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The Vastine Amorte Species

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The Vastine Amorte Species

Post by Guest on Thu Jun 16, 2016 10:45 pm

Vastine Amorte
Death From Above

Vastine Amorte are an incredibly rare Species that was slaughtered to near extinction when their main village was attacked by Menos. Soul Society has only one documented example of these avian humanoids, who became a Shinigami. But, in the farthest reaches of Soul Society, other villages exist, high in the distant mountains. Vastine Amorte have their own native language, written in strange runes and their language sounds like a jumble of sounds to most others who do not speak it. The Vastine Amorte naturally do not believe in lies or secrets, and share everything among the village, and are naturally non-aggressive, only hunting for food with no natural warrior caste.

Vastine Amorte are avian, sometimes angelic, beings who are either as old or older than Seireitei. The only known Vastine Amorte claims to recall when Rukon was only Ten Districts deep! Vastine Amorte have incredibly long lives and age much slower than Humans. Along with long lives, Vastine Amorte are able to see far more of the light spectrum than Humans, including near-ultraviolet and infrared. They cycle through the light spectrum by using special, extra eyelids that are clear and hidden behind their normal ones. All Vastine Amorte have the same eyes, which are swirls of color, iridescent orbs around an infinitely dark pupil. Vastine Amorte have feathered lower bodies, completely covered from waist to ankle, with human feet. Their ears are half-cone-shaped and pointed, ending in tufts of long fur. Vastine Amorte have some variation in their wings, most having two wings that are like most birds, however some have three segmented wings, consisting of a fore-wing, mid-wing, and upper-wing. Imagine that the Human arm represented a wing, these Vastine Amorte would have a second elbow in place of the wrist, ending at with another wrist and a hand. Three segmented wings fold so that the fore-wing folds into the mid-wing, which then is covered by the upper-wing, which is much thicker than the other two to act as protection and help move the large limbs. Rarely a Vastine Amorte is born with four wings, and if they have both the four wing and the three-segmented genes, then they are often revered. It is currently assumed that six is the highest number of wings a Vastine Amorte can have, however there is no proof. To assist with flight, Vastine Amorte have hollow bones and extra muscles in their backs and shoulders, and are generally slight of build. Vastine Amorte also have more and thick blood vessels, and much higher reserves of spiritual energy. Due to their physical build, Vastine Amorte are naturally better suited to remain slim of figure and are prone to being naturally fast in the air, but are slow on the ground; those who choose to be bulky of muscle are considerably slow!

Vastine Amorte have only ever been reported as a Shinigami before, but theoretically can become any Race. This is due to their incredibly elusive nature, and refusal to interact with the City. As a Species, they prefer their own kind and occasionally converse with Werewolves, who live in the lowlands of their high mountain homes.

The Tsuyosa Family of Seireitei is believed to be descended from a female Vastine Amorte and a Human lover. This occurred before the founding of the Seireitei, before the Vastine Amorte had settled Veratrax Peak. Her children were human, but the blood of the Vastine Amorte flows through all her descendants, giving the Tsuyosa their rigid beliefs and vast spiritual prowess.

Vastine Amorte have incredibly low birth rates, even in established Vastine Amorte settlements.


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