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Raijin Matsuki, 11th Division's Captain

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Raijin Matsuki, 11th Division's Captain

Post by Raijin on Thu Jun 23, 2016 3:17 pm

The Basics

Name: Raijin Matsuki
Species: Human
Race: Shinigami
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 01-01-1816
Date of Death: 01-01-1840
Appearance Age: Twenty ish
Actual Age: 200
Organization and Rank: Gotei 13, 11th Division Captain.

Height: 5'9
Weight: 180 lbs
Hair color: A dull Blonde
Eye color: Yellow Irises, Black Sclera.
General Appearance: Raijin has an entirely mechanical body in the model of a handsome young man. His face and ears look like that of a normal human, made of an artificial skin material, and his eyes have black sclera with yellow irises. He has spiky blond hair. His eyebrows are the same color as his hair. He also has pierced ears. Raijin wears normal street clothes and sleeveless tops and hoodies in order to allow his arms to transform without hassle. He also has a special Gigai over his body which serves only to make him look more human, having none of the other effects of a normal Gigai. The only part this gigai does not cover is, of course, his arms.


The Psyche

Redeeming Qualities:
Respectful-Raijin is very respectful to everyone in the Gotei 13. He will refer to you by your family name, address you with any titles you may have, always keep eye contact, stand at attention, everything.
Dutiful-Raijin is very dutiful, carrying out almost every order without question.
11th Division MOFO!-He loves sparring with others. If you are into that, you are going to love this guy.
Anchored-Raijin is anchored to the here and now. Not looking much into the past or future. He focuses on what is going on now, and how to deal with it.
Might For Right, not Might Makes Right-Raijin believes in a philosophy from way back in medieval England, supposedly started by the Mythical King Arthur. Called simply "Might for Right" meaning, just because you win doesn't mean your right, and you shouldn't use your abilities to prove you are right, but rather to fight for what you believe to be right.
Negative Qualities:
X Rage-a more recent trait, Raijin has a deep hatred for hollows. All of the shinigami killed, especially his divison and his captain, each face burned into his memory. He has a fire burning in him that screams for all hollows to die.
X Narrow Sighted-Raijin has what many call 'tunnel vision'. A problem with his 'in the present' personality is he focuses on the problem at hand, and thats it. While you could argue this is good, many consider this bad as he doesn't notice the effects of his actions while doing them.
X Cannot handle losing against Hollows-While he always had a hard time handling losing against them, it is for a different reason than he has now. Now he cannot handle losing because he wants them all to suffer. As such, will often become enraged at even losing once to a hollow.
X "Cross that bridged when we get there" mentality-Again, while you could argue this is good, many military minds see this as bad. He doesn't look to the future too much because of his anchored nature. As such, he doesn't really plan for something until it happens. Fortunately for him, many other 11th division members are like this, so it is kind of expected of him.
X Merciless-When it comes to Hollows, Raijin is merciless. He will destroy them at whatever the cost, even if it means not purifying the spirit of the hollow. While he has yet to do this, it is only a matter of time before this problem shows itself. Additionally, anyone who isn't helping kill the hollows is either left behind (in the case of fellow shinigami or neutral people) or killed (in the case of enemies helping them).
His Zanpakuto, Mizūmi no Reijin
His old division
His Captain
Allies of Hollows
Personal Habits: n/a
Short-term Goals: Restoring the 11th division (first priority)
Restoring the OTHER divisions that were destroyed (secondary)
Long-term Goals: Killing. every. single. Hollow.
General Personality:
Before the incident, Raijin was a normal 11th Division member, but with a bit more tact and gratitude. He was kind and caring, but often caused trouble do to his short-sighted personality. He held deep respect for the 11th Dvision, its traditions, and its captain.

However, his personality has changed greatly since the incident. One of these recent traits is that Riajin has a deep hatred for hollows. All of the shinigami killed, especially his Division and his captain.  nearly all traces of the Third, Fifth, Eighth, Tenth, and Eleventh divisions gone in one battle. All of their faces are burned into his memory. As such, Raijin is filled with rage at the sight of any hollow, and will destroy it if he sees it. He also sees both Vizards and Arrancar as insults to Shinigami. A Vizard is someone who dares to don a hollow mask and become more like the inhuman demons. An Arrancar are Hollows who have claimed to gain shinigami powers, when they are cheap mimicry. As such, he will attack any he sees, and more than likely only work with Vizards for the remainder of the war.

