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Mirja Eeola character sheet

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Mirja Eeola character sheet

Post by Mirja Eeola on Thu Jun 23, 2016 2:18 pm


Name: Mirja Eeola
Date of Birth: 14/15/1904

Age: 112
Age of Appearance: Twenty Five
Organization & Rank: Gotei 13. 11th Division Lieutenant

Appearance: Six foot three, and with decent assets, Mirja has a very nice figure, before looking to her hair and eyes. They are both a striking silver colour, and can be quite haunting for some people in their uniqueness. Due to her unique Shihakusho - cuts off around the thighs, and has short sleeves, exposing as much body as it covers - people can see she lacks muscles, looking slender, and beautiful, a woman in every way. Her silver hair flows out from her head, down to the small of her back, and is kept orderly by a purple hairband. Someone that would make a great wife, and live life making food and looking after the children of her husband. Peaking out of her back, is the handle and butt-end of her Zanpaktou, being decidedly smaller tham most peoples, shaped like a Wakizashi, and rarely, if ever, drawn for combat.


Positive Traits
Jubelant: Mirja is a very happy person, finding it very difficult to be sad, as, in her own words 'The World is Always Beautiful'
Generous: Mirja will always share her food with other people, mostly rice-cakes, but occasionally other things as well. It is always better to eat with someone, than eat alone.
Protective: When a person becomes Mirja's friend, she will always look out for them, and always get involved in situations that looks like they are going badly.

Negative Traits (You must have at least two)
X Haunted: Mirja is haunted by a past she can't really remember. As such, she has a persona created by nothing, in her eyes. The most promanant of this, is the way she treats most men. Distrust, and clear disdain are evident in every interaction, but she can't really explain why.
X Protective: A trait as bad as it is good, Mirja can be very overbearing with people that are considered her friends. Since her unique make up made making friends in the Rukongai very difficult, she can be hard to be around some times, as she doesn't want to lose her friends.
X Easily Riled: Mirja has a good control over her temper, but a few things can really irritate her, really quickly. Chief amongst these, is taking her food without asking.

Likes (You must have at least three Likes)
Rice Cakes
Beautiful women
Cute Women
Friendly women
Punching things

Dislikes (You must have at least three Dislikes)
X Not having food
X Flirty Men
X Men who think their looks give them privilage
X Men who assume everyone is their friend
X Hurting people accidentally

Habits (Habits are optional, but they will really increase your chances of having a higher score, especially if you go into depth with them)
/ Nibbling: When not eating proper food, Mirja nibbles on Rice Cakes, which annoys everyone since she gets crumbs everywhere. She is either oblivious to the crumb-mess she makes, or actively enjoys it.
/ Disdain for shoes: Since achieving her Shikai, Mirja has never been seen in a pair of shoes, and always avoids the question when asked about it.
/ Frivolous Shunpo usage: Mirja is skilled in Shunpo, and so uses it all the time, when ever she wants to get up to a roof, or cross a room, or do anything that is more than ten foot away. She only walks normally if she has no aim.

Goals (Like Habits, Goals are also optional. They also increase your chances of getting a higher score on your application, especially if you go into depth with them)
/ Alternate Captaincy - Mirja wants to be the Captain of the 11th division, but doesn't want to murder the current captain to get it, feeling that is a stupid rule, and a waste of good Captain to boot.
/ Make The Perfect Rice-Cake: Mirja's obsession with Rice-Cakes has led her to desire the creation of the ultimate rice cake. Or though she doesn't put much stock into it, because it is a flight of fancy rather than anything serious.
/ Optional.

Miscellaneous Traits
?? Mirja's hyper-density makes her incredibly heavy, around thirty stone. So she is always careful when walking on anything less than ground level, for fear of breaking the floor.


