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The Werewolf Species

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The Werewolf Species

Post by Guest on Thu Jun 16, 2016 9:25 pm

Whose afraid of the big bad wolf?

Werewolves are a Species that reside within Soul Society's wilderness, particularly the low-lands and forests. The species initially takes the form of canines, normally wolves but not always. These canines grow as they age and over time will easily dwarf even the largest of men. Werewolves have the ability to assume a humanoid, bipedal form, which they are most often seen in. Their size varies according to the age they were prior to the ritual to become a humanoid. The reason this form is their most commonly seen is due to the tradition to not interact with Humans. Werewolves live in packs, which they refer to as Clans, with each Clan being a separate family. The Werewolves claim to be older than the Seireitei, but as their history is orally given by the pack's leader, there is no concrete evidence.

Werewolves who assume humanoid form are bipedal, with five digit hands, but are covered in fur completely and have a canine head. Werewolves as a whole are the second most physically powerful Species, with naturally strong muscles and greater than human senses of smell, hearing and sight. Werewolves who choose to become Shinigami or Quincy are cast out of their packs and live in exile. Werewolves that are born as Fullbringers are allowed to live with the pack as long as they do not use their powers. Werewolves who become Hollows are normally killed by their pack members.

The above only applies to Werewolves found outside the Seireitei. The Noble Family of Shimazu is an ancient Werewolf clan that helped found Seireitei long ago. This family is almost always seen in their bipedal form, with only a select few remaining as actual wolves. The Noble Family of Shimazu are well respected and vastly different from their wild cousins.

The ultimate power of a Werewolf is the Ritual of Heart, which ritualistically removes their heart in a very literal sense. The Ritual of Heart grants the Werewolf tremendous power, a far more Human appearance with only traits of the canine heritage left, and demonizes their Race powers, until the Werewolf completes whatever specific task they pledged their Heart to accomplish. In this state, the Werewolf is for all intents and purposes Functionally Immortal, unable to die, but also unable to heal any injuries they sustain nor feel pain. The Ritual of Heart can only be done once for a Werewolf. Upon its completion, the Werewolf loses their humanoid appearance and reverts to their true form. They lose any powers they had obtained from their Race, including their Zanpakuto, Fullbring, Quincy Powers and any others.

Should a Werewolf have an offspring with another Species, the child will always be the father's Species, fully and without mutation.


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