Something Special:
As you can imagine for a cyborg, his senses, durability, strength, and endurance are all immensely high
His eyes can see any part of the color spectrum, and has the option of seeing in heat vision.
He has a constant HUD on to see the damage done to his body and keep an eye on many many things.

The Power

Zanpakutō Name: Mizūmi no Reijin
Zanpakutō Name Translation: Lady of the Lake

Sealed Zanpakutō: In its sealed state, the blade looks more decorative, with the symbol of the Substitute Shinigami Badge on the pummel, the blade always being in top condition. The sheath has the Kanji for Mizūmi no Reijin (湖の麗人) inscribed on both sides, and is a deep, dark black.
Release Phrase: False: Shine Your Light
False Bankai Release: Astonishing Blade, Become One With Me.
True: King Me
True Bankai Release: Lady of the Lake, Sacred Stone, Break Their Weapons.

False Shikai Appearance: The blade becomes a golden knight's longsword. Like its sealed state, it seems to be more for decoration than actual combat. The pummel many jewels and elegant designs carved into it, making it look even less suited for combat.
False Shikai Ability: The user can use Light based powers and any lightning kido regardless of thier kido skill.

False Bankai Name: Kaleigh
False Bankai Appearance: An explosion of light erupts around the user, as they seem to become light themselves. When the light fades, Raijin is encased in an armor of light, with angelic wings sprouting from his back. The Blade two is made of light.
False Bankai:
False Bankai Ability: Simply put, this boosts his light and lightning abilities, and allows him to move at the speed of light.

Shikai Appearance: The sword shatters and flies towards every single opponent in the area. Then a plain iron English longsword appears in place of it.
Shikai Ability: to put it simply, it prevents anyone from releasing their powers beyond the state that they are currently using it for the rest of the fight.

Bankai Name: Aijin no Exalibur (Lady Excalibur)
Bankai Appearance: The blade becomes a buster blade made of silver.
Bankai Ability: the Bankai has two abilities, both said to have been given to Arthur as King. The first is a barrier around Raijin that stops any spiritual attacks from hurting him. The second makes it so he can break weapons with ease. Be it another Zanpakuto, a normal blade, or even a bow, if its a weapon, its requires only a small amount of effort from him to break it.

The Spirit

Spirit Appearance: Mizūmi no Reijin is a beautiful young woman. Her hair is long and smooth, with a color like the sky. Her eyes are blue like the ocean, with a youth to them that makes her seem full of life. Her skin is smooth and flawless, not a blemish anywhere. Her figure is also beautiful, being curvy but not too big. She wears a short dress that is a white-ish blue, which is made of fine silk. She also has a flower headband, and a flower bracelet on her left arm.
Spirit Personality: Mizūmi no Reijin has a very kind, but perfectionist personality. She is very kind and nice to anyone she can talk to, be it the random people she creates in her inner world (made it more realistic) or Raijin. She likes honestly and rewards those who are honest. She, however, is very very strict when it comes to her origins. Should one say anything about the sword in the stone or ANYTHING like that, she will burst, despite only Raijin being able to hear her. She knows the real story, for she is Excalibur, although that is just a nickname Arthur gave her, despite her hating it. She also hates her released form's actual appearance. She claims it does not fit the standards the legend put her up to. As such she prefers her false forms, which are more beautiful.
Inner World: Mizūmi no Reijin's inner world is that of a English King's Castle. As with her false shikai and bankai, the look of it is incredibly flashy. Banners hand over nearly every hallway entrance, there are beautiful gardens inside the towering walls, and marble statues of both her and Raijin Matsuki. The main colors of the many cloths around to make things look better are a royal purple and red. It even has servants!

