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Discussion of the Zero Division and other major ideas

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Discussion of the Zero Division and other major ideas

Post by Guest on Wed Jun 15, 2016 2:23 pm

We all know what the Zero Division is. The four most powerful, honored Shinigami who personally protect the Royal Family and reside in the Soul Queen's own Dimension. Most Shinigami know little of the Zero Division, or nothing at all, and those who do know dream of becoming a member one day. They have each personally changed the flow of history for the whole of Soul Society.

As for becoming one of these elite, Damnation's staff has had some serious discussion on the matter. No member will begin as a Zero Division member. To join, you must earn your place among them. You must be powerful, smart, and your legacy will change Damnation, for the better, for eternity. As the canon Zero have each created or done something extraordinary, you too must leave your mark on history. If a member does so, and the staff recognizes their achievements, a majority, 3 out of 5, vote will decide if they join the most prestigious and mythical Division.

Before the Zero Division can be implemented, equally powerful groups must be created for the sake of balance between the other Races. For the Hollows and Arrancar, the staff are considering Las Negativas, "The Negatives". These elite members are signified by their negative number tattoos. Another option would be having them use mathematical symbols, though we do not have a name for this. We are open to suggestions on the matter.

For the Togabito, we can either use the Four Horsemen as the Royal Guard, as they are technically the Emperor of Sin's body guards, or you members may decide on another group to be formed and named.

As Fullbringers are not yet organized, though there is a vague idea in the works, the members are completely decide on anything they wish.

Quincy will also need a group of equal importance. My personal suggestion would be a group with dual-letters instead of the single A or B. I would call them the "Zweimal Heilige", the "Twice Holy". Neither of my suggestions need to be chosen. The members are free to suggest anything they wish.

In other news, concerning the Plot of Damnation. Only the initial Hollow Invasion is decided as a Plot thread. The members of Damnation are free to create Plot threads as they wish, provided it actually influences the Plot of Damnation. A day at the beach for all the female members may contain a lot of "plot", but that is not the kind of Plot we are talking about!

Lastly, race change information is out at last! By successfully going from a Shinigami to a Vaizard, in character, or a Hollow to an Arrancar, an upgrade to your Tier will be rewarded to you, as well as the opportunity to rearrange and redistribute your skills! Failing to become a Vaizard will turn ALL Shinigami into a Base Hollow, will NOT reward an increased Tier, but will allow a redistribution of Skills to accommodate for the loss of Kido and Shunko and the acquisition of Hollow Skills. For Base Hollows becoming a Menos Grande, or a Menos Grande becoming a Menos Adjuchas, or Adjuchas becoming a Vasto Lorde, Skills may be redistributed as well as a reward of an increased, by one, Tier.


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Re: Discussion of the Zero Division and other major ideas

Post by Guest on Wed Jun 15, 2016 3:18 pm

For now, we staff would like to announce that Hollows have received a new stage in evolution, who dot the Black Lands. Inspired by the onmake "Unmasked" that revealed the 4th Espada's origins, the "Oscuro Ilimitado" will be beyond even the Vasto Lorde in terms of power. We named them such due to how in the onmake, these entirely black Hollows were beyond even the 4th Espada's hollow form in terms of power, to the point were it was implied they bullied him for fun.

The name is up for change if a better name is suggested. For now, the NPC Las Negativas are compossed of Arrancars who were all of this elusive and extremely rare and powerful Hollow type.

Any ideas or suggestions related the the Oscuro Ilimitado should be posted here.


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Re: Discussion of the Zero Division and other major ideas

Post by Oshime Baozhai on Wed Jun 15, 2016 3:27 pm

Mortimer says he's honored to be able to decide who joins the Zero Division.

Oshime Baozhai
Oshime Baozhai

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Re: Discussion of the Zero Division and other major ideas

Post by Kagayakashi Kibo on Wed Jun 15, 2016 10:18 pm

For the Quincies, Schutzstaffel (Protective Echelon) could be used for the next level. As seen from canon, each member is as strong, if not stronger, as the present commander Kyouraku. They could chosen among the sternritters themselves or could be given separate dual letters as suggested above.
Kagayakashi Kibo
Kagayakashi Kibo

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Re: Discussion of the Zero Division and other major ideas

Post by Sponsored content

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