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Kagayakashi Kibo (Shinigami) [Finished?]

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Kagayakashi Kibo (Shinigami) [Finished?] Empty Kagayakashi Kibo (Shinigami) [Finished?]

Post by Kagayakashi Kibo on Fri May 20, 2016 11:06 pm


Name: Kagayakashi Kibo (Pronounced- Kaga-ya-kashi Ki-bo). Originally from Japanese.
English Translation: Bright Hope.
Race: Shinigami
Date of Birth: 12th May as told by himself.
Year of Birth: 1363AD.

Actual Age: 653
Appearance Age: He appears to be in his mid to late-twenties even though he is over half a millenia old.
Gender: Male
Organization and Rank: He is the captain of the 7th division of the Gotei 13, having earned the rank over a century and half ago. He was the lieutenant of the same squad before taking up the mantle as the captain of squad 7 after the former captain's retirement. He has spent all his life as a shinigami in the 7th squad having joined here as the 3rd seat soon after graduating from the shinigami academy.

Height: Kibo is six foot two inches tall and is considered not too tall.
Weight: Kibo weighs one hundred and seventy six pounds, considered fit for his appearance.
Hair color: Kibo has black colored hair with a slight tint of blue.
Eye color: Kibo has slightly red colored eyes.
General Appearance: Kibo is a lean but well built man with considerable height. Weighing at one hundred and seventy six pounds and with a height of six foot two inches, he is considered fit for his size. He has black hair with a slight tint of blue and eyes with slight red tint.
In his shinigami uniform, he wears a full sleeved shihakusho tied with a white obi sash. As the captain, he wears a sleeveless haori and wears a red scarf around his neck which covers the lower half of his face. He carries his zanpakuto tied around his back, upside down so that he could draw it easily for a quick upward slash.
During his leisure time, he is usually seen wearing white shirt with black half sleeves or plain white full sleeved shirts. He is also usually seen wearing either blue or black pants and always carries his zanpakuto wherever he goes, even in his leisure time. He also wears the red scarf in his leisure time.
Kagayakashi Kibo (Shinigami) [Finished?] Latest?cb=20151105193647(*Credits for the image belongs to the original artist)

Redeeming Qualities:
Humble- For a shinigami of his rank and power, he is surprisingly humble and does not boast about them in any way. He likes to rather help and praise others than to be praised himself.
Kind-hearted- Kibo has kindness ingrained deep into his soul. He never shies away from helping others or caring for them. For him, everything around him is precious and as such, doesn't wish to tread on them, which inadvertently led to his laziness. Though, he doesn't help anyone directly, unless necessary. Instead, he does so indirectly through hidden tips and the likes of it.
Selfless- Kibo, while growing up, did not have much that he considers to be his alone which has led him to develop a selflessness. He even does not view his life as his own and instead is ready to give it up for the sake of protecting those around him.
Good judge of character- Kibo considers himself to be a good judge of character, able to differentiate people with good intentions and bad ones. He also considers himself good at reading the true intentions behind ones actions.
Unique sense of justice- Kibo, over the years has developed his own unique sense of justice which he follows rather than the one universally accepted. This has led him to be at crossroads with many shinigamis of authority over the years.
Highly analytical- Due to his experiance and vast stores of knowledge, he has developed a highly analytical mind and is capable of deducing any situation or the solutions for a problem in a matter of minutes. He is capable of stringing together complex plans and executing them perfectly, as a counter to any situation or opponent due to his analytical skills.

Negative Qualities:
X Problems in trusting others- Kibo isn't the one to trust anyone immediately, or for the matter, in a matter of sme time. This problem of his stems from the fact that his death in the living world was due to the person he considered as his best friend betraying him and driving his blade through his heart. But, this problem doesn't hinder him from helping others.
X Insensitive at times- As humble as he is, he has a habit of being insensitive at times, opting to condemn or taunt others. Though, this has an underlying intention of pushing the said person to an effort towards growth of them.
X Lazy- Because of his habit of considering everything around him precious and not to be treaded on, he has developed a laziness which has been eventually blown out of proportions. He tends to go and sleep on the roof of his squad barracks than get to his duties. Yet, when there is need, he is ready to get to his duties.
X Slacker- Kibo is a slacker to the core due to his laziness. He passes on his paperwork to his lieutenant and puts of his work as much as possible. He even tends to postpone battles if possible and rejects any challenges unless he is pressured to it.