The Past
History:  While Raijin does remember his past, the memories are fuzzy at best. He remembers growing up in a middle class area, and that his life was pretty normal. Had friends, hit puberty, did some bad things, grew up, had a wife and kids, all that. He also remembered that he was about Twenty Four when he was mugged in a dark alley way and died. However, that was a LONG time ago and didn't have much to do with here and now, so he doesn't try to remember too much about it. When he joined the Gotei 13 and afterwards is what he chooses  to remember. Being treated like a solider in the movies, which he could remember a lot about back then but anymore. He even remembered his first time using his zanpakuto. It was pretty easy for him, unlike Kido. Kido was where he failed, epicly. Even to this day he still can't do push right! Not that it mattered, where he was going Kido wasn't needed, as it was the 11th Division.

Raijin would spend years there, developing bonds, bruises and a like for combat. He remembered his early days, nervous, having a hard time fighting. MAN he was pathetic. He was still as respectful and 'anchored' as he is now, just the standard fresh meat. For years he would fight alongside them in the unseated ranks, or as the seated called it 'the meat grinder ranks'. Their personality and love for fighting would slowly rub off on him over the years, and of course make him stronger. Wasn't much of a choice there, he either had to get stronger or get beaten when the Division had sparring matches. One day, on a mission, they would be attacked by something an unseated member should never face: a Numeros. The Numeros saw the small group, instantly using Ressurecion. The group fought with all their might, but nearly lost. Luckily for them Raijin, along with three others, unlocked their shikai at this time. Using it for the first time, Raijin used it to fire Hado Number Four at the Numeros, while the others used their combined force to shatter its mask.

That day Raijin and the other three returned to begin to train their shikai. Meditating he finally saw his zanpakuto spirit. He was awestruck at her beauty, and the place he was in. A place filled with servants and citizens, decorations and thousands of rooms! He actually got so caught up in what was going on around him, he ended up forgetting to do what he had come to do in the first place. He spent most of his time talking with her, basically just spending time with her. It wouldn't be until three days later he remembered to ask her the question he had meant to when he got there.

What exactly does his Shikai do? Kaleigh,as Mizūmi no Reijin called herself back then, explained that it gave him the ability to control light and lightning. She also made a snarky comment on how he'd finally be able to use lightning kido, despite his inability to use kido in the first place. For three more years he would have the normal 11th Division duties of going out and wrecking hollows to purify them, and of course sparring with the other members. The first year he would finally gain a seat in the Divison, though it was the third weakest. The second he would reach the Twentieth Seat. By the third year he would reach Seventh Seat. At the end of that year he would be sent on another mission. It would seem to be run of the mill, go to living world, find group of hollows, have a contest to see who would kill the most and head back. Only this time, he was the only one to return.

On their way back they would be greeted by an opponent none of them were ready for: an Adjuchas Class Menos. Even with all their shikai active and Raijin's tricks, they could only do so much, only minorly wounding him as he killed them one by one. Kaleigh spoke to him, telling him how to use her Bankai. Activating Bankai for the first time, he would be enveloped in light, blinding the hollow for a few seconds. Luckily that was all he needed, lunging forward and slicing off one of its arms. The Adjuchas roared in rage at him cutting off its ability to ever become a Vasto Lorde. Kayle would turn around and swing for its head, only to be met with a Bala to his face. He looked up only to see the Adjuchas start roaring with laughter, slowly seeming to dissolve into madness. While it was unable to evolve, it was also unable to regress, so it figured the proper way to thank him, was with a couple thousand Balas to his face. Firing rapidly, he would find all of his strikes hitting, but not the effect wasn't right. His body was treating it like it was a punch, not an explosion. When it realized that it was fighting a light based illusion, it was too late, as a blade of light was sticking through its head, shattering the mask. He would request a Senkaimon be opened for him to go through. Once it appeared, he would rush through as he felt the last of his body's energy fade away. He would fly out the other end of the portal, only the wings from his Bankai remaining, before disappearing, causing him to fall unconscious, rolling on the ground for several feet before stopping. Sent to Fourth Division, he would remain there for a month before being released and given third seat. Here, he would train for ten years straight to master Bankai, as well as not have it strain him so much, before going on another mission to the human world.

