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The Dire Werewolf Sub-species

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The Dire Werewolf Sub-species

Post by Lanying Baozhai on Sat Oct 01, 2016 12:14 am

Dire Werewolves

The bigger, badder wolves

Dire Werewolves. While they are technically part of the Werewolf species, the Dire Werewolves have rather unique abilities that make them separate. For starters, the Dire Werewolves are giant, even by werewolf standards. On average, the males range between 12-16 feet tall, while the females average out between 10-13 feet. They are also always black in fur color, with digit grade legs rather than fully human. Because of this, the pure-blooded Werewolf clans consider the Dire Werewolves to be their feral cousins. And Feral describes them perfectly.

The Dire Werewolves thrive on combat. Unlike their less savage cousins, the Dire Werewolves do not have a line of succession. Instead, the leader of their respective clans is decided through trial by combat, with the victor deciding the fate of the loser, whether it be banishment, or, the more common, death. It is not just succession that is determined through combat. Everything is. Marriage, laws being broken, even when it comes to child rearing.

The other unique thing that separates the Dire Werewolves from the pure-blooded Werewolves is their inability to use the Ritual of the Heart. In it's place, however, is the Ritual of the Eyes. This ritual is rarely seen or initiated, as it is considered taboo to even speak it's name. The Ritual of the Eyes can only be done through special daggers, daggers that have been passed down from clan head to clan head. The daggers, while all unique to the specific clan, all share one similarity. They are made from the teeth and bones of the first Dire Werewolf.

The Ritual of the Eyes works similar to the Ritual of the Heart, in that the user gives up their eyes for great power. However, the cost of this power, unlike the Ritual of the Heart, is not that the user reverts to their "true" form. Instead, upon completion of the ritual, the person who completed the ritual becomes what is known as a Forsaken. A soul that is neither living, nor dead. Beyond the help of Soul Reapers, yet not truly a Hollow. They lose access to whatever powers they had before, and must never show their face to any other Dire Werewolf.
Lanying Baozhai

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