Sleeping- Kibo likes to sleep, or letting his mind-body-soul collect their thoughts as he calls it. Whenever he gets a chance, he has a habit of falling asleep, no matter the circumstance, unless its something that requires his absolute attention.
Reading- Whenever Kibo is not sleeping or doing something that doesn't allow him to sleep, he likes to read. He has no particular likes in genre of books, but he prefers books that are interesting and gripping.
Knowledge- Kibo likes to be knowledgeable about anything and everything. This is also the reason due to which he has taken up a liking to reading. And due to which, he has a vast array of knowledge, be it in the matters of usual day to day things or forbidden techniques. His thirst for knowledge has only gotten bigger, though not dangerously as his laziness puts any stop to him turning maniacal towards knowledge.
Nature- Kibo has a liking for nature and spending time among it. As such, he even maintains a considerably large garden at his home which he tends to daily. According to him, nature is the best way to get to oneself's inner instincts.
Good food- Perhaps the only thing he likes more than even sleeping is good food. He loves eating as much as sleeping. He is always eating something, even on the move. He likes to try out new dishes, both from the world of the living and the spirit world.

X Violence- Kibo dislikes violence in any form. As such, he avoids fighting as much as possible and drawing his zanpakuto only if its absolutely necessary. He also avoids killing his foes, if they are worthy, after fighting even if the said opponent is an arrancar, vaizard or a quincy.
X Arrogance- Kibo dislikes arrogance and arrogant people. He rather tends to ignore such arrogant and boasting people and avoids them as much as possible, keeping contacts limited to business.
X Traitors- Kibo hates traitors with every last ounce of his body. This is because of the fact that his own supposedly best friend turned traitor and led him to his death when he was among the living. He forgets most of his morals if he meets a traitor and immediately goes after the said person and does not hesitate to kill the person.
X Disrespecting ones zanpakuto- Kibo hates anyone who disrespects or doesn't take care of ones zanpakuto. He considers the zanpakuto as ones true friend and comrade and as such doesn't like anyone to disrespect it.

Personal Habits:
/ Napping- Kibo has a habit of napping wherever he is and whenever it is. He has also been caught napping during the captains meeting more than once. Yet, he has no complaint against this particular habit of his as he enjoys it to the most.

Long-term Goals:
/ Joining the Zero Squad- Kibo's long time goal has always been to be accepted into the zero squad. Having been told about them and their stature, exploits and specialty for almost all of his life as a shinigami, he idolizes them. For that very reason, he has worked diligently over the years to get stronger and better so that one day, he might get the chance that he desires so much for.
/ To become the most knowledgeable person- Kibo's another long term goal is to acquire knowledge and lots of it. He wishes to be known one day as the 'most knowledgeable and wise person alive' among his peers, comrades and enemies alike.

Miscellaneous Traits:
?? Blatant disregard for honorifics- Kibo has a disregard for honorifics. He believes that respect has to be earned and not given and as such, if he believes someone is to be honored and respected, only then will he use honorifics. Otherwise, he doesn't use honorifics and instead uses first names or last names depending on the said persons preferences. Although, the honorifics that he uses are still rather crude, for example, for someone who has earned his respect and is old enough, he uses the 'Old man' as a prefix.
?? Terrible sense of humor- Kibo has an absolute terrible sense of humor which he usually displays at the worst of times. Though, he also uses it as a ploy to put off his opponents. This sense of humor of his usually gets on the nerves of most of the people, which he completely ignores to their chagrin.
General Personality: Kibo has a very unique personality. At times, he likes to stay quiet and observe and analyse everything around him. Other times, he likes to goof around. Yet, he has difficulty in trusting others due to his past. He likes to help anyone who needs it, and tends to do so indirectly. He also has a disregard for rules, and breaks them if he feels that he must do so for his own unique sense of justice. He likes peace above anything, and hates violence in all forms. Because of this, he rarely fights or draws his zanpakuto, doing so only if he deems it absolutely necessary.