This mission was different from the last. This time it was him, against an Arrancar. The number of which he did not know, but what he did know, is that it had been an  Adjuchas beforehand. Easily fighting off the Division, it Arrancar requested to have one of them use their highest release.  Ready to use Bankai, Raijin heard Kaleigh talk to him. She told him a new name and new release phrase, and to use that. Confused at first, Kaleigh focuses him, telling him she would explain later. Shouting her new name, Mizūmi no Reijin, and using the new release phrase, he was surprised to find the sword explode and send shards towards the Arrancar. The Arrancar ran, attempting to dodge, but finding that no matter what he did they would follow. Decided that he had to take the hit, the Arrancar let the shards hit him, only to find they did not damage. Smirking and looking at the especially plain blade, he asked if that was truly his highest release. Saying that he did have bankai, the Arrancar growled, and said that he would punish him for underestimating him, pulling his blade and attempting to use Ressurecion. To the Arrancar, and Raijin's surprise, nothing happened. Noticing that now was the time to strike, he activated his previously attained Bankai, and sliced the Arrancar down the middle, killing and purifying it.

Carrying the wounded who couldn't walk back to the Soul Society, he dropped them off at the 4th Division before leaving to talk to Kaleigh. She would explain her true name, Mizūmi no Reijin, the lady of the lake. She revealed that she had kept her true form a secret for two reasons. The first being that they were useless against hollows, and the second being that the released states didn't fit the legend she had to live up to as Exaclibur. She then revealed that the Bankai he had been using was fake too. The true form was Aijin no Exalibur, a weapon meant to protect him and break other weapons. She even trained him to use it, and since his body had already been trained to use bankai, it didn't take years to learn to use his old one. Now capable of two Bankai, Raijin felt he was ready for anything. Unfortunately, the universe felt the need to make him fall, hard.

A few days later, the Soul Society was attacked. Arrancar, Hollow, Humans, Quincy rained down on them. The battle lasted for two days, in which the 11th squad revealed a big secret. Since the captain of their squad is decided by strength and not by Bankai, several members of the squad also had Bankai. While many enemies died that day, it still did not end well for them, the Third, Fifth, Eighth, Tenth, and Eleventh Divisions falling. While the remaining Shinigami looked for survivors, they eventually found Raijin...or what was left of him. His left side missing, and the rest crushed under rubble, it was assumed he would never be able to fight how he uses to. However, the 12th squad, with his permission, found a way to not only make him fight as good as before, but even better. The Mecha-Shinigami project started, turning Raijin into a cyborg with numerous enhancements. When he was finished being rebuilt, he was sent to see the captain commander, and ordered to demonstrate his Bankai. Showing both forms, it was decided that Raijin would be the new Captain of Eleventh Division. Protesting at first, the Captain Commander explained there was a power gap, so they needed captains, even if only to make them not look weak. As such it is his duty to be one.

Now a Captain, Raijin waits for the next attack on the hollows.

Roleplaying Sample: » Kagaku traveled with the group, though he was slightly behind the rest. Not because he was slow, heck he was the lightest person there, but he was a bit side tracked. He was collecting various plant samples as they went along, be it close to the ground or in the trees. Sure he could pay for them later, but it was much cheaper to just grab some and put them in jars. Luckily for him his extremely light body and above-average normal strength allowed him to keep up with the others, or at least Shoumen. Kagaku, though his face didn't show it, was very excited. Not only is he getting multiple samples of plants were indigenous to this region, but he'd finally get to see the Hideaki hijutsu in action. He had always been curious about their strange ink based abilities. Shoumen also had more tatoos than the average Hideaki, which made him all the more interesting. Unlike many other scientists, Kagaku had no interest in the Nibi Jinchuuriki. He had seen multiple in his decades of living. He knew of their speed, fire, and cat like attitude. Kagaku had learned all the data he was capable of learning without cutting one open, and none of them were willing so it didn't matter to him.

