails forming at her lower back, her vision began to split apart. She felt a strong emotion wash over her as the world exploded, and suddenly it was as if she was looking in eleven different directions at the same time, with each image placed on top of each other. The last of the slime formed a bushy tail at the base of her back, which covered where these other tails merged together. The final tail was composed of fluffy black hair.

The girl slowly rose to her feet, disoriented by the strange vision. It was difficult, as if she was an infant suddenly thrust into a much larger body. She stood for a long time, trying to understand her body. She could look around, turn her head, move her arms, legs, fingers and toes. Slowly, she was able to move her long tails, extremely difficult at first, but easier quickly. She could curl, twist, twine and manipulate her tails with ease after just a few minutes, as if she had always known how.

She looked down at her body, seeing breasts and womanly parts. For some reason, she didn't quite feel like a woman, but her body did look that way. As she thought this, beads of black started to swell from her skin, dripping down and slowly hardening into a shell of black that shattered as quickly as it formed, but as it was solid, it was rigid. Her breathing was enough to crack and shatter the black goo on her breast and stomach. As she watched, it started to well from all parts of her body, her hands, arms, legs, shoulders, tails. She didn't want it to keep coming, and in her mind she wished it would just stop. And to her amazement, it did. Clumsily, she was able to control where it formed and where it did not. She had to focus, willing the fluid to stop in one place, but form in another. As she did, occasionally parts of her body would slip her mind and then she'd either feel it form or shatter away. After what seemed a very long time, she settled on long swaths on her legs and arms, as well as spots on her side, groin, breasts and her entire neck.

The girl had to constantly keep one part of her mind focused on keeping the black ooze from forming anywhere else. As her body moved, it would crack, but more would fill these cracks and quickly harden. It created essentially everlasting "clothing" for her, and due to the hardness of the material's solid state, it was good protection.

After she had grasped her usage of her strange form, she looked around herself. The land was desolate, barren. As she began to set out and explore this world, she noticed the black substance would fade away to nothing once she was far enough away. She wandered farther and farther away, not finding anything of particular interest for a long time. Then, after an endless walk, she came to an area where she could feel a great... something above her. Unconsciously, she stepped forward and felt a very different sensation as her foot simply stopped in the air, as if there was invisible ground below her toes, separate from the ground her other foot rested upon. Tentatively, she raised her other foot and was surprised that it too found footing in midair. She leaned back as her weight became uneven, but lunged forward in time to balance herself. Confused but curious, she began to ascend, feeling the presence above her grow stronger with every step.

The feminine youth rose to a place that was even more desolate than the prior grounds, as this land was merely crag rocks and lava pits. As far as any of her eyes could see, the land was covered in pool after pool of strange yellow fluid that had an absolutely horrid stench. This land had less "feel" than below, but it still had a hefty atmosphere. The girl maneuvered her way through the field of pits and stones, until she reached an area before one huge yellow pit, where above her she felt another presence, like a new area high above.

However, before she could advance, the yellow pit heaved upward as an enormous beast rose. The creature had blue skin, exposed spine and ribs, huge shoulders and arms, large legs set behind the thing. Immediately, it grabbed her. Despite it's size, it was fast. It brought her up and she felt it tear into her body.

That was the ‘poison flower’s’ first day in Hell, the first time she met a Kushinada, and the first time she died in Hell. After reviving on the level she first emerged upon, she made countless attempts to continue upwards, but would die at the same point endlessly. It wasn't until after a seemingly googol of attempts that the girl made headway against this Kushinada.

She had noticed over time that she was becoming faster, and that dodging the Kushinada's initial strike was easier, however eventually she would be caught. However, on this try, she followed two others, a couple of men who looked old, but not too old. She watched the men fight together, one striking close, the other far, alternating styles and range. The battle lasted a long time, and as they fought, the girl practiced her own technique.

By focusing her mind, she had learned that she could produce weapons from the substance she called Nefarious. Right now she was attempting to focus that power even more. Perhaps if she could somehow... Make it protect her...