Zanpakutō Name: Michi no Senshi
Zanpakutō Name Translation: Unknown warrior (in japanese).

Sealed Zanpakutō:
Sealed appearance:
Kagayakashi Kibo (Shinigami) [Finished?] F11d4d5784243693cb982695dbf1e375
Michi no Senshi, in his sealed state has the look of a normal katana and is 40 inches long. The blade has a color that leans towards black. The katana has a white hilt with markings in the shape of diamonds adorn it. Its tsuba is circular and has a gold outline. The scabbard is plain white with a gold tip. Kibo has tied a cross to the end of the hilt of the katana in remembrance of a friend he failed to save in his late academy days from a hollow. When he is about to release his shikai/bankai, he takes the cross and ties it around his wrist.
Release Phrase: "The body is the blade and the soul is the hilt. Come forth, Michi no Senshi"

Shikai Appearance:
Shikai Appearance:
Kagayakashi Kibo (Shinigami) [Finished?] Shikeishu__the_condemned_sword_by_d4rkmatt3r-d734o3t
Michi no Senshi, in his shikai takes the form of an unique katana which is completely black in color. It has a length of 45 inches. It has a unique tsuba shaped like the open wings of a bird, which is also black in color. It also has a large white diamond shaped mark where the hilt, tsuba and the blade join.
Shikai Ability: The shikai form of Michi no Senshi has three abilities,

  • Phasing- The blade of Michi no Senshi can phase through any object for a short while before it has to recharge for about thirty seconds. The ability duration can be anywhere between one and five seconds, while the recharge time stays same regardless of the duration of usage of the ability. This lets Kibo bypass the defenses of his opponents at times.

  • Floating-The shikai has the ability to float in air without any support and can move freely according to the wish of the user(Kibo). He controls the path, direction and movement of the shikai by moving his wrists in the required motion. His control of the floating zanpakuto extends to a maximum of four hundred meters in radius.

  • Shock-waves- The third and the most used ability among the three by Kibo is Michi no Senshi's ability to create shock-waves by slashing or upon impact. The shock-waves are created by condensing his reiatsu and releasing it in a sudden burst.

Drawbacks of the abilities- While one ability is in use, the other can't be used. As such, Kibo is forced to switch between his tactics frequently which is taxing on his body. As such, he avoids using the former two abilities unless he has a contingency plan already in worked out and ready to be used.

Bankai Name: Senshi no Mugen no Ken. ('Infinite swords of the warrior' in japanese)
Bankai Appearance:
Bankai appearance:
Kagayakashi Kibo (Shinigami) [Finished?] Latest?cb=20141119200317
Senshi no Mugen no Ken is not an individual sword but instead is an infinite number of it. Once released, the bankai becomes countless blades floating in air above Kibo forming a circle above him. Each sword has a unique appearance but embody the same ability of the bankai.
Bankai Ability: The bankai has the same three abilities as the shikai, only magnified,

  • Phasing- Now, the bankai allows his whole body to phase through anything. But, as a compensation, the recharge time for the ability has been increased to one and a half minute and he can only use the ability for a maximum of three seconds in a single go. Moreover, he needs to be holding one of the numerous swords to use the ability.

  • Floating- All of the swords retain the shikai's ability to float and seems to be doing so all the time, even without Kibo having to pay attention to them. Kibo can control each one of the swords individually or many of them at a time. The range of control has been increased to six hundred meters in radius.

  • Shock-waves- The bankai retains the ability to create shock-waves, which have magnified in strengthe in bankai.

Drawbacks- The bankai retains the same drawbacks as the shikai. But, in bankai, Kibo can control the floating swords even while using either of the other two abilities, which makes him a very formidable opponent to face in bankai.


