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Legend of Left Hand (Short version)

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Legend of Left Hand (Short version)

Post by Azalea on Wed Sep 21, 2016 9:17 pm

The Left Hand is a god among Togabito. Regardless of the Sinner, regardless of race, or gender, or species, all Togabito revere the entity they call Left Hand. He is the literal God of Hell, the God of all Sinners.

The legend goes far back, beyond any Togabito's memory. Some believe it started, as all such things do, with the Soul Queen.

She had just created life, governed by Death and Rebirth. But, she knew that if she had the power to create life, she had the power to destroy it. She loved her creations, and feared what would happen if she ever accidentally erased these creatures. In an effort to purge herself of the power to destroy, so she could be a benevolent god to her creations, one who would never be feared and only loved as she loved them, she focused all the darkness in her own heart and soul, moving all her power to destroy into her left hand, symbolizing how the power was not right, not natural. She took the hand and cut it off from herself with a sword she made, the only one that could harm her.

But, the Soul Queen's power to create was great. The severed hand gained life of its own, and it was the physical embodiment of ever single vice the Soul Queen possessed. Laziness, hatred, anger, pride, envy, all these things. As the Left Hand was a living thing, it came to the world with the Queen's creatures. But, it's evil spread to them, bringing out their own vices and amplifying it a thousand fold. The Soul Queen, heartbroken by the chaos the Left Hand created merely by existing, tried to destroy Left Hand. Whom scoffed, telling the Queen that she could not destroy the destroyer, that only he could erase the things she made. And so he did, one by one he wiped them from existence.

The Queen concocted an idea. As she could create, she decided to create chains to bind Left Hand. But, these chains he broke. They rusted and snapped. She created larger, heavier chains. These, too, fell before Left Hand. Again, she made bigger chains, and then she created a room, a space to bind the chains to. Left Hand broke free.

The Queen made the chains and space, and guards to watch over Left Hand, the Kushinada, who for every one that fell three replaced. Left Hand, whose power was equal to her own, continued to be chained and freed. The Kushinada had the power to create chains themselves. But, over time, Left Hand's power distorted his prison and his guards. They became monsters, and his prison warped, leaking his energies out into the world of the living.

This energy was the start of evil in the Soul Queen's newest creations, humans. Those touched heavily by his energy, when they died, could not be reborn, for the Kushinada could smell Left Hand in them, and would drag them to Hell. Left Hand's energy, the living memory of him in the prison of Hell, made the Sinners stronger, and each time they died here, they would absorb more of him into themselves. It is this power that lets Togabito live forever.

For, you see, Left Hand had finally created something. The Togabito were his children, and he protected them the only way he knew how; by making them strong. Unlike the Soul Queen, who would let her children die and be erased, Left Hand protected his own. He gave them power, wheres the Queen left them defenseless to be tormented by her creations.

This is why the Left Hand is their god; he who could only destroy had created something, and did not reject them as the Soul Queen rejected destruction. Wheres she ruled from afar, Left Hand lived and breathed with every Togabito, shared a home with them. Their God walked among them.

But, as with all legends, nobody knows where Left Hand went. One day, he vanished. But he never abandoned the Togabito; on the contrary, in his absence, they grew stronger and could finally start to live.

The Mother of War
Lurks within the depths of Hell
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