As this thought came through her mind, her skin felt cold and suddenly black Nefarious started to burst from every pore of her body, including her tails and face. She felt a strange emotion well inside of herself as she tried to tear the strange Nefarious from her face. Unfortunately, she couldn't move her limbs, the black substance was restraining her, choking her, forcing the body still. She tried to breathe, but couldn't. As she stood, motionlessly, it hardened before three-quarters of the face shattered away.

With a burst of speed unlike anything she'd ever witnessed, or ever would again, the girl was past the Kushinada Guardian, and rising to the next level. She soon reached the lower-most point of the next level, she heard a howl of pain come from the monster, but didn't see what caused it's suffering. Her rapid acceleration took her through a deep ocean-like area, whose surface was dotted with large stone flowers. She continued upward on this adrenaline rush, erupting onto an area comprised of huge floating white blocks and narrow blue pathways. The girl landed upon a white pillar and looked at herself.

Her skin had a fine black armor covering it, super-thin, but with a scale like pattern upon her breast and lower tummy. At her sides, her tails were coated in a thicker armor, and they had large bulb-shaped points at the ends. She noticed then that she could only see from her main eye. In an experiment, she touched the tips of these tails to the white pillar, and felt the tip leave a deep, long scar upon it's surface. This... form, this new skill, had real power, she thought. With this, she'd be strong, very strong.

The girl looked up and around herself. Everywhere here, Kushinada roamed, emerging from white blocks. But, dotting the land were a handful of people like herself, the Hell-bound. Here, they lived forever. She had heard, a long time ago, that all the way up here was the first level of Hell. These were the strongest of the Hell-bound. The ones who fought their way to the top. Nocens tossed her head back and cackled with laughter. She'd prove herself strong too. She should be allowed to live here as well, the girl thought. So, with a rush, she began battling the other Hell-bound.

Over the next several hundred years, Hell, and the people in it, changed. Slowly, Hell became more populated. The position of power shifted to the lowermost levels, with the weak living as prey for Kushinada on the top. The sinners, for the most part, fell into three groups: the hyper-agressive, those who were catatonic, and those like Nocens, who simply tried to make the most of their eternal punishment. Over the millenia, Nocens's temperment changed to be less prone to mindless violence, and she usually idled her days away on the level where the Hell-bound, now refered to as "Togabito" would revive. She had claimed an area just beyond the revival pool, close enough to see every single soul as it revived. She would constantly watch for an ideal person to spend time with, never having fewer than two eyes focused on the pit. Whenever a Togabito came too near her area, she'd fire a volley of spears made from Nefarious at them, and if they ignored the warning, she'd fight with her all. She had developed a few new skills, including being able to create a super-solid version of Nefarious by reabsorbing all the "clothes" she wore, however it was always small in size.

It was during this time, over 14,500 years ago, that Nocens gathered a small army of the twenty strongest Togabito she could find and began to fight their way thoroughly through every layer of Hell, searching the endless lands. Their search took decades, if not hundreds of years to comb from the Lake of Fire to the very peak of the First Level. The landscape of Hell had changed since her last visit, and the Kushinada had grown more powerful as well, rapidly slowing the search Nocens led for an escape from Hell. When the First Level, knew to Nocens, proved fruitless, Nocens and the surviving Togabito returned to the Lake of Fire.

Nocens led her army lower, to the lowest pits of Hell. As they explored this region, the group came across a Togabito unlike any Nocens had ever seen, nor ever would. He had the most perfect male body, though his member was many times the correct size. Nocens had not been prepared for this Togabito, nor for how his attacks took control of her centuries long friends. Without any choice, Nocens had to slaughter every Togabito she had fought alongside, until nothing remained. The man introduced himself as Tànúa as he ensnared Nocens in his chains, binding their bodies together as the grund swallowed them up. He gave the child-like Togabito her name, Nocens, at this point, as she had spent the last thousand years using the name Evil. Nocens meant, "She who will pleasure." Nocens was his prisoner for two-hundred years.