Kagaku had his familiars with him on this mission, well the fast ones at least. Do to the environment that meant everyone but Tsuchi. Esper, Eve, and Raiden had all split up to look for ingredients. Raiden checking the trees, while Esper and Even stayed together and covered a wider area on the ground with Kagaku. Nami was checking under water for ingredients, as well as keeping an eye out for predators. Each had their own way to avoid damage. Both Raiden and Esper could sense what was going on around them, and Raiden and Eve could out run anything there on land. Nami of course had the advantage of her camouflage and natural speed in the water. Esper could likely outrun most animals and those that could outrun her would be beaten by her nimbleness and human intelligence. Kagaku had nothing to worry about.

When they arrived at the bog, Kagaku watched the jinchuuriki show off. The look on his face showed he couldn't be less interested. He turned towards Shoumen to finally speak throughout this journey. "You go next, I still have to gather ingredients.", He said, before picking up some flowers and placing them in jars. He would go last, and likely the easiest way: riding on the back of Nami. True it was hard, but for barely any chakra at all he could be glued to her back while she swam him across the bog. Of course he would wait until Shoumen was across, at which point the rest of his familiars would arrive. Eve would hop on Kagaku's shoulder and ride with him, while Raiden would get just stay in a near by tree. Esper would hop along the longs and rocks with her cat like body, making it across without so much as a drop of water on her.

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Re: Raijin Matsuki, 11th Division's Captain

Post by Raijin on Sun Jun 26, 2016 11:19 am

done and ready for review

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Re: Raijin Matsuki, 11th Division's Captain

Post by Guest on Thu Jun 30, 2016 9:44 am

Hello, I'll be your grader for today. I've already reviewed this app before, but didn't grade it because I mistakenly thought one of the other staff members was doing it at the time.

I'm ready to give this application the Captain Tier, however I would like a second opinion from another staff member due to how your character has 2 Shikai and 2 Bankai, due to the nature of the Zanpakuto. While I'm not against it, as many members have multiple releases, I do want confirmation that false releases are able on Damnation as I'm not certain.


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Re: Raijin Matsuki, 11th Division's Captain

Post by Lanying Baozhai on Fri Jul 01, 2016 8:51 pm

OK. I just read this.

I agree with Roze on approving it to Captain Tier. The False Shikai/Bankai idea is pretty cool.

Happy RPing.

Lanying Baozhai

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Re: Raijin Matsuki, 11th Division's Captain

Post by Raijin on Fri Jul 01, 2016 9:49 pm


Armed Combat: Master
Unarmed Combat: Master
Spiritual Combat: Master
Hoho: Master
Reiastu Perception: Beginner

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Re: Raijin Matsuki, 11th Division's Captain

Post by Raijin on Fri Jul 01, 2016 9:49 pm


Cheek Stroke: A simple but precise slash technique which lightly grazes the target, causing superficial wounds. Should Raijin decide not to hold back, he could easily cause a huge gash in the area he aimed for.

Thousand-Page Wholesale: Raijin strikes a multitude of times in a second, shredding his enemy to pieces.

Cushion Return: Raijin aims to subdue an opponent and immobilize them on the ground using coercion alone. Raijin suspends the tip of his blade millimeters from his opponent's face, which glows a black color. Many assume this technique use Reiatsu to stop a target, but it is actually one's own killing intent being focused in on the target.

Deadly Darts: By gripping the cloth (or chain or anything similiar) on the hilt of his sword, one can can swing his Zanpakutō and toss it at opponents for mid-range combat. The blade moves very quickly when thrown, and it can damage a building upon impact. If the target dodges the attack, one can use the cloth (or chain or anything similiar) to change the sword's direction and try to hit the target once more. By gripping the cloth (or chain or anything similiar), he withdraws the blade and swings it to attack again. In Raijin's case he creates a chain out of light for his false shikai and bankai. He cannot do this with his true release. At maximum strength he can cleave a building in half.

Jaw Splitting: Raijin bisects an opponent from the jaw down the length of the body with a single sword strike.

Bisection: Grasping his or her sword with both hands, the practitioner brings it down with enough force to cut an opponent in half down the middle. One of Expert Armed Combat or higher seems to create a wave of rieshi, which is caused by sheer strength, and can also cleave any enemy in half.