Spirit Appearance:
Spirit Appearance:
Kagayakashi Kibo (Shinigami) [Finished?] Big_thumb_7b14ea22ac2c9b81b1d3ac74dee8f2b0
Michi no Senshi has the appearance of a young teen in his early twenties. He wears a black pant over which his black boots are tied. He wears a black scarf around his neck and a black shoulder pad over his left shoulder. A grey fabric is tied to his waist and usually carries a katana that is a mirror image of Kibo's sealed zanpakuto. He wears a glove on his left hand and a wrist guard on his right hand. He has black hair and yellow eyes. In bankai state, his appearance does not change much except that instead of carrying the katana, there are numerous katana floating behind him.
Spirit Personality: Michi no Senshi is usually a serious spirit when teaching Kibo. Rest of the time, his personality mirrors that of Kibo, and is quite aloof for a spirit, cracking jokes at times. He doesn't hide his emotions and surprise unless he is in the middle of training Kibo. During training, Michi no Senshi looses all his aloofness and takes on a very serious personality, that hide his care and wish for Kibo to grow behind it. He also takes on the humbleness from Kibo, and praises hard work in all honesty.
Inner World:
Inner World:
Kagayakashi Kibo (Shinigami) [Finished?] 3509500-0310897134-35018
His inner world is a large barren desert with numerous swords stuck to the ground everywhere. The barren land is due to his inability to trust others. The swords signify all of his past struggles, battles and they also include a replica of every sword he has fought against or come across.


Birth: 1363 AD
Death: 1381 AD
Joined the academy: 1495 AD
Earned Shikai: 1497 AD
Graduation: 1497 AD
Became the Lieutenant: 1697 AD
Earned Bankai: 1801 AD
Became the Captain: 1859 AD

Early life among the living:
Kibo was born during the Nanboku-cho period of japan, into a family of samurais. Kibo was trained from his child days to become a samurai warrior as well. He showed great aptitude towards the wielding and using of katana, which made him to be considered as a prodigy. Yet, he stayed humble and paid next to no attention to all the praise he received, instead solely focusing on mastering his skills and becoming a famous samurai. By the age of 14, he had seen his first battle as a samurai, and had triumphed in it. Seeing all of this, he was expected to become a very famous and strong samurai by everyone.

Kibo's death was an that changed his personality forever. By the age of 18, Kibo had made a name for himself as a highly respected samurai, even for his age. He had also made many friends and enemies along the way. Jaakuna Yujin was one such person who he called as his best friend. They usually traveled and fought together. It all changed one day.
Kibo had been resting under the shade of a rather large sakura tree. He had his katana laying next to him and Jaakuna was tending to the horses. All of a sudden, he heard voices around him, and recognizing them as hostile ones, he reached for his katana and got up immediately. When he looked around, he saw that he was surrounded by about a dozen ronins who were all holding their katanas pointed at him. Seeing this, Kibo drew his katana and started trade blows to blows with them. He had managed to hold them off and was hoping that Jaakuna would arrive to assist him soon. He gained some hope as soon as he saw Jaakuna running towards him. He turned around and started to trade strikes again. But suddenly, he felt a screaming pain come from his chest. He looked down to see that a katana was driven through his body at the place where his heart was supposed to be. He turned around to see a shocking scene. His best friend, Jaakuna Yujin, was standing there with a smirk on his face, having driven the katana through his heart.
"Sorry Kibo, but you see, letting you live would prevent me from rising to the top. With you gone, who is there to stop me?"
Kibo was shocked from this. The person he had considered to be his best friend had betrayed him. He could only smile at his misfortune as he fell down dead. With that, Kibo died in the year 1381 AD, having been betrayed by his own best friend and with a sad smile on his face.

The Afterlife(first 150 years):
Kibo was konso'ed by a shinigami a couple of days after his death. He was sent to the 15th district of Rukongai, where he was accepted by an old couple as a pseudo-grandson. He spent his days helping the old couple and spending his free time walking around the forests around his district. It was during this time that he started to appreciate life in all honesty and started to consider all life around him as precious. Because of this, he also slowly started to develop a laziness. He helped the people around him as much as he could, yet he didn't know what to do with his life. So, he started learning and gathering as much knowledge as he could, and slowly came to be known as a very wise, if not the wisest man in his district.