When she was finally freed, Hell had taken a vastly different form than she had come to know. She returned to her previous grounds, or at least where she thought they had been, to find it barren. Not only had the landscape changed, the number of Togabito, and Kushinada, had drastically increased.
She had been changed by her time enslaved. She awoke hotter, more aggressive, and more powerful than ever before. Calling herself Nocens, she carved a swath of death throughout Hell. Her slaughter lasted thousands of years, honing her strength and gathering the strongest of Hell around her. All except her previous enslaver. She hoped he never again stirred from that place.
Eventually, Nocens came into contact with a man named Merroseed, whose powerful Titan Slayer ability could pierce through even the mightiest of Kushinada with ease. Nocens became his lover, and he proclaimed himself the Emperor of Hell. However, six months after the Emperor came to power, Nocens learned that he had far more partners than just her, and she confronted him about it. When he dismissed her, saying the Emperor of Hell had no need for excitable women, Nocens did not even dodge his hand as he used his Titan Slayer to pierce completely through her torso.
But, Nocens knew the weakness to the strongest offensive ability in Hell; Merroseed could only activate the ability from his right wrist, to his fingertips. So, she wrapped her tails around his arm, tearing it from his body and left the still active arm inside herself as she took her rage out on him for not only cheating on her, but for attempting to kill her as well. She grabbed him by the throat, dragging the Emperor of Hell all the way to the Lake of Fire, where she tore his arm out of her body, sealing her wounds with Nefarious, before cutting his head off with his own arm before stabbing it through his chest. After he revived, she pinned him down, repeatedily killed him in every way possible every time he revived. This went on for so long that eventually he lost his immortality, his will to live, and faded to ash and dust. When that was done, she proclaimed herself the Emperor, and dared anyone, anyone at all to challenge her right to lead them. Nobody did.

Nocens gather her four strongest Togabito, her closest friends, and named them her Four Generals, her Horsemen of Hell. She weakest she named Famine, and to Famine she granted the first two Circles of Hell as their domain. The second weakest, Pestilence, was given the Third and Fourth Circles. War, the second strongest, would rule the Fifth and Sixth. Death, the one second only to Nocens herself, would rule beside Nocens, in her place when necessary. These friends, Death whom she had known for eons, would report to Death and Nocens alone, and would enforce her law however they saw fit. Her first orders were to clean up Hell and end the tens of thousands of years of mindless bloodshed, and to push the Kushinada as far back as possible. Even Famine could handle a simple Kushinada.
With the population of Hell rising, and the number of hyper-aggressive Togabito rising even faster, Nocens decided it would be a good idea to relocate, preferably somewhere much deeper into Hell than she'd been before. Those living on the Lowermost Level, as it was refered to, rarely moved from their base of operations, as the risk of being killed was incredible. However, for Nocens, it had been several centuries since her last rebirth. She'd become very adept at dodging, a trait generally frowned upon by the immortal Togabito who engaged in constant combat. So Nocens made her way to the deepest parts of the Lowermost Level, which had the nickname "Level 5" by the incredibly young Togabito, the newest. It was a reference to some modern event, one that Nocens had no knowledge of.
Nocens was near what was considered the 'center' of the Lowermost Level, as it was the central hub of activity. It was between all the largest bases, and was considered neutral ground. However, the large explosion behind her suggested someone broke that unspoken treaty. Six of her ten tails looked behind her. Four Togabito were fighting two Kushinada, and a great number were emerging from the large pillars around them. More Togabito were coming out into the open to defend their areas. But, in all her years, Nocens had never seen so many Kushinada at once. Somebody must've made a grave offense to attract this many at simultaneously. Nocens began to run, for one by one the Togabito were dying, and for every one down, four Kushinada took his place. Soon, the whole horde seemed intent on obtaining her.
With a string of foul language, Nocens found a spot a good distance away and stopped. She willed out her second most powerful ability, Genocide, a mighty armor made of a super-charged Nefarious. However, she took even more time to absorb her ten tails into her body, for without them, her speed was greater due to a more aero-dynamic figure. When the armor finally regained mobility, the horde was within arm reach of her. With a much more colorful language, Nocens darted off, never far enough away to rest. She weaved in and out of pillars, between Kushinada who were emerging to cut her off, over the dying Togabito who were unlucky.
Nocens ran and ran, persued with an obssessive dedication. She was running so fast, with so little direction, that she would take years to find her way back. But, suddenly, it became incredibly warmth. And then came the sensation of pain, on her entire front of her body. Pushing herself away from the object, she found herself in a before a bizzare wall, a huge white thing. On either side of her, mainly behind her, shapes that could only be described as the "houses" she heard other Togabito discussing. They were small things, and all around, on dirt paths, roamed Souls. Not Togabito, not Hell-bound. Not a chain to be seen. Real... Souls... Where am I, Nocens asked herself. "Wh... Where...?" her voice was hoarse.
A man, with dirty rags and even dirtier hair scoffed and spit on the ground before looking at her. "Lost? This is Junrinan, in West Rukongai. You must be a newbie... Well, welcome of Soul Society, kid."