Zanpakutō Name: Beowulf
Zanpakutō Translation: Wolf of Bees (Old Scandanavian word for Bear)

Sealed Zanpakutō: Beowulf is quite the ironic Zanpaktou. It's sealed form is a small blade, around thirty two centimeters in length, with a black handle, and and steel-silver blade. The sheath it spends most of it's time in is a deep, blood, red. There is no Tsuba, since if Mirja's hand slipped up the blade, or if someone's blade slipped down hers, it would be very difficult to get cut, and the blade itself is free from any sort of engravings, markings, or anything that would set it apart from the avarage sword. It looks as if the craftsman made it because he needed to make it, rather than because he wanted it to look good, and is the perfect embodiment for Mirja's lack of concern for having a proper weapon.
Release Phrase: Crush (False)
'Creatures of pure terror linger within the dark, and I am scared. But I have you, so please, lend me your light, so the Night is not so dark'
Shikai Appearance: Mirja's False Shikai, one that she uses often, is a very basic affair, being a pair of dull silver knuckle-dusters, without embelishment or engraving. Much like her Sealed Form, it shows off Mirja's preference to be without weaponry. However, when she releases her full Shikai, it is a much more extravagant thing. The knuckle-dusters become full gauntlets, and she is also given a pair of metal boots. These gauntlets and boots have a natural white-gold colour, with veins of pure white running across them. Small claws are added to the knuckles of the armoured gauntlets, and to the toes of the boots, but they are small, and difficult to uterlize, being more decorative than actually productive.  The most subtle part of her transformation is actually the contacts that are added to each of her eyes, as flash suppresants, due to Beowulf's power.
Shikai Ability: Mirja's False Shikai simply grants her additional strength, the bond between her and Beowulf strong enough that even a fake release allows connection between the two. A basic enough power, and with Mirja's already considerable physical prowess, it is hard to tell the difference between her Shikai, and her base form.

The True Shikai, rarely used because Mirja doesn't want to hurt Beowulf with her physical power, is a vastly superior specimen. While granting the same strength as her false shikai, she gets the ability to absorb light photons in the surrounding area, and use them to fuel Beowulf's powers.

Only use if applying for Lieutenant rank or higher.
Bankai Name: Kami no Kuma Beowulf (Bear God Beowulf)
Bankai Appearance: Kami no Kuma grants Mirja access to several different forms of Beowulf, rather than the standard gauntlets and greaves. Each form is detailed in the Abilities section.
Bankai Ability: Beowulf has several forms that grant different boons, and are, as follows;

1. Kami no Hone (God of Bone): The inital form of Mirja's Bankai, this looks similar to her Shikai, but instead of just gauntlets and boots, Mirja is encased in a pure white Exo-skeleton, dramatically increasing her punching force. In a cute reversal of minset, Beowulf grants the exo-skeleton to protect Mirja, since this form lends all his physical might, and without the exo-skeleton taking the recoil and dispersing it over her entire body, she could dislocate, or even break her bones while punching.
2. Kami no Hagane (God of Steel): A highly defensive, endurance form, this technique makes Beowulf resemble a suit of pure-white plate armour, mimicking her skin in it's durability and weight. This reduces her speed by quite a bit, but also increases her defensive capabilites tremendously.
3. Kami no Kasai (God of Fire): An advanced form of God of Bone, this injects needles into Mirja's body, and juices her up with Spiritual Adrenline, pushing her bodily functioned far above what they would normally operate at, and making her a Juggernaught of Death. However, the downside is the adrenal crash after the body had absorbed the adrenline, causing her to become breathless, and possible unconsciousness due to her inability to breath properly. If she manages to regulate her breathing,then she still has to deal with the exhaustion from acting above what her body could safely handle.
4. Kami no Tsume (God of Claws): The small claws on the ends of Beowulf's gauntlets grow out to thrice their size, and the edges become incredibly sharp, allowing Mirja to claws through most things without much problem, when her immense strength is brought to bare, and they look pretty intimidating as well. This is most helpful when she needs something that cuts, more than it crushes.
5. Daikami no Hakai (Great God of Destruction): An extensive morphing sees Beowulf take the form of a massive jet engine-esque cannon, arrayed on Mirja's arm. It is extremely bulky, and heavy, even for Mirja's titanic strength. A large vent sucks a vast degree of air into the turbine, which then spins at a massive rate of revolutions. The unfortunate side-effect of this is that it totally shreads her arm, snapping the bone and splitting the skin, making her bleed profuiously into the turbine. All this pays off in a gigantic blast from the fist end of the cannon, laying abosulte waste to anything in front of her, the blast tinted crimson between her blood and black Reiatsu, which Beowulf can draw out in this form.