The Start of a Journey(150-300 years):
Kibo had become a well-known person in and around his district for his wealth of knowledge. He still lived with the old couple and spent his days with them. One day, while taking the old couple for a walk around the forests near their house, they were attacked by a rampaging hollow. As soon as it sensed the presence of the three people, it charged towards them. Kibo immediately tried to stop the hollow from attacking the old couple by trying to fight the hollow with a wooden stick nearby, though for no use. The hollow only brushed him aside with little effort and attacked the old couple, devouring them. Kibo could only helplessly watch the people he considered his family in the afterlife be killed and devoured by the hollow. The hollow then started to approach Kibo. He closed his eyes, waiting for the inevitable, only to hear the hollow screech as if in pain. When he opened his eyes, he saw that the hollow was being shredded to pieces by a shinigami. The shinigami, after killing the hollow, went away without even sparing a glance at Kibo. But something had sparked inside of Kibo that day, he had found his goal.
He wanted to become a shinigami himself. As such, he enrolled himself to the shinigami academy.

Days in the Academy:
Kibo was considered as prodigy in the academy. He had a natural aptitude for zanjutsu, kido and hoho. He stayed at the top of his class due to his proficiency in all of the different techniques. He had also made a new friend named Saishu, which was surprising because he had lost his ability to trust others easily, after his death. Saishu was his zanjutsu partner, and they practiced with each other on other techniques as well. Yet, their friendship was short lived.
Saishu was an adventurous person and as such, had forced Kibo to go along with him to the forests of the Rukongai many times. On one such time, as they were moving through a rather dense part of the forest around the 4th district, they were suddenly attacked by a horde of hollows. Both of them had their asauchi with them and started slaying the weaker hollows with them. Kibo, in the heat of the battle had left his side open for attack. Seeing this, a hollow rushed towards him intending to sink its claws into his body. By the time he noticed the hollow, it was too late as the hollow was almost upon him. Suddenly, he was pushed aside by Saishu, who received the fatal blow instead of him. He saw his friend fall to the ground with a smile on his face and saying, "Live"
As soon as Saishu fell to the ground dead, his mind went blank as he fell to his knees. He became unable to think anything until suddenly he heard a voice inside of his head.
"Get up Kibo. Make your friend's final word come true. Listen to my name and bring out my powers".
As soon as Kibo heard this, he slowly got up and tightened his grip on his zanpakuto as he said, "The body is the blade and the soul is the hilt. Come forth, Michi no Senshi"
As he said so, a blinding light engulfed him and by the time the light subsided, he was holding a black katana. The hollows rushed at him nevertheless. The black katana suddenly shot from his hand started to fly around piercing every hollow through the mask. By the time the katana returned to Kibo, there was not a single hollow left standing. Kibo then sealed the zanpakuto and sheathed it and rushed to his dead friend's body. He buried the body at the same place under a tree and marked the place by carving Saishu's name on the tree and started carrying his cross after he tied it o his zanpakuto as a way to remember him and honor him.
Soon after, he graduated from the academy as the top student and got selected into the Gotei 13 as the 3rd seat of squad 7.

Third Seat and Lieutenant(300-500 years):
Kibo slowly got into the life of a shinigami and adjusted well enough. He found it satisfying as he had a sense of happiness of preventing anything from happening to the people around him. His first assignment had gone exceedingly well. It was to dispose of a bunch of hollows from the 40th district of Rukongai. He was given a small squad of 4 shinigamis from his own division to command and he had managed to finish the job with zero casualty on their side. He had slowly started to gain fame and praise as a very good shinigami and that he would be suitable for a role as lieutenant or captain in the future. He had gained the trust and fervor of his squad members. He was also frequently scolded by his captain and lieutenant for being lazy and a slacker. They still cared for him and liked him in all earnest. Yet, he had not made any friends since academy after Saishu's death.
After the captain retired, the lieutenant became the new captain and he was promoted to be the new lieutenant. As a lieutenant, his duties increased, as did his laziness. He had also assimilated Saishu's unique sense of justice as his own and adhered to it. This had brought him to crossroads with the captains of the other divisions only for his own captain standing up for him. His captain was always supportive of him and was always helping him with his techniques and situations. As such, Kibo had nothing but the highest amount of respect for him. He had also managed to master his shikai by this time, although he didn't use it very often, instead relying on kido. He had also managed to learn shunko and had managed to mold it to suit his style.