Oni Fire: The practitioner performs a powerful thrust with a blunt weapon, creating a large, gaping, cylindrical hole in a target. Raijin can create wholes in giants the size of trains.

The First: Killing Stroke:  A precision cut of extreme force and speed which can casually slice through large, multi-story high opponents protected by steel skin. This slash is so precise and swift, its victims are not even aware of it until after it has taken place.

Watermelon Splitting: A two-handed, overhead slash which cleanly and precisely cleaves an opponent's head in two.

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Re: Raijin Matsuki, 11th Division's Captain

Post by Raijin on Fri Jul 01, 2016 10:36 pm


Handstand Dash: The practitioner stands on their hands and then uses his arms to move forward at a high speed. It can be used while going up a hill as proof of a high level of stamina for the practitioner. Mostly used for training and showing off.

Iron Palm: An open palm strike which can effortlessly shatter a Hollow's head with a single strike. Raijin's strength allows him to break even other blades with this technique.

Thrust Fingers: The practitioner extends the index and middle fingers of one hand in unison while they are in contact with an opponent, who is sent flying several meters away. Raijin can send a person through several walls with this. He claims he has an easier time doing this than using Push.

Bamboo Dragonfly: Holding their hand out to the side, the practitioner performs a simple but effective throw, which violently flips their victim upside down. The victim lands heavily on their back, which knocks the wind out of them. If Raijin does this too hard he can actually pull whatever part of the victim the touched when he threw them out of joint.

Waterfall Carp: The practitioner utilizes this technique to create an opening in their opponents defense. When the target kicks out, the user blocks the attack with their forearm. When the foe moves to kick them with their other foot, the practitioner grabs the blocked foot with their free hand while simultaneously blocking the second attack with their legs. The user subsequently traps the opponents second foot between their legs. With both legs trapped, the target is now open to attack and the user takes advantage of the situation to attack with their free hand.

Panty-Flash Tornado: The practitioner performs an upside-down rotating straddle split, allowing them to deliver multiple kick attacks to a nearby opponent. Raijin can hit an opponent several times in a second. He also hates its name so he never says it.

Sand Bag Beat: The practitioner performs multiple extremely fast strikes, causing aggravated damage to a target. The technique is powerful enough to shatter a Menos Grande's mask and utterly destroy its body.

Windmill: Throwing their body up into the air, the practitioner makes a shearing movement with their legs, allowing them to move one leg in front of the other, before performing a devastating kick which sends the target flying away with tremendous force. Raijin has broken the back of many hollows with this technique.

Gatling Mad Stomping: The practitioner performs multiple foot stomps on the target's face. The technique is powerful enough to send a vizard flying and shatter their mask.

Mirror Opening: After puncturing their target with the tips of their fingers, the practitioner rips their opponent in half through sheer physical strength.

Heavy Weight Dropkick: From above the target, the practitioner drops down with both feet, hitting their opponent with enough force to create a large crater when they hit the ground. It hits the target with enough force to nullify a Cero.

Single Bone: A powerful punch which can destroy much of the target's abdomen, send them flying along a city street, and throw them through a building. If one were to use two hands, it is called Double Bone and can totally destroy an opponent in one blow.

Oni Headpoke: Pulling a finger back against their thumb, the practitioner flicks it at an opponent. The blow carries enough physical force to send the opponent flying a considerable distance away and crashing through multiple buildings in a row.

Thunder King Fist: The practitioner performs a series of ultra-high-speed punches with both arms. Raijin can break through the strongest of hierros with this, and the final hit causes a giant crater around the victim as if a meteor hit the area, and then caused an earthquake.

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Re: Raijin Matsuki, 11th Division's Captain

Post by Raijin on Fri Jul 01, 2016 11:20 pm

Flash Step Techniques

Flash Blossom: Moving behind the opponent, the practitioner attacks and seals their Saketsu (Chain Binding) and Hakusui (Soul Sleep) in two rapid attacks. A victim may not be able to tell whether they were attacked from the front or the back because of the technique's speed, and even an outside observer may find it impossible to tell what the movements are.