Spirit Appearance: Beowulf is a massive creature, twenty-five foot tall and a living mountain of muscle. Massive veins of light run across his arms and legs, which end in large claws. A large, whip-like tail sways softly behind him. He is missing an eye, and the other eye shines a deep red, combined with his massive, curved teeth make Beowulf appear extremely hostile and very intimidating. Usually standing on his legs, he sometimes goes onto all fours, to chase something down, or move his head closer to the person he is talking to.

Spirit Personality: Beowulf, the giant monster that is, actually speaks politely, if with a deep voice that mimicks the greatest of tempests. Well aware of his collosal strength, he is gentle and thoughtful in every action, as he would rather continute speaking with someone than scrap them off his palm. Being able to relate closely, Mirja got along well with Beowulf from the start, and they have since developed a very close bond. He councils Mirja on her disdain for the male race, and hopes that she will be able to put it behind her, one day. While not exactly enjoying the fact that Mirja does not release him properly on many an occasion, he understand her feelings of trepedation, and tells her that he can handle whatever she throws at him. While it has yet to provide any results, he remains hopeful that Mirja will trust him more than she fears for him one day, and discard the false release for good.
Inner World: Deep, inky blackness, streching as far as the eye can see greets a person when they arrive. Beowulf's shining veins of light providing the only illumination for the world. As Mirja bonded closer with Beowulf, and was able to draw out more of his power, the inner world got brighter, more well lit, until finally she could see the massive cage bars in the distance. The strange thing was, to look upon them, one did not feel trapped, but rather safe, as if the cage bars kept the world out, rather keeping Beowulf in. It was symoblic of the fact that the cage was Beowulf's home, and out there was dark, unknown, and full of horrors waiting to pounce.

History: Mirja Eeola was born in Lærdalsøyri, a small town in Norway, and from a young age was smitten with the legends of her home. Hagbard, and Halga. Ragnar, and Rerir. Bjorn, and Beowulf. Enboldened by them, she was inspired to become a mighty hero, and got into a lot of trouble with the local children on many a time through scrapping with them, trying to prove her strength. This constant life of fighting led her to become quite good at it, a teen of sturdy build and sharp instinct. However, her young carrer as a street brawler came to an end when her parents moved to England.

Greener pastures were the goal of the move, Norway was a nice enough place, but they wanted to make it big, and maybe get their daughter into a better life. It didn't quite happen like that, since they were forigen, and lacked any sort of nobility that the English felt were so important. As a result, they quickly got forced into a job at a Factory. It was poor pay and long hours, and Mirja grew concerned form them quickly, so turned to the city she was now in to ply the only trade she had. And that, was how she got wrapped up in the seedy underbelly of the world, an underground fighting ring.

Here she found fighters way beyond the children she had fought on the streets, but did not let it get to her to much, she had fire, and passion, and the men she brawled with were often caught off guard by the fact that a female could have such strength, and such drive for the fight. She lost occasionally, but it was not awkward to explain it to her parents since they were not around anymore. However, life took a drastic turn when she was assaulted by a group of thugs in an alleyway. They tried to steal everything she had, including something more precious than any could understand, but just before the act, Mirja managed to get free, and swifted battered the first man into a bloody pulp. The others did not wait around to get beaten, and stuck a knife in her lung before fleeing the scene. This, was when she left the mortal plain, and was reborn, in the Soul Society.