Bankai Training:
Kibo began his bankai training after his captain prompted him to do so. Getting into his inner world proved to be easy for him but gaining his bankai proved to be difficult. After many attempts, he finally managed to gain his bankai.
- Kibo entered his inner world again to get his bankai. His spirit, Michi no Senshi greeted him with a taunt.
"So my wielder comes again thinking that he can get his bankai, huh? Then which of these swords is your bankai, oh great Kibo?"
Kibo looked around to see the vast wasteland littered with swords of all shapes and sizes.
"Enough chit chat, don't you think? Now, let's fight"
As soon as his zanpakuto spirit rushed at him, Kibo released his shikai and started to fight him. Soon enough, his shikai was broken by the zanpakuto spirit again and he picked a sword from around him and started attacking again. This process continued as Michi no Senshi kept on breaking the swords held by Kibo over and over again. Soon, Kibo was on the ground panting, while Michi no Senshi taunted him.
"This is all you can do, Kibo. All of your struggles and battle may have made you what you are. But, you can go no further if you don't see who you are and accept yourself"
At that moment, realization dawned upon Kibo as he stood up breathing heavily. He then slowly raised his hand and suddenly, all of the swords around him started to float in mid-air.
"You are right. The battles and the struggles made me what I am. And these swords symbolize them. Because, these swords are me as much as I am them"
He then brought his hand forward and all of the swords shot towards the zanpakuto spirit, who parried them with his sword. He then said with a smile
"You have finally gained the right to know the name of my bankai, Kibo. I am proud to be your zanpakuto. Listen to my bankai's name, for it is your strongest form as well. The name of my bankai is Senshi no Mugen no Ken"

The Captain of Squad 7:
Kibo had slowly started to train on mastering his bankai with the help of his captain. He still hadn't lost his laziness and was still slacking off as much as he could. After a few years, his captain retired and as such, he was called by the captain commander to take his test so that he could become the next captain. He managed to pass the required tests rather easily and was appointed as the new captain of the squad 7 157 years ago. Even after becoming the captain, he still kept all of his personality traits. He was as lazy as ever and slacked off, going as far as giving his lieutenant his paperwork. He still maintained his own sense of justice and still carried the cross, tied to his zanpakuto. He had managed to get his shunko to a very respectable level, using it instead of his zanpakuto as much as possible. His wealth of knowledge has only expanded over the years and a new goal has been born into his life- to be selected to be a member of the zero squad. To this extent, he trains diligently.

Roleplaying Sample:
It was a pleasant day and as a respect for the weather, Kibo was napping on the roof of his squad barracks.
"You better stop your squad members from lighting the dead leaves under that old tree or else there's going to be big fire, again.."
Kibo let out a big sigh as he slowly got up from his resting position. It was a good day going waste if he were not sleeping. He looked at his squad members gathering all the dead leaves under the old sakura tree near the training grounds of his division barracks.
"Not again. Can't they let their dear captain sleep for another hour or even an afternoon?"
He then shunpo'ed towards the soon-to-be burning place for the dead leaves intending to stop the weekly ritual.

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Kagayakashi Kibo
Kagayakashi Kibo

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Kagayakashi Kibo (Shinigami) [Finished?] Empty Re: Kagayakashi Kibo (Shinigami) [Finished?]