Nocens kept these portals on the outskirts of Hell a secret known only to herself and Death.

RP Sample:

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Azalea Algaliarept (Empress of Hell and Kenpachi) Empty Re: Azalea Algaliarept (Empress of Hell and Kenpachi)

Post by Taiyo Pekku on Thu Dec 29, 2016 7:24 pm

While the length of this profile isn't much (RP sample wise) I'm going to let it slide because the grammar is well done and I know of your experience and skill. Next time a thicker role playing sample would be appreciated at least, show everyone your true skill (hypocrit).

Azalea Algaliarept (Empress of Hell and Kenpachi) Jyz46fP

For Advanced Captain Tier.

Don't slaughter too many people, please. =w=
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Azalea Algaliarept (Empress of Hell and Kenpachi) Empty Re: Azalea Algaliarept (Empress of Hell and Kenpachi)

Post by Azalea on Thu Dec 29, 2016 10:39 pm

Approved Tier- Advanced Captain
Allocated Skills- Seven
Base Skill Level- Expert

Armed Combat: Advanced
Unarmed Combat: Master
Spiritual Combat: Master
Hoho: Grandmaster
Reiatsu Perception: Beginner
Hell Disguise: Master

Hell Aura: Advanced (Higher levels of this Skill cause the area around the Togabito to become tainted by their negative energy. Prolonged time in the area slowly transforms it into a miniature Hell. At lower levels, this is illusionary, but at the highest levels, the location becomes a portal to Hell. This is however, temporary and will slowly fade when the Togabito leaves)

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Azalea Algaliarept (Empress of Hell and Kenpachi) Empty Re: Azalea Algaliarept (Empress of Hell and Kenpachi)

Post by Azalea on Thu Dec 29, 2016 10:50 pm

Technique Name: Nefarious
Technique Description: A natural substance that secretes from Nocens' pores. The fluid substance is thick and has a tar-like texture. When exposed to spiritual energy, the fluid hardens into a smooth, rigid solid state, with the durability of safety glass. Many of her techniques are built upon this.

Technique Name: Dahmer Bite
Technique Description: A technique that uses her tails as weapons, extending her reach. The small tentacles that would protect the eye instead latch onto the target's flesh, attempting to tear it from the bone.

Technique Name: Ophelia Spear
Technique Description: Nocens holds her palm out as Nefarious overflows her hand. After she turns it over, the thick blackness elongates downward, forming a long pole. Ending this pole is a bulb-shaped spearhead, twisting away from the tip. This spear can be used as a highly accurate projectile or melee weapon. It does not pierce, but instead rotates around its center, drilling through its targets.

Technique Name: Azrael's Blessing
Technique Description: An extremely fast-acting technique, Nocens causes all the nefarious on her body to shatter instantly by tensing her muscles all at once. At the same time, the rest of her Nefarious pools in one, palm-sized location, offering it far greater protection than her standard. She claims its hard enough to block a Kushinada's attack and leave her unharmed, however there is no proof of this.

Technique Name: Genocide
Technique Description: Nocens' Hell Power. A clad-type ability. Naturally occuring Nefarious bursts from her pores, leaving her encased in a thick shell, from head to tips of her tails. After a short time in which she is immobile, the shell covering her face breaks apart, revealing her eye, cheek and mouth, but leaving a broken visor, like a knight's helmet, covering the left side of her face. Genocide is harder than Nefarious, with the durability of hexagonal diamonds, but it is also flexible, not breaking as she moves. Genocide covers her tails, the tentacles protecting the eyes and turning them into whip-like spears. Genocide greatly increases her physical strength and speed.

