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The Giant Species

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The Giant Species

Post by Rōzuhea Otome on Thu Jun 16, 2016 10:21 pm

Bigger is just better

Giants are a Species commonly referred to as Gate Keepers, due to their traditional role as guards for Seireitei. One Giant resides in the North, South, East and West and defends the Gates with their lives.

Giants were first found in the Soul Society, however some have been born in the World of the Living. Giants are named due to their massive physical size, dwarfing Humans and Vastine Amorte. It is not uncommon for a Giant to measure thousands of centimeters. Standing at tens of feet tall, with broad bodies and naturally muscular figures, Giants are the most physically powerful Species, but also generally seen as the slowest. Some Giants are considered dwarfs, standing in at "merely" 10-15 feet tall.

Giants make up the majority of the Baozhai Noble Family. They used their strength to defend the Seireitei when it was first founded, and continue to do so to this day, by having four of their own guard the Gates personally from the outside. The Baozhai Giants rarely acknowledge humans as their equals in terms of combat prowess, but there are exceptions. However, they are willing to welcome Humans into their family.

Giants are commonly Shinigami, but can become any Race, including Fullbringer or Hollow. Giants can breed with Werewolves, but the Giant trait is recessive to Werewolves. Giants cannot traditionally breed with Humans. This recessive trait has caused several mutations in the World of the Living and has been tied to uncontrolled growth in Humans.

Don't open this spoiler:

Rōzuhea Otome

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