Post by Kagayakashi Kibo on Sun May 29, 2016 2:45 am

Skills will come after approval
Kagayakashi Kibo
Kagayakashi Kibo

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Post by Guest on Sun May 29, 2016 8:43 am

Hello, I'm Rose and I'll be grading you today.
Firstly, I'd like to say that the phasing ability is rather unique here on damnation. I do like that you put an inherent limit on the ability, as it saves me from asking you to make one.
Next, there were several grammatical errors and maybe one or two spelling mistakes, which I am required to take into consideration.
Nonetheless, the application overall has potential and shows a certain level of work applied fo it, despite one or two paragraphs largely being fluffy repeats of earlier information, however that is hard to avoid in the physical description section.
As a result I feel this application has the making of a solid Captain tier. I do ask that you make a brief timeline on the app after this post, with years and dates of major events in your history, such as death, shikai, captaincy. This way information can be quickly found with rereading and needing to do math.


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Kagayakashi Kibo (Shinigami) [Finished?] Empty Re: Kagayakashi Kibo (Shinigami) [Finished?]

Post by Kagayakashi Kibo on Sun May 29, 2016 2:27 pm

Character Skills

Character Tier: Captain

Armed Combat: Grandmaster*
Unarmed Combat: Advanced
Spiritual Combat: Advanced
Hoho: Expert
Reiatsu Perception: Advanced
Hado: Expert
Shunko: Expert
Bakudo: Advanced

p.s. Hado increased by one rank from training.
Bakudo trained by three ranks.
Spiritual Combat trained by one rank.
Reitsu Perception trained by one rank
Unarmed Combat trained by one rank.
Armed combat upgrade via race boost.
Shunko trained by one rank.
Approved by staff.

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Kagayakashi Kibo
Kagayakashi Kibo

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Kagayakashi Kibo (Shinigami) [Finished?] Empty Re: Kagayakashi Kibo (Shinigami) [Finished?]

Post by Kagayakashi Kibo on Wed Jun 22, 2016 2:05 pm

Bankai Moves:

Name: Kami no Ken
Description: All of the numerous swords that comprises the bankai of Kibo compresses into a single sword that looks like an inverted color version of his shikai. As this happens, the spiritual power of Kibo skyrockets to impossible levels, making it suffocating even for captain level opponents and allies alike. The cutting power of the blade is increased to such a level that it can cut through anything and everything.
Drawbacks: Due to the sudden and massive increase of spiritual power, Kibo's suffers internal damage to his body. This takes away his ability to use both shikai and bankai for a month. Yet, he will still be able to move and use low level kido and shunpo but not shunko for 2-3 days.

Name: Million Sword Convergence/Divergence
Description: True to the title of Infinite swords in his bankai, Kibo summons a million swords. These swords then can be commanded to attack only a single person(convergence) or a large area(divergence). Each of these blades is unique but have equal cutting power as the original swords of the bankai.
Drawbacks: Almost all of Kibo's spiritual power is used up to summon the million swords and as such, he loses his ability to use both shikai and bankai until he regains the spiritual power back which usually takes about a month. Again, he will be able to move and can use only low level kido and shunpo but not shunko for 2-3 days.

Note: As Kibo's natural reserves increase, the potency of both of the moves increases as well as the cool-down time. Because of the drawbacks, he rarely uses the moves.
Kagayakashi Kibo
Kagayakashi Kibo

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Kagayakashi Kibo (Shinigami) [Finished?] Empty Re: Kagayakashi Kibo (Shinigami) [Finished?]

Post by Kagayakashi Kibo on Sun Oct 01, 2017 11:22 pm

I'd like my racial bonus applied to the armed combat stat to take it to grandmaster level, with the approval of the staff. Thank you.
Kagayakashi Kibo
Kagayakashi Kibo

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Kagayakashi Kibo (Shinigami) [Finished?] Empty Re: Kagayakashi Kibo (Shinigami) [Finished?]

Post by Azalea on Sun Oct 01, 2017 11:28 pm

request approved

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Kagayakashi Kibo (Shinigami) [Finished?] Empty Re: Kagayakashi Kibo (Shinigami) [Finished?]

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