Cast-Off Cicada Shell: The practitioner moves at great speed to avoid an attack, leaving an afterimage which can appear to have taken damage.

Speed Clones: The practitioner creates at least 15 clones of themselves at once using Shunpo. While they are indistinguishable from the user's true self and mimic their movements, the clones do not last long.

Building Strikes: A technique developed by Raijin that combines Speed Clones with Cast-Off Cicada Shell. It is the ultimate Hoho attack, although it can be only be used once with no drawbacks. To do it twice would injure ones foot. Three times would destroy all of the tendons in a leg. One finds what seems to be Raijin charging at them, and when the strike the clone, it appears to be an after image. Then two appear, and when struck, they disappear too. Then four, then eight, repeating until one of them finally lands a hit. When this attack makes contact, ALL of the previous 'after image' attacks appear on the target too. Raijin states the longer you fight it, the worse you'll end up. It is said he once cut a Ajudachas to tiny shreads do to how long it managed to stop him from landing a head.

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Re: Raijin Matsuki, 11th Division's Captain

Post by Raijin on Sat Jul 02, 2016 12:39 am

False Shikai Techniques

Hado #4 Shot of White Lightning: Raijin uses his blade (unless he is using bankai, in which he can shoot from any part of his body) to shoot concentrated bolt of lighting through his opponent. While normally this would be the length of ones fingers, but do to his spiritual power, it is ten times the size of full grown men and as long as skyscrapers.

Hado #11 Bound Lightning: Raijin is touching is bound with the lightning element, damaging anything that object touches.

Hado #63 Fiery Lightning Howl: Raijin charges lightning into his hand (or blade), and then fires out a lightning bolt, with devastatingly destructive results. Raijin can destroy a city street with this.

Bakudo #4 Crawling Rope Raijin binds enemies with a Reishi rope to stop their movement. Generating a crackling yellow energy rope within his/her hand(s), the practitioner throws it toward the opponent. The energy winds around the opponent's arms and body, immobilizing them. One's strength (spiritual or physical) must equal his spiritual strength.

Time-Out Drop: Raijin holds the palm of his blade infront of the victim's face, white light emanates from the blade, disorientating the victim and knocking them unconscious.

Bakudo #73 Inverse Mountain Crystal: Raijing activates the spell ignites at a single point, blue energy extends upward to four points and forms an inverted pyramid, which solidifies into a barrier around the caster. The spell is usable around other already active spells. It can be used to trap others inside of it. His, unlike the normal version, is pure light made solid with Reishi, and as such is VERY bright.

Bakudo #63 Locking Bondage Stripes Raising his blade up to the target, the practitioner swipes it sideways, and calls forth yellow energy, taking a form of very thick rope, which binds the upper body of the target. One's physical and Spiritual Strength must surpass his own Spiritual Strength, unless they possess both positive and negative reishi.

Bakudo #62 Hundred Steps Fence Generating a blue-white glowing rod of energy in his free hand, the Raijin threw it at the intended target. It multiplies into a hundred more rods, which rain down on the target and pin him or her against a solid surface, completely immobilizing them. It is hard to dodge in a small area. Alternatively, Raijin can generate the rods around their body and propel them at their opponent with a simple hand gesture.

Bakudo #61 Six Rods Prison of Light Hitting his target: Raijin generates a spark of yellow energy, which summons six thin, wide beams of light that slam into a target's midsection and hold them in place. The target is unable to move any part of their body, including the parts which were not struck by the beams. Alternatively, this technique can be used after using Bakudō #4. because the six beams of light form from the light already created by Bakudō #4.

Bakudo #37 Suspending Star: Creates a ball of blue energy which fires out six ropes from its center. As the ropes attach themselves to nearby sturdy objects, the energy in the center solidifies into a flat elastic-like cushion, which catches falling objects.

Bakudo #40 Break-Piercing Triple Beam: Generating a burst of crackling yellow energy in his palm, Raijin uses this energy to draw an inverted yellow triangle, which generates solidified energy in the shape of smaller triangles from its three points. The smaller triangles fire and hit the intended target, pinning him/her against a nearby surface by slamming into his/her body in three places in the shape of a perfect triangle and immobilizing them.