Born in the Tenth District of Rukongai, life was not very difficult, aside from the fact that she was a strangely heavy baby, something everyone commented on, as she grew up. Her parents, not exactly nobles but ones that liked to appear above the rest, impressed that she should be a good girl from a very young age. To grow up, be attractive, and gain a husband that she would look after. And of course Mirja obeyed. But her firey spirit could not be ignored, and one day, while a group of teens were tormenting a younger girl, she went up to them and told them to stop what they were doing. After a short arguement, one of the teens, confident in his own superioirty, punched Mirja in the face, and broke his knuckles. The rest took equally painful wounds as Mirja hit them all with immense strength for a girl her size, and age. Having never had a fight before, Mirja simply believed people were that weak, but apparently not, as the tales of her spread quickly through the Rukongai. Eventually, she was even visited by one of the Shinigami from the Seretei, come to confirm the rumours. Because if they were true, she would be a great asset for them. He proposed a simple arm wrestle to prove her strength, and she accidentally dislocated his shoulder. Proven beyond doubt, the Shimigami retreated, with promises that he would return later. And return he did, with some quant fingerless gloves that streched up to her elbows. He said they would help her control herself, so she didn't leave a trail of bodies behind as she took to the Academy. With this done, she said goodbye to her parents, and followed the Shinigami - who had since fixed his arm, and seemed rather amused by the fact that it had been snapped so in the first place - to the Academy.

It was here she was taught to be much better at punching people, since it became clear early on she couldn't do Kido in the slightest. Lacking any sort of Spiritual Pressure, she couldn't power even the weakest of Kidos, so her Divison and training ciriculum was decided quickly. She disliked the weaponry that she was forced to use, since even when pulling her strikes, they broke on her more often than not. This grew into a dislike for any sort of weapon, and a reliance on her fists alone. With Hakuda practically her sole focus, she learned a great deal about it in her five year stay, and when she graduated, she took the only divison that would one a monsterously strong, Kido-less girl. The 11th division.

At first, her slender looks, her great beauty, and her strange colouring of hair and eyes left her treated poorly by the other unseated, as if they did not believe she was suited for this division at all. But, everyone changed their minds when the first division spar came about, with Mirja literally putting holes in the barracks walls. After causing terrible wounds to her sparring partner, she was shipped to the 12th division, so they could do some tests on her, and discover exactly what was going on. They found out that her Reiryoku was uniquely dense, and that the Reiatsu had been focused inwards, rather than the usual external development. This, meant that as she progressed, and her Reiatsu grew, she would become considerably stronger - the strength actually just a side-effect from her super dense muscles, but still pointiant. The current restraints - for her gloves were actually restraints, keeping her power in check - were the only reason she had not streight-up murdered the man she spared with, and would need to be replaced periodically as she grew. They made her a new pair of gloves for her current level of strength, and was ordered to come back every month for a check up.

And that, was her life. Train with the 11th division, pull punches so you didn't cream a guy - the restraints didn't take all her strength, and she was still quite the hefty girl - and occasionally go to the 12 division for check ups. Along the way, she came into contact with Rice Cakes, and loved them. They became her obsession, and she was always seen with them, nibbling when ever she wanted, and punching whoever complained about it. She learned that punching people was fun, if you were restrained and didn't cause a broken bones when you did it, then it was bad.

It was this time that we started to work on her Shikai, the primary manifestation of her Zanpaktou. It was a long time coming, full of trials and tribulations, most of which was the meditation, she was bad at sitting still, but eventually, she managed to get in contact with the spirit, and connect over several sessions to learn his name, Beowulf. It gave her a strange sense of happiness, but she didn't know why, so she attributed it to the long lost memories that had long plauged her. It was annoying, but she put it past her, and worked to be as best as she could be. However, not quite learned in the ways of Zanpaktous, she was reminded of all the training swords she had broken, and worried. This worry developed into a release that did not bring out Beowulf's full power, so she didn't hurt him when hitting with her full strength. She had released his true form in the first time, but since, overcome with the worry.

With that under her belt, she was quickly made the Lieutenant of the 11th division, between her Shikai and still-growing strength, she was the perfect candidate. She did, however, get onto 12th division to start making the restraints something different to gloves. With the gauntlets in her Shikai, they would clash, and feel really wierd. So they developed a different one. Their tests had shown that her hair had the same density, which meant it was part of her enough to supress her powers. Which led them to create a Hairband for her to keep her powers in check. Subtle, and workable, she loved it, and so kept it, and subsequent generations of her restraint were also a hairband, easy to remove as well, if the situation called for it.