Technique Name: Takakiakari
Technique Description: A technique that uses her enhanced speed and strength to rush the enemy. An uppercut launches the foes while her tails pierce their body. She describes their falling speed as "as slow as a falling Cherry Blossom" before she forces them to the ground with a slam of her remaining tails.

Technique Name: Țepeș's Strike
Technique Description: Nocens stands immobile for several moments. Genocide-enhanced Nefarious flows from the soles of her feet into the ground, moving under the target. It rapidly rises and hardens, impaling the foe of a spear easily four times the size of her Ophelia Spear.

Technique Name: Țepeș's Strike: Absolution
Technique Description: An improved Țepeș's Strike used for whenever part or all of her body has been consumed by the enemy. This technique generates between 20 and 50 Țepeș's Strike spears that erupt from within the enemy, piercing out of their bodies save for the head. This technique inflicts massive damage inside and outside, as the spears do not vanish even after her limb they grew from has been removed.

Technique Name: Macabre Massacre
Technique Description: A series of fast and slow steps creates and after-image effect. The afterimages hide Nocenss as she strikes the foe from all directions. The different steps, if seen in order, have the positioning and stance of various parts in an intricate dance.

Technique Name: Grisly Gateway
Technique Description: A very basic but versatile technique. This allows Nocens to summon the black flames of Hell as she chooses. Any Togabito can use this power with proper training, and it is easiest to master while in the deepest sections of Hell. When Nocens uses this Hellflame, they leave an oily black stain everywhere they touch. Her Hellflame smells like a dense forest in winter.

Technique Name: True Final Solution
Technique Description: One of Nocens' Ultimate Techniques. Before activating Genocide, Nocens retracts her tails into her body. When the mask breaks, huge chains erupt from the base of her spine, flowing downward into the ground and creating a massive sphere  as the countless chains wrap around one another, trapping Nocens and everything around her inside. Nocens retracts the chains, causing the sphere to shrink, and she controls how quickly this happens. The chains contract until everything inside the sphere is crushed infinitely and destroyed, killing everyone including herself, who regenerates in Hell.

Technique Name: Ascension
Technique Description: This is the result of activating Nefarious while in Perfect Form. Rather than black Nefarious forming, instead a gold version of impossible hardness and flexibility comes from the volcanic veins on her skin. All her normal Nefarious techniques are golden in this form, and generate black Hellfire on impact with any surface.

Technique Name: Deicide Decree- Super Perfect Form
Technique Description: The result of combining Genocide and Perfect Form. Her armor is golden and can be described as both "saintly" and "knightly," and can been compared to Gilgamesh's armor. Her sword-skills are far superior in this form than any previously. In this form, all her previous swords are destroyed and replaced with ornate, beautiful golden swords. Each one is subtly different from the rest, with varying lengths, widths and styles.

Technique Name: Infinite Golden Siege
Technique Description: Nocens' ultimate sword technique that utelizes her Super Perfect Form and her natural speed. The sword technique is a style in and of itself based surprisingly on math and mythology. All the techniques of Infinite Golden Siege are sequenced, with multiple techniques linking into one another, though all can be used alone, to a far lesser degree.

Infinite Golden Siege Style:

Technique Name: Two Headed Hydra (Second Power)
Technique Description: Duel-wielding two swords, Nocens makes two rapid slashes simultaneously across the target's torso perpendicular to each other. The first slash knocks the target backward while the second launches them to the air, as Nocens swings upwards and not downward.

Technique Name: Four Headed Hydra (Fourth Power)
Technique Description: Controlling four swords, Nocens makes rapid slashes almost simultaneously. She makes four slashes, two at the wrists and two at the ankles. The slashes take out the legs and arms, causing the enemy to pitch forward head over heels.

Technique Name: Two Hundred fifty six Hungry Hydras (Two-hundred fifty-sixth Power)
Technique Description:Floating over two hundred and fifty swords, Nocens causes them to rain down on the target, just grazing them, but so fast and so many that they force the enemy into the ground.