Thousand-Coil White Snake: A long, white piece of cloth is spun around to incorporate targets within its coils. As the cloth tightens, with a white flash, it teleports the targets to another location. Raijin creates the 'cloth' from light.

Light Illusion: Bending light around him, Raijin can fool one's sense of sight. He can make something look like something else, or make something disappear entirely. This ability is very flexible.

Light Consumption: Raijin 'rips' away light, creating pitch black darkness. His eyes create a small amount of light, allowing him to see without revealing where he is.

Amaturatsu: Raijin causes an explosion of light which disintegrates all within in its area of effect. This light can cover an entire skyscraper. Raijin however rarely uses it in Shikai as it would damage him heavily.

Sacred Armor Creation: Raijin can create armor of any kind with light for him or teammates. The only exception is his Bankai's armor.

Light and Lightning Absorption: Raijin can absorb all and light or lightning based attacks.

Eyes of Gods: Raijin can shoot beams of light from his eyes. These beams can slice through metal like butter.

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Re: Raijin Matsuki, 11th Division's Captain

Post by Raijin on Sat Jul 02, 2016 1:02 am

False Bankai Techniques

Sacred Yata Mirror: Raijin shoots beams of light that are solidified and track the opponent, even reflecting off near by objects to dodge counter attacks or follow the opponent.

Tsukiyomi: Raijin created an explosion of light which blinds any that see it for a decent amount of time.

Amaturatsu: Raijin causes an explosion of light which disintegrates all within in its area of effect. This light can cover an entire skyscraper. Raijin is protected from the damage in his bankai form.

Sasakani Sacred Jewel: Raijin rapidly and repeatedly shoots orbs of solidified light at his target(s). He can control the spread of the shots, covering battlefields or aiming for one person. He based these off of arrows made by Quincy.

Aji-Suki-Taka-Hi-Kone: Raijin directs a lightning bolt

Hiruko: Raijin creates a ball of light mimicking the sun. It is then given physical form and then able to be swung like a wrecking ball the size of houses, smashing anything it hits.

Susanoo-no-Mikoto: Raijin's most versatile ability in this Bankai, it is simple Sacred Armor Creation taken to the maximum. With this he can create light versions of any Bankai or weapon he has seen. They do not share abilities unless the ability is linked to light or lightning.

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Re: Raijin Matsuki, 11th Division's Captain

Post by Raijin on Sat Jul 02, 2016 1:57 am

Cyborg Abilities and Techniques

Zanpakuto Metal Body: all metal uses to make him a cyborg was made form sealed Zanpakutos making durability, strength, and endurance are all immensely high. This also allows his Hakuda to purify hollows.

Mechanical Eyes: His eyes can see any part of the color spectrum, and has the option of seeing in heat vision.

Heads Up Display (HUD): He has a constant HUD on to see the damage done to his body and keep an eye on many many things.

Painless: He does not feel pain.

Processing Speed: His brain can process and act on information faster than most shinigami.

Enhanced Memory: he can remember anything, has a hard time forgetting, and can learn most tasks easily.

Incinerating Flamethrowers: Raijin has several hidden weapons on the outer part of his arms, all of which have one purpose: burning shit. Just the ones around his wrists can create five feet long flames that burn through hollows with ease, while all of them can create a cone of flames that covers an entire street and turn everything in them to ash.

Boosters: Raijin has boosters located in his shoulders which enable amazing acceleration. Using his palms for jet propulsion in the opposite direction, Raijin is able to perform rapid maneuvers.

Palm Attacks: When not using them as jets he can shoot concussion and energy blasts from them.

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Re: Raijin Matsuki, 11th Division's Captain

Post by Raijin on Mon Jul 04, 2016 4:35 pm

Hado #2 Push: a technique that is supposed to send your opponent flying back.... However Raijin has NO skill in Hado so this is what happens when HE uses it. HE is sent flying back. Do to his Spiritual Strength this can send him through several buildings with sheer force!

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Re: Raijin Matsuki, 11th Division's Captain

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