Life, did what life did, and moved on. As a Lieutenant, she had a lot more work to do, and also worked on keeping close ties with Beowulf. She enjoyed his company, and always found it amusing how large the spirit was, and yet how small the Zanpaktou was. She also learned about a Bankai, something that was the final release of her Zanpaktou. But, it sounded like it would take decades to achieve. Which, was what she had, even if it was centries, she had it. Intense work, both inside her Zanpaktou, and outside in the real world, went into her life from that point on, not only from the Bankai, but also for a chance to become the Captain without having to kill the current captain. She liked the current captain, and so worked tirelessly to find a way to acend to his position, and  not kill him in the process. It took her nearly fifteen years of vigerous work as a Lieutenant to even get close to her Bankai, the ability to manifest the spirit in the real world, considered the point when Bankai was close.

The day she did manage to achieve it, was a great day, and she went off on a mission with a seated officer from the 13th division to investigate a disterbance in the Living World, providing muscle that might be needed. That mission, was the reason she was absent when the Hollows attacked and crushed her division, killing her Captain and may of the other officers. It emotionally crippled her, putting a weight that her strength availed nothing against. The sadness of it all....but she would now let others see she was so crushed. She had to remain strong, as one of the few remaining members of the 11th division. She had to crush the hollows, not out of revenge, for it was a shallow emotion and never sated. But out of duty to her dead comrades.

RolePlaying Sample: Optional. If you're going for a high position, such as Lieutenant or Captain (Fraccion or Espada, as well) this is absolutely necessary. If you decide to use this section, it must be of the character you're applying for.

After finishing the latest batch of Rice Cakes, Mirja was in a pout. She didn't like burning them, and so when she did, and got into a pout, she was pretty dangerous. As anyone with nearly a ton of force in her muscles would be when they were not emotionally sound. So as she walked along, looking at the people, and greeting them as she did, putting heart into it even though she really didn't feel like she could. Emotion when she couldn't was a good skill of hers, since a friendly smile was the only thing that really seperated her from being a crazy woman who's only job was to hit things and break stuff. While out on this walk, trying to clear her head, one of the Shinigami gave her an insensitive catcall. She had to deal with them a lot, new guys thinking that her beauty was the only reason she had her rank, and thus obviously something to flirt with, without care for her feelings. He ended up with a marble-esque fist in his face. It was only after looking at the bloody, broken form of the guy as he writhed painfully on the ground that she thought she should actually do something about it. So, picking him up as if he was less than a sack of potatoes, she carried him off to the 4th barracks, where she waltzed in casually.
"Hey, anyone around? I got a guy thing person for you to do helping stuff on" she exclaimed, clearly not enthusiastic about getting medical aid for him, but just doing her part as was expected of her.

Mirja Eeola
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Re: Mirja Eeola character sheet

Post by Guest on Thu Jun 23, 2016 7:29 pm

Heya, welcome and so forth! I read this earlier today, but had to wait until it was finished. It's a unique idea you have, and I for one like it. However, despite the clear potential of this character, there are a few things that detracted from it's overall quality. Primarily spelling and grammar issues, which I noticed a lot of. Do not fret though, because I can still award you the Lieutenant Tier. Have fun!


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Re: Mirja Eeola character sheet

Post by Mirja Eeola on Thu Jun 23, 2016 7:49 pm

Armed Combat: Advanced (Just because she doesn't like it, doesn't mean she doesn't know how to use it)
Unarmed Combat Advanced
Spiritual Combat Beginner
Hado Advanced
Reiatsu Perception Beginner
Hado: Beginner
Bakudo: Beginner

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Re: Mirja Eeola character sheet

Post by Mirja Eeola on Sun Jun 26, 2016 11:12 am

Stat relocation

Armed Combat: Advanced (Just because she doesn't like it, doesn't mean she doesn't know how to use it)
Unarmed Combat Advanced
Spiritual Combat Intermidiate
Haho Advanced
Reiatsu Perception Intermidiate

Mirja Eeola
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Re: Mirja Eeola character sheet

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