Technique Name: Phoenix's Claw
Technique Description: Black Hellflame runs the length of one of Nocens' swords. It clings to the blade.

Technique Name: Phoenix Wing
Technique Description: A horizontal slash. When used after Phoenix's Claw, a black arc of flame streaks out, extending her reach by three feet.

Technique Name: Phoenix End (Second Slash)
Technique Description: Should Nocens embed the Hellflame sword into a target, the flame can rush inside and explode, burning and blowing the target apart.

Theorized Techniques:

Technique Name: Deicide Decree- Hell Incarnate Form
Technique Description: This is the supposed result of attempting to combine her monstrous Hell Form, namely her tails, with the Perfect Form of Deicide Decree. As her Perfect form has so much negative energy that it can cause space to warp around her to resemble Hell, releasing her true form amplifies these effects. She maintains the Deicide coloration but can gain as many as twenty tails. It's believed the negative effects her prescence would have is directly proportional to the number of tails; any number beyond 20 would create a permanent, miniature Hell at her location, growing as she moves from the center.

Lost Techniques:

Technique Name: Deicide Decree
Technique Description: Nocens' primary Ultimate Technique. Begins as True Final Solution does, however instead of chains coming from her spine, the entire armor shatters. Under this armor, Nocens' skin has turned black, streaked through with volcanic veins of gold. From her hands, Genocide-enhanced Nefarious rushes out, quickly forming countless thin, condensed swords. Nocens is psychically linked to each sword that stand, blade down, in concentric circles around her and her opponent. She uses two swords at a time and only uses Azrael's Blessing as a defense. Should her transformation be ended prematurely, her form varies. There are various forms she can use post this technique.

Technique Name: Deicide Decree- Imperfect Form
Technique Description: The most base state of Deicide Decree, Imperfect Form is her youngest self in this stage. Here, she is only 20 years old, approximately. She could be as young as nineteen. She maintains the coloration of Deicide Decree, as well as her swords and Azrael's Blessing. This form gives her the smallest boost, slightly making her better at unarmed combat.

Technique Name: Deicide Decree- Semi-Perfect Form
Technique Description: Roughly twenty-five years old, Nocens has longer hair in this form, trailing behind her. She retains the normal traits of Deicide Decree, including her previous boost as well as more control of her Chains of Hell.

Technique Name: Deadbolt
Technique Description: A technique unique to Semi-Perfect Form and beyond, this uses her enhanced control of her chains to spear her enemy before summoning Hellflames to run down the length of chain, entering the target's body through the hole.

Technique Name: Deicide Decree- Near-Perfect Form
Technique Description: This form gives Nocens larger muscles, and ages her to 28 years of age. Her hair is very short in this form. She retains all traits of Deicide Decree, as well as previous boosts, with a modest increase to her unarmed combat, but at a hefty cost to her speed.

Technique Name: Shattering Shaft
Technique Description: A technique that uses her great physical strength, punching the earth. The earth splits, opening a gaping maw in the earth, a jagged, incredibly deep hole swallows the target and surroundings. Unique to her Near-Perfect Form only.

Technique Name: Deicide Decree- Perfect Form
Technique Description: The "true" form of Deicide Decree, this is the form she emerges in if allowed to come out herself. She has all her previous buffs, though her physical strength is not as great as Near-Perfect. However, she regains her speed and long hair in this form. This state opens up many new, but largely untested or only theorized techniques.

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Azalea Algaliarept (Empress of Hell and Kenpachi) Empty Re: Azalea Algaliarept (Empress of Hell and Kenpachi)

Post by Azalea on Mon Oct 02, 2017 3:00 pm

Nocens' human species bonus should increase her Chain Mastery to Beginner.

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Azalea Algaliarept (Empress of Hell and Kenpachi) Empty Re: Azalea Algaliarept (Empress of Hell and Kenpachi)

Post by Azalea on Mon Oct 02, 2017 3:12 pm

Azalea Algaliarept (Empress of Hell and Kenpachi) Nocens12

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Azalea Algaliarept (Empress of Hell and Kenpachi) Empty Re: Azalea Algaliarept (Empress of Hell and Kenpachi)

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